It was eight in the morning and Eric was already in his daily funk. Now three weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic and he was going crazy. His college was shut down, so no classes. No sporting events to go to or watch. He couldn’t go to the gym. And to top it off, his girlfriend went home. Eric tried to make the best of it. He was taking courses online and the apartment complex had a decent fitness area, and he could go running anywhere. But what really got Eric’s daily funk going was missing Emily. While her absence had become a part of his increased physical fitness activities and actually studying for those online courses, he was missing the things his girlfriend did that distracted him from those trivial parts of his life.

Eric’s mom had it much better. She was able to telework and had converted a space in the spare bedroom for that purpose. She saved almost an hour and a half a day by not having to commute and on days she had no video conferences she didn’t have to do her make up and get dressed (although she had been cheating lately by only wearing a nice blouse over her pajama bottoms since no one could see more than her head and shoulders on the screen anyway). Sarah did have to stop going to the gym as well and was making the best of it, like her son Eric, stopping off at the apartment’s fitness center.

Sarah and Eric always got along well, having been only the two of them since Eric was four. Sarah has a Master’s degree in business and could afford a house, but preferred living in a nice apartment complex where she didn’t have to worry about maintenance. As she did some slower cool down time on the treadmill, she was wondering why she paid for a gym membership when everything she did there, she could do a short walk from her apartment for free. Her thoughts were interrupted when Eric came in.

“Hey, baby,” she greeted her only child as she stepped off the machine.

“Hi,” Eric grumbled back. Sarah shook her head as she gathered her things. She could tell it was going to be another day where it was no use to try to talk to her son. She was trying to be understanding of how the stay-at-home policy had ruined his 20-year-old life, but it was difficult for her since she was loving how it had changed hers.

“Have a good workout,” she offered as she looked at her son in his gym shorts as he set up the weight machine. But did she look too long, she wondered?

Eric loved to exercise. He was a runner, but also did weight training and swimming for both muscle strength and stamina. With Emily gone, he was doubling his normal work out and it was starting to show. There was much more definition in all of his muscle groups and he had no problems stretching out his normal long runs to something closer to marathon length.

Sarah used the time alone in the apartment to get some chores done. She knew Eric would be gone for two to three hours, but she wanted to get started so she could “go to work”. Her first stop was her son’s room to collect his clothes. She also wanted to wash his sheets, just to be on the safe side since he was outside running every day. Years of nagging her son had made him less of a mess than what she had heard her co-workers say about their kids. And while she had taken the time years ago to teach Eric how to do his laundry, she didn’t mind doing his now that she had more time for such things.

She folded the comforter and placed it on the chair. The pillow cases came off next and then she began liberating the sheets. Sarah then gathered up the clothes in her son’s hamper and made the short trek to the washer and dryer she demanded in any apartment she lived in. After gathering up her own things, she set out for the all-important task of sorting the laundry, as she was taught by her mother years ago (although she was never sure it was the ‘right’ way to sort laundry).

Darks, brights, whites and the sheets all went into separate piles. She noticed a hand towel had gotten mixed in with Eric’s sheets, but she hadn’t picked up any towels since she was saving that for later in the week. Not thinking any more about it, she picked up the towel to toss it back in the hamper. That’s when Sarah noticed the towel had something wet on it. And like her mother had taught her how to figure out what was on the towel, she smelled it.

Then she smelled it again. And again. And again.

She thought she knew what it smelled like, but it had been a long time since she had smelled it, so she wasn’t sure. She smelled again as she looked at her son’s sheets and at that moment, it became clear. She had found her son’s cum rag.

Sarah still held the towel in her hand. In fact, she still held the towel close to her face. Close enough where she could easily smell it again. Which she did. “This is so wrong,” she thought, moving the towel away from her face. Eric’s mom felt like she was back on the treadmill; her heart was beating fast and she felt flushed. Sarah smelled her son’s cum rag again and felt herself getting hot. altyazılı porno “Oh, God no,” she screamed in her head, “I’m turned on by smelling my son’s cum.” Sarah drops the towel on the pile of sheets and runs off to her bedroom.

