This story continues the theme of a ‘free-use’ society, where women can be enjoyed and used by the male members of the society, with a few set rules and regulations. All names, places and events in this story are fictional. All participants are 18 or older.


“Ugggghh I hate it! It’s not fair!” The voice of a clearly upset and emotional voice filled the hallway as Katelyn stormed out of her room, into the kitchen.

Slamming both hands down on the counter, and taking up her meanest look while leaning forward, my daughter was clearly not happy about tonight’s results.

“Joselyn Ward! That’s who I get? What the fuck! I can’t believe it!” the voice of my ‘darling’ little girl, sounding not so darling, or little anymore for that matter, after finding out who she’ll be swapping with in a little over a week.

I give her my best ‘not much I can do’ look, complete with my hands out at my sides.

“It’s a blind draw, honey. Nothing you or I could do to change it. You just have to make the most of it.”

I notice Kate’s anger turning into more of a pout, her shoulders pulled back, inadvertently pushing her petite chest out toward me.

“But daaaaaaad, Joselyn’s a slut. She’s ditzy, dumb, the classic ‘I’m a cheerleader, so I can be stupid’ mold. She let’s boys fuck her up the ass too. Oh, and did I mention she’s a slut??! Ugh!”

Kate finishes her summation of the girl I’ll have around the house for a week as part of the senior class swap with a loud huff, before again leaning on the kitchen island with her hands balled into fists. My eyes were drawn to her chest as her breathing slowed considerably from the initial outburst. Now it was just the slow deep breaths causing her breasts to silhouette themselves in her spaghetti strap tank.

Not that she was dressed flashy in any way, Kate had just gotten used to wearing tank tops and leggings around the house after she was ‘in for the evening’. And 5 minutes ago, at 6:00 pm tonight as promised, the live raffle was broadcast for all 24 girls in her class. The results of which had sent her into a mini, ‘teen girl tirade’.

Mt Harrison high school had implemented this program roughly a decade ago, where the senior girls in the class were ‘swapped’ between families, to encourage them to be more open to the ‘free-use’ lifestyle. The idea was simple: every girl in the class had her name entered into the drawing, and once her name was drawn, a second name was drawn, matching her with her ‘swap family’ for the week.

The rules were simple: the girls would conform to what their ‘swap family’s’ norms were for her week there, and she would be considered free to use for the entire week. There were of course, some specific items that required consent, but those details were usually ironed out between the families. The promise of having a nubile young 18 year old co-ed there for sexual release, and the possibility of losing that right for future fun, usually took care of any bad intentions.

Shutting the refrigerator door after grabbing a glass of lemonade, I turned to see Katelyn looking at me with a mix of frustration and exasperation. I think to myself, perhaps letting her vent her frustrations more would help.

“So how do you know all this stuff about her anyway? Is she that open? Are there rumors? Are some of these things possibly JUST rumor?” arching my eyebrows at her as I take a sip of lemonade.

Her look turns from frustration to more of a storyteller, starting with a deep breath.

“Well for one, she dated Andy for a month, and he told me about her. Apparently she can “suck a golf ball through a garden hose”, and a LOT of the class knows all about it.

Second thing, not only does she take it up the ass…she ASKS for it there. Andy told me that he fucked her ass more than her pussy! Yeah…apparently (stopping for theatrical effect) she said she’s always loved it, from the first time her DAD did it!”

Pausing again for added effect, looking me right in the eyes.

“So what do you think that means for me, huh dad????”

Her expression goes from anger to exasperation as I lean against the opposite counter, hearing her argument.

“It’s just not fair!” her last point comes out before another long deep breath, finally calming herself slightly.

My answer may not have been the best to placate her current angry mood.

“As far as anal goes…it was bound to happen at some point, right? And weren’t you looking forward to this last week. I get that there’s going to be parts you don’t like. But it’s the luck of the draw.”

Taking in a deep breath before continuing

“Look, I know you wanted to swap out with your friend Jenny, but sometimes you don’t get what you want in life.”

Shrugging my shoulders as I finish my statement.

My reference was in relation to how Kate was almost giddy when talking to her best friend Jenny, about the prospects of being swapped. The girls had known each other since 2nd grade and had grown into best friends, sharing most extra-curricular activities. They also were similar xvideos porno physically, both 5’6 or so and a bit lanky. Neither one would be considered ‘hot’ in the classical sense. But both had blossomed into attractive young girls in their own right.

