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Sex In The ForestThanks readers for supporting my first experience with in law am happy to share one more experience in a forest with a bus conductor and driver once I came to Coimbatore to stay with my parents as my mother was sick. everyday night i will reach my parents house and day time I will return to in law house i will get a pvt bus from Coimbatore by 8 pm from Coimbatore it will reach my parents house village by 9 30 pm on the first day I travelled with my father I found that my junior class mate was the conductor 3 years younger than me next day he approached me and talked nicely third day there was heavy crowd in the busI was standing he as a conductor came close to me and rubbed his rod on my back i was thrilled by his action I liked it and smiled on him it continued for some more days. one day he asked me that he want to fuck me as i expected. I told no chance as I am in village to see my sick mother daily he said we can do in the bus but I didn’t accepted but he told me that last trip the bus will be stopped at the village we can go along with the driver to the near forest and we can fuck I got little enthusiastic and accepted for that after two days i agreed for the game;. on that day I told my father thatI will come in the last bus to home so that he should not expect me on the bus though the bus was crowd when last bus stop came only three people they didn’t identified me. From last bus stop they driven the illegal bahis bus to the near forest conductor was about 27 year and the driver was around40 years while the bus was moving conductor began to kiss and pressed me all over my body after 15 minutes they stopped in the forest where they normally clean the bus where water available . They told if any doubts they will say they are cleaning the bus we got near inside the first andChosen a place suitable for to play a small vacant place but there is no light at all only moon light it was very cold first driver in the bus asked conductor to fuck me by standing he hugged me fully I got thrilled by this young man we hugged for long time and he removed my saree fully am with (paavadai and blouse) he again hugged our hot breather gave nice hug suddenly the driver came from the bus and said came he could not control he also joined with us am in middle both diver and conductor hugged and pressed me fully every part of my body I got little pain butThrilled by these two men approach now conductor removed his pant and shirt and stand in half naked but driver told he could not control and want to fuck me first and asked the conductor to go to bus so conductor left to bus he removed his pant and shirt and then he nicely removed my blouse and bra now he madly pressed and sucked my nipples i also excited with little pain I pressed his head to suck my nipples now I slowly feel illegal bahis siteleri his rod touching my thighs I got hold his road began to shake slowly his rod now fully erected it expanded about half feet I enjoyed it byShaking it now he removed the knot of my under dress(pavadai) am fully naked now he madly used vulgar words on me and madly pressed ohhh how hard the driver is but it’s nice to enjoy that hard work he used vulgar word for every action we spinner now each other like snake in the forest now he asked me to bend and hold a tree there he inserted his rod from back and I felt the rod entering like snake in a hold slowly the suddenly pierced ohhhhhhh i shouted but driver using vulgar words one me began stroke he often used the word inTamil (thevidya) and began to fuck hard his speed raised and with hard stroke he ejected the liquid in my hole ohhh what hot water and thick fluid filled up but I not satisfied with his stroke now conductor came and asked driver to move out now he started removing his dress fully and he began to kiss me fully all over the body he in hurry to taste me am also in hurry to reach home also slight fear to be in forest at that time he hugged me fully and pressed me thought the body his rod now touched my thighs but his one is smaller than driver but thicker than himI hold it in my hand he asked me to lie on ground but ground was hard with so I refused so he lied on the ground canlı bahis siteleri and asked me fuck him he lied and I bedded on him and inserted his rod on my hole he kissed my lip and played his tongue in my mouth we kissed with mouth now he lifted his hip so that to move my hip up and down now I started fucking him slowly I started and slowly i increased the speed he shouted in Tamil kuthu kuthu kuthu kuthu i raised the speed thenI got mad and fukkkkkeddd him harddly and maaaaddddly my nipples and neck chain gave a sound chin and nipple hanged speedely ohhhhh ohhhh both we sounded and moaned and both increased and began to shout mmmm ahhhhh ahhhhhh and then suddenly I finished i lied on him but he not finished suddenly he turned me down and my body lied on rough ground he began to fuck me madly i heard the sound sathak sathak sathak while he hardly fucking ohhh now he delivered the juice in my hole.. we lay for some time I want to move quickly to home but now driver again want to do me butI found some scratch on my back so I want to move out but driver asked me to wear the dress and suddenly lifted me to the bus and asked me to lie on the last seat of the bus I refused but he lifted my pavadai and saree and without any hesitation inserted his rod and began his play though I didn’t like that but after some time I felt happy by his fuck and I began to cooperate and I lifted my hip for his stroke after ten minutes he released his juice and my hole filled up and now I asked both that I want to go home we three retuned about 10. 45 to my village yet i remember that incident and I felt happy yet thanks for with me so far sure I will come my third experience with u all bye.



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