Eric’s mind wandered as he did repetitions on the weight machine. He was upset he took his bad mood out on his Mom. She was trying to be nice and he was being an ass about everything. It’s not like she had any idea what he was going through. He didn’t remember her ever having a date, much less any type of a relationship with a guy. For Eric, once he and Emily started fooling around, they never stopped. In the 4 months they had been together he had never once had the need to jerk off, now he was jerking off several times a day. And the only thing he was getting busy with now was his towel.

Eric felt himself go pale. He knew it was laundry day, but he didn’t know if his Mom was going to wash the sheets. And he forgot to put his towel away this morning after he did his first exercises of the day. He grabbed his stuff and headed out of the fitness center hoping maybe she hadn’t stripped his bed yet. He knew better a few seconds after entering the apartment as he saw his cum rag right on top of the sheets. Eric dropped his head in shame and made his way to his room. Eric’s room was down the hall and across from his Mom’s room, so he was trying to be real quite as he went down the hall. He heard sounds from his Mom’s room. He thought he heard her crying and knew this was not going to be good as he went into his room and quietly closed the door.

Sarah was in fact crying. But not because she was mad at Eric. Sarah was crying because she was confused. After Sarah smelled her son’s cum, she got turned on. After running in her bedroom, she first threw herself on her bed and then tossed around as she freaked out about what she was thinking. It had been many years since she had been with a man, but she maintained her sanity through self-pleasure. And for years it had been more than enough. “But that smell,” she thought. She soon found herself on her back, staring at the ceiling in her bedroom. Then the lust took over. She looked down at her sports top. She could see her nipples were hard. She moved her legs together. She knew she was wet.

As if it were an Olympic event, Sarah shoved her workout shorts down and her sports top up in what would have been record time. Her right hand flew between her legs as her left hand found two very stiff, attention seeking nipples. Her mind was moving a mile a minute as well. It started with the smell and quickly changed to where the smell came from. It wasn’t long before Sarah’s sex starved mind was thinking about her son Eric. Thinking about his six-foot, muscular frame. About his work out shorts and how his ass looked in them. About the bulge in the front of his shorts and what was barely hidden from his Mom’s view.

“Oh fuck…that smell,” Sarah thought again as she bounced on the bed, her right hand a blur between her legs, her left fingers a tight pinch on her most sensitive right nipple. Sarah was grunting as she got herself off. It was during the cool down Sarah got confused and started crying.

Eric laid on his bare mattress and tried to go through the situation. It was obvious his Mom found the towel. His first thought was maybe she didn’t know what it was. Eric laughed to himself as he thought about his Mom’s fascination with Star Wars. “What towel Mom. There is no towel,” Jedi Eric would tell her. He settled on not saying anything if she doesn’t say anything. He wouldn’t know for a couple of hours that he fell asleep.

Sarah took a quick shower and put some “work” clothes on. She put Eric’s towel in with the sheets and washed those first. Better she thought to get them out of the way. She did some work on her computer, stopping to put a load in the dryer and starting another wash load. Once the sheets were dry, she pulled them out. She was going to make his bed but she didn’t know what to do with the towel. She couldn’t leave it in his bed or anywhere in his room because he would know she found it. But if it’s not in his bed where he left it, he would know she found it. She decides to put the towel in Eric’s bathroom and goes to make his bed. Sarah gets two surprises when she opens her son’s door.

Not only is Eric in his room, asleep on his bed, but he must be having one helluva dream based on the tent his work out shorts are making. “Damn it, Sarah, stop it. He’s your son,” she thinks, but her eyes don’t look away. Sarah is no prude about sex, just maybe unlucky. It is more than possible her self-pleasuring events could coincide with online visits to Literotica for reading stimulation as well as a few other online sites that provide more visual assistance (courtesy of a 65 inch wall mounted TV in her bedroom). She is aware of the incest/taboo content out there, but she has no interest in it. Until now. Staring at her son’s hard cock just under amatör porno his gym shorts.

