Secret Lesbian Hookup After SchoolMarta’s freshly shaved clit slid under mine as I humped up and down on top of her. A beautiful intimacy was passing between us that was more erotic than I anticipated. Her dark eyes watched my expressions as flutters of sexual pleasure made my breathing skip and jump. Her hands settled on my hips, pulling on my body to vary the pressure of our bodies rubbing together. I was so turned on by how into it she was.”How is that?” she asked me. It was her idea and I wasn’t sure at first. I could tell it was important to her that I liked it. But, I wasn’t really clear why. It felt like maybe she was more into me romantically than I was her, even though she said she just wanted to try it casually. She’s so sexy I couldn’t resist the offer, my own curiosity winning me over just minutes ago. Now here we were, naked on my bed, trying this tribbing thing we’d only seen in porn videos.”It feels really good,” I whispered, covering her hand with mine as I drove my pelvis into her harder, making her gasp.I met Marta randomly at school. I was rubbing one out in the bathroom stall and I guess she heard me. She approached me after with her number on a piece of paper and whispered, “If you ever want help with that, call me.” I was so flustered it took me a while to text her. But, when I did she told me she has a boyfriend but had been fantasizing about experimenting with another girl. I was a perfect girl for her since we don’t know the same people and could meet up discreetly at my house when my mom works. One week later, I found myself on top bakırköy escort of her naked and enjoying her little pleasure sounds as our vaginas slid wetly over each other.Marta sat up and wrapped her hand around my lower back, pulling me into her harder. “I want to feel you more,” she said, making an adjustment in how we sat. I loved the casualness of it, the “just sex” adventurousness. Without the expectations of a dating relationship, it was so relaxed to just explore each other’s bodies through touch. She grabbed hold of me with both hands and began to thrust her pussy against mine. Her sexy little boobs shook as she began to moan openly. It was so hot!I rotated my hips more deeply as she leaned back on one arm and put the other over my shoulders. I had the urge to kiss her, but wasn’t sure if that was too much, a curious thought as we fucked each other. I rode her, slowing down then speeding back up to see how it felt and what she enjoyed. Her body’s responses were so exciting, so much more pronounced than a guys.”Fuck me…” she whispered with an erotic shyness. Her body was taking over, suppressing any last resistance to the idea of fucking another girl, begging me to satisfy her. I rode her faster and faster, her breathing becoming rhythmic with the pulses of my body as I drove into her. Her head fell limp against my chest as she amped up her pumping motions into me. My knees fell more widely apart and I let my head fall back, lost in the joy of it.”Oh, my goddddd ohmygodohymygod…” I felt an orgasm rising as we beşiktaş escort fucked more furiously. Abruptly, she bent backwards into the comforter, groaning loudly as we came together. I tensed and pushed my pussy against hers as the waves of erotic wonder drove me through the climax. I opened my eyes to find her laying back, panting and looking up at me. Perspiration matted the hair on her forehead, which she smoothed back to clear strands from her face.”That was so fucking hot!” I said, smiling at her irresistibly.”Don’t stop,” she said, returning the smile. I adjusted my position on top of her, scissoring and beginning to move slowly over her again, our clits smooshing together amidst a butter wash of our blended juices. Grabbing my butt again, she sat up and bounced gently with me as we looked into each others eyes. There it was again, the urge to kiss her. I’d never kissed a girl before. She has a boyfriend and this is just a little fu on the side, girls trying some things on the dl. So, I wasn’t sure where the boundary was.”I want to kiss you,” I blurted out. She said nothing, just continued to look at me. I instantly regretted saying it. Her hand came around my butt more tightly. “I shouldn’t have said that,” I said, the pleasure of her vagina rubbing earnestly against mine preventing the awkwardness from taking over.”I’m glad you did. I’m just afraid if I kiss you I’ll fall in love with you and won’t be able to stop kissing you,” she said. I was completely surprised! My hands fell onto her shoulders and I let my beylikdüzü escort hands explore her hair slowly as we gently fucked. Her eyes and everything about her body said she desperately wanted that kiss. Denying ourselves was so incredibly hot though. So, I left it alone.Suddenly, she threw me down on the bed, taking the top position, leaning back as her warm labia slid back and forth over mine, making gentle sucking sounds as my body responded with a surge of pleasure. She picked up a pillow and covered my face with it, heightening my other senses as she fucked me faster and faster until I was cumming beneath her. It was glorious. The pillow came off and her pretty face hovered directly above mine. Her breath was hot on my face as she touched my hair. I had such strong feelings for her! It felt as if I was faling into her big, dark eyes.”Why not fall in love with me? Is it your boyfriend?” I asked.”It’s just a lot. Before today I didn’t even think it was possible. And yeah, he’s good to me. I have always thought I’d be with a guy. I hope that’s ok.”I felt myself smiling at her. “Of course it is. Whatever you feel is ok. I enjoyed it, even if it’s just this.””Me too,” she said. And oh my god if she didn’t just descend down and kiss me anyway! Her lips were soft and feminine, and sweet in a way I didn’t expect. I felt like butterfly wings for a minute as we gently explored each other’s tongues. Her breasts mooshed into mine pleasurably. I absolutely luuuvvved kissing hr. Then she rolled off and smiled at me.”That was nice…” I said, a bit flustered by the power of what I felt.”How’s this? Nice too?” She said, her fingers gliding down my tummy until she parted the lips of my pussy, her fingers exploring my sensitive places.”Yesss, very nice…” I purred. We were definitely not done yet. It’s going to be really hard not to fall in love with her!



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