AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – A seamstress comes home

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19 – The seamstress comes home

Friday morning… I remember Jean getting up to leave, and yet I was waking up to the most wonderful blow job. I looked down and it wasn’t Jean. “Well good morning Maria.”

“Good morning Master Danny, do you mind?”

“Never Maria. Blow jobs for men are like flowers for women, and yours is a bouquet of roses blow job.” She smiled and turned back to her work. While she was no Nicole, she had a nice technique working her hand and mouth like a tight pussy. Keeping her tongue plastered against my cock, she was touching all the sensitive areas with expertise. Every once in a while she would open wide and try to take me all the way in, almost trying to force me down her throat with a nice grip on my ass to do it.

It was more than I could take and began shooting over and over into her waiting mouth until she had sucked the last bit of life out of me. Then she curled back up with me with her head on my chest. “That was wonderful Maria, but why are you up here doing that, and why are you calling me Master Danny?”

“Partially because I wanted to return the favor after the other night, but more because it’s been so long since I’ve had a man in me, I really wanted it.”

“And the other part?”

“Well you are the Master of the house.”


“And I heard you talking on the phone with your ladies in The City, and again to the lady that visited yesterday.”

“If you heard my conversation with her yesterday, then you know I asked her right off if she was married. I do not get in the middle of a couple, period. As lovely and tasty as you are,” and I reached down and squeezed her nipple to get a little milk on my finger and sampled it. “You are still a married woman. I would not want to be the one to make you frustrated.”

She rolled up onto my belly with her milk filled tits just above my face. “Master Danny, it has been many months since I have had a man. You are relieving frustration, not causing it. There is one thing you could do for me though.”

“If I can.”

“Maya is taking more baby food and less milk. She has only taken three quarters of what she used to. I can go down and pump it and then figure out what to do with it, or…”


“Or you can let me feel someone else’s lips besides hers on my nipples for a change and drain me.” Leaning forward, her nipples just above my lips.

“Are you sure about this?”

She brushed her nipple across my lips, “Please Master Danny!”

I cupped her tits and brought the one over my lips to them. It took almost no effort to make her milk flow. It was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. I mean I enjoy pussy, but this was in a class all by itself. I switched to the other tit to give her some relief. Maria started humping her pussy against my tummy hair and groaning. It got louder when I switched back to the first tit.

Then I went for broke. I pushed her tits together so I could get both nipples in my mouth at the same time, the pressure of my squeezing them together made it effortless to get her milk flowing. That set her off, grinding her pussy like she was hunting for my spine while she flowed over me. She let loose a string of Spanish, I had no idea what it was, but it sounded interesting!

She collapsed on me momentarily plastering her tits to my face before she rolled over beside me panting. I got up and wiped myself off with a washcloth and towel. Heading back to the bed, I lovingly wiped and dried her pussy. “You are master of the house and yet you take care of me?”

“A Master that does not take care of those in his house deserves neither the house nor those in it. And you make me want to learn some Spanish young lady. That sounded quite interesting.”

She covered her eyes. “That was some very un-lady like language.”

“As much as I would like to discuss this with you, I hear noises from out by the pool so I would bet your Uncle Martin is here.”

She screeched and ran to her room like her Uncle had x-ray vision. I had to laugh. I pulled on some clothes and made my way out to the pool area. Martin was out there with two other guys setting the rebar. We went over some of the details and changes that had been made since last week. The only big change was doubling the size of the kiddie pool to allow an adult seating area at one end. I reminded him of the extra separate ‘skimmer’ slots for the cameras. He illegal bahis figured if they could do the gunite Saturday, it would be about another week or so and we would be operational. Getting a little cool out to open the pool, but what the hell, it was Vegas and it was going to be heated! About that time Maria went walking across the back to the sorority house with Maya in her carrier.

“Hey Danny, I can’t thank you enough for taking the girls in. I hope they’re not a bother.”

