The package had arrived whilst she was suspended in Raion’s Garden. Sakura had totally forgotten that it was due today, the item had been on back order for over a month and her excitement at the continually illuminating times spent with her Teacher had filled her mind with more sensual considerations.

Sakura’s hands were shaking with excitement as she carefully removed the edge of the plastic bag with a pair of scissors. She was quite relieved that the exterior was plain, no evidence of sender or contents apart from a printed return post office box number should the delivery be impossible. Her parents were liberal by any normal standard and allowed her a degree of freedom unusual in Japanese culture and a constant amazement to her friends. Since her tutelage by Raion they eased what little control they had previously imposed to a mere pretense. Sakura was still very aware of her position and made every effort to be dutiful and avoiding any action that might even touch her family with the hint of disgrace. She slowly removed the object from the interior making sure to keep her eyes tightly closed till all would be in view at her first glance.

“So perfectly beautiful!”

The forty eight inch black cat tail anal plug was packed like a coil in the cellophane bag. She stroked the fur through the enclosure and giggled at the soft and giving texture. The plug itself had a slightly pitted surface and was six inches from tip to base. Sakura pressed her inner thighs together in anticipation.

“Sakura. Dinner.”

Her mother’s voice drifted into her room from the kitchen area. Food sounded good, her hours spent drifting in the breeze had been far more draining than she had imagined and Raion had given her very strict instructions to eat and hydrate well before sleeping. His sometimes overzealous concern with her well being was a constant annoyance to her. She didn’t need another parent or guardian, not what she needed from him at all, He was hers to fuss over not the reverse.

Sakuras mother had made Spagethi Napolitana. The dish was hardly traditionally Japanese yet actually had been so overwhelmingly adopted in the 1950’s that its adapted style to suit Nippon taste was now a staple. A combination of dried mushrooms, bell pepper, onion and bacon, with a lavish amount of ketchup as the tomato base it was comfort food perfection. The Spagethi was cooked to the consistency of noodles, probably too soft for European palates but perfect for soaking up the rich sauce. Sakura adored the dish and gleefully attacked with her chopsticks before virtually licking the small bowl clean. She passed on the ever present tea and instead grabbed a can of luxurious Coca Cola from the refrigerator before with her parents’ permission hightailing back to her room and the eagerly awaiting excitement.

She had purchased the Sazac Black Cat Kigarumi pajamas on her last trip to Kyoto. The costume was exactly what she had wanted, fun, incredibly soft and comforting to wear and quite daringly fashionable for her small village. She had seen groups of teenagers wandering the Aeon shopping mall wearing similar and although no such pet parade was ever likely to happen at home she still desired the connection to the world beyond the rice paddies that enclosed her horizon. Like all Japanese young people she found the balancing of traditional and modern an easy task, excepting for the ever present resentment of older generations to anything that challenged their interpretation of acceptable behavior one iota.

Sakura had carefully removed the supplied tail from the costume in preparation for the arrival of the plug. The positioning was all wrong anyhow, she wanted the tail to be in exactly the right position and now she was assured of that. Slipping the over-sized plushy costume over her underwear she carefully felt for exactly the right point and then placed a pin in the seam to mark the spot. Removing the costume she retrieved her sewing kit from her small drawer unit and began to make the necessary alterations. It was simple to unfasten the seam just sufficiently for the new tail to pass through, making sure there was not too much slack to allow for gaping. Her stitching was tiny and neat. Years of carefully batıkent escort unfastening kimono for washing and then re-stitching the delicate silk fabric had given her all the practice she needed.

Placing the costume to one side Sakura retrieved the tail plug experiencing a mounting excitement that was hard to keep in check. She could hear her parents slowly getting ready for bed and was itching to have the degree of privacy she needed to finally get to try out the new addition. That very morning she had found the very lubricant she needed in the local Pharmacy. The small brightly colored packs looked just like wrapped condoms and Sakura had chosen one each of the red, orange, blue and green designs. The pharmacist assistant, who remembered her from high school looked at her with a whole new perspective, not at all as the geeky scholar she had known before.

Finally Sakura heard the sliding door to her parents’ bedroom close. A few more minutes and the light in the house dimmed and she knew her privacy was assured. Getting on all fours Sakura carefully tore the corner from the sachet of lubricant and used half the contents making sure the plug was well covered. Reaching back she carefully spread the other half around and just inside her tight sphincter. She had played a little with her ass but had never put anything so large in before. She was nervous but also very excited, she could feel her vagina hot and wet. Reaching back she pushed the plugs tip against her bud and at the same time arched her back to spread her buttocks as wide as possible. Rotating the plug left and right she slowly penetrated herself fraction by fraction, feeling the muscles both fight the intrusion but also stretch as she continued the inward pressure. The plug was only six inches in total but to Sakura it seemed endless. She was almost at a point of giving up when at last her sphincter accepted the widest part and gripped down on the stem. The feeling was quite beyond anything she had envisaged and just the slightest touch of a fingertip to her clitoris produced an orgasm so intense she curled up on her side in a ball and had to bite her lip to stop screaming out in ecstasy.

