Big Dicks

This story involves the forced – yet ultimately embraced – sex between a father and daughter. If you do not like these types of stories… please move on to something you do like. However if such stories are something you appreciate – realizing they are mere fiction and fantasy – please enjoy.


Sitting on the bench outside the principal’s office, Jenny stared down at her hands nervously fidgeting in her lap. On the other side of the door her father was learning why he’d had to leave work and come to the school. It seemed like an eternity before she heard the door being pulled open and her mouth went dry as her father’s shoes appeared in her downcast vision. With her heart trying to beat out of her chest she lifted her eyes to his.

“Let’s go,” he growled, jerking his thumb for her to follow.

Grabbing up her bookbag, she followed him outside to his car. Neither of them spoke during the drive home; her father simply stared straight ahead out the windshield while she sat in the passenger seat, hugging her bookbag. At the house he held the door open for her and she walked past him, her head hanging down.

Then the door snapped shut behind her . . . hard, the sound making her jump.

“Go to your room and wait,” her father sternly ordered.

“Daddy, I–.”

“I said go to your room and wait,” he snapped.

Obediently, she walked upstairs, to her room. Once there she sat at the foot of her bed with her hands in her lap . . . again. Anxiously waiting . . . again. Too nervous to change, she remained in her school uniform; a checkered skirt and white blouse with knee-high socks and black shoes. Her long, dirty blond hair was done into a pair of braided pigtails, the ends held together by little pink bows, and a touch of eyeshadow highlighted her dark eyes.

Like outside the principal’s office, she seemed to wait an eternity. But then he gave her door a quick rap and let himself in without waiting for an invitation, coming to a stop a few feet from her, his hands hanging at his sides, his fingers flexing. He’d removed his shoes and socks, but at over six feet he towered over her in his slacks and dress shirt, the latter being unbuttoned and pulled loose so it hung open, revealing his strong torso.

“So, I’ve calmed down a little,” he said, his voice even. “Tell me what happened.”

“Daddy, I… I…” she stuttered, trying to think of some way to excuse her actions. Failing, she fell silent, her eyes dropping.

“So, it’s true,” he said, a growl rising in his voice. “You were giving some boy head in the locker-room?”

Unable to raise her eyes and look at him, she continued staring at the floor, a couple of tears running down her cheek.

“Well, were you?” He pressed.

A meek little nod was the only answer she could give.

“Fuck,” he sighed heavily.

He had a right to be mad.

She’d let him down.

When she was little, her mother had been in a car accident and for years afterwards she’d struggled with an addiction to pain killers, forcing him to pick up the slack. Then a little over a year ago her mother had simply packed a bag and left. She’d said she was doing it for them, so they wouldn’t have to deal with her constant relapses, but Jenny suspected that’d just been an excuse for her to dive head first into her addiction.

Her leaving had affected both father and daughter.

He’d become withdrawn, spending more time at work and in his den when home.

Jenny had started acting out, messing around with the boys from school, making-out and . . . other things. Things like the blow-job in the locker-room. Getting the boys interested in her had been easy. Her natural beauty didn’t need make-up, although she did like wearing eyeshadow and lipstick. Her full B-cup breasts set nicely on her athletic frame and she had a round little ass that looked good even in the pleated uniform skirts. So the boys liked her. And she liked them. The things they’d do . . . the feel of their hands on her . . . the sensation of their rigid cocks…

“Stand up,” her father ordered, interrupting her thoughts.

She obediently slipped off the bed to stand on wobbly legs, her face remaining downcast.

“Look at me,” he growled.

She timidly lifted her eyes, but was only able to meet his gaze for a brief second before her nerves made them drop to the floor again.

“Fuckin’ look at me!” He insisted.

The anger in his voice surprised her almost as much as the fact that he swore at her, something he’d never done before. He’d always been firm with her, but not strict. And she knew he hated it when she wouldn’t look him in the eye. But even that had never angered him like this.

Something told her that his handling of her was going to change.

She just didn’t know to what extreme.

Raising her eyes again, she forced herself to hold his seething gaze, wishing her hair was loose so her eyes would be partially obscured by her bangs.

“You might be eighteen, but you are still my daughter,” he growled. “Graduation’s czech super models porno/ only a few months away and, by God, I am gonna get you there… if you’re not expelled.”

