Author’s Note: Welcome to Chapter 6, the last chapter of Second Year After, the sequel/continuation of First Year After. I recommend that you read all preceding chapters, so you know who everyone is and how they’ve gotten to where they are. I hope you enjoy. As always, constructive criticism appreciated.

Disclaimer: All sexual activity described here is between fictional characters over the age of 18.


Aug 3, 2013

On Patti’s birthday, we threw a pool party at our house, with her family, the residents of our three houses, plus Duke, Jean and Kenny. We all had a great time. All three moms were the center of attention, as their pregnancies were all showing. Patti’s sister Jody was gushing, seeing lots of babysitting opportunities in her future, although she was disappointed that we hadn’t moved, as our promise that she’d have a room in the new house wasn’t going to get met, with our spare bedroom getting turned into our nursery. Most of Patti’s gifts were maternity clothes, of course.


August 11, 2014

Duke and Jean came over for dinner one night, as we really hadn’t seen them since the wedding, with their being in Denver initially, and then our own jobs taking up time and energy.

“I keep submitting resume after resume, and either get no response, or get called in for an interview and don’t get the job. It’s discouraging. Are there any openings where you guys are?”

Patti responded, “Before we got the whole situation with my boss settled, I wouldn’t have recommended you come to Cooper. But now that he’s gone, I know of at least three openings that are in the next budget, starting October 1. Give me three copies of your resume, and I’ll put in referrals for all three positions.”

“No openings at ABC right now, though,” I said. “So, how is living with Duke’s parents?”

“Calling it restrictive would be kind,” Duke answered. “My parents still want to imagine we’re virgins, waiting for marriage before having sex. I’m looking for a place we can afford, but until Jean’s making money, I’m not sure we can swing it just on my salary as an apprentice. I’m getting tired of having to sneak our sex in moments when Mom and Dad aren’t home, and never getting to sleep next to each other.”

I thought he was about to ask me about getting the same arrangement to have sex at East House as Kenny and Amber had, but I think the last thing he wanted was to show up there at the same time as the other couple and have the question of a foursome arise again, so he didn’t.


August 20, 2014

Five months into the pregnancies, Henry scheduled consecutive ultrasound appointments for all three moms, to identify the genders of the babies This time, Kenny was with us in the waiting room, as was Sandy. Mom went in first, and came out and simply said, “Boy. You’ll have a little brother, Drew,” when I really knew she wanted to say “son”, but couldn’t because Kenny was there.

Amber and Kenny went in next, and came back, saying, “One of each. I get to call my son Kenneth Jr. after all.”

I could only think, ‘What if he’s actually mine?’

Patti and I were last, and I held her hand as Henry scanned with the ultrasound device. “It’s a girl, kids. Congratulations.”

Kenny and Amber went to his house to inform his parents, and the rest of us headed home. We started talking about baby names, now that we knew the genders. Patti favored Sharon for our daughter, and Mom favored Gavin for our son. I loved both choices.

Later, we heard from Amber that after letting Kenny name the boy Kenneth, Jr., she chose Kyra as the name for her daughter.


August 22, 2014

The night before Sandy left for college, she asked for Henry and I to make love to her together, just the three of us. Although Henry had shown that he could be intimate with me present, it still wasn’t his preference, and we’d only repeated the experience with foursomes or fivesomes a handful of times since then. This would be the first time that Henry had been involved in anything less than a foursome with me, but he was more relaxed about having me in bed with him by this point, so he agreed. It was also the first time I’d made love in his bed, instead of mine.

We started out with Sandy on her knees, sucking my cock, while Henry entered her from behind, slowly stroking into her. Sandy increased the pace, slamming her hips back into him, and he acceded to her wishes, grabbing her hips and starting to quickly slam into her.

This had the effect of driving me into her throat over and over, and I had the momentary thought that Henry was actually fucking us both with each thrust, and surprised myself by not being bothered by that, at all.

Sandy started to cum, and Henry and I shot into her within seconds of each other.

She flopped onto her back, and I climbed between her legs, and began eating her out, causing her to orgasm again.

Henry gasped, and said, “Drew, that’s my…”

I raised my head and said, “Your semen? I know, but it really doesn’t bother me. grup porno I learned that with Matt months ago. Does it gross you out? I know not all guys are okay with it.” I dipped my head and resumed licking between Sandy’s lips.

