Although not completely necessary, I would recommend you read Sarah visits Gramps: An Awakening first as it explains how Sarah was first introduced to Gramps and his sex life! Several other Sarah visits Gramps chapters are available as well. Read and enjoy!


I unzipped my grandfather’s shorts and pulled out his cock. He was hung and in great shape. Nearing retirement, he was a truly handsome beach bum at home. At work he was stylish, still turning many a women’s head, both young and old. I had found him having sex with my Mom and his girlfriend on a surprise visit to his houseboat. Now I was reaping some of the benefits!

“Gramps, Mom and I were thinking of bringing a couple of BBC’s over some night. We thought it would be a fun night for us. We thought you would be a perfect host!”

I continued to stroke his cock. His member was impressive when soft, with a big shaft and his balls hanging down. Erect he was eight inches of muscle and thick with a big vein running down the length of it. Even erect his sack stayed loose and his balls would swing around while fucking.

Gramps replied, “You know I’m always agreeable to having you and your Mom over. The more the merrier.”

“Great, we’ll let you know the night as soon as we know.”

I knelt down in front Gramps and took him in my mouth. Slowly at first, as I licked the head. My right hand was on his shaft and my left hand was playing with his balls. Rubbing and gently squeezing each one. Gramps was starting to thrust his cock into my mouth. I eagerly met each thrust as I started to pick up the pace. Finally I let go of his cock and opened my throat and Gramps was now fully down my throat. His balls were smacking my chin as he pumped in and then back out to let me breathe, Then back down my throat. I took my hands and placed them on his ass cheeks and pulled him farther into my mouth and throat. Gramps was now thrusting in and out, face fucking me. I took my middle finger and popped it in his asshole. One final thrust and he started to erupt. The first rope of cum went straight down my throat, but I pushed him back and out of my mouth and the next rope of cum was on my face, followed by another. I took my finger and slid some of this cum into my mouth, cleaning off my face. Gramps was now holding his cock and I stuck out my tongue and cleaned of his head.

All the while I was thinking… Gramps is in for a surprise when Mom and me show up with the BBC’s.


Mom picked me up on her way to Gramps’ houseboat. Tony was my grandfather and Mom’s father in law. After my father ran off with another women, Tony helped out my Mom and finally Mom made the move and began fucking him, among other things. Mom, her given name is Laurie, was a pretty woman with shoulder length, light brown hair kissed by the sun. She kept toned, with slim hips followed by long, slim and muscular legs. Her breasts were substantial, but in proportion to her body. Her nipples were large, especially when excited and were surrounded by half dollar areola.

I am Sarah. I found Gramps, Mom and Ginny, a girlfriend, having group sex on his houseboat the weekend after I graduated from college. We’ve been fooling around ever since. Sometimes we invite others as well. And tonight we had two big, black cocks joining us. I have large tits, D cup. My ladies are fairly soft, with a healthy sag. My areola are large, well defined and fairly dark. My nipples become erect at the slightest hint of sexual excitement. With a light white t-shirt on, they leave nothing to the imagination, with my nipples poking out and the areola showing through. My brown hair has been lightened from being on the beach. I take after my Mom, with long, lean legs. I am slim hipped with a shaven pussy. My clit pops out and looks like a tiny penis head when I get excited.

“My cunt is already wet thinking about those BBC we’re going to see tonight.” Mom exclaimed. “I started off this morning by fingering myself to an orgasm. I didn’t use any of my toys in my pussy, as I think I’m getting wrecked asyalı porno tonight.”

I moaned at Mom as I had pulled my shorts to the side and was fingering my clit as she spoke. “I can hardly wait to get hammered by some big, black cock.”

Gramps was waiting for us. He was surprised not to see the men with us.

“Marcus and Rodney will be here soon. They are twins. And they are supposed to be big!” Mom told Gramps.

We sat down to have a vodka tonic, and had barely sat down when Marcus and Rodney were at the door. Mom had already told them that Gramps, or Tony to them, was going to sit and watch as they had their way with Mom and me. They were told that there were no limits, except for no bondage or pain.

Marcus and Rodney were identical twins and they were delicious to see. They were both dressed in black linen pants and long sleeve, off white shirts, black belts and black dress shoes. Both had shaved heads, but one had a trimmed goatee and mustache. We later found out they had muscular legs, thin waists that took a V to their shoulders. They both had washboards for stomachs. At about six foot four, they were specimens!

Mom invited them in, “Please make yourselves comfortable. We’re having vodka tonics. What can I get you?”

One of the BBC’s replied “I think we’d be good with what you’re having.”

Mom said to me, “Sarah please help me with the drinks in the kitchen. And we’ll be right back.”

As soon as we were in the kitchen Mom was stripping off her clothes. “Sarah, strip down. We’ll be serving drinks in the nude.”

