Sex Slave To My Neighbours Pt 1This is part 1of 5Since retiring, I keep fit by riding my bike around the neighbourhood a few early mornings a week. Exercise is the excuse but my fondest desire is that, along my route, I’ll get invited into the home of a mature woman who was waiting for a bike-riding gent to pass her home, come in and fuck her. Balls drained, I would then ride home smiling, maybe to return the next day for more. In this story, it goes way beyond that. Over a couple of months I would become a slave, have my cock sucked by the woman on my route, take her husband’s cock into my mouth enjoy it and climactically fuck her ass before an appreciative audience. That fateful day, I set out on my bicycle before dawn, and had completed most of my loop through streets of rough, working-class suburban homes when a woman from a nearby house waved to me to come over. She asked me to move a large box that was on her front porch, to her basement. The box was indeed heavy and I squeezed it through the front door then down narrow stairs into the basement. I was ready to leave when she appeared from the kitchen with two glasses pendik escort of orange juice – very welcome after the morning ride. We moved to the living room to have our drinks. As we sat, I saw that a soft pale breast was pushing itself out from the cleavage of her cleavage. I gulped my orange juice hoping to leave tactfully before I started leering down her nightgown. Then I realized that the orange juice was heavily seasoned with vodka. We both smiled when my gulp turned into shock and sweat ran down my face. She remarked that my shirt was soaked with sweat and offered to quickly run it through the dryer. Reluctantly I removed it in the hallway and modestly put my jacket on.By the time I returned to the living room, my hostess was in the living room and spread herself across the couch. Her attractive legs were now fully exposed up to her panties. As well, a wonderfully round breast was hanging out of her nightgown. I was stunned and blushed uncontrollably gulping more orange juice.”Do you like my tit?” She said, smiling teasingly. Before I could reply, she pulled out the other kartal escort breast. ” How about two tits. They’re very soft. They should be sucked but maybe I can suck your cock and drain your balls instead.” I was overwhelmed and confused.She pulled down her panties exposing a dark bush and said, “This is a pussy. Do you have pets?” she giggled?She pushed me down on the couch, then moved to the chair facing me, throwing her legs over the arms. “If you put your ear against my pussy, you can hear it purr, … or you can hear the sea. Indiscrete men that it smells like the fish after I fuck,. Want to smell it?” She was laughing at my dumbstruck look and the bulge that was starting to appear in my biking pants. She separated her pussy lips and the space between was astoundingly pink. “I’ll give you a few moments looking at my twat and then I’ve got to get that bulge out of your pants and into my mouth. You older men have soft cocks that grow thicker as I suck and then you come very strongly. If you get harder, that’s nice too.” True to her words, she reached forward pulling my pants to my maltepe escort knees grabbing my penis and putting my thickening and hardening cock it into her mouth. She sucked gently, stroked gently and sent me into an ecstasy. I fondled her tits, squeezed her nipples, pushed my fingers into her cunt and rubbed her clit. Here I was on my morning bike ride having my cock sucked. This was my fantasy come true but, heck and darn, my sixty-five year penis was on auto-pilot from my teenage years. It took moments for me to cum into her mouth. She didn’t swallow and I can’t blame her. I’ve tasted my cum and it’s not pleasant. Her smile returned after she spat my cum into a paper napkin. She got up quickly, pulled her robe together and ran to the dryer to retrieve my shirt. She had it on me in seconds, pulling up my pants and helping me with my jacket. It was over too soon. She wasn’t rude but she definitely wanted me out of her house and on my bike.My vodka-fuelled ride home was wobbly. When I arrived, I went straight to bed – at 7:30 AM. I wondered, had I been sucked dry by a dream? Dreams don’t leave red lipstick on your penis, do they? I was so much in need of reassurance that I jerked off to internet porn to regain control. After a long while and with cum on my fist I still wasn’t sure. I need to ride by that house tomorrow. There might be another box to move.In Part 2 I’m forced back to the neighbour’s house.



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