Henry paused, before saying, “No, not really disgusted, just surprised is all. So, what do I do next, just watch?”

Sandy moaned, before saying, “Let me suck your cock back to life, Daddy.” Henry knelt by her head and fed her his cock, and he was soon rock-solid again. Sandy let go, to say, “Fuck me Drew, just like Daddy did, while I suck him.”

So she got back up on her knees, and I thrust hard into her, pushing her onto her Dad’s cock just as he had done for me. It was a couple minutes into it, when I saw his eyes widen, and I knew he’d had the same thought I had, that I was fucking both of them, and he actually blushed, but then looked me in the eyes and smiled. He had come a long way from “only ever be one on one” to this.

It took both of us longer to reach our orgasms, and Sandy came twice more before we did, but Henry’s grunt matched mine when we came.

I didn’t sleep with them, though, leaving the two of them to go back to my own house, climbing into bed behind Toni, who was tangled up with Mom and Patti.


August 23, 2014

We took Sandy to the airport, and saw her off to college.

With her gone, and her bedroom half-empty, Henry started the process of converting it into a nursery, as Patti and I did with the spare bedroom in Center House. But with three of the babies expected to live at West House, he had to find a way to fit in three cribs.


August 30, 2014

Kenny came over for dinner with us, and had news. “I’ve found a two-bedroom apartment on the west side of Fort Worth. I was hoping you’d move in with me, Amber.”

Amber sputtered, “Fort Worth’s west side? That’s further away from my job than here, and probably more important, it’s not close to the hospital where I’m going to give birth. It would take too long to get there if I go into labor at the apartment. Can I wait until after they’re born, please?”

Kenny sighed. “All you seem to do is ask me to wait, Amber. First, it’s setting a wedding date, now this? What is it with you? Do you not really want to marry me?”

“That’s not fair,” Amber responded. “Any choices I make have to put the babies first, and what I want or you want second.”

In my head, I thought, ‘and your family third,’ but knew that wasn’t fair, either.


September 8, 2014

The four of us were in a daisy chain, Mom licking Toni, who was licking Patti, who was sucking my cock, while I was licking Mom. Mom and Patti seemed extra-responsive, cumming almost non-stop, until finally getting too tired to continue, and moved to the side of the bed to cuddle,

Mom spooned behind Patti. Toni and I switched into a 69 for a few minutes, then I turned around and thrust into her missionary-style, and fucked her for about 20 minutes, before I finally came. Toni came three times over all.

We tried to arrange ourselves in spoon position facing Mom and Patti, and found that with the pregnant bellies, the bed was getting more crowded. Add Amber’s swollen belly, and we definitely wouldn’t all fit, although it had been weeks since she’d joined us.

Over breakfast the next morning, we discussed it.

“What if we brought the queen bed back up from the garage, and put it next to the King?” I asked.

“Even if it could fit in the Master, how would we explain it to anyone who came upstairs?” Mom asked.

“Oh, right,” I said.

“How about moving into East?” Toni asked. “At least if the King in the Master is too crowded to sleep, another bedroom is just down the hallway, with the nursery in the middle. Kenny and Amber have stopped using it, now that Kenny has his own apartment, although the way they’ve been fighting lately, I don’t know how often they’re making love even there.”

“Back to the same problem,” Patti said. “How do we explain the switch, after deciding in May not to swap? Especially since Sandy needs to appear to be staying there over the holiday breaks.”

In the end, we simply decided that we would have to struggle with the king being crowded until the babies were born..


September 16, 2014

Over dinner, Patti said, “I had the weirdest conversation with my boss today. We were talking about the projects I’m working on, and suddenly she brought up Foursome Friday. She was interested in how it all started, so I told her.”

Mom asked, “Was she coming on to you?”

Patti shook her head no. “No, not at all. She and her husband have been close with another couple ever since college 15 years ago, and she’s interested in maybe introducing the idea of a foursome with them, and thought I would have some tips for her. I had to tell her that we actually just fell into it with Matt and Sophia the day we walked in on them, and didn’t know whether they were going to freak out. If we were to do it over again, hd porno we’d talk about expectations first, then have sex after we were all on board with it. That way, we would have avoided some of the miscommunications we had.”

