Nb: Gunde essentially wrote all of this. My contribution is the last 3000 words or so.


“Sanddy!” Recovered enough from the experience of having her nuclear bomb of an ass taken hard and simultaneously by the three biggest, brawniest and sexiest slabs of manmeat she’d ever seen that she was now merely extraordinarily horny rather than locked in a state frenzied fuck lust, Diamond endeavoured to say something. However, she only managed to get the one word — or name, rather — out before Robert went after the target of opportunity that presented itself when she opened her plump lips to speak.

“Robert!” Certain of what was happening despite Ian’s mammoth dong being laid across her eyes preventing her from seeing anything at all, Sanddy feigned annoyance at her boyfriend’s brusque behaviour. She did so over the sound of spit and air being pushed up out of the super-stacked American porn starlet’s throat as he plunged his now seventeen inches long cock into it.

“What?” Robert asked, his tone matching that of his girlfriend while she tilted her head and resumed trying to snake her tongue round the immense girth of Ian’s steely fucktool, snatching up the ropes of spit and precum attached to it with her wet muscle. Still, the young stud proceeded to pull back out of Diamond’s throat.

“Slut’s up to something,” Laura said, still holding Charles by his colossal cumtube as she positioned herself next to Candi’s head, “I can tell.”

“That’s not really a surprise, honey,” With his dick laid out across the gorgeous faces of the trio of teen, hard-bodies bimbo sluts, Ian pushed forwards, letting his shaft slide over their eyes and gradually tightening his powerful pc muscle to overpower the laws of gravity and raise his cockend until it smacked up against the glistening lips of Laura’s pussy and became lodged against the juicing fuckhole positioned between them.

“Fuck!” Since she didn’t have her gob and gullet stuffed full of Robert’s schlong at the moment, Sanddy was able to keep on talking freely when she wasn’t lapping at the giant pillar of unyielding cockmeat being pushed across her face, “Who needs sunglasses anyway?”

“Not getting nearly enough ass to mouth here, stud!” Candi too took advantage of her mouth and throat being unblocked by trying very eagerly to get Robert to block them, “Come on, fuck my throat so good the first thing I taste when I wake up tomorrow is Diamond’s porn whore ass!”

“That taste’s gonna be cum, slut,” Laura informed her sister, whilst eyeing Ian like she was about to hurdle across the threesome of buxom teens and have either one of her nether holes — although in all honesty it would probably be her ass — impaled on the pussy-popping, ass-stretching monster of a cock that he was currently using to tease her needy little cunt, “Fucking stud… Could make a fucking stallion jealous!”

“Shit…” Gasping when Ian, who was smiling with satisfaction at her words, proceeded to rub the flared and somewhat spongy crown of his fuckpiece against her tiny but extremely engorged clit, Laura couldn’t keep up when Charles — now on his third or fourth wind at least — slipped free of her grasp.

“Big-titted, sizequeen WHORE!” First reminding everyone of his presence through what started out in a perfectly normal speaking voice but quickly transformed into a barbaric yawp fit to be sounded across the roofs of the world, Charles then threw his hips about like he was practising his golf swing and using an eighteen-inch piece of wood to do it.


“FUCK!!” Filling up the room first was the dense, sharp and very loud sound of Charles’ fuckmast smacking across the full, ballooning length of a pair of asscheeks turned to perfection through a combination of good genes and relentless physical regimen that was about 10 % working out and 90 % fucking, sucking and generally worshipping monstercocks with the zealousness of the recently converted. The second was Laura screaming in wanton bliss and total surprise at the impact.

“Way to go, Charlie!” His balls already rubbing tight against Sanddy’s cheek as her presence there hindered him from moving forwards further, Ian voiced his approval of his colleague hammering Laura’s pussy onto the business-end of his cock.

“SPANK MY ASS WITH YOUR COCK!!” Laura too voiced her approval of Charles’ actions, in the form of a blissful shriek coming as she felt her labia curve themselves round the bulbous shape of her boyfriend’s cockend. On some level, having it inside her was like being fisted, only this was so much better in so many ways that the comparison wasn’t anywhere near as fitting as it would appear at first glance.

“Take it!” Through some miracle, Charles was still wearing his glasses, and though they were fogged up to the point of droplets falling from them when he swung his hips, the size of Laura’s tantalizing, ball-draining ass was such that it was impossible for him to miss.