Jenny’s eyes grew wide in surprise. She hadn’t even considered the possibility of being expelled. Suspended, yes. But expelled?!

“After that,” he continued. “You can go off and do porn if you want. But until then you are going to be a fuckin’ recluse, if that’s what I have to do to keep you out of trouble.”

“Daddy, I-I’m sorry,” she whispered, his tone scaring her more than his threat.

He silently stood there for a minute, towering over her demure height, his nostrils flaring as he considered something. Then he suddenly stepped forward, grabbed her arm, and spun her around as he moved past her.

“You’re gonna be fuckin’ sorry,” he growled. “Come here.”

In one fluid motion he sat at the foot of her bed and pulled her down across his lap with her ass raised in the air. Half her torso lay along the edge of the bed and she reached down to the floor with her other hand for fear of falling face-first into the carpet. To help hold her in place, he laid an arm across her back and cuffed her side.

“No, Daddy. Please no,” she whimpered, knowing what was coming.


His hand landed on her ass.

When he’d jerked her into place, he’d caused a portion of her skirt to pile atop his target. The extra folds softened the blow, but it still hurt. Yet Jenny wasn’t sure which hurt more; the spanking itself, or the fact that her actions had led him to feel the need to do it.


His hand landed again. And again, the skirt softened its landing. He must have realized it too, because he jerked it up, out of the way, and piled it around her waist with a curse.


“Ouch!” she yelped, her body jumping slightly with pain. Only her crisp white panties were between her taut cheeks and his descending hand now.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

His hand landed solidly over and over, causing her to yelp and her body to jerk in his lap with every stinging slap. Splayed across his lap, Jenny lost count of how many times he spanked her, but she eventually noticed the onslaught gradually changing.

Smack! . . . Smack! . . . Smack!

The connections didn’t soften, but their frequency did . . . his hand pausing between each . . . lingering where it landed.

Smack! . . . Smack! . . . Smack!

“What the fuck?” He growled, his tone confused.

What’s he–? Jenny wondered.

“You’re getting wet!” He declared, answering her question before it fully formed.

Oh shit! Her mind screamed with the reality of his statement. She’d been so focused on being spanked and trying not to fall into the carpet, she hadn’t noticed the arousal stirring within her body. But now she did. She felt her embers sizzling within her loins . . . her flesh simmering with their heat . . . her juices flowing. For some reason the spanking was making her horny. And with her ass raised in the air the way it was and her skirt pulled up, he could see the damp spot appearing in her panties.

She didn’t understand why this was happening . . .

How it was . . .

Yet it was . . .


This time when his hand landed on her ass it lingered longer . . . rested on her taut asscheek for a long moment before lifting away.


Now the force was weakening. It was still hard, just not as much. And his hand lingered even longer.


His hand lingered.

Did he just…? She asked herself, feeling his fingers tense slightly atop her cheek.

The hand lifted away.


His hand lingered longer.

He did! He just squeezed my ass! Her mind screamed, this time certain his fingers had given her cheek an exploratory squeeze. Confusion filled her as her embers crackled into red-hot coals of desire over this. While she liked having her ass played with by the guys from school, this was not one of them . . . it was her father doing it. So it shouldn’t be affecting her like that.

Yet it was . . .

His hand smacked down again . . . softer, yet still firm . . . his hand lingering.

As his fingers gave the cheek a pronounced squeeze, gusts of heated air fanned her glowing embers and an excited tingle raced along her nerves.

“Ooh.” The quiet sigh slipped past her lips before she could stop it.

No! No! No! It’s Daddy! She tried silencing the tingle and squelching the gusts.

She told herself that she shouldn’t be getting aroused by him spanking her . . . by him touching her . . . squeezing her ass. That fathers and daughters weren’t supposed to engage in such . . . things. But she couldn’t help it. Her body was reacting on its own . . . her embers growing hotter . . . and hotter . . . her juices flowing freer.

His hand lifted . . . smacked down . . . softer still. His lingering fingers squeezed her cheek . . . the act obvious now . . . their tensing czech tax porno definite.

“Mmm,” she mewled reflexively, more gusts fanning her embers. When he’d dragged her across his lap her legs had settled so that they were slightly apart, now they instinctively slid even further apart.

“You are a horny lil’ thing,” he breathed, his fingers squeezing one taut cheek, then the other . . . the feel of it eliciting more impassioned sounds from her.

