All the guests for the evening were finally starting to make their way back to their respective vehicles. Savannah had just announced that she was going to bed, then had instructed Scott to make sure the place was cleaned up. “I don’t want to wake up to a mess,” she told him. Candy sat in the dark corner of the living room, twirling a lock of air between her fingers while hoping to stay unnoticed in the shadows. She listened intently to Scott and Savannah talking in the doorway of their bedroom. Then she heard the door click as it closed and within a minute she heard water running in the bathroom.

The last inebriated guest finally bid farewell and stumbled out to a waiting taxi cab. She breathed a sigh of relief, she had practically been a ghost since their return from the “store”. She had heard the girls gossiping, apparently their absence hadn’t been overlooked by the gossip hungry loners, desperate to have a one-up on someone else.

Scott walked past her and winked ever so slightly, not wanting to alert Savannah to his lingering guest by talking. He went into the kitchen and loaded beer cups and martini glasses into the dishwasher, mumbling under his breath something about being a blue collar slave. He milled around in the kitchen, trying to make sure the house would be up to his wife’s standards when she awoke.

Candy took this opportunity to begin losing pieces of clothing. She shucked her shoes off instantly. Then her jacket went second, neatly folded next to her on a chair. If Savannah woke up, she wanted to make it somewhat believable that she had just decided to sleep there rather than brave the long drive home after a night of drinking. Next came her jeans, neatly folded on top of the jacket. She stretched her slender legs out and revealed a small tattoo on her thigh, one that most weren’t aware of, except of course for her “friend” who was cleaning in the other room. She decided to keep her knee high stockings on for the time being, Scott always found them sexy, and that was her goal, after all.

Last, she took off the satin top that had clung so beautifully to her voluptuous tits. She heard the water running in the kitchen and it reminded her of the stream of juices that flowed from her cunt. She laid sideways on the couch and squeezed her legs together to put pressure on her aching clit while she waited. Her skin tingled slightly from the cool evening air flowing in the open window and her pretty pink nipples got hard when the metal in them felt the chill. She was tired of waiting, tired of having to sneak around, but she knew he was definitely worth the wait. No one she had ever been with could fuck her like Scott could. The endless orgasms, the shear stamina he possessed, it was enough to make her head spin just thinking about it.

Slowly she reached one finger down and inside her panties towards her aching clit. Gently, she began making circular motions around the tender button of nerves. A sigh escaped her lips as she did this and caught Scott’s attention. He walked into the living room from the kitchen and whispered in her ear, “Starting without me, are ya?” then gently bit her earlobe. She just nodded yes and continued to tease herself. “Want some help there, or you just gonna take care of yourself tonight?” he whispered jokingly.

“You already know the answer to that one, baby,” she whispered back to him. “But you get done what you need to get done, I’m just keeping myself occupied until you’re ready,” she said and blew him a kiss.

“Almost done, just gotta throw some towels and stuff in the washroom.” Scott turned and headed back towards the soft light of the hallway. Candy was ready for him to be finished with his house chores and to come service her instead, but she knew everything had to be in order so as not to raise any red flags. She heard the water begin to run in the washer and thought of the vibrations the machine would soon be producing, but it was too close to the bedroom, too close to being discovered.

The metallic click of the lid let her know that Scott would be back in the room in just a moment, she closed her eyes and licked her lips. She could almost feel him inside her already, it had only been a few hours since their last romp. But it was never enough for her, she was insatiable. Her drive for him was almost overpowering in her everyday life, at work she would catch herself imagining his magnificent body between her legs. Sometimes at home by herself she would wake up in a flash of heat and realize she had orgasmed just from her dreams about him.

She felt his soft lips on hers as he leaned down over her. She passionately returned his kiss, letting their tuzla escort tongues mingle together for a few seconds before he broke the kiss. “So how do you want it?” he asked her.

“Anyway you want to give it to me. I need you so bad,” she replied softly. Her hands reached up to grab around his waist and try to pull him on top of her.

“I don’t think it’s safe in here, she didn’t drink enough and these walls are too thin to hide our voices once we get at it, ya know?” he said.

“Well then where do you propose we go?”

“I know it’s a little chilly outside, but what if I promise to keep you warm?” he asked.

“Backyard?” she stated but came out as a question.

“Sounds good to me, let’s go!” Scott said as he lifted her up off the couch with little effort. He could already tell she was ready to go, and had been for quite some time. He carried her quietly out the back door and onto the patio, then sat her down on the cushioned chaise lounge farthest away from the house. All she had left on her body was the delicate panties and thigh highs she hadn’t abandoned inside the house. He sat down in front of her on the lounge chair and admired her beauty in the pale moonlight that filtered through the tree branches over top of them. Her blue eyes seemed almost like lights of their own in the semidarkness that engulfed the two lovers.

Snapped from their trance by the carnal stirrings in both of them, Candy began to trace her fingertips down his chest until she reached the bottom of his shirt. Then slowly, she grabbed onto it and pulled it up over his head. The rush of cool air against his skin made little goose bumps appear on his flesh as she eyed his naked torso. “I don’t think this is fair,” she whispered.