“Is that all you said?” I asked.

“I didn’t tell her about Jean planting the seed in our heads. Especially if Jean gets the job she’s applying for, we need to avoid anyone knowing we were once intimate. I’m just concerned about what other folks there are still thinking about me because they know about our foursome.”

Toni said, “Just do your work, honey, and let that be the basis of your reputation. Trust me, good bosses are more interested in what you contribute to the bottom line than anything else in your personal life.”


September 22, 2014

Jean got the job, and would start on the same team as Patti on the 1st of October, because that was the start of a new budget year at Cooper.

It was the start of third trimester for the pregnancies, and Amber was already feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions, and looked huge, and her crankiness was further affecting her relationship with Kenny, as she continued to put him off about moving in, and he lost patience over it.

Mom and Patti were just beginning to get uncomfortable. Sexual positions began to be an issue as their stomachs expanded. Standard Missionary was the first to be unusable, and 69 became harder, but cowgirl and doggie worked for a while longer, so long as they weren’t too vigorous. But we soon found that either rear entry while lying on our sides, or the Splitting Bamboo position, where the woman was turned more onto her side and I wasn’t leaning against their stomach, became the best options. Our frequency dropped off, anyway.

Toni, not being pregnant, then got a lot more attention from me, which she loved, and I was able to fuck her as hard as I wanted, without worrying about harming her or the babies. I know all the books say such harm is not likely, but you worry anyway. Neither Mom or Patti expressed any jealousy over my attentions to Toni, as it let them get the level of sex they were interested during this stage of the pregnancy, without feeling like they were depriving me. On some nights when Patti and Mom were more interested in sleep, Toni and I would actually have sex in the East House, then sleep there. We always made sure to get back to breakfast with our wives in the morning, though.


September 29, 2014

I met Patti for lunch, and she said, “My boss told me that she and her husband brought up the idea of a foursome with their friends, and they agreed to it. It turns out the friends had been thinking about it, too, but didn’t know how to bring it up. She was so happy about it.”

I snickered, before saying, “What are they going to call you now? The Foursome Whisperer?”

Patti said, “God, I hope not. I don’t think she’d say anything around work, not after what I’ve already gone through.”


October 15, 2014

Jean started her new job on the 1st, and before the day was over, she’d already heard about Foursome Friday from several other employees who didn’t realize she and Patti already knew each other. Clearly, people there were not forgetting about it, and kept whispering behind Patti’s back. She didn’t bring it up to Patti, because she knew it would only upset her.

Jean was actually keeping a list of the people who were talking behind Patti’s back, and went to HR on Patti’s behalf. They issued her a voice recorder like they had for Patti, and after recording several people gossiping about Patti, turned it back in, and it resulted in an office-wide email warning that gossip that created a hostile work environment could still result in a sexual harassment charge, and would not be tolerated. Nobody was named, but several people actually came to Patti to apologize afterwards, and the gossip stopped. She was stunned when she realized the email had been about her, and when Jean revealed her role in it, Patti thanked her over and over.


October 31, 2014

Halloween, we gathered in Center House, and handed out a lot of candy, since our other two houses had signs up directing kids our way. It was the first time since high school that I’d been home for Halloween. Amber was with Kenny at his parents’ house, doing the same. Mom and Patti both wore basketball outfits, featuring their bellies as the ball, and Toni and I dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy.


November 10, 2014

The project I was dedicating most of my time to went into Production over the weekend, successfully, and the whole project team sighed in relief, as only minor problems were reported on Monday, that we thought could be corrected quickly in a few days.


November 15, 2015

With Jean now working, she and Duke found a one-bedroom apartment about 10 minutes from us, and I helped them move in.


November 23, 2014

Sandy arrived home for the Thanksgiving Break late on Saturday night, more latin porno convenient flights having been scarce. With her bedroom turned into a nursery, she put her bags into one of the spare bedrooms in East House, and collapsed into the bed, still dressed.

She was cheerful in the morning, as we all ate breakfast at Center House.

At the end, Henry asked, “So how has your social life been? Your emails have hinted at some guy you’ve been spending time with?”