Kate had developed nicely from the ‘nerdy’, lanky and sometimes clumsy little brunette that most in her class must have still imagined her as being. Gone were the braces and glasses. In their place was a sweet smile and inviting brown eyes to go along with her warm facial features. She had also grown a nice set of small but perky breasts, topped off by little nubs that routinely showed through her tank tops in the evenings at home. But the part of her that got the most looks from everyone, including me, is the little gap between her thighs and the tight little buns just above it. On the rare occasion that something has her ‘riled up’, the gap between her thighs has a little more definition to it, showing a little bit of ‘cleavage’ to her most intimate spot.

A short huff comes from my exasperated teenage daughter, as she pleads more of her case.

“But dad, that’s different. Jenny and I are best friends, and getting to swap out with her…well you know.” her shoulders slumping forward as she shakes her head from side to side.

“You know I’d rather you have Jenny for the week. She’s a good girl, dad. Only one guy ever! She told me all about him, and there would be A LOT that you would get to teach her. Think about that dad!”

Stopping again to try to drive her point further home.

“One guy…ever. And only a few times. Plus it was pretty small, so you know how tight that has to be…and did I mention she’s an anal virgin, like me?”

I hear her grumble her next statement quietly, barely making out

“…and that was supposed to be for you and her dad”

My pants tighten slightly as my darling daughter tells me about her best friend’s inexperience, and the thought of being able to ‘teach’ her some of the finer points of sex. My mind wanders to when I had to teach Kate about some of the things ‘boys’ would expect from her.

Finally I have to interject before she kept going much further.

“OK ok, I get it hun. And yes, you know I’d enjoy teaching Jenny…maybe enjoy it maybe a little too much” letting a grin wash over my face “but I don’t make the rules” my hands coming to rest on the countertop as I lean back, returning my girl’s gaze.

For the first time since finding out her swap partner, my daughter let out a sheepish smile.

“Plus her dad’s pretty sexy. You know, for a guy your age.”

All I can do to respond is roll my eyes and shake my head.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to know plenty of ‘guys my age’ in the next few years. You’ve got 3 years of free-use, and then limited after that. I just hope you do something smart that makes you limited use when you graduate. But it’s only a week, hun. We can handle this.”

For a second, I think I detect a laugh coming out of her, before she responds with a bit of expected attitude.

“Yea I know you can handle it. You’ll have a full on cumslut swallowing your dick, worshipping your balls, and oh…licking your ass! Did I mention that? Andy told me that she licked his ass too! Buuuuuuuut I forgot, you get her ass too. And all the while, I’m over at the Ward’s probably with a cock up my ass 24/7! Yeah…sounds like a blast, dad!”

Her last line makes me laugh before taking a sip of my drink.

“Hunny…” shaking my head through my laughter “that might be a bit extreme. I doubt you’ll be getting your ass fucked 24/7!” adding emphasis at the end, to match her tone.

“Maybe it’s a LITTLE BIT extreme, but who do you think she learned from? Someone taught her all that, and I doubt it was some high school boy. Most of them aren’t too inventive. They see pussy and just want to shove it in. So unless something changes, I get to lose my anal virginity to Alan Ward! Not very ‘ceremonial’ is it, dad?”

Her soft and vulnerable look hardens at the last statement, almost daring me to give her a better option.

Putting my hand out in a ‘wait a minute’ gesture, I try to switch my mind into problem solving mode. As a project manager in the construction world, I’ve found that there’s always a solution.

“So we need to get you at least a little bit of experience before next Sunday night. That can be done! We have a week to get you used to it a little bit. You might not love it…but we can at least make it so it’s bearable.”

I watch Kate for any sign of a rejection to my idea, before seeing her take a deep breath and exhale.

“Yeah, that would be a plus. I’m pretty sure you’ll be more patient than Joselyn’s dad.” A big grin comes over her face before putting on a bit of an act for me.

“I just wish it was Jenny’s dad getting to be the first up my little virgin butt.”