“And why’s that?” he asked her.

“Because you still have more clothing on than me.” With that response, he stood slowly and unlatched his belt. She scooted to the edge of the chair and unbuttoned his khakis. Grabbing hold of the zipper and pulling it slowly down, she could feel the pressure of his throbbing cock waiting to escape against the tan material. She hooked her fingers into the top of his pants and in one swift motion, brought his pants to the ground as his cock sprang free of its captivity.

Not wasting a moment, she took him gently into her mouth and slowly began moving back and forth until she had built up a good rhythm. She heard his soft moans above her as he thoroughly enjoyed the treatment he was getting. It was more relaxed than earlier in the evening when time was of the essence. They could both enjoy it even more now that they had the rest of the evening in each other’s company.

She reached one hand up to cradle his balls while she continued to pick up speed with her mouth. She could feel every heartbeat between them as she bobbed on his engorged penis. By this time, her pussy was aching for attention, so with her free hand, she began to tease her clit again. He noticed what she was doing and wanted to help her out, so he withdrew suddenly from her mouth and sat down beside her on the lounge again. She gave a fake pouty smile when he did so, but was inwardly pleased that she was going to finally have his touch on her again.

Gently he began to stroke the skin on the inside of her thighs sending chills right up her spine. He got to her lacy panties and slowly slid them off until he could see what he was after. Her cunt was like a beautiful flower in full bloom just waiting to be touched by a loving hand. His hands played all around her most sensitive area but without actually touching it. He wanted to take his time with her, to get caught in the moment with her instead of feeling rushed.

Earlier in the day, they had just plain fucked, but now he wanted to enjoy every bit and piece of her; he wanted to make love to her until they were both spent. After agonizing minutes of teasing her fair skin, he finally touched the outer lips of her pussy and a shock wave went through her. She immediately tried to move herself closer to his fingertips, she wanted to feel him inside of her as soon as she could. He sensed her urgency, he could tell she needed him, just as he needed her.

Without warning, he plunged his index finger into her dripping wet cunt. She stifled a scream of pleasure, not wanting to wake the neighbors. Her moans were deep and passionate as her hips bucked against his hand. “Like that, do you?” he playfully asked.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby. God, I want you so fucking bad!” she whimpered. Sensing her impending orgasm, he inserted another finger into her tight little pussy. It was already too much for her and her first orgasm ripped through her body. He felt tuzla escort bayan her become even wetter as her muscles clamped down around his fingers, he knew she was enjoying herself at least. Her hips continued to rock gently into his hand for another minute until she had finally come down from her orgasmic high. “Oh baby, that felt so good,” she cooed to him.

“Did it now? I couldn’t tell,” he said with a wink. She giggled lightly then looked longingly into his eyes. He lowered his head down towards her chest and gently took her left nipple into his mouth. Slowly at first, he sucked on it until she began moaning in pleasure, then he gently bit her tender flesh. She gasped a quick breath in, then bit her own lip to keep from getting any louder. Moving his attention to the other side of her chest, he twirled his tongue across her right nipple before taking it into his mouth and biting harder this time. Her moans became more guttural, more animal-like, and more intense.

He was beginning to feel like he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer if she continued to express her enjoyment so vocally. “You want this dick?” he asked her softly.

She only nodded yes. He dipped his fingers into the sweet juice flowing from her pussy then rubbed it onto his hard shaft. He gently lifted her legs until she was folded almost in half and her knees were by her head. He always loved her flexibility and ability to adapt to any position. Slowly, he entered her and felt her soft flesh wrap around him like a warm, wet glove. She drew in a deep breath and tried to push herself farther onto him, but he was going in slowly, painstakingly slow. She then realized why he had put her into the position he had, because it meant he could control how fast, how hard, and how deep.

She loved submitting to him, but she also loved to ride him until he finally unloaded inside of her. To her, he was being a tease. She was so desperate for him, she didn’t want to be slow and steady. She reached out and attempted to throw him off balance slightly and sink farther inside of her, but instead it had the opposite effect. He realized what his little minx was up to, and instead grabbed her wrists and held them tightly above her head so she no longer had any way to overpower him. This only turned her on more. She began to whimper as he slowly slid in and out of her tight hole.

“Fuck me, baby, please,” she begged him.

“Calm down, Candy. We don’t have to rush, we can enjoy it this time even more ‘cuz we have until the sun comes up.”

“But I want you now, I don’t wanna wait, I’ve been waiting all night, baby,” she pouted at him. She tried to wiggle her hips back and forth.

He pulled out in a long, slow stroke and paused for a minute. It was torturing Candy to go so slow when she was this wound up. He knew she would go off like a rocket if he gave her the opportunity. The thought of her during another nerve tingling orgasm made his cock grow even harder, and with that thought, he slammed his pelvis towards her. In a split second, he had filled her up and damn near split her in half. He proceeded to pump rapidly in an out of her soaking wet hole and she desperately clawed at his skin.

His moans were deep and guttural as he roughly fucked her, keeping her immobile with legs doubled over her torso. “You like this? You like me fucking you?” he hissed at her. All she could do was nod in his direction. He reached down and smacked her left ass check, eliciting a louder moan from her.