“Not at all Martin, Maria’s a hell of a cook compared to me ordering take out, and quite a seamstress to boot. She was able to whip something together for Nicole based only on my description. And you know how bad the girls think our descriptions are!”

“They tell me that all the time! She’s been sewing for as long as I can remember. We used to tease her she was sewing before she was walking.”

“While we’re on the subject, Maria mentioned a big machine in storage, you know anything about it?”

“It’s a pretty good sized one, it and her little one were my mothers, her grandmothers. It’s in the corner of my shop under a tarp. We plugged it in a while ago but couldn’t get anything to work. Why?”

“Well Maria’s been doing stuff around the house for me. I thought if I could get it fixed up it might cheer her up a bit.”

“That it would…. But it’s a two man job to load it. Miguel is at the shop today working on the back hoe so he would be around to help load the beast. Let me know if you need to do it another day and we can work something out.”

“Thanks, I’ll let you know.”

Well let’s see if the little know-it-all really does! I drove over to the rescue tent and asked Gladys. She made some phone calls and grinned at me while I watched her tits jiggle in her shirt giving them and extra shake every so often, then gave me a name and address and told me not to be fooled by what I saw when I drove up. I went back over to the house to get the trailer and grab the little machine out of Maria’s room. There was a message on the machine from Bob. We had something coming in and I would need to start on it on Monday. Since I was there I called Nicole before time got away from me.

“Boutique corporate offices.”

“I’m in between errands so I thought I’d call and see how my little chocolate pixie doing?”

“DANNY! I miss you!”

“I miss you too babe. Did Tiffany tell you I called?”

“I got part of it while Cathy was dragging her off to bed. She’s been on cloud nine since Brittany put the jewelry on her rings.”

“Tiffany told me she balled her eyes out for a while.”

“Yeah, and she won’t let Tiffany take them off until Brittany has something else for her to wear. I think Brittany was going to have her try something new in the next day or two. So what’s going on with Justin stopping in?

“Wow, she really didn’t pass anything on did she? Well I asked Justin to bring a box back to you. It’s something Martins niece made. He’s on a long run today. Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, and back to The City before he dead heads back to Vegas. He has tomorrow off so I told him if he dropped off the box, you would take him out for dinner. If he was too tired, he could crash in the spare room since I’m assuming Brittany is sleeping with you.”

“Well he is kinda cute. What time does he get in?”

“He should be in around six. He’ll drop his passengers about where he picked us up the first time and then taxi around the corner to the hanger. You can pick him up there.”

“OK, hey somebody just walked in I gotta go, love you, bye”

Good thing I called. I headed over to Martins shop and it was a good thing there was somebody there to help me load it. What Martin called a two man job was more like three without the room for a third man. MAN I’M OUT OF SHAPE! We managed to get it loaded and tarped.

I made my way over to the edge of an industrial area to a small house with a large old machine shop beside it. I went up and knocked on the door, and an old man in his seventies answered. “Can I help you sonny?”

“I’m looking for Steven.”

“You Danny?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Gladys said you might be stopping by with a problem. How is that little pipsqueak by the way?”

“Feisty as ever Sir.”

“Sonny, you gotta quit calling me Sir. Makes me want to look over my shoulder to see if my dad is standing there. Name’s Steven, now tell me what you need.”

I chuckled at his candor. “Well Steven, a friend of mine lived in an apartment building that caught fire. She was in a basement apartment on the other end of the building but she lost most of what she had to water damage. So she and her sister are staying in my spare rooms.”

“She has a little machine she had in her apartment and a big one that was in storage. Both of them were handed down from her grandmother. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with them because I want to surprise her with getting them back into shape. It would mean a lot to her to be sewing on her grandmothers’ machines again. Could you take a look at them?”

“I illegal bahis siteleri can take a look Sonny, but some of those old things aint worth fixin’, you got them with you?”

“Right outside Steven. The little one is in the van, the big one is on the trailer.” That got his attention. We walked out and I helped him up on the trailer. He brought his hand to his mouth when I removed the tarp. “It’s a little dusty from storage and the trip over.”

