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Searching for a friend with benefitsThis is the story of my search for a ‘friend with benefits’ or fuck-buddy on the internet. I was attracted to this one by the slightly diffident tone of the advertisement on a sex contact web site and this lady, Sue, was some years younger than me, at the lower end of my preferred age range, but was quite local so seemed worth a try. She said she was divorced for many years without c***dren and looking to meet someone for sex, and there was no mention of looking for a lifetime partner. We exchanged mails for a while, and hers were less saucy than most which was a refreshing change from some of the very ‘in your face’ exchanges with others. I am broadminded and really frank messages don’t bother me, but it is nice to save something for later. The same with photos – starting with a full wide open shot of a pussy sends the wrong sort of message. Well anyway, this lady was much more restrained in text and photos which I appreciated. After some exchanges we agreed to a preliminary meeting one Friday evening for a drink and a chat to see how we got on in the flesh, so to speak!When I got to the café there was no sight of her so I got a coffee at a table outside and waited. Not much later she arrived and I recognised her as she looked pretty much like the photos, which was a pleasant relief. She was quite petite with longish blonde hair, wearing a summer dress that accentuated her figure and which was buttoned down the front. She had small-ish breasts, nice hips, a trim bottom and slim legs, quite the ‘hourglass’ figure. She sat down with a big smile and asked for a glass of wine (Dutch courage, perhaps?) so I had one as well. She was very easy-going and we chatted happily for some time. I didn’t want to seem pushy so I didn’t turn the conversation to the point of the meeting, rather letting her make the move, but while we chatted I had tantalising glimpses of her thigh and I tried to imagine what she would look like without any clothes! After a couple of large glasses of wine, I felt we had to move on so asked her why she had used the contact web site, and she said that having married young her marriage had been very unhappy and ended in divorce some time ago. She had wanted to meet someone else but didn’t want to commit to marriage again and it had taken her a long time to pluck up the courage to make the move. By this time we had had more than enough to drink having got through a bottle between us, and although I did not live far away I had driven over and couldn’t drive home, so she invited me back to her flat for some coffee and time to ‘sober up’. It turned out she lived in quite a spacious bed-sit in a large Victorian house, and it was very clean and tidy. The main room was a living room with a single bed in one corner and a kitchen area in another, with a separate little shower room and toilet. We settled down on her sofa with some coffee and I looked directly at her in a way that I hoped she couldn’t misunderstand – we had got on well, so why not go further? She seemed reticent so I moved a bit closer to her and started with a kiss on the lips, while steadying myself with a hand on her knee. She was a little tipsy and giggled as I leant over her, relaxing submissively under me. That seemed to be her acceptance so I got a little bolder. I eased my tongue into her mouth at the same time moving my hand further up her leg. She opened her lips and took my tongue into her mouth, and opened her legs slightly so I could move my hand up her thigh. As I did so I could feel the heat there as she was not wearing stockings or tights, and then my hand reached the top of her thigh and the material of her pants. With the help of the wine I was quite turned on and I felt the heat in my pants as my cock began to swell. As it grew it got uncomfortable so without thinking I put my hand down to ‘re-arrange’ myself. Sue sensed this and asked me if I was getting hard, to which I had to agree. ‘It has been so long since I have had a man, would you mind if I had a look’, she asked. In the circumstances it seemed a silly question, but I played along anyway. ‘Of course you can I replied, just help yourself to anything you want!’ She leant over to me and started to undo my belt, fiddling with the buckle and fumbling with the tightness of it. Maybe it would be better if you sit back and I stand up, I suggested, and she let go and leant back as I stood up. She tackled the belt again at eye level and this time managed to undo it and undid the waistband of my trousers. Running the zip down she then hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pushed my trousers down my legs. I could see the anticipation in her eyes and her hands were shaking slightly as she touched my boxers looking for the opening at the front. I suggested it might be easier if she just took those down as well, and so she gripped them at the sides and seemed strangely reluctant to take them down. I looked in her eyes and asked if there was a problem, and she just said that it had been so long that she had had a willy to play with she was unsure of what to do. Well it doesn’t really matter as there is no set procedure, I replied, and you can do just what ever you feel like. She ran her hands over the front of my boxers feeing the bits underneath, and as she stroked the