Day 1

“You’re getting up late.” I hear Matthew’s voice behind me.

Shit, usually you don’t get up until eight on a snow day, now what do I do? Look at me, I’m standing in front of you and I’m almost naked, my sexy little top and skirt certainly wasn’t what you expected, was it Matthew? This outfit makes me feel so sexy, I bet a lot of guys wished every girl wore pajamas like these, sister or no sister.

Stop lying Janey, you know exactly what you’re doing, you just haven’t had the nerve to do it yet, that’s all. Be honest, this is exactly what you’ve wanted to do for years now, take a deep breath and relax, just let the throbbing between your legs remind you just how excited you really are right now.

He’s eighteen now, they both are finally, and this is what you’ve been planning for so long, can’t get cold feet now. All the teasing and games had to lead some where, your pussy knows it’s time, just accept it and see what happens. Just picture it in your head, both of them shooting cum all over you, that’s what you really want, isn’t it you little whore. The fact they are your brothers only makes it even more exciting, God I’m so hot right now.

I’ve gone without sex for six months just so I wouldn’t get cold feet. All my friends are home for winter break enjoying their families, guess my way of enjoying them is just a little different. That’s it pussy, keep me excited, don’t let me chicken out now. I promise you’ll be stretched wide open soon.

That’s it Matthew, I can feel your eyes going up and down my body, you like my long thin legs, don’t you? How about my little skirt, I bet you’re wondering if I’m wearing panties, guess what, I’m not. All I’d have to do is just bend over just a little and you’d see that pussy that you’ve been trying so hard for all these years. Do you know how wet I am right now?

All those years you and Mark tried to catch me coming out of the shower naked, was it worth the wait? Didn’t the two of you ever wonder why I always seemed to wear a towel that barely covered me? You knew, you just hoped that one day instead of teasing you guys, I might actually drop the towel. I wanted too, believe me but we were all still too young and it was just too big a line to cross back then.

That’s it pussy, tell me it’s OK to tease my brother, my whole body is trembling as you decide what to do next. You’re in control of me now, totally in charge, I can feel you’re cream dripping down my thighs. What do I do next pussy? Tell me it’s alright to tease him mercilessly, you know you want that cock pumping you, admit it.

This is so surreal, it’s like I’m hovering watching myself as my fantasy comes true. Look how sexy I look, my skirt is just so short and that tight little ass just begging to be exposed. Wait till I turn around Matthew, my little boobs with their rock hard nipples sticking out are begging for your mouth to suck them.

That’s it, I’ll just open my legs a little and tease him even more, I bet his dick is begging him to jerk off. God, I love this feeling, it may be wrong but I don’t think I’ve ever been turned on so much in my life. Please pussy, keep me like this all the time and I promise you I’ll satisfy you’re needs forever.

I used to feel guilty about teasing them, more guilty after I’d make myself cum thinking of them jerking off just on the other-side of the wall. It always came down to what it would actually look like when they shot cum out of they’re dicks. I can’t explain why but I love watching guys cum, better yet, I want to feel it for myself rather than watching girls in porno’s being soaked with that thick white cream. It’s time, God is it time, don’t worry pussy, the wait is almost over. You’ll be stretched wide open again and again, I bet they can cum at least three or four times, and all that cream will shoot on me.

Mom’s the one who told me she walked in on them jerking off, both lying next to each other as cum shot all over they’re chests. I always wanted to ask her how long she stood and watched before they came. I think we’re all a little kinky as a family, Mom included. I’ll explain more later, then it will be clear why we’re all so obsessed with each other.

“Day dreaming?” I hear the voice wake me from my trance.

How long was I out? Just seconds, I think, that’s it pussy, keep me going crazy. You know what you want, just be patient, let’s have fun before you get stretched wide open. I know it’s going to happen, I think I always knew it would one day.

“Whoa!” I hear Mark’s voice behind me.

Now, they’re both behind me and I bet they’re dicks are rock hard already, I can’t wait to jerk them off and finally taste their cream. I’m not a little whore but I’m just too horny to stop myself now, soon pussy you’ll be moaning for more. Sloppy seconds might be replaced by sloppy thirds and fourths, I can’t believe how hot I am right now.

Guilt and excitement all wrapped up tightly in a neat little package, I don’t care anymore about right or wrong. I’m too turned on right olgun porno now to care about anything, I better be careful or I’ll suck both their dick’s right here in the kitchen.