We made the drinks and left the kitchen to serve them. As we entered the room Marcus and Rodney clapped their hands together and declared “Let the fun begin!”

I went to one and Mom went to the other. Leaning over to let our tits hang in their faces, we handed them their drinks. We started to unzip their pants. It ended up that I was with Rodney, with the goatee. Marcus was with Mom.

After unzipping Rodney, I pulled down on the top of his jockeys and grabbed his cock. I slowly pulled it out and he was big, I mean big! Gramps was big, but Rodney was bigger by a couple of inches, and thick! My cunt and ass were in for a workout tonight! I glanced over at Mom and she had slipped Marcus’ pants and jockeys down and had the tip of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue was licking the head of his dick, then up and down his shaft.

I had hold of Rodney and was stroking him slowly. I’ve never seen a cock grow as long and as hard this! Slowly I moved my mouth to the head of his cock. I opened wide and took as much as I could in my mouth, pushing as far as I could without taking it down my throat. Several times I did this and then started to lick the head of his cock. Then slowly down his shaft with my tongue and up the other side. There was no way I would be able to swallow his whole cock, but I was willing to deep throat as much as I could. I slowly took him in my mouth and opened my throat to take as much as I could. Rodney was grunting in ecstasy as he jammed it down my throat. Holding it there as long as I could, I pushed him back, coming up for air. Rodney grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat again. Finally he let up and I came up gasping for air. Spit was drooling down my chin and over Rodney’s balls. With my left hand I grabbed his balls and wet my fingers. Rodney once again jammed his cock down my throat. My left middle finger found his asshole and slid in. Rodney started to buck and finally pulled out.

“It’s too early in the night to shoot my first load!”

I suggested, “Let’s go to the bedroom to continue.”

Marcus and Mom slowly got up as well and we walked into the bedroom, Gramps trailing behind us.

Mom then spoke to Gramps, “Tony you’ll stay sitting in the chair off to the side. You may unzip your pants and stroke your cock, however keep your clothes on, and absolutely do NOT come! We want you to watch these bulls ravage us.”

With that Marcus told Mom and me to kneel on the castajans porno bed, toward the bottom, to get fucked doggy style. Like the good little whores that we are, we obeyed. Rodney stood behind Mom and spit on her asshole, with it running down to her pussy. Rodney ran his cock through the spit and started to place his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Slowly he inserted his cock and then back out, entering again and back out and continued until his BBC was nearly fully inside her.

Rodney and I had watched Mom getting fucked. Rodney now spit on my asshole and placed his index finger on my puckered hole and with his middle finger penetrated my pussy. Slowly his index finger slide in my asshole, past the sphincter and then he slid it in and out, in rhythm with the other finger up my pussy.

“Oh God, fuck me. I want that big black cock in my pussy. Fuck me!”

Rodney removed his fingers, placed his hands on my cheeks, spreading them, and plunged his cock in my pussy. I thought I was being split in half. Rodney continued to thrust, slowly at first and then faster and rougher as he was soon fully inside me. I slid my hand to my clit and diddled myself until I had my first orgasm tonight. Rodney pulled out, grabbed my hair and forced my mouth to his cock.

“Clean my meat. All the way to my balls.” I opened and took his cock in my mouth, tasting my juices on him.

“Suck my balls now. One at a time. I want a clean cock to fuck your ass. I’m saving my cum to spurt in your asshole.”

Mom and Marcus were still going at it. Mom was on all fours as Marcus was pounding away. Mom’s tits were hanging and swaying in time with Marcus’ thrusts. Marcus finished with a final thrust as he burst inside my Mom. Mom pushed back against Marcus as he came.

“Oh fuck, I can feel that cum shooting in my cunt. Come for me. Empty yourself!” Marcus grunted as he thrust a couple more times, each time more cum shot out.

Rodney now took me to Mom and had me lick my Mom’s pussy. “Suck that cum out of Mommy! Be sure to give Mom a big wet kiss when you’re done.”

Marcus looked at Gramps and said “Would you like to suck on this popsicle while your grand daughter sucks my cum from her Mom?”

Gramps looked squeamish, but Marcus walked to him, grabbed his head and forced him to his cock. “Clean it up, old man!” he commanded. He grabbed Gramps head and forced his cock toward his mouth. Gramps finally opened up and Marcus stuck his cock in. “Do a nice job cleaning my big, black cock. Make sure you clean my balls too.”

Rodney was now sitting at the bottom of the bed, stroking his massive hard on. “Come here baby girl. Sarah, come sit on my cock, facing me. Let’s see those tits bounce around as you bounce on my dick.” I knelt over his cock and grabbed his cock as I placed the head of it at my pussy opening. Then I started to lower myself. Slowly at first, as he filled and stretched my cunt. Then farther down until I was sitting on him. I never thought I could take the entire shaft up my pussy!