No! No-no-no. NO! She screamed at herself, the tingle strengthening . . . the gusts blowing . . . making her embers sizzle and snap excitedly. He shouldn’t be… You shouldn’t be…

Then he did something that made her embers burst into tiny flames.

His hand slid down and his fingers slipped between her legs to touch her . . . there . . . rub at her through the wet spot in her panties.

“Ooh,” she sighed reflexively, her hips twitching, her body instinctively trying to push herself against the fingers.

“Naughty lil’ slut,” he breathed, his fingers exploring . . . pressing . . . rubbing.

“No Daddy… Don’t,” she whimpered, mentally trying to suppress her growing fires.

But her body didn’t listen . . .

And neither did he . . .

His fingers kept touching her . . .

Exploring . . .

“Daddy… please,” she whimpered, her fires dancing . . . being whipped by the heated gusts flowing through her.

Suddenly his hand jerked away from her. His arms slipped under her . . . lifted her as he stood up. Turning around, he dropped her onto the bed. She bounced once, then settled on her back with her head near the bed’s center, her pigtails and arms tossed out to the sides. Confused and scared, she looked up at him towering over her, his eyes filled with a hunger as they crawled up over her body. Up from the shoes . . . the socks covering her calves . . . her knees bent as her legs lay folded to the side. Up to where the skirt’s hem had fallen just enough to cover her, but still provide a hint of her white panties underneath. Up past where her blouse had come slightly loose from her skirt to the swells of her full breasts rising and falling with her breaths. Up past the vee opening to her face . . . his eyes locking with hers.

He seemed to be struggling with something, with a decision. And while she knew what it was, she couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe he was considering…

“Daddy?” Jenny whispered, her voice shaking with the combination of desire, fear, and uncertainty that was making her nerves simultaneously tingle with excitement and unease. She told herself she was trying to break through and get him to forget what he was considering.

But a part of her wasn’t certain about that.

Making his decision, his hands moved to his belt . . . undid it. Her gaze reflexively dropped to watch this. Then she looked slightly lower and her breath caught as she saw the sizable bulge straining his slacks. He unhooked the pant’s button . . . drew the zipper down . . . and when he pushed his clothes down to free his semi-hard cock her pussy quivered at the sight.

Still, her mind screamed in opposition . . . told her that it was wrong . . . that fathers and daughters didn’t engage in such things.

“Daddy,” she whispered, telling herself she didn’t want this . . . that her body wasn’t pulsing with desire to feel his manhood inside her.

Pulling his feet free of his clothes, he kicked them aside then leaned forward and grabbed her legs. After using them to drag her to the edge of the bed, he pushed them apart. This caused her skirt’s hem to slip upward and reveal the compromised part her panties where the damp material was molded to her sex mound.

“Fuck,” he sighed.

“Please no, Daddy,” she whimpered, giving voice to the part of her that didn’t want this and rolling onto her side . . . trying to crawl away across the bed.

“Come here” he growled, grabbing her legs and dragging her ass back to the bed’s edge, flipping her onto her back again, one of her pigtails flopping across her face.

“Daddy, no.” She tried scooting away backwards.

“If you’re gonna be a slut, you’re gonna be mine,” he growled, his hands locking onto her waist and pinning her in place.

Ooh God, yes. As the thought ricocheted through her mind it surprised her with its vehemence. Although she recognized her arousal . . . realized its instinctive origins and even accepted the conflicting thoughts and emotions rolling through her . . . she still insisted to herself that she didn’t want this . . . didn’t want her daddy to fuck her.

But the thought’s conviction forced her to question that.

So she lay there with her knees bent and her feet perched on the edge of the bed, her mind torn and confused by the conflict. A conflict that only grew as her father’s hands slid from her waist to her crotch . . . grabbed at her panties . . . his muscles tensing . . . straining. His strength proved too much for the cotton material and it gave way . . . the crotch tearing defloration porno until only one side-seam remained intact.

“Ooh!” She gasped, the act making her fires rage within her loins.

No! No-no-no! She screamed at herself.

Letting the bottom portion of her torn panties drop, he drew the top half up onto her pelvis and held it out of the way, his hand heavy . . . pinning her in place. Lifting her head, she saw him staring at her exposed sex . . . at her shiny, pink lips as they flowered open in invitation. Then she watched his free hand take hold of his cock . . . watch him stroke it . . . watched it quickly grow fully erect.