Sarah was able to get out of the room without waking up her son. She was feeling… she wasn’t sure what she was feeling at this point, but it was far from normal. She got to her computer and did some research. Sarah started with mainstream information but internet search engines being what they are, her study into incest soon brought her to Literotica. Sarah’s previous visits to Literotica were limited to less controversial categories, well depending on how you look at things. Her favs are Romance, but she has spent some time in BDSM, NonConsent, Group Sex and Exhibitionist & Voyeur when a second bottle of wine opens up.

There was no wine at all, a situation Sarah decided to correct later in the day. She honestly thought all incest stories were men thinking about their daughters. Or nieces. Sarah had no idea how wrong she was as she opened up Literotica and for the first time selected the Incest/Taboo category. She began reading the story titles and the synopsis and soon realized a good portion of the population has perverted thoughts like the ones she has started having. Sarah decided to finish with her chores and make a needed run by her actual office. And she was sure the stories would be better with the wine she could pick up while she was out (thankfully the powers that be classified the liquor store as an essential business).

When Eric woke up, he noticed two things. The sheets and pillow cases were on top of the comforter on his chair, and his dick was hard. One didn’t mean anything about the other until he was more fully awake. One, he saw the sheets on the floor by the washer when he came home. Two, his Mom had to have been in his room to put the sheets on the comforter. Three, did Mom seem him hard while he was asleep. “Great, this just keeps getting worse,” he thought to himself. Unlike it usually behaves, the fear of his Mom possibly seeing him hard left him in a less aroused state that would not need his attention. Eric decided he needed to run, a place where gets most of his thoughts sorted out. Once changed, he headed for the door, hoping on everything he wouldn’t run into his Mom. A note on the door told him she had gone to her office and would be stopping at the store before coming home. With that, Eric set out on what would be one of the longest, unplanned runs he had ever went on.

Sarah stopped at her office after the 35-minute drive in. COVID-19 stay-at-home policy kept more people off the roads making the drive quicker. She dropped off some work she had done at home and picked up a few things she needed. It was nice to make small talk with her co-workers in her office. Sarah decided to do her shopping in town, taking advantage of more variety and also wondering which stores were considered essential. Besides, she wasn’t in any particular hurry to get back home and face Eric. By know he would have to be wondering what his Mom had done with his cum rag and he would probably be grumpier than normal.

Eric stopped wondering when he went into his bathroom. The little towel was distinctive enough from the others he knew his Mom had washed and dried it, and placed it on the shelf with the other towels. He still didn’t know if she knew what he used it for. Eric began putting his to-this-point college education to good use. He decided to not act normal, but to act better than normal. And as he had been blaming COVID-19 for his bad mood, he will use it explain his more cooperative, better mood. He started with cleaning his bedroom and bathroom.

Eric didn’t hear his mother open the door to the apartment. The sound of the vacuum his Mom liked could cover the sound of a passing freight train. He didn’t notice his Mom until he shut the machine off.

“Who are you and what have you done with my son?” Sarah asked with a smile.

“He decided he needed a vacation from the down in the dumps and just got over it,” her son replied with a grin of his own.

Eric’s Mom looked around the apartment. “This looks great,” she praised, “but you didn’t have to do all this.”

“I have all this extra time now and I can only run so much.” Sarah didn’t think. She closed the distance to her son and put her arms around him in a hug. Her son’s strong arms wrapped around her and for a moment she thought she would cry. She chose instead to push herself away, while she could.

“I picked up some steaks and fresh veggies if you are interested,” Sarah told him as she headed into the kitchen.

Eric was watching his Mom walk away from him, knowing something had changed, but not knowing what it was. What he did know was his Mom had a really nice ass. “Dude what the fuck are you thinking. That’s your Mom,” he told himself. But why shouldn’t he notice her, his friends talked about how hot she is all the time. Some were actually vocal about what they would like to do with her.

“Sure, Mom. That would be great,” he told her arap porno and maybe himself too.

As pleasant as the initial contact was, both Sarah and Eric went separate ways to prevent the towel from coming up somehow in conversation. And at the same time, they both had other things to think about too. After dinner, Eric excused himself to go to a friend’s house to play video games, which was fine with Sarah because she needed to open a bottle of wine and do some research of her own.