“Oh my! I haven’t seen one of these in many years!” he put his hands on it like stoking a fine lady. He gave the wheel a spin and watched it go through the motions. “You said there was another one?”

I got the case out of the van and set it on the trailer. I opened it and lifted out, the machine that was definitely not in the right case.

He got a strange look on his face with the two sitting side by side. “Was there a stand with this one? Little drawers on one side?”

“If there was it didn’t survive the flood, I know she was using this one, but it had a problem of some kind.”

He looked at them and stroked them for a bit. “Sonny, let me back my car out of the shop so you can back the trailer in. Give me a few hours and I’ll know more.” He hopped down off the trailer like a young kid and opened the shop doors. A few seconds later out came a Model T Ford! I backed in and unhooked the trailer. He was hopping around the sewing machines like a kid in a candy store.

Time for my next stop, the thrift store. I introduced myself to the owner and thanked him for his help in getting things together for the girls. He told me to browse around and let him know if there was anything else I needed.

After a bit I found exactly what I was looking for. Three small barrels, half a dozen oversized doors from the college, and half a dozen blueprint file cabinets. The doors and file cabinets had a thick coat of dust. I called him over. “These doors are nice and solid, but they don’t look like they would fit a standard door opening.”

“They came out of the old college so they are a full eight foot tall.”

“So I’d have to cut them down if I wanted to put them in a regular door frame?”


Okayyyy…. What about these file cabinets? Do the drawers come out easily or are they in permanent?”

“They don’t release, you’d have to get in and unbolt them, Why?”

“I was thinking I could take two out of every three out and make use of it some how.” He was looking at me like I was a real loony. The stickers on the doors and cabinets added up to four hundred fifty dollars, but with the thick layer of dust they also looked like they had been taking up space for quite a while. He might take a bit less for them. “Can I use your phone? I need to ask someone a question.”

“Sure,” and pointed to the office.


It had only been about an hour, but I thought I’d give it a chance. “Hey Steven, this is Danny. I know it’s only been an hour, but do you have any idea yet.”

“Hey Danny, actually they are in better shape than I thought. Give me about an hour and a couple hundred cash and they will both be operational.”

“Sounds good, see you then.”

Time to call the house.


“Hey Jean, is Martin and his crew still around?”

“Yeah, they are just finishing the rebar for the pool.”

“Great! Tell Martin I got the machine, and I need a hand unloading it in about two hours, give or take. And don’t say anything to the girls when they get home. In fact if you can keep them over at the other house so much the better.”

“Will do.”

I went back out to the owner. “Will you take three hundred cash for the doors and cabinets, and throw in three of those little barrels so I can work on the doors?”

“How soon can you pick them up?”

“If you can have them out where I can get them loaded…, how about an hour and a half?”

“I think I can do that.”

Then we have a deal. I’ll see you then,” shaking his hand.

I went to the bank and got eight hundred just in case, grabbed a bite, and made it back to Stevens place in about an hour. He was sitting out front in a steel lounger. “So what is the prognosis Steven?”

“The big one was easy. Needed a new power switch and a light bulb. I put a fresh belt on just in case.”

I kicked back laughing. “And the other one?”

“A little worse, two of the pattern wheels inside were bent. One I replaced, the other I didn’t have a replacement for and straightened it out. Add in another drive belt and two rubber wheels and it’s operational as well. I put it in a stand to make it easier for her to use and some spools of thread I had. I have another question for you.”


“Does she have a seamstress Mannequin?”

“Not that I saw, but I wasn’t there when the girls unloaded and went through the water damaged stuff. But I can’t remember seeing one.”

“Not a problem. I’ll toss one in, but I have a few conditions.”

“As long as they aren’t unreasonable.”

“First off I want you to tell canlı bahis siteleri her what she has. The big machine, there are only about fifty of them left in the world that I know of, and probably less than half are still operational. That one is in mint condition… and it’s number two off the line.”