outline of my cock I felt it harden further. She felt it too as she looked up at me with wide eyes and then she slowly pulled my boxers down and my semi-hard cock flopped out right in front of her face.For a while she just stared at my cock hanging down in front of her eyes as it pulsated and swung gently from side to side as I moved as though it had a life of its own. Finally she put a hand out and gingerly touched the head, still covered by my foreskin. She ran her finger lightly over it and jumped slightly when it twitched. She smiled and touched it again seemingly amused by the reactions to her touch. She held my foreskin between finger and thumb and gently drew it back until the helmet was fully revealed, and she lifted my cock so the eye was looking straight at her. I was curious about her very gentle approach, not that I minded, and so I asked her if mine was different to what she had been used to. She looked at me and paused, then said that she should come clean and tell the truth; she had lived at home in the country all her life until her work had needed her to move to London the previous year, and so she had actually never had a man before, and this was her first time having a man’s genitals to play with. She had watched some porn and fingered herself, but never actually ‘done it’. This concerned me a bit and I asked if she was a virgin to which she said technically yes, although her hymen has gone long ago.While I was digesting this she lifted my cock again and pulled the foreskin back and looked at me and said ‘I know my, er, bits down there are sensitive, but how hard can I hold you?’ I said I would show her, and taking her hand I wrapped it around my cock and put my hand around hers and wanked myself with her hand. A really weird feeling of wanking but without feeling my cock! She got the hang of it and I left her to it, stroking the length and lightly touching the helmet each time. She watched intently as she felt me growing in her hand and with her other hand she cupped my balls to feel them inside the sack, and they moved as she did so. Before long I was fully hard and she took her hand away to admire my stiffness that was sticking out straight at her, the helmet pink and shiny, only partly covered now by my foreskin. While I was happy with this admiration of my manhood I was horny now and wanted to complete my earlier thoughts as to what she would look like naked. I stepped out of my pants and trousers and lifted her up so she was standing in front of me and proceeded to undo the buttons down the front of her dress one by one. The first revelation was her chest with a pink lace bra holding in her gorgeous breasts, not large but not small. I undid some more buttons to reveal a smooth tummy with a petite belly button just dying to have my tongue put in it. More buttons and then there was the waistband of matching pink knickers, lower than I thought, so they were quite brief. Another button and I saw the full shape of her crotch with the brief knickers fitting so tightly to her body that the shape left little to the imagination, or rather it invited more investigation of the contents! The last few buttons and the dress fell open and she shrugged it off her shoulders so it fell away leaving her standing in front of me in her underwear. I looked at her to make sure she was OK and she smiled back at me. So reaching behind her I found and undid the clasp of her bra and lifted the straps off her shoulders and it dropped off her arms to reveal those fabulous breasts. I was staring at them as she had stared at my cock – they were pert and round with small dark aureoles slightly up-tilted and perky little nipples that were sticking out slightly, either naturally or from the arousal she was feeling. I ran my hands over those beautiful mounds, feeling their firmness yet softness, and rubbed my palms lightly over the nipples. She had her eyes closed and moaned quietly and I couldn’t resist it any further and bent down to take a nipple in my mouth while I gently squeezed the other between a finger bakırköy escort and thumb. I flicked my tongue over the nipple in my mouth felt it harden and the moaning got louder. I switched breasts and repeated the treatment being rewarded with two hard proud nipples that really stood out. After enjoying her breasts for a while I wanted to go in search of other delights…..Taking my hands reluctantly off her terrific boobs I ran them down her waist, enjoying the smoothness of her skin and my tongue licking and tasting her body on the way down. I paused at her belly button and pushed my tongue in and wriggled it about, but she put her hands on my head and pushed me down until I was kneeling on the floor and staring at the curves of her body where the tops of her thighs joined her belly. Behind the skimpy material of her knickers lay the ultimate prize – what would it look like? I now knew I was the first to go there so wanted to make it memorable for her and didn’t want to rush it. I ran my fingers lightly over her curves and across the soft material that was the only thing between me and heaven. I put a finger in the waistband each side and slowly pulled down the final veil between me and paradise. Slowly the lowering waistband revealed smooth skin and then the first indentation that would be her sex slit, and slowly more slit came to view until the entire magnificent organ was revealed. I pushed her knickers to the floor and stared at the most beautiful pussy – totally hairless, so perfect and smooth and just a straight crack with no evidence of lips or flaps and just the suggestion of a round indentation at the top hiding the ultimate delight, both for me and her. It was so perfect I didn’t know what to do first, so I ran my fingers around the area of her crack and finally up and down it, feeling the smoothness and beautiful softness and just a hint that with a little pressure my finger would sink into the slit.She put her hands behind my head and so I put my nose against her slit and there was a heady aroma of a mix of her perfume and her body scent and the first hint of the smell of sex. I put my tongue out and it fell straight onto the crack that hid her delights and I slowly ran it up until it reached the indentation at the top. I revelled in the feel of it, testing the resistance with a bit of pressure, sensing I could sink into the crack to find her clitoris. I felt her legs trembling as she stood in front of me and I looked up at her seeing those round breasts topped with stiff nipples, her eyes were screwed shut and her mouth was slightly open, and she was still moaning quietly to herself. I stood up and held her tightly and as she opened her eyes and we kissed, this time there was no hesitation and our tongues found each other and entered each others mouths. I sat her down on the sofa again and shed the rest of my clothes. Now, I said, this is time for lesson number two, and she looked at me quizzically. Her eyes were level with my cock again which had softened slightly and as she looked at it she realised what the next lesson was to be. She held me in one hand and stared at the head peeking out from its cover. ‘What do I do’ she asked, so I said just treat it like your favourite lollipop, which it probably will be, and suck and lick it; the end is the most sensitive, like your clit and the underneath specially. It may be called a blow job, but don’t blow! Take as much in your mouth as you want but don’t take too much straightaway, you can work up to taking more as you get used to it, and don’t use your teeth as that can be painful. Holding the shaft in one hand she touched the tip with her tongue and licked around the head, and not finding anything she didn’t like she closed her mouth over the end. The sudden warmth started me growing again and she looked up at me with wide open eyes as she felt my erection growing in her mouth. With my foreskin drawing back she ran her tongue all over my helmet, gently pushing the skin back, and then used her hand to pull the skin right back so that she had my helmet fully exposed so she could lick all over and under it. The sensations of her virgin tongue were fantastic and she was a real natural. As she was not moving I made some gentle thrusting movements, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth and every time I drew back she sucked me back in again. Each time she took a little more cock into her mouth until she was taking about half of it and she gagged slightly on that and took no more.My cock was fully hard now and I felt the first stirrings of a climax which I did not want to waste on a blow-job for her first time. I took my cock out of her mouth and she looked slightly disappointed, saying ‘That is incredibly erotic, taking a man’s penis into my mouth, I could keep it there all day!’. I told her she was very good and did all the right things, but there were other pleasures to be had and which I hoped she would enjoy just as much, if not more. With that I told her to sit back and enjoy what was to come. I looked down at her with her blond hair strewn across the back of the sofa, her eyes bright and sparkling and her mouth open slightly with the expectation of what was to come, and with a hint of a smile. I looked at her body spread out in front of me, naked and exposed with her legs spread open. Her proud breasts heaving with her excited breathing, the aureoles now firm and standing proud of her breasts topped with those gorgeous nipples, hard and pointing. I looked down to her narrow waist and the lovely belly button and across the pale, flat tummy to the perfect slit that was her pussy.I knelt before her and just had to suck her nipples again, taking each breast in turn and getting as much in my mouth as I could, slowly releasing it until I could tongue and bite the nipples, while pinching the other with my hand. Again she pushed my head downward, eager for what she knew I was going to do to her. I moved on down, pausing only to play briefly with her belly button before moving to her pussy. I took another long look at the perfection there, and where before there had been perfect white skin with a simple narrow crease, the area was now tinged with pink and with her legs wide apart the crack was beginning to open like a flower. I lowered my head onto her pussy, and my tongue reached out and onto the slit. I licked up the crease to the indentation at the top sensing lowering resistance and knowing now that if I pushed my tongue would sink straight in. I ran my tongue down again and could feel her opening up as I did so with my tongue no longer on her lips but between them and when I got to the bottom I could feel the opening ready and waiting for me. I ran my tongue back up the slit which was fully open now