A big mischievous grin spreads over her face as she shuffles from foot to foot, wiggling her butt in the process. I catch her eyes panning down from mine, until they reach my crotch. yerli porno Only then do I realize just how tight my pants are fitting, and the reason why. Our little back and forth has me at my full length, just in a semi-hard state. Realizing just what that must look like in my jeans, I decide to chide my little girl.

“Ummm, Kate honey, staring at it won’t do anything” before taking a few steps up to the other side of the kitchen island.

“Wait out here honey. I’ll be right back.”

As I walk by my now beaming daughter, I give her a light pat on her right butt cheek, before walking down the hallway toward my room. I make a mental note of how firm it is, with just the slight jiggle from my hand patting it lightly. During the walk to my room, my mind wanders to just what it will feel like to ease into her tight little backdoor for the first time.

Almost on auto-pilot, I reach my room and open the top right drawer in my dresser, retrieving a small glass plug and a tube of lubricant. Mumbling as I take both items in my hands “always be prepared”, before emerging back into the hallway and into the kitchen to find Kate perched on a stool on the other side of the dry bar that faces the living room.

I note how intently she’s watching me, her eyes locked in on what I have in my hands as I make my way behind her. As I round the end of the dry bar, I see just how she’s perched on the stool, leaning forward on it, with her tight little butt hanging off the back of her stool, inviting my attention. I look down to see the thin material of her leggings stretched tightly over her shapely little behind, before sliding a hand over her left cheek. I deposit my two items on the ledge off to her right as I ease up behind her, pressing myself against her as she leans back to greet me.

She turns to look up and back at me as I press up against her back.

“Is that for my ass, daddy?” batting her eyes at me in her best ‘good girl’ routine.

“Will that help loosen me up, so you can fit your cock in my tight little virgin asshole??” her eyes continuing to work their magic, as she lays it on thick for me.

Catching her ‘performance’ and the glossy look in her eyes, my hands reach around to cup her firm petite breasts before answering with my best, confident sounding “yes honey, it’s going to help me get your little backdoor ready”.

I give her breasts a firm squeeze before catching her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, pulling lightly while I rub against her back. Knowing just how sensitive her nipples are, I let her relish in the feelings I’m giving her for what feels like a few moments, before pulling my hands free. One grabs her left hand, as the other gathers up the lube and plug that will make its way into her virgin backdoor in a few moments. I pull her gently off the stool, leading her into the living room, toward our large leather ottoman.

I pull my darling little girl to a stop in front of the furniture before spinning her around to face away from me. My hands immediately skim up her sides, pushing her shirt up with them. Kate instinctively raises her arms, allowing the shirt to slide up and off in mere seconds, allowing her pert breasts to fall free. My hands go back to them, gripping tightly first, before pulling not too gently…watching her react to the rough treatment. I catch her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers again, pinching lightly before pulling taut away from her.

I hear the telltale sigh emanate from her as I manipulate her hardened little nubs. I feel her hands grip lightly on my hips, looking for anything to cling to while she steadies herself. I give her a few more moments to enjoy my hands on her breasts, before sliding them down her body, and sinking them into the waistline of her leggings.

I lower myself as my hands travel further south, my hands circling around to her hips as I come to a kneel behind her. My hands snake down her hips, pulling her leggings down with them, until they’re a pile bunched up around her feet. Leaving them in place for a moment, I turn my attention to what’s inches from my face, giving each tight little cheek a short kiss and a slap. My hands grip each cheek before spreading softly, letting her thong come fully into view.

“And since when have you been a thong girl…miss? I remember you wearing panties that covered a whole lot more than these do” feigning my disappointment in my statement.

I hear a soft inhale before her breathy exhale “mmmm I’ve been phasing them in my wardrobe this year. Why? Do you like it daddy?”

I give her buns another firm squeeze, before pulling the gently apart “Yes I do baby. It’s a good look.”

I let go of her perfect buns to grasp at the sides of her thong, pulling it down slowly and gently, uncovering her most intimate spots. I see the outline of her tight slit, with her lips puffed up slightly from her excitement. A light sheen has built up in the slit between the puffy lips, showing just how excited she is about what’s to come.

As soon as the thong rings around her ankles, youjizz porno I push further down, giving Kate the cue to step out of the little pile of clothing at her feet. Once those items are kicked off, I look back up to see the most inviting sight I’ve seen in years. A slight bend at her waist has pushed her butt out toward me, with her gap framing her engorged lips and impossibly tight looking pucker just above it.