Sarah woke up the next day and got herself a cup of coffee. She was fortunate wine did not give her a hangover like liquor does, even when she got into the second bottle, which was of course for the sake of her research. And maybe at least three orgasms. Sarah wasn’t sure she actually had learned anything, but she admitted it was entertaining. It wasn’t long before Eric came down the hall to the kitchen.

“There’s my big man,” Sarah chirped. She hadn’t thought before speaking. She was thinking now and it looked like Eric was too. “Uh, can I get you a cup of coffee,” she quickly followed up, again not thinking because she knows her son limits caffeine intake.

“Nah, I’m good. I’ll just get some juice,” he replied, trying to sound casual.

“Do you have any plans today, like for after you get your workout done and all?”

“Just more of the stay-at-home and not die of boredom stuff. Did you have something you wanted to do?” Eric asked.

Sarah actually chuckled slightly, having quickly learned to think before speaking. “I was wanting to go down to the lake, where the trails are. I was hoping you would go with me.”

Eric couldn’t say no to his Mom. He knew this was one of the ways she would get him to a place where he couldn’t run off and avoid a conversation, she wanted to have with him. He decided to suck it up. He was almost 21 years old but acting like a 12-year-old.

Eric looked at his Mom with a big smile, “I would love to go walking with you down by the lake.”

Eric wasn’t wrong. Sarah did want to get him captive for a conversation. Her problem was she didn’t know what she wanted to say. She too knew her son was almost 21 years old, and if he wanted to talk to her about his problems he would. “Shit, maybe we’ll talk about the weather,” she thought.

It was a great day for a walk, low humidity, about 73 degrees with an occasional light wind and a few clouds in the sky. So much for the weather talk, Sarah determined. Fortunately, it was Eric who saved her from knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry,” he said while still looking ahead.

“Why are you sorry,” Sarah replied, only keeping her son in her peripheral vision.

“I’ve been acting a jerk for one and two for yesterday.”

Eric’s Mom let his statement hang in the air. Yes, she agreed he had been a jerk lately but who doesn’t sometime. As for yesterday, she wasn’t sure what he had to be sorry about. She settled for a safe reply, “OK.”

“I should be more careful to put my towels away. You didn’t need to find that in my bed,” he explained.

The mere mention of “the towel” had bumped her heart rate by at least 10 beats per minute. Sarah didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t say anything.

“It’s been, well, tough on me with Emily back home,” he told her.

“Well, all your other friends are still around,” she responded.

Eric paused for two moments before speaking. “I don’t have any interest in doing with my other friends what Em and I were doing.”

Like a marching band practice, Sarah did an about face and Eric kept walking forward, at least for a few steps. Sarah stopped and put her hands up to her face, ashamed she did not solve this simple relationship math problem. Now she understood. The mood, the towel.

“Honey, I am so sorry. I didn’t realize. I’m a freaking idiot. Just because I didn’t know you were having sex doesn’t mean you aren’t having sex.” Eric was now standing in front of her. “And forget the towel, I mean I understand better now, but that’s nothing to even think about,” she lied.

“Yeah, well, like I said yesterday, I need to get over it and move on. This COVID shit may last awhile longer. I seriously doubt the semester will restart until fall at this point. And Emily is talking about going to college closer to home anyway,” he finally unloaded. They moved to a nearby bench and sat down.

“Was it serious between the two of you?”

“You know, yes and no. We were good together, got along great. But she had some ideas about things, political stuff, that I didn’t agree with. But in other ways, she was fantastic,” Sarah’s son said.

“Like going 100 miles an hour and coming to a complete stop,” she reminded herself.

“Yeah, first Emily and then the sheets and what you said this morning.”

Sarah knew what she said this morning, but the sheets? Eric could tell his Mom was confused.

“You called me your big man. When I woke up yesterday and saw the sheets on my bed, I just assumed you saw me with a hard on. Emily used to call me her big man, and well…” he admitted.

“Sorry,” Sarah honestly told her son, “I did see the bulge in your shorts, but the comment wasn’t about that. It’s something I used to say to you when you were much younger.”



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