“I don’t have to do what you tell me, Frank!” Sally got up from the couch where her lithe form had been sprawled in front of VH1. She gave Frank the finger and pounded up the stairs. The curtains blew and the house shook when her bedroom door slammed.

Frank turned to the stack of dishes and swore. She was right, though. Sally’s mother pretty much vetoed any attempt Frank made to enforce a reasonable discipline on his step-daughter, and over twelve years the sweet little girl had become an eighteen year old monster viewing any effort to make her pull her own weight around the house as a deadly insult. Reason had failed and force was out of the question.

Frank ripped the dishwasher open, his frustration rushing out like a broken verbal sewer main. “The little fucking bitch gets her own way all the time. No one fuckin’ listens to me. The little cunt’s going to get in trouble, she is. Does her mother listen to me when I pointed to the bitch’s computer IM recordings, where she was crying that she needed more practice giving blowobs? Oh, no, not much she doesn’t. Does the girl take warning from us about that geek that was hanging around her? No. He pops her cherry and takes off, just like I warned her. That was three years ago. Damn lucky the bitch didn’t get pregnant. Damn! I wouldn’t mind a piece of that, Sally is one fine little cunt. That was my cherry, the bastard! No. No. Never mind that. She’s got to learn to pick up after herself. I’m damned sick of playing housemaid in my time off. What do I get out of it? Heartburn and insults. Twelve years of this, and the little bitch still hates me. I bet she’s tasty, too. Dammit, stop that.”

Frank slammed the dishwasher closed, and savagely ripped the knob to the start position. “Fuck that. That little stuck up bitch owes me. She ain’t my kid. I’m gonna fuck her. She’s old enough.” Frank was alone in the house, except for Sally, and he knew she couldn’t hear him over the music coming down through the ceiling from her room. Thumps on the floor indicated Sally was practicing her dance moves.

Frank began pacing on the floor below his dancing step-daughter. He briefly wished for a glass ceiling. He muttered to himself, “Okay. Let’s admit it. You have the hots for that bitchy cunt. You always have. She’s eighteen now, but you can’t just knock on her door and rape her. Hmmm..can I? No, no, too risky, it’s not worth it. What can I do?…can’t date her and make moves on her, she’d laugh hysterically. Nancy would kill me, too.”

Nancy was his wife, Sally’s mother. She was an Emergency Medical Technician, and her shift wasn’t over until midnight that night. Nancy had bulked up over the years, and the physical relationship between husband and wife had died early. He’d be damned if he’d beg his woman for sex.

Frank had’t been laid in nearly a year, and that was an unsatisfying experience with a married woman terrified of getting caught. It’s hard to enjoy your spurting orgasm when the woman you’re fucking is suddenly yelling “No! No! Don’t come in me! I can’t get pregnant, my husband had a vasectomy.” Stupid bitch couldn’t have brought that up a little sooner, right? He’d wiped his dick in her hair and walked out in disgust.

The memories of the that frantic time faded. Frank, finally relaxed from his pacing, banged on the ceiling with a broom handle to get Sally to turn the music down. He pulled a Foster’s from the fridge and sat down in front of the TV. Surfing idly, he stopped at an old Columbo episode. The killer had used subliminal messages in film to motivate his victim. “That’s it!” Frank cried. He flicked the TV off and thought quietly. What if he used subliminal messages to get Sally to focus on him as her primary sexual attractor? He jumped on the computer and searched the Internet. His plans were ready in a few hours. He didn’t wake up when his wife climbed into bed.

The next day was a Saturday. Nancy had to go in at noon for training, and Sally had dance practice the whole afternoon. Frank headed for the Home Depot and Radio Shack in the morning, and dropped Sally off at her school with a smile and pleasant words. Frank would never be unpleasant with Sally again, oh no.

Dumping his packages on the table, Frank opened Sally’s bedroom door with a spare key. She didn’t know about that key, he was sure. He went over to her computer and examined the speakers that were over her headboard. Nah, better hide the new speakers he’d bought, it was simpler, easier, and less likely to get screwed up. He mounted the new ones under the headboard, relieved to find gigantic dust bunnies. She’ll never look down here.

Finding an obscure spot, he drilled a hole and ran the wire for the speakers down into the room below. He connected them to his computer, installing the sound card he’d never had a use for before. Going back upstairs, he mounted the motion detector on her bedframe. This would to disconnect the speakers if motion in the bed was detected. Can’t have Sally hearing his loving messages, not when she was awake.