“Bend down more honey. Hands on the ottoman.” My commands come out short and abbreviated.

As she bends down, more of her intimate places come into view. My hands return to her cheeks, pulling them apart as a cue for her to spread herself a little more. As if on command, she spreads her feet further apart until they’re past shoulder width apart, giving me a better view than ever. I note the glistening slit barely holding closed with my grip holding her cheeks open, exposing her lips, flushed and engorged from her excitement. Her little pucker looks almost as if it’s winking with her breathing as she tightens and relaxes in unison. Even when ‘relaxed’ she looks impossibly tight, as I wonder how I’m ever going to make myself fit. Almost in a trance, I lean forward until I’m mere inches from her most intimate spots. Purely on instinct, I push my tongue out to meet her tight little ring, circling around it fully before laying it flat over her tightest hole.

I feel Kate flinch and jump at the contact as I press firmer at the tight little ring. Once the initial urge to pull away is passed, I feel her push back against my tongue, wanting to feel more. My tongue pushes firmer against her tightest hole, coating it with my saliva as I flick and push in turn. I feel her clench and relax on my tongue as I give her the first of a series of firsts she will have tonight. My tongue flicking speeds up as I feel her swaying and pressing, loving the newfound attention on her ass.

All too soon for her, I pull my tongue away, leaving her twisting and swaying in front of me. Catching my breath for a second, I wait to ask her a question I already know the answer to:

“And did you like that, honey.”

Hearing her coo in response as she stops swaying and twisting

“Mmhhmmmm. Your tongue feels good EVERYWHERE daddy.” hearing a low giggle escape her lips, as I imagine her thinking about how good her first time having her ass licked felt.

I put one finger in my mouth to wet it with saliva, before pressing firmly against her backdoor. Feeling her resistance weaken, but not enough to pop inside, I soften the ‘assault’. My finger pulls away from her little ring, before coming back in contact, pushing harder this time until it slips inside.

I watch Kate as she adjusts to the intruder, first with a jump and a flinch, then surprising me as she pushes back against my finger. Feeling the invitation, I push forward with my middle finger sliding further into her back passage, until I can’t slip any more into her.

I hear a long exhale coming almost as a grunt as the finger snakes into her. With every breath, I feel her clench down on the finger. Every inhale brings a sharp clench, and each exhale feels her relax more and more around the intruder.

I also hear something unexpected: short low moans as slip the finger back and forward a tiny bit at a time, getting her used to feeling something sliding in and out of her tightest hole. With each low moan, I feel her relax a little more, allowing me to slide more of the finger in and out.

“How does it feel stretching open for daddy?”

I hear her coo again in between low quiet moans “It’s different, but I…mmmmm, already feels big.”

Not letting her stop to get too focused, I keep stroking my finger into and out of her as she answers me.

“I’m going to put this plug in, honey. It’s going to make you stretch a little, so you’re ready for me” as my free hand grasps the plug laying on the ottoman.

After finding it and pulling it closer, I find the lubricant, popping the cap off and squirting it along the side of the toy. Taking the plug in hand, I run my fingers over the length of it, covering it in slick lubricant, readying it for my precious girl’s little asshole.

As soon as I have a good grasp on the base of the plug, I pull my finger free of her tight grip. Taking hold of her left cheek, I grasp firm and spread her again, exposing the tight little hole for one more look, before I push the nose of the plug against her ring. Watching in awe, I see her ring open as I push it slowly but firmly into her tightest hole. Before I think of stopping, the entire 4 inches of its length pushes into her, past the flared widest point, and down on the tapered end, holding it in place. As soon as I let go of the toy, her clench pulls it in tight, snugging the base up against her ring, like it was always meant to be there.

I hold her in place for the next few seconds, listening to her breathing for signs of panic or pleasure. Hearing the second, I note her low cooing and soft moaning as the toy makes her stretch more than my finger had. One more look at her shows me an amazing scene, a clear glass toy lodged in her tightest hole, while her lips have flushed and puffed even more, barely able to stay closed. A light sheen of her juices coats her slit and collects at her hooded little nub, threatening to drip to the floor.



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