School and story around it.hello everyone. I know some may don’t like my story’s because involved my c***dhood. But this is the truth unexpected harsh truth it made us for who ever we are now.Any way I want to write about my life out side of home. In school I was one of happiest k**. But after my father start to get very close to me he would always telling me about don’t let anyone get very close to u , do not make physical joke and all kinds of this advice. He wanted me for him self he get some sort of protecting mood. That’s why I get more and more separated from other k**s. But I couldn’t avoid all contacts. In sport class in our break when we played together some times I completely forgot about my body. In my class 2 bigger guy was top of the others some kind of bully but I never had any problems with them. Few times when I was changing my clothes and in hot season when i couldn’t wear a lot of clothes they noticed my breast. I felt they’re trying to get close to me make some kind of friend ship. They would give me sandwiches or do all kind of protecting me in school. At the start I thought they want something from me but they didn’t and I get friendly with them. I didn’t realise tuzla escort how and when I accept change my seat in class and seat between those new friends. Our chair was three person chair with long wood on front for writing on it and also it was very good for hiding ur hands from others. First day of changing seat wasn’t bad and I was happy. Next day after first break while inside the class I felt a hand behind my back trying to put my shirt up and touch my back above my bottom. Our teacher was talking I couldn’t even say a word. I tried to take his hand off , suddenly the other one put his hand in my leg and just move his hand every where . I would very quickly look them and bagging them to stop but they smiled at me and touching me . Second break every body go out of class I wanted to go too but they didn’t let go. One of them stand behind the door and another one like a mad dog started to take my clothes off. I did everything to make him stop. He forced me to ground and take my underwear off and used his mouth and thong to wet between my leg and spit on his dick and start to do me. My face was down and he couldn’t see my breast and dick. He after two three minutes finished orhanlı escort and went to keep the door shut and the other one come. He touched me more and did same thing before start to do me. But suddenly he grabbed my hip and pull me up then while with his left hand hold me with his right hand grab his dick put between my leg but he was doing different he wanted to inter his dick inside my hole when I felt his touched my ass hole I screamed and he coverd my mouth and said sorry sorry turn me around and it was that time he saw me Brest and my dick. Called the other and they both like watching me with their open mouth. Then they never get off me. During the class they put his hand under my clothes touch my dick and my breast or something they would told me to ask to go toilet and one of them would come after me and in toilet put my trousers down from back spit on his hand and dick start to do me I faced the wall my hands up to the wall. Few times they tried to put their dick inside my ass hole but I never let them because my father always tell me if someone do this it will get sick and then will die. My breast was like their hand toy . They touching me in every possible aydınlı escort way and every position and never get off of me. They’ve reached the point some of teachers noticed us and one day our principle come and ask our teacher take me to office start to asking me questions. I denied at the first but then I started crying and told him everything thing I told him everything , everything even about my body. Then he told me to show him what I mean by that. I take off my clothes he saw my breast and he realised what I meant. He told me don’t worry and promised me to wont let anyone abuse me. I asked him to don’t tell my parents because I was ashamed of what they did to me. inside his home. First step inside he get completely naked takes my clothes off forced me down and open my leg and just look me to see what I am. Then he start leaking my dick and ass hole and all over me touching my breast I was turning back to don’t let him grab my dick and breast but he was doing what he want because he was strong then he put his big dick in my mouth and start to move after less than a minute with loud scream he came and half of his cum was in my mouth he closed my moth and told me to swallow it. It was disgusting. Then he spi inn his dick and put his dick between my legs and some times with his finger touch my hole. He came again and released on my bottom his dick stil was big over 5 time he came on me and just next to me slept .



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