and I felt the soft smoothness as my tongue glided up to the top. I pushed a little harder and could then feel the hardness of her excited clit that was coming out from its hiding place and I gave it a few flicks with my tongue. Her body jumped slightly as I did so and she cried out and pushed my head harder into her crotch. I kept licking and sucking her and teasing her clit and she had her hands grabbing my hair and was rubbing my face against her pussy and she must have been getting close to her orgasm.I pulled away from her as I wanted her to experience her orgasm properly, with a cock inside her. I looked up at her and our eyes met, and she knew. This was to be the moment she had been waiting for, longing for. I reached for the condom in my discarded trousers and opened the foil pack, but she took it from me and said ‘No, not that. I want my first time to be with a real penis, not wearing one of those’. I wasn’t so sure but as this was her first time it should be safe so I accepted it. She added ‘I have been on the pill since I came to London so you don’t have to pull out’ and with that she settled her bum on the edge of the sofa and opened her legs and said ‘please, now, give it to me’. My cock all this time had been twitching with anticipation and was really stiff and standing straight out. She looked down at it’s hardness and opened her legs wider so her once tidy pussy was wide open, lips spread and her vagina open and wet with whitish juice seeping from her and above that her clit was visible at the top of her slit, now no longer hidden but standing proud. I moved forward and she watched intently as my cock-head neared her entrance, its stiffness ready to enter her. I slid my cock up and down her wet slit a few times making sure I brushed her clit each time and as I did so she shuddered. Finally I moved back slightly so my cock-head was pointing straight at her open and waiting hole. I looked at her and she looked at me, and all she said was ‘Yes’ in a breathless voice, so as she watched intently I put my cock in her entrance so she could feel it there and waited for a moment, savouring the feeling. Gently I put pressure on and started to slide inside, not quite knowing what to expect, but as I pushed my cock sank slowly into her without resistance until it was all in and I could go no further. I looked into her face but her eyes were tight shut and tears were running down her cheeks, her body was shaking and her hands were on my waist and her fingernails were digging in me. She opened her eyes and looked at me and said ‘Thank you, beşiktaş escort at last a man inside me filling me properly with a stiff cock. Now fuck me’. I pulled back until I was almost out and back in again and her pussy was incredibly tight, gripping my cock and rubbing the full length of it so I felt it clutching me as I stroked in and out. I held and lightly pinched her nipples as I continued my thrusts and very soon her whole body started to shake and her moans turned to shouts as her climax approached and her body was meeting my thrusts, pounding our sex together and finally she arched her back and I could feel her tight pussy clenching me even tighter as her orgasm ripped through her. I slowed my thrusting to less urgent strokes as she came down from the height of her climax and she lay there panting with my stiff cock still lodged inside her pussy.Finally she looked up at me and said ‘Oh God! That was so different, so fantastic, though that doesn’t get close to describing it; I’ve never been filled like that and never cum like that before. But what about you? You haven’t cum. I’m sorry, but that was so incredible that there was no way I could wait, the fucking just overwhelmed me and took over’. I didn’t mind I told her, this was about you, your first time, so it was important that you had your experience. I was still firmly inside her and gave my cock a gentle push, but she winced slightly and said she was very sensitive so I slowly pulled out. My cock was still stiff and was covered in her pussy cream and she looked at the mess and said ‘Gosh, I didn’t know I made that much wetness, let me clean you up’. But rather than getting tissues she pushed me back on to the floor and started to lick the mess off my erection. ‘I’m used to the taste of that and I like it as I often lick my fingers after I have brought myself off, and with that she started lo lick the cream of my stiff cock, taking care to lick right from the base where there was a thick white ring all the way up and then flicked her tongue across my bell-end before going down and licking up again. When she was sue she had got everything off she looked at me and said ‘would you like me to suck you till you cum as I love the sensation of having your cock in my mouth, but I am not sure about you squirting your spunk in my mouth, I would much rather watch you shoot as I have never seen that’. I told her that I was perfectly happy for her to give me a blow-job and I would let her know when I was going to cum so she could take my cock out of her mouth and watch it happen.With that she needed no further invitation and pushing me back and kneeling over me she dropped her head down and slid my cock between her lips. She was very good and had got the hang of using her tongue on my helmet and the underside, so when she went down, every time she came up she would give me this treatment. I could feel that she was trying to get as much in her mouth as possible as each time she went down she took a little more until again she gagged as the tip of my cock reached the back of her throat, but this time instead of pulling back she held it there to accustom herself to the feeling. She gave little pushes of her head rubbing my end of my cock against the back of her throat until she had to come up for air. ‘Is that alright?’ she asked which was a very silly question and I told her so, and she had better get on with it before I changed my mind! So she quickly slipped my hardness back in her mouth and continued to slide her mouth up and down taking my length into her mouth and toying with the tip. As she enjoyed this so much I wasn’t going to spoil her fun by cumming too quickly, so I lay back on the floor and relaxed allowing the fabulous sensations to flow over me. With no pressure to speed up or slow down my climax I let the feelings flow, revelling in the softness of her mouth and tongue as she sucked my cock. Inevitably however the nerves in my cock started to get over sensitive and each time she pushed my foreskin back and brushed my helmet, or lodged it in the back of her mouth I could feel the climax get closer. I realised I wouldn’t be able to take much more and croaked a husky warning to her that I was close to cumming. She took me out of her mouth but without a pause used her hand to rub up and down my stiffness, just brushing the bell-end as I had shown her. I had reached the point of no return and must have moaned because she gripped my cock a little harder and the rubbing got more urgent until finally it all happened. At first a dribble of white appeared in the eye of my cock and then whoosh! A jet flew out and up and fell back on her hand as another did the same and another. My hips were jerking as lightening bolts of ecstasy shot through my cock and into my thighs and belly and more jets of spunk shot from the end but each was weaker than the one before, and she watched this all happen intently with wide eyes as the spurts slowed to a dribble until it was over. She slowed her pumping of my cock and stopped but still held me, her hand and my cock coated in the white sticky mess that had erupted from me. ‘Wow’ she said ‘that is some show. Does it always happen like that, with so much spunk?’ I was recovering slowly and agreed that it had been a very good one as she was very good at what she had done. She smiled and took her hand off my softening cock and looked at the milky mess, and then touched her tongue on her hand to taste it. ‘Mmm, very nice, but different to mine. I think next time I might try you doing that in my mouth so I can taste it properly’.We lay side by side on the floor for a while talking about her first fuck with a man as she idly played with my soft dick. I said how beautiful her body was and especially complemented her on her pussy to which she replied that my bits were also great with nice heavy balls and a pretty and useful cock, jiggling it as she said so. We suddenly realised how late it was and she said I should stay the night, partly as I may still have too much alcohol but also so she could have another fuck in the morning. She only had a single bed so we squeezed in and after all the exertions I soon fell asleep spooned with her and she had one hand on my cock as she fell asleep. Because the bed was so small I slept fitfully and at one point sometime during the night (it was still dark) I woke again and was conscious that she was gently stroking my cock. I opened my eyes slowly to see what she was doing, and in the dim light shed by a bedside light I could see she was kneeling beside me staring intently as my cock and very slowly, very gently, wanking me. I didn’t know how long she had been doing that but the blood was already beginning to swell my cock, so I just lay there and let her do what she wanted. In my half awake, half asleep state it was a very surreal and erotic situation and it was almost as though I was dreaming. I felt her move and opened half an eye and saw she was kneeling over my cock and then she bent down and took it in her mouth. My cock reacted to this by swelling further until it reached full stiffness in her mouth, all the while she sucked and licked and her head bobbed up and down, taking it all in until I could feel the back of her throat. It was almost too much and I groaned with the pleasure of it and she looked at me and saw I was awake, but didn’t miss a stroke and kept on sucking my hard cock as she looked at me. The look said it all, she liked it, I liked it and she was going to finish it this time. Because of our session earlier I wasn’t in such a rush to reach a climax so could let her enjoy herself for a while, which she did. Occasionally she would take me out of her mouth and look at the tip, then she would squeeze out a drop of pre-cum and lick it off the tip. I managed to get a hand between her legs which she then opened slightly to give me more access, and I could feel the softness of her pussy, and it was already wet with her juice so I had no problem slipping a finger straight inside and rubbing her pussy and with my thumb I massaged her clit. She squirmed at this and pushed herself down on my hand with her wetness coating me and copiously lubricating her still tight pussy.Eventually the inevitable happened