On his second blow — one that sound Laura’s pussy impaled right up to bostancı escort bayan the raised brim of Ian’s cockhead, she threw her head back and squirted, crying out once again while her clear juices streaked onto the shaft of Ian’s schlong and splattered against the side of Candi’s face.

“Yes!” Without the slightest inkling of hesitation, Candi thrust out her tongue and curved it round the corner of her mouth, stretching out as far onto her cheek as she could and greedily lapping up her sister’s ejaculate.

“Open wide…” Robert said, and suddenly something very big was being rubbed very delicately against Candi’s tongue, and followed it into her mouth before coming to a halt in the insurmountable suction that she applied onto it.

“Yeah, taste that ass,” An edge developed to Robert’s voice as Candi sucked and slurped on his plump bell end, with only the occasional brief pause to let out a lustful moan or to swallow the precum that poured onto her tongue as if from a wide-open tap, “Suck the taste of bimbo porn slut’s ass off my cock…”

“Sanddy!” Now able to speak again, Diamond picked up from where she’d been interrupted, “The camera! I want to see it!”

“See what?” Somewhere underneath the granite-like shape that was the shaft of Ian’s schlong there was a naughty sparkle in Sanddy’s eyes.

“My ass!” Diamond’s voice started breaking as her lust flared up again when her words drew her focus towards the hole buried deep between her cheeks and what had been done to it minutes earlier, “I want to see what these motherfuckers turned it into!”

“Oh, that…” Sanddy giggled before rolling out from underneath Ian’s cock. The moment that she did, Ian was on the move. If thus far what Charles and he had been doing to Laura’s pussy and ass could have been likened to a hammer and anvil, now the anvil was charging forwards.

“Fuck!” As her pussy was further impaled on Ian’s schlong and Charles’ was using his cock like he’d gotten her ass mixed up with a piñata, Laura kept climaxing while standing in the sand leaned back and perched on little more than the narrow heels of her stripper sandals. In front of her and directly underneath Ian’s dong, her sister had Robert’s cockhead eased down her throat while she sucked, slurped and licked at his shaft, cleaning it just as thoroughly as she had its head. Between her legs, the sand had turned wet from the fervent juicing of her slit fuelled by the knowledge that it was international porn sensation Diamond Gazongas’ ass that she was savouring the taste of.

“Got it!” An excited cry from Sanddy got Diamond to roll out of the way too, and yet more of Ian’s muscular fuckpiece disappeared up Laura’s quivering, spurting cunt.

Defined, toned and sculpted to an extent that seemed almost superhuman though they were, currently the muscles of Laura’s stomach appeared deformed as they were reshaped round the thickness of her boyfriend’s monstercock, with the neatly packed rows of muscles being stirred by each pulse that rocked up the length of his fuckpiece, from the base that she needed both hands to grab onto to the crown that she loved to suck on with her ever-horny asshole. As for her cheeks, they flexed underneath the barrage of heavy blows that Charles was subjecting them to with his cock, but they didn’t yield. Instead, those golden-tanned globes of succulent ass flesh weathered the storm brilliantly even as each loud smack egged him on to deliver another blow.

Deciding that her big sister wasn’t getting enough stimulation, Candi had slid a hand in underneath where her pussy was getting stuffed full with cock, plunged two fingers up from the bottom of her anal cleavage and hooked them into her asshole.

“This is Sanddy Sexton with the latest from Hawaii,” Once again, Sanddy appeared up on the LCD screen as she played the role of an intrepid reporter. Only this time around, not only did the camera capture her huge, bowling-ball titties in all their unrestrained glory, but also how her glorious fuckdoll body glistened with a combination of sweat, jizz, girlcum, precum and spit, “Where there’s been a shocking development!”

“Famous porn star, cumwhore, cocksleeve and all-round bimbo fuckdoll whore Diamond Gazongas world-renowned balloon knot asshole has disappeared!” Without cracking, Sanddy upped the melodrama further.

“And in its place,” Now the camera swivelled, “There’s nothing but a giant, gaping hole!”

Appearing on the screen was Diamond’s ringpiece as it appeared in the wake of being triple-taken by roughly fifty-four inches of cock at once, and if anything, ‘giant, gaping hole’ was an understatement.

Stretched to the point where she didn’t need to use her hands to keep her buttocks apart since it did that all on its own, Diamond’s anus was a pitch-black hole surrounded by a rim that was varying shades of dark pink where it wasn’t adorned with the remains of the combined load that had been pumped with all the delicacy of a volcano eruption deep into her ümraniye escort bowels. In short, Diamond’s asshole had been distended way, way beyond what she’d ever been able to image back in her days in what she was now seeing more and more as the quaint atmosphere of the world of adult entertainment, and she couldn’t tear her eyes from the sight of it.

