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You smell the lilacs and roses. Their sweet smell fills you. The only sounds you hear are the roar of the fire and his breathing. Slowly you feel the powerful arms wrap around your waist. You press up against him. The hot tongue feels magical on your cool neck. His hands gently start pulling at your nipples. His breath on your neck sends shock waves all over your body. You want to feel him, but you cannot. Your body is his to pleasure. His hands leave your nipples, only to embrace your face.

He slowly turns you around; your eyes start to open. You see before you the man that was in your dreams last night. Sensually he pulls your lips to his. The taste is sweet. His tongue gently goes in your mouth. Your knees weaken. His arms are now around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You are intoxicated by the scent, a gentle mixture of masculine—firewood burning and floral aromas. Your breath quickens, your heart races. His tongue is going slowly in and out of your mouth. You need his tongue elsewhere. Your pussy is aching to be touched.

Feeling your silent pleas he leads you to the red satin contoured bed. The material feels soft illegal bahis and comforting against your skin. Slowly you sit down as his tongue meets yours. Blissful.

Gently he lays you down on the bed; your mouths never part. You feel his warm, soft skin against your breasts. He brushes your hair from your face with sensual strokes. His mouth is slowly kissing your neck. He is savoring your sweet taste. Slowly he climbs on top of you. Your lips meet, again.

His fingers are tracing down your arms, across your shoulders, down to your breasts. He takes your left breast in his hand. Softly, he circles your breast till he reaches your nipple. He does not touch it. Instead he circles it with soft strokes. You are burning. You want him.

Finally, his fingers meet at the tip of your nipple. Your body responds. The feeling is amazing. He senses your delight and gently circles your other breast. As his fingers meet on your nipple, you feel your juices start to flow. Delicately, he flicks his hot tongue on your hard, sensitive nipple. Your body responds, you arch your back, pressing your nipple harder into his mouth. He sucks conscientiously.

His hands move down your sides, feeling illegal bahis siteleri his grasp around your hips. His hands reach around to your ass, his mouth still tantalizing your nipples, his hands massaging your butt cheeks. He pulls his hands out from under you. He glides his hands over your hips. Yes, you know where he is going. Your body is waiting in anticipation.

His fingers meander across your upper thigh. Your breathing becomes quicker. A low moan escapes your lips. His mouth gently kisses over your stomach. Yes, that is it! His mouth and hands meet at your mound. His fingers dance on your skin. The anticipation is becoming unbearable. You close your eyes, letting the sensation transport you. His hands gently rest on your inner thighs. You can feel his hot breath on you. Slowly, he brushes his finger tips up your thigh, to…Yes! That is where you need him.

A gentle, cool blowing sensation transcends onto your outer lips. You feel his fingers creep on your outer lips. Methodically and delicately he pulls them apart. Once again the cool blowing sensation returns. This time it starts on your clit and continues down. With one of his fingers, he encircles your canlı bahis siteleri waiting hole. He lubes his finger up with your precious juices. Gently he rubs his finger up to your clit. The feeling is hypnotic. You don’t want to move. This is a feeling you have never felt before.

Slowly he traces circles around your clit. With one firm push on your clit, he makes you scream in pleasure. His finger retreating, he blows gently on you. Your body wants him to enter you. For the first time, he plunges two fingers quickly into you. Not taking them out, he moves them in a circular motion. You feel the hardness of his fingers against your soft walls. He curls his finger tips towards your belly. Just as you are about to release, he removes them.

His tongue is slowly lapping up the juices that are flowing from you. In one quick flick he licks you from bottom to top. When he reached your clit, you think, ‘How much more can I take?’ His fingers enter you, again, this time in a fast rhythm. You arch your back, to feel him deeper in you. His tongue is flicking your clit in the same rhythm. Just as you are about to release violently, he stops.

You scream in defiance; your body needs to release. Then three fingers delve into your depths, his tongue is licking and flicking your clit. Over the edge you go. The fireworks within your body are so great you pass out.

When you awake, there he is, still in between your legs.



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