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Hi, my name is Mike. I’m now living in retirement at age of 71. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 9 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 8 before starting the reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


Where did I leave off? Oh yes, June, my third secretary, and I had taken a shower together, dressed and left the office to go have a big steak dinner.

We left her car in the parking lot, took my car and went to a steak and chophouse nightclub where they served great steaks and have dancing. We were both famished from all our sex games and ate as if we had not eaten in days.

We stayed there, danced, talked, and held hands until they closed the place up at 2 am. We talked about many things that night. We learned much about each other’s pasts.

June told me, “I grew up as a real tomboy. My father is very much into hunting and fishing, so I took to the outdoors big time too. I became the son he never had. I learned hunting, fishing, boating, and camping and such early in my life.”

And then she said proudly, “I bait my own hooks with worms and leaches. I can gut and dress a deer or clean a mess of fish as good as any man ever could. I am a very good wing shot. I just love to hunt pheasants and ducks. My dad and I limited out on geese four times last season.”

June continued, “Two deer seasons ago, I got an eight pointer on a running shot. He was well over 75-yards away.” After telling me all of this, she sat back and just glowed with pride.

I was impressed, because next to fucking, my biggest passion was hunting and fishing, even more so than work. Education, a career, and working were just a means to having the finances and resources to do these fun things I most valued in life – hunting fishing and having really great sex. Or maybe it’s the other way around. First sex and then hunting and fishing, I never could keep that straight. Therefore, I said to June, “Sometimes I think that I like hunting and fishing even better than sex.”

June said, “That must make you the world’s greatest outdoorsmen or a very big liar, because the loving and sex you gave me today was the greatest I have ever had in my life. And you, Michael, can not be that good at fucking unless you truly enjoy what you are doing.” We then tongue kissed again for the hundredth time that day.

She went on to tell me more about herself and her feelings, “I rightly guessed your love of the outdoors from all the pictures, fish and animal mounts you have on your office walls. Those mementos are such beauties.”

She said, “When I interviewed with you and saw those pictures and mounts, I was sure that working for you would be fun and never get dull. And now, after our fuck party this afternoon and evening, I know that I will add my greatest sexual pleasures into the fun mix also.”

June further added, “Now my fondest hope is that we will continue to give each other our fullest lust and love. Oh Michael dear, in thinking of that lovely big tool you have between your legs and how it makes me feel when you have it in me, oh, it brings back deep-rooted past memories with my old man when I was only 18 years old. I am so lucky to have found you and that magnificent tool of yours.”

I wanted to bring up her mysterious old man lover again, but thought better of it and just let her ramble on.

June said, “And Michael, I don’t want to forget that you have a most talented mouth and tongue. You know, Mike, I think I like to be eaten out and my pussy and clitoris licked and sucked on more than penetrating sex. Especially when the guy is as good at it as you are. I don’t think that I will ever get tired of having you suck my pussy and having your tongue wrapped around my clit.”

I said, “Baby, if you stick around you might get tired of me hounding your sweet tail for the chance to chew on your ever-so-sweet cunt.

“And June baby, I never want you to stop sucking my cock like you did today. When you had your finger up my rectum I just know that I had the best orgasms I think I ever had.”

She said, “Oh my dearest, I am never going to let you go now that I have found you. I will always want to suck you off, honey. My new, number one goal in your office is not to take your dictation and spell correctly. It is to give you the pleasure of my pussy, my mouth, and my hands so you will always want me.”

Thinking back on the late afternoon and evening marks head bobbers porno we had just had, I said, “Tell me, girl, where did you learn to masturbate a guy the way you did it to me today in the shower?” I told her, “Baby, you have got to be one of the world best jackers. I never had a gal pleasure the under side of my cock head like you did today. It was so intense and felt so splendid.”

June said, “Well I have been practicing on the men in my life on how to use my hands on their stiff dicks. I get so much enjoyment milking men of their man juice. I treat it as an art and try to do the best I can on guys hard dick.”

“It has always been such a turn on for me to see you men erupt that white juice of life that you carry in you balls and prostrate gland. It gives me such a thrill to know I have such power over you with only my hands when you are climaxing.”

Then June said, “I have this girl friend, Sally. My whole life, Sally has been my best and closest friend. She lived about a block away from me when we were growing up. We are the same age. We have always gone to school together and been as close as twin sisters. We even went to college together where we roomed together.”

“Sally and I have always had the closest of sexual relationships together. We have masturbated together many times. And then we started to do men together. When we were 18 the same guy took both are cherries. We even shared our boyfriends and double dated so we could exchange partners sexually.”

“She lives here in town and we get together for drinks and girl talk and other things at least once a week.” Then June said, “Mike, I hope you meet Sally really soon. You will like her.”

Then June said, “Sally and I have always been in a friendly competition over men. When we were 18 and seniors in high school, we got serious about having sex. We finally started to have real penetration sex with our dates then.”

June went on, “Back then, we would read anything and everything about sex that we could get our hands trying to educate ourselves. I was especially interested in finding out anything that would give my boyfriends more pleasure.”