“H-arder, h-arder, h-arder,” she began to whimper in choppy breaths. She was close to another huge orgasm and she wanted to desperately to cum on his throbbing cock.

“How hard do I need to fuck you? Huh?” he asked sharply. He then reached down and grabbed her left breast with his muscular hands, carefully pinching her erect nipple between his middle and index fingers. He continued to pound away at her now sloppily wet snatch and his balls slapped violently against her asshole. “Are you gonna cum for me?” he asked and twisted the nipple slightly.

Candy couldn’t respond with anything other than a slight whimper, her pussy spasmed and her walls began to contract quickly, squeezing Scott’s cock hard enough to almost hurt him. She turned her head to the side to muffle her screams as an earth shattering orgasm racked through her body.

Scott wanted so badly to let loose into her welcoming fuck-hole, but he knew it wasn’t time yet. He wanted to fully enjoy his time with her, and give her something to really remember about tonight. He slowed down, both to allow her recovery as well as to avoid the imminent climax for him as well. As she recovered her escort tuzla breath and her screams turned into small moans, Scott leaned down and passionately kissed her bright red lips. She melted into him as he gently moved her legs from their current position back in line with the rest of her body. She instinctually wrapped her toned legs around his waist and squeezed him in closer to her.

“That was amazing, baby,” she whispered into his ear. Her fingers lingered down towards his chest, gently swiping across his nipples very briefly. He resumed their kiss, he didn’t have words to describe the feelings he had. There was a mixture of admiration, of lust, and of something else he couldn’t quite put a finger on. He wanted to just wrap her in his arms and hold her as he slowly made love to her. He gave her a peck on the cheek then slowly pulled away from her. Putting his emotions aside, he pulled her to her feet. Placing his hands on her hips, he gently guided her to the railing at the far end of the patio.

She automatically gripped the railing and stuck her beautifully round ass out towards him. He playfully slapped her exposed ass causing her to moan and wiggle slightly back and forth. He felt his cock throbbing again as she grabbed it in his hand tightly and rubbed the head across her puckered asshole. Involuntarily, she began to shiver and gyrate her hips against his cock. She wanted to feel him inside of her again, she wanted him to pump her full of his seed.

Sensing her urgency, he pushed towards her tight pussy. Gently spreading her lips with his fingertips, he slowly began to fill her up again. Her moans were louder and louder as each inch went into her, her breathing was becoming raspy and her legs felt slightly weak.

He smacked her ass cheek again, this time with slightly more force than before. This really set Candy off, and as Scott started to pump in and out of her, she met every thrust with an equal amount of pressure. “Oh yessss baby! Right there, fuck me, ohhhh yeah!” she cried out into the crisp night air. Scott reached to her front and grabbed both breasts, feeling her taught nipples in his palms. He caressed her tender flesh as each slow stroke continued in and out in a fluid motion.

By now her pussy juice was dripping down her inner thighs towards her stockings and onto his tightened ball sac. His chest pressed up against her back, her midsection pressed against the railing now as her arms had given up, he slowly fucked her, trying hard not to climax yet. He kissed the back of her neck and nibbled her earlobe. He felt the cool metal of her jewelry on the tip of his tongue and it reminded him of the cool breeze that floated through the night air. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer and wanted to make sure that she enjoyed herself on this passionate evening.

He began to quicken their pace, moving faster and faster in and out of her hot little cunt. She reacted to his sudden increase of pace and thrust her ass back towards him with more force than before. Her moans increased in volume until she was panting and begging him for more. She wanted to feel his raw power inside of her, she wanted to feel every inch of him tearing her apart. “Fuck me, baby, come on, fuck me!” she moaned with her head turned slightly to the side to try to face him. He plunged deep into her and brought his mouth as close to hers as he could without throwing off the balance. They kissed briefly before he started plowing her, causing her to gasp for air.

His hands found their way back to her round ass cheeks and he grabbed as much flesh as he could into his hands. In this process, his thumb found its way towards her rosebud asshole. He put pressure on the sensitive hole and found Candy to be receptive despite their acts earlier on in the evening. He carefully worked his thumb into her ass without slowing his assault on her pussy. Feeling his thumb inside of her set her over the edge and Candy was soon writhing around violently on his cock.

“Cum for me, baby! Fill me up, please, please!” Candy gasped of him in between thrusts. That was all it took for Scott, as he felt Candy’s walls contract around his stiff cock, he let loose. First one, then two, then countless pumps of semen went straight inside of her. Her body was convulsing and his legs felt like jello. She collapsed forward and put all her weight into the railing of the porch as Scott hugged her closely, still wilting inside of her.

“That was amazing, thank you,” Candy whispered.

“You don’t have to thank me, you know the feeling is mutual,” he replied. He slowly eased them towards the lounge chair to catch their breath and relax. He lay back into the chair as she laid her head on his chest. Gently he kissed the top of her head as she looked up at him with a satisfied smile. He thought he saw something else in her eyes, but he couldn’t be certain.



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