“No Daddy. Please no,” she whimpered, trying to stop her hips from rolling enticingly.

He guided himself to her . . . set the tip between her lips . . . slid it up through her slit . . . brushed past her opening . . . bumped against her clit.

“Ooh!” Electricity screamed through the little bud and along all her nerves.

Setting the tip at her opening, his hips pushed forward . . . forced her walls to part . . . her sex to accept a portion of his manhood before her tightness halted his progress. Upon the bed, Jenny’s body sizzled with desire . . . pulsed with the need for his entire cock.

“No. Please no, Daddy!” She whimpered, fighting the urge to roll her hips for him.

He pulled back . . . extracted a portion of himself . . . pushed forward again . . . forced more of himself into her before once more being stopped.

“Please, Daddy,” she cried, struggling against the urge to shove herself further onto him.

“Fuck, you’re tight for a slut,” he growled. “What’s the matter, the boys at school ain’t got big enough cocks to stretch this slut pussy of yours? Give it a proper fuckin’?”

“Ooh, Daddy. No. Please no, Daddy.” Growing more confused, she wasn’t sure which she was arguing against; his fucking her, or the implications behind his words.

Making it even harder for her to think clearly, he pulled back and pushed forward once more . . . this time burying his entire length deep inside her velvety folds . . . stuffing her pussy. Both his hand came up to her waist and held her in place as he ground his crotch against hers.

“Ooh God,” she cried, her body twisting and her mind reeling, a couple tears trailing down across her cheeks.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” he groaned, his cock shifting inside her. Pulling back, he extracted a portion of himself, then crammed it back into her and ground against her again.

“No, Daddy. No,” she whimpered as he did this a couple more times. But even as she gave voice to her mind’s dissention, her body betrayed her by wantonly grinding back at him as her flames roared within her loins . . . an orgasm manifesting among them.

“Come on, slut, let Daddy see those titties,” he growled, his hands sliding up and in . . . his fingers dipping between a couple of her blouse’s buttons . . . each set gripping a side.

Anticipation screamed along Jenny’s nerves and she held her breath.

His hands jerked apart . . . tore the shirt open . . . sent buttons flying.

“Ooh!” She gasped, her torso being yanked a couple inches off the bed . . . her breasts rolling . . . quivering within her simple white bra.

“Fuck yea.” The flaps of the blouse were pulled from her skirt and he tossed them aside. His hands converged on the bra . . . each covering one luscious mound . . . fingers squeezing.

“Daddy,” she whimpered. Her ample mounds pulsed with an ache . . . her nipples swelling . . . their tips poking into the bra. The orgasm grew within the flames, its force promising . . . teasing . . . causing her hips to roll against him . . . her pussy to shift on his cock.

His fingers gripped the cups of the bra . . . jerked at them . . . his muscles straining. Like her panties, the simple bra was no match for this. Seams tore and material ripped as she was once again yanked inches off the bed.

“Ooh God, Daddy. No,” she cried, her breasts rolling free of the restraint. Within her loins the orgasm was chased out of her fires toward the ledge of its release. Yet, her mind still screamed with its desire to stop this . . . to deny her body’s lust . . . its hunger . . . its need.

But again her body betrayed her.

As his hands covered her tits directly, their heat simmering on her flesh and his fingers squeezing, the ache within them throbbed urgently and she arched her back in offering.

“Horny lil’ tramp,” he growled, his hands hungrily molesting her as his hips started moving back and forth, his cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

“No, Daddy. No,” she whimpered, her hips reflexively rolling, her hands grabbing at the blanket under her, her fingers clawing . . . pulling.

“Dirty lil’ slut,” he groaned, his hips pulling back . . . driving forward . . . again and again. His hands grew hungrier on her tits . . . his thrusting gradually increased . . . his cock pumping in and out of her faster . . . harder.

“Daddy, no. We shouldn’t… Y-You shouldn’t be…” she cried, her mind continuing to argue against the lust roiling through her.

“I told ya, you’re gonna be my slut,” he growled, pulling one hand away from a breast and grabbing onto her waist to hold her as his rhythm continued to increase . . . his thrusting growing more eager . . . more primal.



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