June reminded me, “As I said before, I most always got back the pleasure from men that I gave pleasure to. That old man that I told you a little about was my first sex teacher. Not only to me, but he took Sally’s maidenhead too and taught her also all about sex and how to please a man just like he did to us. We two learned so much together from that white haired old guy.”

There she was talking about her being a teenager and having that old man lover, and now June had included her friend Sally. I could not wait very long to hear about these girls’ sexual upbringing by someone apparently much older than these two young 18 year old girls.

She added, “You know, Mike that it has been in just the last few years those birth control pills have been out. But before we had them, we girls were so scared of getting pregnant. So smart girls like me mostly did our guys by using our hands on our high school boyfriends and the boys did us the same way by using their fingers up in our pussies.”

“But after we got to have oral sex with our old man teacher he truly just made my pussy dance. So then I stared to teach several boyfriends on how to suck on my pussy. I do not ever remembering one of them that knew any thing about having oral sex with a girl. Eating pussy or sucking cock was a real rarity back when I went to school.”

“And then when Sally and I went on to college, we got more into oral sex with the guys. I grew to womanhood just loving to suck and jack a man’s cock. Of course having my boyfriend mouthing my hot wet cunt and clitoris was much appreciated too.”

June went on, “But I would not fuck a guy unless he wore a rubber. I had to have the protection that a condom gave me even though I was using the cervical sponges in my vagina. I never took any chance in getting pregnant in college.”

She continued, “I was always open to how to give my guy the most pleasure when I was jacking him off. Sally and I were always trying to out do each other with any outlandish sex things that we could learn to do to the guys. Sally and I used to have contests with our boyfriends.”

“We would sit them down on the davenport at our homes or in the front and back seats of a car and have them pull their paints down. Then we would suck them off and jack them until they came. The first one to get her guy to shoot his cum won. Oh boy, it was so much fun to bring guys off like this.”

“My old man lover first taught me that little trick of sticking a finger up a man’s ass and rubbing his prostate to make him feel extra good. Sally, who was fucking him too, only learned about it later.”

“We both thought that this was so far-out and kinky that we knew we had to try it out on our boyfriends. We both had a good giggle visualizing doing this to our boys and we thought it was so outrageous that we massage porno had to try it.”

June then said, “I first tried that finger up the rectum on my boyfriend at the end of December in my senior year of high school. We were in my bedroom and I thought that my dad was out some place and we two were alone.”

“We both were totally naked seating and he was sitting on the edge of my bed and I kneeing between his legs and jacking him off. For the first time ever to him I shoved my finger up his ass and he came. Boy did he ever cum. He discharged more semen than I had ever seen from him before.”

June said further, “There I was beating his meat with my finger up his asshole, him shooting big gobs of his cum on my face and tits at the exact moment when my father entered my bedroom. We two hot and horny young people who were still almost kids were discovered by my dad. Dad did not say anything just turned and left the room. But later I had a very interesting sexual reaction with my dear sweet lovable father.”

I thought that June my new secretary, and now my newest sex partner, had one hell of a good time growing up. That made me think about my on youth and growing up and learning about sex. Then all my fond memories of my wonderful thoughtful mother and my sweet dearest sex teacher of an aunt came flooding back.

I was just sitting there, momentarily deep in thought of my dear sweet sexy Aunt Lilly, when June squeezed my hand and said to me, “You remember, Michael, when you were a teenager about 18 or so and all that cum you shot out when you jacked off.”

“I bet you wish that you could have known then about how hard your climaxes could have been if some sweet girlfriend had known that finger up the rectum trick.”

“As I have been told and read that the amount of seminal fluid that you men ejaculate out the end of your dicks relates to how much pleasure that you experiences,” June said. The more volume you shoot, the more joy and delight you have.”

“Just think my dear about how much more of your pearly white seed you could have been ejaculating if only your former girlfriend knew enough to stick their finger up your tight, brown asshole.”

“Well anyway,” June said, “I knew then that I had discovered a new tool in making you men my captive. If the guy wanted the all powerful climaxes that the prostate rub gave them then they in return, had to give me mind-blowing climaxes by eating out my pussy extra especially well.”

June giggled a little bit and said, “I just thought of what Sally is going to say when I tell her about the super-good fuck day that I just had. You remember I told you that we have always shared our most intimate moments together. Oh good golly, it will be fun to make Sally jealous when I tell her about your nine inch, super fat cock.”

“She knows that I have been looking for super big, well endowed man since I first started to fuck. She is going to have a green-eyed envious fit that I found you stud man. And you’re my boss too and will have your great office to fuck in any time we both like to.”

June said, “I told Sally the first week of my employment here about what I had heard of my new boss equipment from your old girlfriend. And she just asked me yesterday, when we talked, if I had tried my new boss on for size yet.”

Then June said, “Oh Sally is going to be so jealous of your big cock, and she knows that you are all mine too. She likes a big cock too and she is going to want me to share you as we have always done with our boyfriends. Maybe I will too.”

Then she quickly said, “Mike, I hope I am not out of line saying that I would like to share you with other women. Oh golly Michael, I hope that did not say something that will make you mad me. Oh you super stud man we have just started to have these grand sexual relation and I never want us to stop.”