That was her asshole, and not only had it been able to handle a trio of absolute world-beaters when it came to monstercocks, but she’d been screaming at them to keep fucking her.

“Look at her,” Charles growled as he took the time to stop swinging his cock around like he was trying to tear down a wall with it and peeked over the brim of his glasses, “Fucking slut’s beaming with pride.”

“Damn right I am, you bastard!” Diamond cried back.

“Fucking anal whore’s got her rosebud stretched to the fucking MAX!” Laura was next to find herself staring at the screen, and she got everyone else in the fivesome to look at it as well. All apart from Candi, who couldn’t have moved her head even if she wanted to.

“Nerves are frayed here,” Sanddy continued, “And sources are unclear on how many have fallen into this abyss opened up just minutes earlier tonight.”

“The only thing going down this hole from now is genuine fucking monstercocks!” Diamond’s spirits remained up, high up, “Any stud with a cock big enough can fuck it whenever he wants!”

“Oh, what about nimble little tongues?” Rather than to pretend to be a journalist any longer, Sanddy reverted to sounding like the naughty slut that she was and held the camera up high as she leaned in closer to Diamond’s ass. Then, she let loose a wad of spit that disappeared off into the hole, before letting a rope of it spin downwards until it connected with the inside of the stretched ring of muscle.

“Yes!” Diamond replied, bucking her hips to send her booty shooting high up into the air after Sanddy’s face as she pulled back up and got the camera in front of her again.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about buying a new pillow, but this is so much better!” Sanddy’s voice continued bubbling with decidedly unwholesome and deeply lascivious glee as she stared down at Diamond’s bung.

“Meanwhile,” Without missing a beat, Sanddy went back to play-acting a journalist, “It remains unclear what caused this sudden, extreme and completely unprecedented expansion of something so tiny…”

“No it doesn’t!” Suddenly, the domed crown of a ginormous cock intruded into the frame and into the valley between Diamond’s cheeks. Standing with one foot on either side of Diamond’s tits as they rubbed against the sand-covered floor, Ian speared his schlong deeper until it came to rest over the massively distended shape of Diamond’s ringpiece.

“Fuck!” Sanddy slipped out of character once more, courtesy not just of Ian’s dick, but of Charles’ and Robert’s coming charging into the picture as well, advancing towards each other as well as Ian’s cockend over the expanses of Diamond’s bronzed asscheeks, with neither stud stopping until the crowns of their cocks were mashed together over the hole they’d collaborated to create.

As if excited by the recollection of what they’d accomplished, each stud was pumping out huge amounts of precum, their cocks throbbing against Diamond’s mouth-watering bubble butt while their juices became entwined as they roped their down into her ass.

“So much cock…” Diamond moaned, on the verge of drooling as she kept her gaze fixed on the spectacle up on screen even as she felt the combined weight of the three massive dongs on her booty.

“Those sexy fuckers could block out the sun,” Sanddy too was absolutely fascinated by the trio of fist-sized cockends coming together, as well as horny to the point of rubbing her cunt through the front of the thong which — in a miracle to rival that of Charles’ glasses staying on his head — was still wrapped round her waist and hooked over one of her luscious buttocks. Said front was little more than a fragile sliver of fabric and had long since become soaked through with her pussy juices.

“God, Ian,” None however was more excited than Laura as she took a seat on her knees in the wedged gap between where Ian was squatting down low and Charles sitting on his knees. Just how much the three cocks coming into such close contact made her was hinted at by the rapid rising and sinking of the pair of huge, firm and all-round spectacular tits that helped make her the idealized version of the concept of the big-titted, fuck-crazed anal whore.

“Just God…” Laura actually whimpered, then gasped and fell silent when Ian raised his cock and slowly thrust it forwards until its crown came to rest on top of those of the other two, “That’s so fucking hot…”

“Yes!” Getting louder as Charles and Robert both let out dark grunts, Laura leaned in closer still when Ian proceeded to push down against the pair of cockends underneath his own to force them down tighter against Diamond’s wide-open ringpiece. escort kartal As if that wasn’t enough, he was also pumping out prejizz that was now cascading off the slopes of Diamond’s bronzed booty.