“Jan, reach over and grab the sugar.” I hear Mark say, his voice seems like he’s so far away, I can’t believe how excited I am..

He’s the bolder of the two, he’s already figured out what’s going on, good-now I’m not alone in what’s going to happen. That’s it pussy, Mark will be the first to stretch you wide open and Matthew will keep pumping you as soon as Mark is finished. Can this really be happening to me?

Maybe it’s time I explain how we got like this, let’s face it, most families aren’t like this or are they? I’m the oldest at twenty-one and Mark and Matthew just turned eighteen last week, to say we are close obviously is an under statement.

I’m a tomboy, baseball, basketball and even touch football were what I liked to do best growing up, guess I grew up more like a guy than the typical girls in the neighborhood. The twins just followed me where ever I went, they treated me like their best friend instead of their older sister. I adored them too, which helps explain why I’m standing in the kitchen almost naked in front of them right now.

As close as we were, it wasn’t until the day I hit a home run off Tommy Morris that we truly bonded as a trio. While I made my victory lap around the bases, I smiled at Tommy, the truth is I had a crush on him. Instead of seeing it for what it was, he thought I was putting him down, which totally floored me in his reaction to my smiling at him.

Screaming at me that the only reason I could even hit was because I had no tits. I was so humiliated as he and others started taunting me with their screams. The feelings of embarrassment and shame just overwhelmed me as I stood on home plate while being verbally assaulted by them.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, my heart raced as I watched my two little tigers come sprinting in from the outfield. It didn’t matter that they were on Tommy’s team, Matthew and Mark weren’t going to let me be humiliated while they were around. I can still see the look of disbelief on Tommy’s face as they charged him.

Needless to say, Tommy was almost twice there size and he mauled them both pretty good, but the fact they wouldn’t stop fighting until others had to pull them apart, showed me how much they cared for me. No one ever said anything again to me after that day about having small tits, God, I hate that word even today.

The three of us bonded that day, closer than brother and sister, the feelings just grew more intense after that day. I became much more aware of my own sexuality too, I might be a tomboy but I’m still a girl. Guys start jerking off just as a matter of naturally being aware of how good it feels when they cum. Maybe, I’m different from most girls in this regard but I like to get off too. Is that so wrong?

Guys like to look at porn, so as a girl I’m not supposed? Where do you think I got this fixation about watching cum squirt out of a guy’s dick from? I think the thing that really gets me the excited the most is when a girl is fucked by two guys, all that cum spraying all over them gave me some of my best orgasms at night alone with my finger.

The thought of Matthew and Mark fucking me like the girls in the porn videos just made me insatiable. A tomboy in heat, that’s exactly what I was and that’s when I decided to make my plan of seducing them. Is that so wrong?

I loved teasing them and being horny can make you do things you normally wouldn’t have the courage to do otherwise. For me, that’s when I started wearing my nightshirt as short as possible without giving them a beaver shot. They’d see my pussy one day, I knew but teasing them gave all of us so much excitement. The other thing about it was it was their reward for saving my honor.

God how I played with them, the funny thing is that Mom knew what I was doing and acted like she didn’t notice anything. That excited me too, how far could I go in pushing her, the thought of walking in the family room and spreading myself wide open for the three of them kept going through my head for years. As much as my pussy begged me, I couldn’t do it.

That’s all changed now though, they’re both eighteen, barely legal but adults finally. Which brings me back to wear I am now, I’m so wet and I can actually feel my fluids coating my thighs. Can I actually get so excited that I’ll be dry when they start fucking me? Is that possible? I hope not or I’ll have to use my KY to stay lubed.

Tomboy or slut, which one am I now? Both, that’s the answer, at 5’7 and 118 pounds I’m the perfect athlete and fuck machine all rolled into one neat little bundle. My long legs and tight little butt are driving them crazy right now, I’m sure. Add my perky little boobs with long nipples and you have a picture of what I look like, plus let’s not forget my long brown hair.

“What do you really want?” I ask Mark, knowing playboy porno full well that his dick must be driving him crazy.

I love this feeling right now more than anything I think I’ve ever experienced, how can any one deny the power that sex has in our lives. My pussy is just purring knowing exactly what I’m doing for her, patience kitty, we’ll just tease a little more before they ravage you.