I said to her, “June I will fuck your girlfriend if you want me to, but only if you are present to watch. Also it would be so hot if you two could maybe do a little girl thing together. You know,” I said, “Sex action like a girl-on-girl sixty-nine together.” I could just see in the dim candle light that June flushed with embarrassment as I said this.

She said, “Oh Michael, how do you know that Sally and I have ever done that? You are so dirty minded, you over sexed man you.”

I said to her, “In the past, I have had girls play with each other and it made me extra horny to watch them. In college, I had several three-ways, two girls and me together.”

And then several years ago, five women and I shared my bed. We were all out at my little horse ranch, hobby farm that I had just built. Those five young collage girls stayed for the whole weekend and no body wore a stitch of clothes the whole time.”

Then I asked, “What I have wanted to know, since you told me of your and Sally’s lifelong friendship, are you bi-sexual. Do you and Sally have girl on girl sex together?”

June blushed again and answered in a little, meet-suck and fuck porno girlish, giggling voice, “For now that’s none of your business, stud man.”

She then added, “Mike, you will like Sally. She is so different from me. She is very petite in stature. She only weighs about ninety pounds. She has a very trim body with nice mussel development but still so feminine. She works out like me at the health club.”

I interrupted her and said, “Let’s discuss Sally’s features later. I want to talk about us now.”

Then I asked her, “How did you know, June, how to use your hand that special twisting way when you jacked me off in the shower this evening? Who taught you about that most sensitive spot us men have under and just behind their cock head?”

June answered, “When I was first making it with my old man lover and teacher, he made it clear that I needed to know what men had between their legs. This old guy taught me all about a man’s sex organ. I learned that you men have this special spot under your cock head that is extra sensitive. Kind of like a woman’s G spot with a whole lot of nerve endings there,” she said. “I believe its called the frenulum spot. He showed me how to twist my fingers and squeeze extra hard on it.”

I interrupted her and said, “Don’t you think that its about time you tell about this old man teacher of yours that you keep revering to?”

June told me once again, “I told you, Mike, I am not ready to talk about him yet, maybe soon, but not now. I am just not ready to talk about what I let this old guy do with me as a young, innocent school girl.”

“Well anyway,” June went on, “He taught me a lot about my female parts that I did not know about as my dad never discussed my womanhood with me very much.”

“I told you Mike didn’t I, that my mother died when I was only six and my then single father raised me to adulthood. He has never remarried but he had girlfriends. He currently has one living with him now.”

“I probably should not tell you this Mike about my father, but I guess it won’t hurt as it sheds some light on how I was brought up and learned about sexual things,” she then said.

“As soon as I started to menstruate my father bought me my first Tampons. He was with me and dad inserted the first one ever up in my vagina. He said that he had seen my mother use these sanitary napkins and watch her put them into herself. I felt so grown up now that I was having a menstrual cycle.”

“There I was all naked with my little budding out breast sitting on the stool in my bathroom and father was on his knees between my legs. I did not think any thing about being naked in front of my father.”

“We grew up seeing each other naked when we went trout fishing and camped out there. We would strip off our clothes after fishing all day in our hot waders that made us sweat a lot. We both were naked and wash and bath in the cold trout stream.”

“Also I knew what an erection was because of seeing my dad’s porn magazines that he kept under his bed. Then on one of our camp outs dad and I woke up one morning and I looked across the tent at him just rolling out of his sleeping bag and he had a big erection. That was the first real one I had ever seen.”

June said further to me, “My dad’s is not as big as yours is Michael but still at over seven-inches long he was might impressive to my young girls mind. He sat on the edge of his cot rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and his big thingy was jetting out his underwear fly opening.”

“Dad did not know that I was awake yet and I rose up on my elbow and surprised him when I said to him, ‘”Dad is that what you call an erection?”

He said, “Oh daughter you should not have seen that.”

“And then in embarrassment he turned around out of my view got it tucked back into his shorts and went outside of the tent to pee. So now I had seen my first hard on.”

“That morning over a camp breakfast of pancakes we had one of our rare sex education talks about what happens to men when they get aroused. Dad said he had been dreaming of when he was 20 years old and he and my mother were making mad passionate love and that gave him an erection while he was asleep.”

“But growing up and have little talks about sex things dad never told me how a man and woman actually made love. I had to learn that from that old guy.”

“About when I had my 18 birthday I caught my father doing his thing. I saw my dad, early one morning, lying stretched out naked on his bed and going to town jacking his big hard-on.”

“Dad did not know that I was watching him from his bedroom door. This was about a month before I got to see another man with even a bigger hard on, my old man grandpa type,” June said to me.

I said to her, “There you go again about your old man that you had some kind of sex with when you were young. Oh god girl when are you going to confess up to have sex with a man old enough to be your grandfather?”

But June just ignored my question and went on with her story about her early years with her father and said, “Dad shot his semen into a towel thus covering up his seven-inch plus erection and I missed seeing what his semen looked like coming out the end of his pecker. I was really disappointed because I so wanted to see what sperm was like.”



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