and I felt a climax building in my cock. I tried to hold it back but her mouth was doing too good a job and she wasn’t about to slow down. She may have sensed from the final hardening of my cock, or my increased moaning that I was about to cum, and she looked up at me as she gobbled my cock waiting for it to happen, but at least she knew it was about to. With her fantastic tonguing the electric shocks of ecstasy shot through me and with her tongue thrashing over my cock-head I released my load in a series of jerking spasms into her mouth. With one hand round the shaft she milked the last of the spunk out of me using her tongue to lap everything up and not waste a drop. After a while as my cock softened she let it drop out of her mouth and looked at me. ‘Mmmm, tasty’ she said and came and lay down beside me. She moved over and kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. ‘See?‘ she said, ‘all gone!’ and it was true, as when I explored her mouth with my tongue it was all gone, apart from a slight saltiness and vaguely musty taste. She had taken my load in her mouth and beylikdüzü escort swallowed it all.We went back to sleep in spoon position again and I had one glorious breast cupped in my hand. I awoke again as daylight had broken and found I had a morning erection – a typical male ‘problem’. We were still squashed in the spoon position, and her regular breathing indicated she was still sleeping. I moved slightly to free my trapped stiffness which sprang up and, with her knees drawn up, rested between her legs. Her rhythmic breathing continued so I hadn’t woken her, so I revelled in the thought that the end of my hard cock was resting against her beautiful pussy. I moved a little and felt the softness of her pussy lips divide as my cock pushed between them feeling also the warmth of her sex on the end. I rested there with my cock-head just resting between her soft lips trying not to let my cock twitch, but it had a life of its own that I could not control and continued to make small movements. As I did not want to wake her I pulled back but realised then that instead of rubbing against her flesh it was silky smooth and must be lubricated with her sex juice, so I moved back and there was no resistance as I glided over her pussy. I had rather lost myself in this activity and suddenly thought I might have woken her but the steady breathing continued so I went on with my gentle movements, spreading the wetness over my stiffness. I could have kept this going for ages but knew that to do so would inevitably bring me off, but I couldn’t resist the sensation, so kept going as slowly and gently as I could. Her rhythmic breathing continued but suddenly a voice said ‘If you’re going to fuck me you should really push it in me, otherwise you are going to make a mess all over my sheets!’. I stopped suddenly and said that I did not know she had been awake, and she replied that she had been awake most of the night, loving the fact that she was sleeping with a man and especially when my cock grew stiff against her while I was still sleeping. With that she arched her back a little and pushed against me and my cock glided straight up into her pussy, again the tightness of her virgin pussy gripped my cock with such fantastic sensations. I cupped one of her breasts in my hand, tweaking the nipple rather more firmly than I had meant and stopped in case I hurt her, but she put her hand over mine and pressed me against the hardness of the erect nipple, so I went on playing with it firmly which she was obviously enjoying.I continued thrusting my hard cock into her tight pussy, more vigorously than I had the night before, and she met my thrusts by pushing back until my tummy was slapping against her bum. She was moaning and groaning with enjoyment but then pulled away from me and I fell out of her. She turned over to look at me and said ‘That is absolutely fabulous, but I want to watch you as we fuck and I can’t do that with you behind me. She pushed me onto my back and said ‘now it is my time to do all the work’ and with that she threw a leg over me until she was astride me. I looked down and saw that with her legs spread her pussy was pulled right open, and she took hold of my erection and placed the head in the entrance and slowly settled down on me, taking me inside her until she was sitting on my thighs with her spread pussy resting on my pubic hair, and there was no sign of my cock. ‘Mmmm’ she said, ‘There is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place, and that is where your cock belongs’. She leant forward and put her hands on my shoulders the better to be able to move up and down my cock. She looked me in the eyes as she fucked me, seeing that I was enjoying myself as I met her thrusts with my own. ‘Stop that’ she said, ‘this is my turn and you must just lie there and take it’. So I lay back and tried to resist the automatic action of my hips and not to push into her. Her magnificent breasts jiggled slightly with her movement and so with my hands free I stroked her gorgeous mounds and played with her nipples, harder than I had before but watching her for any sign that I was hurting her. Having cum twice the night before I was better able to control my orgasm so I let her continue to fuck me, delighting in the grip of her tight, wet pussy. As before, it didn’t take her long before she was approaching her orgasm, her eyes screwed tight shut and the urgency of her bouncing up and down increased, her moaning got louder and suddenly she let out a gasp and I could feel her pussy clenching me as she came, and her long fucking movements changed to little jerky movements as her orgasm ripped through her which seemed to go on for ages until she collapsed on my chest, panting. I had not been ready for her and had not cum myself, so my hard cock was still lodged in her pussy as she lay on me recovering. She opened her eyes and looked at me, ‘God, that was so fantastic, is it always going to be like this because I can’t get enough. Did you enjoy that, did you cum inside me?’ I told her that I hadn’t and she looked slightly disappointed. ‘Well I want another one of those, so we’ll keep going until you do’ she said. I was conscious that she was very sensitive after her first orgasm the previous night and I didn’t want to hurt her so I stayed still with my hardness still firmly inside her and let her control the movement. Slowly she started moving up and down again, gently at first but gathering enthusiasm. She smiled down at me and said ‘I don’t think I have fully come down from that orgasm as I am still getting ripples of mini-orgasm running through me with you stiff cock inside me and my clit is really over sensitive. I want to cum again and this time I want you to cum inside me as you haven’t done me properly yet’. I told her if that is what she wanted then that is what she was going to get.Without pulling out I carefully rolled us over on that single bed until I was on top of her and she lay under me with her knees drawn up and spread wide. With my hands on the bed to lift me up I started pushing my cock rhythmically into her and each time I withdrew until only my cock-head was lodged in the entrance to her vagina before pushing back in again. Whereas the previous evening I has been gentle with her, this time I fucked her with more vigour, making sure each time I went in I banged against her clit. With her eyes wide open she watched my face and every time I rubbed against her clit she whimpered, and as I fucked her harder she began twitching and jerking and she crossed her legs behind me as if to try to get me further inside her. Even with the self control brought about by last nights orgasms I knew that with the tightness of her pussy I couldn’t last long. Faster and faster, harder and harder I fucked her and was met by more urgent thrusts of her hips and the growing noises coming from her, my balls slapping against her bum as I banged against her clit. I was no longer in control. My body was out of control. As the knot tightened in my belly, my balls contracted, shards of lightning shot from my cock through my crotch and down my thighs as the agony and ecstasy that was my cock head exploded and with a last lunge I blasted my first load of spunk deep inside her, I collapsed down onto her, just aware of her wailing beneath me, my cock no longer thrusting but jerking spasmodically inside her, her nails were digging into my back, my flailing cock spurting jet after jet into her. I don’t know how long it lasted, it seemed forever, but it wasn’t long enough. The jerking of my cock slowed as my balls emptied, the writhing body beneath me slowly calmed and we lay there panting in the afterglow of our intense orgasms. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. Her mouth was open as she fought for air, her eyes screwed tight shut and beads of perspiration on her forhead. She sensed me watching her and opened her eyes. When she could speak she said ‘My God, what have you done to me? You must have split me wide open and I will never be able to walk again’, but with a smile on her face. ‘Stay there, I like the feel of you inside me’ so we rested as we were, not speaking but still communicating our satisfaction to each other. Slowly I softened and eventually I slipped out of her and she smiled at me as she felt me go, and then said ‘its running out of me you dirty boy, you have made a real mess in me’ and I got up to look down at her. Sure enough, her pussy once white and tight was now flushed pink and still slightly open, and a trickle of white mess was running out of her down to her bum.She closed her eyes again and relaxed, still with the satisfied smile on her face, and she drifted off into the sleep she hadn’t had all that night. I quietly rose from the bed without disturbing her and went to the shower to clean up. As I stood under the shower jets rinsing off the perspiration she came in to join me. It was only a small shower but she squeezed in. She soaped me off and carefully washed my prick and balls, giving them more attention than was necessary but I was incapable of any response and my cock hung there limply.Later I reflected on the encounter – it was undoubtedly one of the best fucks I had ever had. We did meet again after that but Sue, though voracious, was a bit clingy and seemed to be wanting more of a relationship than I was looking for, so sadly I made excuses about having to go away and we parted. With her new found experience and confidence she would have the pick of the men she wanted, and some lucky guy was going to get the best fuck in town, and my guess was she would be a wiling partner for any form of depravity they might enjoy.



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