“Fuck!” Not only was Diamond loving this triple teasing of her recently fucked — and stretched beyond all recognition — asshole, but things were made even more vivid for her by Charles and Robert flexing their mighty cockshafts as if trying to curve them round the epic swell of her cheeks in their efforts to pack them down tighter against her anus.

“Wow,” Her own exquisitely fuckable ass hoisted up into the air behind her and four lithe fingers jammed into her drooling pussy, Laura watched in awe how two cocks began lifting the third one up as Charles’ and Robert’s grunts grew darker and louder.

“Shit, sis,” Taking a seat between Ian and Robert on the other side of Diamond’s ass, Candi smiled wickedly at her sister’s expression, “I can smell how wet your cunt is from here.”

“Fucking whore,” Laura replied, without taking her eyes off the combination of dickage put on display before her as she sat with her chin nearly touching the nearest of Diamond’s buttocks, but there was a certain warmth to her voice.

“And in a new twist,” Meanwhile, Sanddy was back in the role of reporter, “Those whorish Harts have shown up on the scenes. Those sluts seem to be drawn to wherever a big cock’s around!”

“Big?” Laura’s gaze was so firmly fixed on Ian’s schlong as it rose higher that the walls could come down and she wouldn’t have noticed, “Try huge!”

“Try redonkulous!” Candi suggested, her eye caught by the thick rope of precum swirling downwards from where the three cockends were placed together.

“Fucking tripod motherfuckers!” Aroused as fuck, Diamond was less eloquent.

“Tripod’s right!” Now Candi erupted in a lewd giggle as the raising of Ian’s cock was completed and the three cocks came together over Diamond’s ass, each brawny slab of fuckmeat resting against the other two like stone pillars that had collapsed in on each other.

“God, it’s like fucking Stonehenge…” Sanddy groaned.

“It’s the Eiffel tower of cock!” That was Candi’s spirited suggestion.

“It’s beautiful,” Laura moaned, thumb flicking over her clit and her clear juices pouring out through the gap between her fingers.

“Fuck, I need a taste,” Without further ado, Candi swept in, deftly thrusting her head into the void between the mammoth dongs tacked against each other and Diamond’s heart-shaped booty, before just as deftly snatching hold of the rope of combined precum and sucking it into her mouth.

“Fucking whore,” Repeating herself, Laura got her head in over the three cockends and began swirling her tongue across them, horny little moans soon flowing from her mouth as she licked the precum off three different cocks together through long, agile swirls and sweeps of her wet muscle, letting it become absolutely saturated with them before sucking them into her mouth. And its tip was constantly darting from one wide pisshole to the next as she greedily drank the studs’ pre-orgasmic juices straight from the source.

“Yeah, those sluts love monstercock…” Sanddy said with a smile as she captured with her camera how Candi was back up and attacking the shaft of Ian’s dong like she was adamant about licking it as completely clean of Laura’s pussy juices as she had cleaned Robert’s of the taste of Diamond’s ass. And as she did, juices flowed from her own hairless slit as if she was going to cum without even needing to touch it.

“Who doesn’t?!” Diamond cried out, torn between looking over her shoulder and eyeing the LCD screen.

“Ian, baby…” Looking up from what she was doing, just the look in Laura’s eyes was enough to make Ian unleash a vast spray of precum that darted off the other two cockends and was scattered somewhere far off on the sand-covered floor, “Press them back down.”

Grunting and nodding, Ian did exactly that, making Candi moan louder and harder as she kept her lips pressed against and her tongue lapping at the trunk of his fuckpiece as it descended back towards Diamond’s fitness-goddess ass.

“Fucking back them in there, studs,” Laura’s voice was husky and soft as three cockheads became entrenched in the valley between Diamond’s cheeks. Even if it was wider than normal, it was still an extraordinarily tight squeeze to get them in there.

“Ian,” Almost with her latest designs coming to fruition, Laura moved in for the kill, “I abso-fucking-lutely love watching you stretch my whorish baby sister’s holes.”

“Yes!” Ian’s reaction was predictable, but that wasn’t a disappointment to Laura. On the contrary, him releasing a huge surge of prejizz that set the other two studs off to do the same and making their combined juices explode out of Diamond’s anal cleft was such a turn-on that it had her squirting into the palm of her hand.

“Fuck, Laura,” Spitting one of Ian’s balls out of her mouth after sucking on it while glancing over the base of his dong at Laura’s ass, Candi couldn’t contain herself any longer, “Your ass!”

“What about it?” Slightly out of breath after her brief but powerful orgasm, Laura cocked an eyebrow and sent a challenging look her baby sister’s way.



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