Frank pendik escort recorded a sample file, “Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fuck and to frolic. Jack came in her, and left for more, while Jill screamed mother fucker”. He had the computer play it on a loop into the speakers upstairs. He carefully adjusted the volume to it’s barest audibility.

He was done here, and with a minimum of disturbance, too. What the fuck, he thought, let’s look around. Sally keeps a journal, how about that? He sat down and began to read. His eyes opened wider. This might be easier than it seemed. Sally hated her mother, and viewed her as the obstacle in the house. She actually liked Frank, and felt sorry sometimes for the way she behaved. “Damn cunt couldn’t just say so to me?” Frank muttered. “No, of course she wouldn’t. What am I saying? I’m her step-father.”

Wow, he thought, this journal was interesting. She’d had a couple of bad experiences with boys who barely knew how to hold it, let alone where to put it, and she’d become reluctant to experiment with them. But then again, half her “dance practices” were excuses to hang out with her girlfriends. Turns out Martha and Kelly weren’t even in dance class. Sally had been experimenting with lesbian affairs with her two friends. She liked kissing girls, she admitted. She liked their softness and their pleasant smells. “Can’t argue with that,” Frank said aloud.

Martha, from the description, had small breasts that she padded with tissue, but her athletic ass was hard and her cunt was a platinum blond. Frank had a deep appreciation that girl’s ass himself. He was disappointed to learn her full breast was Charmin. He wondered what Mr. Whipple would say about that.

Kelly had large breasts, but she had veins and stretch marks running over their surface. Pity, Frank thought. No photos here, though. Sally’s journal reported that Kelly had rings in her nipples and her clit. She shaved her pussy bald. She was a little chubby, but, Frank remembered, but a little cushion was nice. Seems that Sally liked having her nipples pinched hard while her clit was tongued. Sally hadn’t tried anal sex in any form, and she expressed curiosity about boys and wondered why she wasn’t successful with them.

This information was priceless. Frank snapped the book closed and replaced it carefully. He was relieved tha this search, and her journal, didn’t find any drugs. Sex was healthy and pleasant, he thought. It would be a shame if she got mixed up in drugs.

He went downstairs and recorded a new file. “Frank Frank Frank is sexy sexy fuck frank fuck frank fuck frank my pussy is sooo hot with frank frank frank knows franks knows frank will fuck me fuck me I want frank want frank suck frank suck frank lick me frank lick me frank my nipples are soo hard soo hard rub my nipples rub them hard nipples my pussy is hot pussy hot fuck me fuck me frank frank frank will make me feel good I’m happy with frank happy happy frank makes me feel good good good yummm frank is sexy sexy soo sexy hot hot hot my cunt is hot I have to fuck frank fuck frank fuck frank suck frank frank frank,” in a very low monotone. He had the computer play it on a loop into the speakers upstairs. He carefully adjusted the volume to it’s barest audibility.

He showered, and dressed carefully and neatly. No more lounging about in old sweats and tee shirts. He threw a good dinner in the oven for the two of them, and went to pick Sally up at Martha’s. He got a hardon thinking about what she’d probably been doing, but he told it to behave. He took her to rent a movie on the way back, and they ate and watched it together. She actually could be pleasant when they tried to be friendly, he found out. Sally headed up to take a shower after the movie. Frank’s eyes watched her fine eighteen year old ass ascend the stairs. “Hey,” he called out when she was halfway up. She turned and bent over to peer down the stairs, giving Frank a fine if distant view of young cleavage. “I had fun tonight. Let’s try to be nice to each other, okay?”

“Me too, Frank. I’ll try.” Sally vanished into the upstairs. Frank watched some television for a while, then set the computer to run his program and went to bed.

This lasted for weeks. Frank punctiliously followed the routine he had established, unfailing polite and treating Sally as a young adult, expressing care, ensuring his appearance was always the best possible. Sally’s attitude towards him changed noticeably. Frank secretly reviewed her journal weekly. About three weeks into the program, Frank was excited to discover that Sally was writing her fantasies of having sex with him down in the book. She dreamed of his big cock (it wasn’t “big”, but she didn’t know this), how she would suck it and how she would love to feel it inside her. But she couldn’t. Frank was her step-dad. She just couldn’t do that and oh why was she having fantasies about an old man anyway. OLD MAN?