Sandy said, “Well, I’ve been studying a lot with a guy named Carlos, who is in three of my classes this semester. He’s a sophomore, like a lot of the students in my classes, since the AP courses I took let me skip a lot of the Freshman-level courses. My roommate Carrie, on the other hand, is in all those Freshman classes, so we’re in not in any of the same courses. There’s no spark with Carlos, though, so he’s not really boyfriend material. He might even be gay, because he hasn’t made even one move on me.”

Amber asked, “So you’ve been celibate all semester?”

“So far,” Sandy sighed. “I focussed on studying, but I really need to catch up this week.”

Amber said, “Then let’s go, sis!” She grabbed Sandy and Henry’s hands, and they headed back to their house. We didn’t see them for the rest of the day.


November 24, 2014

Work was all decorated for Thanksgiving, and a pre-Thanksgiving party was planned for Wednesday. I was busy trying to meet a deadline before the holiday, so worked an extra two hours, letting Patti and Mom know I was going to be late.

Just as I pulled in the driveway, I got a text from Patti, saying, “Come upstairs.”

When I got there, Patti, Sandy and Toni were waiting for me on the bed, all naked. The room smelled like they’d already been making love.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked.

“Henry wanted to do an extra checkup on Mom and Amber, so they’re all at his office,” Patti said. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“And entertaining each other while you wait?” I asked, teasing.

“Just warming Sandy up for you,” Toni said, with a smile that told me she enjoyed every minute of it.

“I’ve missed you, big brother,” Sandy said. “I need some of your loving.”

“Any particular position?” I asked, beginning to undress.

“I heard something about a bent diamond from Dad. Can that work with three girls?” Sandy asked.

I smiled. “Well, I came up with that for boy-girl-boy-girl, but I suppose with a girl on her back instead of a guy, it would still work. Although with Patti’s belly she should be the face-sitter, and I assume you want to be receiving my cock, so that leaves Toni on her back, with you eating her and her eating Patti, while Patti and I are side by side.”

We arranged ourselves, and I entered Sandy from behind, while turning slightly to kiss Patti. Sandy might have been celibate the past three months, but she certainly had been exercising her Kegels, as her pussy was as tight as I’d ever felt it when she clasped me. It forced me to slow down, as I would have certainly cum in a minute otherwise. I tried to direct my cock into her g-spot, and when I succeeded, Sandy started moaning into Toni’s pussy.

All three women screamed their orgasms at the same time, and Sandy relaxed her Kegels a bit, allowing me to speed up. “Yes, yes, yes,” Sandy screamed, as I started to pound her, our thighs slapping against each other.

“Oh, Sandy, you feel so good!” I cried out.

“Her tongue is pretty damn great, too,” Toni called out, from between Patti’s thighs.

Sandy shuddered around me, and I barely kept myself from cumming – at least until Patti snuck her hand behind me, and rubbed her middle finger over my asshole and perineum, and I lost it, flooding Sandy, and she came again with the sensation of my hot cum filling her up.

Sandy collapsed onto her stomach, pulling off of me. Patti climbed off of Toni, to lay on her hip and started sucking on my cock. Toni spun around, and after pushing Sandy onto her side, formed a 69 with her.

Hard again, I lay behind Patti and entered her from behind. I was soon thrusting as hard and fast as I could. Patti came around me twice before I shot off again, as we heard Toni and Sandy’s muffled screams, over and over.

Cuddling for a while after, I told Sandy, “Welcome home, little sis. So we’ve had dessert, what’s for dinner?”

We got dressed, and had just started dinner when Henry, Amber and Mom arrived home.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Everyone’s healthy and developing normally,” Henry said.


November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving coincided with my birthday this year, and Sandy’s birthday was two days later when she had to return to school, so we held a joint birthday party after turkey and all the fillings.

Mom, Patti and Toni combined to get me first editions of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy to join the collection I got from Dad, one of the first science fiction series I ever read.

Amber chose to spend Thanksgiving with us, rather than accepting an invite to spend the day with Kenny’s family. Things between them were getting rocky, with both of them talking about maybe calling off their engagement. I held my tongue, remembering what my Mom had said about giving Amber enough room to turn around.



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