Sex on the BeachWe lay under the open sky, our thoughts circulating with ourselves. The sun setting behind the horizon, the sea sweeping across the earth as far as the eye can see. A beauty that leaves desire overwhelming our bodies. I turn to you, ignoring everything else around me, because all that matters is that you and I are here, together, no one would come between us, and nothing could stop us from doing anything we wanted. Peace and tranquility, it is how you make me feel and yet at the same time wild with passion. You notice me staring at you; I smile and stroke your hair out of your face. You look at me with your deep, sensitive eyes, wondering what I was thinking, it soon became apparent; you begin to speak, and I stop you with an unexpected kiss, our tongues intertwined, my body leaning over yours. I pull back and ask, “What were you going to say?” You sit there speechless, and instead of saying anything, you roll me on to my back and kiss me, at first delicately, then with more passionate. The colors of reds, pinks, purples and blues from the sky, outlining your magnificent body as you straddle me. I twist you back over and start massaging my hands down your body, firmly grasping your magnificent tits; you let out a slight moan from the excitement. I lift off your sexy, short dress and toss it aside, and thank god you aren’t wearing a bra or panties. You lay back on the sand next to your sinfully high heels; you bite your lip waiting for my next move. You could feel me beginning to get harder, my bulge started pressing against you. I take in your incredible body, and start istanbul escort kissing your neck, kissing, licking and sucking every sexy contour; and uncontrollably I work my way down your firm body, treating each nipple with my sucking lips, swirling tongue and nipping teeth; bringing you rushes a****listic passion. I sit back and remove my shirt with a violent rip, tearing the buttons off in the process. I lift your leg up, I lift your leg up to my face, and kiss just above your ankle. I repeat I repeat the licks and kisses on the other, zig zagging my way up, at your knees you giggle as a slight tickle sends jolts of bliss through your body, instinctively know what’s going to happen. You stop me and shove me on to my back; I lie there anticipating your next move. You stand and seductively spread your pussy lips with long fingers as you bend over and insert two fingers. Your fabulous ass, raising high in to the air, your pussy peeking through, as if it were wantonly shy. I knew it wasn’t. You strut over towards me. I began sit up, but you lightly push me back down with your foot and stand naked above my face. I wantonly lick my lips, dying to taste the sweetness of your insatiable your pussy.You kneel, your pussy centimeters from my mouth and I let out one quick lick, and then watch you as you grab your tits, and pull at your nipples, you swing your head back, eager for me to continue. You push your pussy close enough for me to get a full mouth full. My tongue inside you, twisting, twirling, fast, slow, up and down, left and right. You let out a loud moan zonguldak escort that echoes across the beach, engulfed by burning lust as I caress your clit with the tip of my tongue. You lean back and release my bulge from my; leaning forward as you sit on my upturned face. I feel my shorts pushed down just below my balls, you take my hardness into your hand and pump. My hard and stiff cock, stares at you, twitching in anticipation of the soft touch of your tongue and heat of your engulfing mouth and throat. I start licking your pussy again, as I smack your delicious ass.You let out another a deep moan, and lean down toward my long, hard shaft, encircling it with your succulent lips. Your tongue teases the tip, causing it to swell in your hand. You take in the head, and begin sliding it as far down your throat as possible, you come back up realizing you hadn’t taken a big enough breathe. You breathe in and start again; going down slightly faster this time, reaching the bottom, so your nose rests on my churning balls. You pull up, and purr deliciously as my tongue massages your asshole; you smile as I worship your ass with my tongue; I love the way you gyrate your sweet ass when I do that. I carry on, licking the sweetness from your open ass and dripping pussy. You nipples harden as you luxuriate in the sensations radiating from your two fuck holes. You bend forward, slowly swallowing my fully throbbing cock. Your lips spread around me like a tight elastic band, pausing when you reach the bottom. You slowly slide back up, humming, the vibrations causing escort bayan my cock to twitch and lust to cum. I need you and you know that, so I lift you off my face, and take charge; I know you love to be taken like the slut you are. Your pussy so wet, from where I had enjoyed my feast. My cock harder than imaginable; I I force you to your hands and knees and mount you like a horny bastard; slowly inserting my swollen cock into your sensational body. You pussy widening, allowing me to push deep into your hot moist center, you push back hard. I pull back and slowly then push back in, you let out a small whimper. I slowly build the tempo, enjoying every sensation, every thought, as I pump into your dripping cunt. The sensations overwhelming us, our eyes filled with raw lust from doggy fucking here on this public beach. I bend and kiss your sexy back, as I slam deep into your hot pussy.Your pussy was dripping with a combination of our juices, your fine ass facing me, red from where I had spanked it. You back on to my cock as I push your head toward the sand so I can insert my bulging shaft even deeper and freer to pound you harder and faster. My cock slams into you with increasing force, and with each thrust, you moan, getting your lust echoing across the nearly empty beach, until you scream my name and tremble with one orgasm after another. I get a sudden urge to cum deep in your perfect body as your gushing pussy grips my cock, never wanting to let it go. I grip your sexy hips as I explode and then pull out, splashing my hot load all over your magnificent ass. And then bend over and suck my cream off your tanned ass globes. . You to turn around and seal your lips to mine as we share and swallow my sweet load. I look at you, as you you’re your lips and wonder how I was so lucky to be your husband. I pull back, brush the hair out of your face and say… “I love you.”



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