Frank thought for a while, then went downstairs and flipped on the microphone. “there’s escort pendik no reason I can’t fuck frank fuck frank no reason fuck frank older men are good I like older men older men are hot I want a real man not a boy a real man frank frank frank fuck frank fuck frank suck frank suck frank suck him suck him lick him lick him no reason to say no frank is so manly so strong so strong a real man a real man I hope he wants me I hope he wants me I hope he wants me I want frank I want frank want frank want frank a real man a real man I want a real man I want I want fuck frank fuck frank need frank need frank fuck me frank fuck me frank eat me frank my pussy is hot pussy is hot I need you frank I need you frank suck my nipples frank suck suck fuck fuck frank frank need frank will fuck frank there’s no reason I can’t fuck frank.”

Frank was physically fit, and the next day, banking on Sally’s new found attraction for him, he asked her nicely to help him start relandscaping the small garden they had in the back. They discussed what they were to do, and then went outside. Frank wore old shorts and a tank-top. His arms were muscular from working out at the gym and was trim and fit for his forty five years.

Sally wore shorts and a tight shirt. Her large breasts bulged over her bra. They worked together well, Frank wasting no opportunity to exhibit male strength. When possible, he stood close to her to let her smell his manly sweaty odor. He made no move to touch her, and pretended not to notice when she brushed her breasts on his arm. “Not yet,” he thought. “She’ll make it obvious when she’s well done.” They stood together in the setting sun surveying at their handiwork. Sally turned to him and hugged him. “That was fun, Frank.” She ran inside to take a shower. “Not yet” was so hard to follow. He adjusted the “Not yet” in his shorts and got dinner ready while she washed up.

They rented “When Harry Met Sally” that night, and Sally rested her head on Frank’s leg while she watched. He looked down at her luscious body, dying to stroke that waist length honey blond hair, stroke those large breasts, and feel the slick wetness of her young pussy on his fingers. Frank pointedly stood up halfway through the film, and placed a pillow under her head. He got her a coke, and knew she was checking out his hard on as he served her. Frank sat over on the chair. Sally sat up and smiled at him, but she stayed where she was.

After that, Frank made it a point to work with the weights in the garage daily when she was around. He added the line “i saw his dick his dick was hard hard oh I want to touch it he had a hard on I want it I want it” to the recording. Sally began to help Frank with chores around the house, finding excuses to be with him. She no longer fought with him, and she found more and more opportunities to brush her body against his. Frank stoically pretended to not feel the weight of her large breasts pressing on his back or forearms, or the time when she reached between his legs for something on a shelf, “accidentally” reaching up and feeling his hanging cock through his shorts. His – deliberate – failure to be wearing underwear made ignoring this difficult. Her hand lingered almost too long to ignore. Almost.

Eight weeks into the program, it was Saturday, and Frank was in the garage with the weights. The garage door was open about two feet, and the Explorer visible in the driveway through the gap. Frank called Sally down, wanting her to spot him with the bench presses, and making sure she saw him working out. He’d been doing this for a while, to expose her to his masculine charms. Lately, she’d been wearing skirts, and she’d stand above Frank’s head with the hem of her skirt raised, giving him a clear view of her panties. His determination to wait for her to make the moves was being sorely tested. She was now teasing Frank as much as Frank was teasing her.

Sally came down, dressed in her cheerleader outfit. “I’m getting ready to practice,” she announced. The deep green uniform with gold lettering was a wonderful complement to her honey blond hair and green eyes, Frank agreed. “You’re beautiful, as always. Here, help me out for a few minutes.”

Frank laid back and lifted the weights. She stood in her usual position, and Frank’s eyes wandered up her soft thighs as he lifted the weights. He wondered if she’d be wearing the leopard spot panties this time, or the Minnie Mouse ones. Son of a bitch! She wasn’t wearing any panties at all, and her full brown bush was just inches above Frank’s groping eyes. His cock popped to attention and she couldn’t possibly miss that, especially when there were no underwear under the satiny shorts. He didn’t look down, but his pup tent had to be as obvious as a Great Dane in a Poodle contest.

After two reps of eight, Frank moved to rack the weights. He thought Sally reached out to take them, but she pushed them away from the rack and forced him to hold them over his chest. “No, daddy. I want to show you something first.”

Keeping one hand on pendik escort bayan the weights that Frank wasn’t making any effort put away anyway, she turned and squatted over his face, pinning his head down on the cushion and grinding her hairy pussy on his open mouth. Frank thrust up eagerly and drove his tongue into his step-daughter’s wet hole. Sally ground into her step-father’s face, her wet pussy hair practically raising rug burns on his cheeks. Frank didn’t care and pushed up eagerly, as much a victim of his programming effort as she was. She came in a rush, her shrieks of pleasure echoing in the garage and certainly escaping under the door into the sunny Saturday afternoon.