Spreading my legs just a little while arching my back, slowly I lean forward knowing my skirt is lifting higher. Fuck it, why wait anymore, they’ve wanted to see my pussy for years and now it’s time to show them. Anyway, in five minutes they’ll probably be fucking me, show it to them Janey, you know you want too, you have too.

“Is this what the two of you want?” I ask as my skirt lifts past my ass.

Spreading my legs, my tight little ass hole and soaking pussy are finally revealed to them. Was it worth the wait boys? The two of you must be heaven as I taunt you with my bald slit, are you going to fuck me now? Fuck me hard and make me scream for more, shoot it in my mouth and ass, I don’t care as long as you fuck me.

Turning around slowly, all my eyes can focus on is two gorgeous dicks sticking straight out at me, taunting me with their long thick shafts, begging me to stroke them. I always guessed they had big dicks, all the times they’d walk around the house with that bulge in there gym shorts drove me crazy thinking of what is about to happen.

“You’re driving me crazy.” Mark moans as his hand starts to stroke up and down his cock. Matthew’s hand starts to stroke his as well.

“I want you to shoot it in my mouth.” Is all I can manage to say.

They both have to be six or seven inches long, don’t worry pussy, I haven’t forgotten you, look at what’s going to make you gape wide open. Guess what, there’s another one just like this one that’s going to fuck you too. Can I actually fuck both of them at the same time? Too much to think about, just concentrate on the two beautiful cocks in front of you.

They both remind me of a young Val Kilmer’s, I think every time I saw one of his movies I always creamed in my panties. Now, I have two standing right in front of me with long stiff dicks begging to fuck me. They won’t have to beg for long.

OH My God, look at me, I have cum in my hair and all over my face, my little boobs splattered with cum too. The image in the mirror only keeps egging me on, like the energizer bunny, my pussy is insatiable. How many times have they cum? I’ve lost track, looking at the clock, my mind tries to adjust to the fact that we’ve been fucking for over two hours.

I couldn’t believe Matthew actually started sucking my pussy as soon as Mark shot inside me. Do guys do that? Between watching him lap Mark’s cum and sucking my clit, I had the very best orgasm I’ve ever had and we’re not done yet either.

“You want to fuck me in the ass don’t you? Just like all the girls in the videos you jerk off too, you want to slide that big cock up my ass and shoot deep inside me, don’t you.” I say taunting both of them.

“We both want to fuck you at the same time, can that tight little ass and pussy handle both of us?” Mark asks me.

This is exactly like watching one of the porn videos, except the girl in the mirror is me. I always wondered how they felt spreading their legs wide open knowing so many guys would be jerking off looking at them. Now, I have that power too, Matthew and Mark are both in awe of how I look naked. The fact I’ve jerked them off and sucked they’re cocks for almost two hours only adds to my power over them.

Motioning to Matthew to lay on the bed, the thoughts of how long I’ve waited for this moment race through my head. Am I dreaming? Wrapping my fingers around his dick reassures me that I’m living my fantasy…finally.

I better lube him good, his dick is bigger than my little vibrator that I’ve been practicing with the last few years. Do all those girls in the videos really like getting fucked in the ass? All of a sudden I’m getting afraid, suppose it hurts, God, what about hemorrhoids.

That’s it pussy, tell me it’s all right, tell me how good it’s going to feel when that hot gush of cum shoots in my ass. Too late to stop now anyway, I do like the vibrator in me so I’ll probably love his cock too. Talk to me pussy, keep me excited.

I want to watch, I want to see it slowly disappear in me, just like in the videos. I’ll face the mirror and just ease myself down slowly, that’s the best way to do it. I have to see my ass swallow his cock and then watch the cum drip out of me after he shoots inside me.

“I want it this way so I can watch.” I tell them as I ready myself for that hungry dick staring at me.

Look at me, I look just like the a porn star, my pussy and asshole are wide open, the look on Mark’s face tells me how excited he is as Matthew’s dick just kisses the lips of my ass. I’m one of those girls now that men all over the world jerk off pornhub porno too, the thought of so many eyes watching me sends a rush through my whole body.

The feeling of his head just easing into me sends shivers down my spine, go slow Janey, don’t rush it, we have plenty of time. Is that really me in the mirror? Is that really my ass slowly being filled? Halfway down and it doesn’t hurt, hurrah hurrah hurrah, it doesn’t hurt, it actually feels good, I think seeing it just makes me more excited.