“Hey Mom, come over here and sit on my face. Face your daughter and play with her nipples while she fucks my big, black cock.” Rodney directed.

Mom was only too happy. She squatted over Rodney’s face and lowered her pussy to his mouth. Rodney grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as he could. He proceeded to lick from her clit to her asshole and then back. Then he began to tongue her clit as he took a finger and slid it up her asshole.

“Holy shit, I’m going to come again!” Sarah’s mom cried out.

Rodney had a second finger in her ass when her body tensed up, followed by a guttural moan as she came for the first time tonight.

Marcus told Gramps to stay in his chair and “Make sure you don’t come!” He now stood behind me straddling Rodney’s legs. “Lean forward you little bitch. I’m going to get your ass ready for my big, black cock.” He took some AstroGlide and placed some on his fingers, and then worked it around my asshole. He took some more and slid bangbros porno a finger in my ass.

“I don’t think I can take both cocks at once! Your brother has me completely filled.” I begged.

Marcus’ only response was to slide a second finger up my ass. Then he took his cock and pushed the head in my ass. “Don’t, don’t push any farther. I can’t take it all in.”

Mom was no help, “Relax your asshole and when he pushes farther in, you’ll be able to take it.”

Rodney told Marcus, “Fuck her. Slide that big, black cock in her ass! I want to feel it on the other side of her pussy wall.”

I knew I wanted both cocks in me, but they were so big! I was scared. Rodney stopped thrusting, leaving his cock buried up my cunt. Marcus was holding his dick and guiding it into my ass. He backed out and lubed up again and then jammed it in.

“Jesus! Is it all the way in?” I cried out.

“It’s in, now we need to get full penetration. Each thrust is going to go deeper, until I’m fully in.”

Each thrust I could feel, I was getting penetrated deeper. Rodney had now started to thrust in rhythm with his brother. I was feeling full. Marcus had evidently maxed out and he was now pounding my ass as Rodney continued to thrust into my pussy.

Mom was still sitting on Rodney’s face. She reached out and grabbed my nipples and let them pull as my body moved in rhythm with the double penetration. I was starting to love the feeling, as I relaxed my anus and was now used to the size of Rodney up my pussy. As the brothers thrust in unison I pushed back to get full effect.

“Fuck me harder. Pound my pussy. Pound my ass. I’m about to explode!” My fingers had found my clit and I played with the head. I was ready to orgasm. My body tensed as the orgasm moved through my body. Marcus and Rodney picked up the pace and with one final thrust came at the same time. They both came deep within me.

Marcus pulled out of my ass as I collapsed on top of Rodney. His cock remained in my cunt as we relaxed after our orgasms. Mom had slid off Rodney’s face and moved off the bed and grabbed Gramps’ hand and dragged him over behind me.

“Tony, we’re going to clean the cum out of Sarah,” she explained to my grandfather. She started to suck on Rodney’s balls as Gramps was licking and sucking the cum out of my asshole.

I slowly lifted off Rodney and as his cock fell out of my pussy, Mom started to suck and lick Rodney. I lay next to Rodney waiting for Gramps to clean me up, as Marcus stuck his cock in my mouth. I took as much as I could, cleaning it and then licked the rest of his cock. Finally licking and sucking on his balls.

Gramps now was between my legs. “Suck that cum out Gramps!”

After cleaning me up I told Gramps, “Now is the time for you to strip!” Gramps obliged and was standing next to the bed naked, with a good sized hard on.

“You liked watching us getting fucked by these black studs, didn’t you?” Mom asked. Gramps nodded yes. “Well it’s time you got rewarded. Come over here.”

Mom lay back on the bed and lifted her legs up by her shoulders. “Play with my asshole. Use some AstroGlide and lube it up. I want you to ass fuck me.”

Gramps was quick to comply and soon was pumping his cock up Mom’s anus. I got to my knees and Rodney and Marcus came to me. I grabbed their cocks and started to gently stroke them. I put one in my mouth and then the other. I asked them “Do you think you have enough left to cum on my face and tits?” They both nodded yes. I grabbed Rodney and started to face fuck his large cock. I took as much as I could down my throat. Then he was pumping in my mouth and I took him down my throat again.

Marcus was into full time jerking off as he hand flew up and down his shaft. Rodney then pulled out of my mouth and started to stroke his cock as well.

Gramps was finishing his ass fucking of Mom. With a full final push he nutted in Mom. A second and third time as he finished.

Rodney and Marcus were now pumping their cocks furiously and I was surprised with the amount of cum that jumped out of Rodney’s cock. All over my face and in my eyes. The cum was dripping on my tits. Marcus let out a grunt and nutted on me as well. My face was drenched with cum, dripping on my tits as well.

I called out, “Gramps we have one more cleanup!”



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