She helped him rack the weights, then straddled his lap, pinning him on the bench. She rubbed her cunt on his hardon, soaking his shorts with her juices. Frank pushed up, grunting his pleasure. His freed hands sought her breasts, and he massaged them eagerly through her cheerleader top. Frank slipped her uniform up, and sighed as her massive breasts slipped into his waiting hands. So many years he had waited to enjoy the feel of these firm globes. Frank buried his face between them and flipped her nipples with his thumbs.

Sally lifted up and pulled her top off, throwing it onto the floor behind her. It almost sailed under the door, Frank noted absently. Wonder what the neighbors will think, he thought. He lifted her skirt up and squeezed her hard ass. She lifted off him for a moment and pulled his shorts off. He lifted his hips eagerly to help her. Damn. She really was aiming for the garage door. Those shorts were definitely in the driveway outside. Screw the neighbors, he thought, I’ll make them buy tickets. Make a fortune, too.

Sally straddled Frank again, her hand positioning his hard cock at her entrance. She hesitated, rubbing the head of his dick agonizingly around her wet slit. “Oh Sally, oh Sally. I’ve been wanting you for so long,” he moaned. “Slide it in! Slide it in gently, it won’t hurt, I promise you.” She put his thick head in her hole, and slowly sank down onto his shaft, moaning loudly as he penetrated her. Soon she was seated on Frank’s lap.

“Push up and down now, honey, moving me in and out of you. Do it slowly and gently. Here, put your finger here and rub gently.” Frank put her hand on her clit and she started stroking herself slowly as she gently lifted up and down on his cock. Frank refrained from thrusting up to meet her, and let her inexperience set the pace. He stroked her inner thighs gently and brushed her diamond sharp nipples with his finger tips.

“When it feels right, you speed up. Bend down and give me a kiss.” Sally started stroking faster. She kissed Frank deeply, chasing his tongue expertly and playfully biting his lips. Her time with her lesbian friends hadn’t been wasted, oh no. The weight of Sally’s breasts pressed on his chest. Frank was damn glad he didn’t have to pretend to ignore them anymore, and grabbed them, sucking madly on her nipples.

Frank began gently thrusting up, matching her rhythm. Gradually her tempo increased and soon she was thrusting down wildly, meeting his eager thrusts into her. She sat up straight with a scream, thrusting down hard onto his cock and squeezing her breasts together. Her orgasming cunt grabbed Frank’s cock, and he came deep inside his step-daughter, clutching at her waist and pulling her even harder onto him. Frank gasped and sat up, pulling this lovely child to his eager body.

Sally’s shudders slowly ceased. She began crying. “I thought I didn’t like men. I didn’t know men could do to me what you did.” Frank held her closer and rubbed her back, massaging the tension from her.

“Boys. You didn’t like boys, you mean, ignorant boys that didn’t deserve you,” he told her. “Find men, and stay away from boys, and you’ll be fine.”

Sally nodded. “Okay. Can we go upstairs to my bed now? I don’t want to lie on this bench when you lick me again.”

Frank followed her upstairs, her swaying topless breasts a beacon his hard cock was eager to follow, her green cheerleader skirt like a red flag to a bull. She ran up the stairs, and Frank chased her into her room. Sally rolled onto her bed, her breasts shaking from side to side. She lay on her back, her spread legs lifting her skirt and exposing her brunette bush, a fine counterpoint to the natural blond hair on her head.

Frank stood in front of her, his hard cock straight out like a lance. He pulled his shirt off, and reached for her. Sally relaxed and laid back. Frank pulled her leg and gently rolled her to a kneeling position on the edge of the bed. He kneeled behind her and said a brief prayer of thanks for her big ass and tight pussy. Lifting her skirt, Frank kissed each of her ass cheeks and then slowly drew his tongue along the backs of her legs. Her light brown hair floated in a fluffy cloud over her bulging pussy, her pink asshole sitting high and proud above it.

Frank licked his sperm from his step-daughter’s pussy, breathing in deeply the smell of a young healthy female at the height of her sexual receptiveness. He lavished his lust on her tight hole, sucking her pussy and fucking her with his tongue. Sally moaned and began grinding back against his face.



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