I’m down to his balls, his whole cock is buried in me now, how long I’ve dreamed of this happening and now its right in front of me. The sight of Mark standing right next to me with his dick begging for a piece of me is driving me crazy.

That’s it Matthew, pump me slowly, let my asshole gobble every inch with each stroke of that beautiful dick of your’s. I like this feeling, I can really get used to getting fucked in the ass if it’s going to be like this every time.

“Fuck my ass, stretch me wide open with that big dick.” I moan.

Is that my ass being pumped? I would have done this years ago if I knew it was going to feel like this, if every girl could feel what I am right now, they’d never be the same. Ass and pussy, which would be the favorite? Sorry pussy but ass wins right now.

“Make her gape.” Marks says as I feel Matthew’s dick slide out of me.

OH God, my tiny little ass hole is stretched wide open, this isn’t a video, that’s my ass stretched wide open. I’m so excited, beyond excited, is that possible? That’s it, slide that big dick back inside me and start pumping me, pump me until you cum. I want to feel that hot shot of cum fill me, is it really that hot when it shoots in you’re ass? I think I’ll find out soon.

“I want that cum inside me, fuck my ass baby and let me see it ooze out of me.” I moan half out of control.

“I’m cumming.” Matthew moans as he fucks me furiously.

It is true, the hot spray shooting in my ass feels almost like I’m in a hypnotic trance, closing my eyes and feeling each spasm of the dick buried deep inside me as it spits the last of it’s cream . I want to see it ooze out of me, that’s part of the excitement too, a big part at that.

“Look at it Mark, did you ever think you’d see me with cum oozing out of my ass?” I tease him.

It is amazing though, this is really happening, it’s not a dream or a video. It’s me and my brothers, don’t worry boys, there’s plenty of pussy and ass in your future. Did I forget you pussy? Don’t be upset, I have a surprise for you, it’s about seven inches long and it’s waiting to fuck you.

“C’mon Mark, fill my pussy, now it’s your turn.” I taunt him.

Lifting off Matthew, I put a pillow under my ass as Mark climbs on top of me. His cock stares at me defiantly, it knows where it wants to go, somewhere wet and tight and I know where that is. Pussy, are you awake? Look who’s coming to see you, it’s your turn to be stretched now.

“Fuck me hard.” I moan as I feel his cock starting it’s rhythm of pumping me.

The feeling of my pussy being stretched wide open with every stroke, makes my ass hole quiver as it feels another dick pumping me furiously. I love this, God I do, I could fuck them both all day, I know I could. They still have another shot left, I think.

“Can you see your cum oozing out my ass?” I ask Matthew.

“You’re unbelievable, your ass is wide open, she’s gaping.” Matthew says.

That’s it baby, keep fucking me, fuck my pussy and fill me up with cum. Cum, Cum,

Cum, that’s all I want. Doesn’t every girl want to be fucked like this?

“How about if we let Mom catch us, let’s face it, she’s just as much a part of this as we are.” Mark whispers in my ear.

He’s right of course, I think the three of us have all known that she’s actually enabled this whole thing, we just never said it out loud before. She’s only forty-one and for some strange reason, she’s never dated since Daddy died eight years ago. She and I are going to have to talk about a lot of issues soon. But not now, all I want is to feel is my pussy filled with cum.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Mark moans.

“Shit, the garage door is opening, Mom’s home.” Matthew says with panic in his voice.

“I don’t care if she catch’s us, finish me.” I moan.

I don’t either, she’s seen me in my tiny T-shirts, I bet she even gets off thinking about what’s going on. She’s not blind, how many times has she seen both Matthew and Mark with their dicks hard? Plenty, that’s how many, I want that cum and don’t care if she walks in on us.

“I don’t care if she catch’s us, she’s just as horny as we are.” Mark moans as he starts to cum. Pulling out of me, he jerks himself off all over my stomach as I watch breathlessly, I just love seeing it shoot out of his dick, it’s incredible.

The three of us look at each other, and then like three naked mice, we scamper out of her room in fear of being caught doing something we’re not supposed to be doing. Isn’t it ironic, we chose her room because of all the mirrors, and now we’re on the verge of getting caught almost like the fear is the wish. We were brave when we were out of control but then reality hit us, she maybe as horny as we are but now is not the time too find out.



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