He nodded to me in acknowledgement. “The little one is not quite as rare, but still enough to be special. All total you have about ten thousand dollars worth of machines there. My second condition is a little selfish. Anytime she has a problem have her call me. I would love to work on them again. My final condition is for her to make me something on them.”

“I think we can live with that.”

“Then if you have two hundred for me I have two machines for you. They are already tarped and ready for you to pull out of here.”

“What about the mannequin?”

“I already put it on there. You’re all set.”

I turned back to the van and then stopped and turned back. “Steven, what are you doing tomorrow?”

“Watching the grass grow.”

“If you get the chance, stop by. I’m sure Maria would love to meet the man that got her machines working.” I gave him the address.

“Isn’t that the place that had the fox problem?”

I laughed. “Steven, the only fox problem I have now is the two legged kind!”

He smiled at that. “I might have to polish old Betsy up and get a clean shirt and tie!”

I just laughed and waived. I made a quick stop at the hardware store for a belt sander, belts, and a couple of cans of varnish, swung by the surplus shop for my treasures, and then headed home. Martin and the boys were finishing packing up when I pulled in. I backed up to the garage door and we off loaded the cabinets first, and then the doors.

Martin was looking at them, “What are you going to do with this junk?”

“Two of them and a door will make a nice work table.”

“But the drawers are only an inch or so deep, you can’t store much for tools in them.”

“No, but I bet you could store a lot of dress patterns.” His mouth dropped open. “But don’t say anything; that will be another surprise for later. Now I’m going to back up to the front door so we can slide this beast off instead of lifting and carrying it any more than necessary.”

I backed up and went into the office to shuffle stuff around to make room for the machines while Martin and his boys got the machines ready.

Martin came around the corner. “Danny, what did you do?”


“Did you look at them before you left that guys place?”

“No, he had them all tarped up and ready for me. How bad did we get screwed?”

“Uh, that’s not what happened,” and turned back to the front door. I walked behind him and saw what he was talking about. There sat two machines looking like that had just come off the showroom floor. The big one was all cleaned up and had a big rack on the back full of different thread cones. The little one was on its own stand with drawers down the side. I opened one and it was full of attachments. “Danny, these look like when Mom and Dad brought them home from the store.”

“I had no idea Martin. He said he replaced a few parts and threw in some thread and the mannequin.” We stood there looking for a bit. “Well either way we need to get them inside.” His two guys picked up the big one and walked away with it into the shop. Man I hope Miguel doesn’t tell them how much I struggled with the light end! Martin and I grabbed the little one and we set them in the office side by side with the mannequin in between. “You want to go get the girls while I grab a couple of sheets to put over them?”

“OK, I’ll have one of the boys pull the van and trailer out.”

I got the sheets on just in time to get back to the kitchen as the girls and Martin came in. They looked a bit concerned.

Jean was playing along. “Danny, Martin said there was something you needed to talk to us about?”

“Actually I need to have a discussion with Maria.” Maribel was a little less worried, but Maria was almost in a panic and handed Maya to her sister. “Follow me young lady.” I said in a bit of a stern voice and turned to go to the office. When we arrived, I stopped and turned the desk chair for her to sit down. She did so cautiously. “Now the last few days have been nice having cooked meals and such, but Jean having to take your sister into work in the morning has interrupted my usual routine.” Maria gasped. “Now my understanding is that you go in to use the machines they have there to do alterations when you can and have to share the car with your sister. Does that about sum things up?”

“Y…. Yes Sir….”

“Now I gave the matter considerable thought, and after weighing all the options I have come to a decision.” She looked like she was going to pass out. I stepped back and pulled the sheets off the machines behind me.

She stared for a second, and then slid off the chair to her knees and a long spell of Spanish came out. I looked at Martin and he gave me a thumbs up.

Jean looked like she could burst. “Where did you get these?”

“I didn’t, these are Maria’s machines. I just had them repaired and cleaned up a bit.”

Maria’s head snapped around. “These can’t be my machines. Grandma never had all this.”



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