After what seemed like an eternity Sakura gathered enough strength and concentration to pull the Kigarumi suit over her feet and up to her thighs. Carefully passing the deeply inserted tail through the hole prepared she slid in her arms and finally could zip the suit up the front. The next few minutes she spent crawling around the floor and admiring the fine lines of her tail in the mirror whenever it came in view. The plug felt so good, her muscles constantly gripping then relaxing as her hips swayed from side to side. All that was left to do was to crawl onto her bedroll, carefully curl her tail around her waist and fall into a deep sleep purring contentedly.

Raion sat and watched the sun rise above through the twin supports of the tori. The placement had been a coincidence, but then many of the most cherished parts of existence are. Such matters were best left to chance. A man could attempt to arrange such marvels yet always in his self-conceit would fall short of the simplicity of karma. Raion accepted this Buddhist tenant without question, managing to balance on the tightrope between its seemingly aesthetic philosophical standpoint and his feudal Shinto beliefs with ease.

As usual He had risen early and having donned a warmer woolen juban against the chill spring morning settled on the back lawn to meditate through the sun rise. Today He had been considering truth and how to formulate His concepts into simple but meaningful paragraphs. As always the task He set Himself was impossible, to precis a lifetime of consideration into a few words was a task a philosopher might shy from and He was no scholar, simply a warrior whom had put aside the sword for a sharper weapon, His mind.

The first truth was simple and rolled from His mind as easily as line off a spool as the fish runs.

“There is no point in looking for perfection in life. It only truly exists in the moment of one’s death. Perfection is the accomplishment of all an object can be, without the possibility of improvement, this any human beşevler escort can only claim with their last breathe.”

The words tasted good as He spoke them and He was content.

“An individual only exists in the eyes of others. What they see, what they feel, what they judge is the only reality. To place a flag atop the peak of Everest, the loneliest place in this world, is pointless. The flag is only real as it is witnessed, once beyond sight it is merely another cloth in a universe of discarded banners.”

He liked the metaphor but understood that such humility and acceptance was beyond human attainment, including his own.

“Others will hear what you say, read what you write but no one will ever understand what you feel. You may describe the tanto pressing into your stomach, speak flowingly as it slices from left to right, but the feeling is unique to you and beyond any others comprehension. Even the kaishakunin can only know the truth of his blade as it decapitates.”

Raion had spent many hours contemplating seppuku, therefore this truth was obvious and to His mind unequivocal.

“Duty, honor, respect, consideration and selflessness are the only acceptable goals in life, the purpose of all being to serve. Whether Daimyo, Samurai, Geisha or peasant the rule of service applies. To live one must serve. As the Cherry Tree produces flower or seed to enrich life so should you be fruitful. Life is simply a preparation for death. Both should be noble, without shame or complaint.”

This final paragraph was for Sakuras consumption today, the girl had proved herself capable beyond her years and a stating of our place in the cosmos was a natural progression on her journey.

The spring had been early arriving. No snow had come that last winter and the ground had been hard with frost for but a few days, The cycle of the leaves had been disturbed. They had fallen in late autumn as expected finally completing their annual shed by mid-December, Raion had watched the wind pile them as it would, allowing nature’s whim to paint the picture it desired. In past years the magic of transformation would be complete by now. Leaves would release the last of their nutrient to the soil and then become the powder like mulch that protected good spring growth. This year it fell to Raion to complete the task. Hours spent in the last few weeks raking and piling, then days of smoking heaps transforming moldering vegetation to potash. The task of raking was a joy. Physical labor was the true doorway to focus and focus allowed thoughts to become ideas and ideas concepts. Meditation could take jumble and produce clarity but first the storeroom needed to be full. Any man must be an artisan to propagate stock. Now His task completed the leaves were gone and His larder of ideas full. His duty now was to feed her carefully and let the nourishment germinate the seeds of strength, growth and wisdom. In the far corner of the lawn was a small pile of leaves still. This imperfection was necessary, He did not wish to die today.

Sakura arrived at the doorway at exactly eleven as always. Kneeling she slid aside the panel and was surprised to see no sign of Raion. Stepping inside she was equally amazed to see her work table was totally empty with no sign of either the unfinished arrangement from yesterday or any new project. Confused momentarily and a little scared she pondered what to do next. Raion had never left her unoccupied and this feeling of seeming abandonment was extraordinarily disconcerting.

The faintest of noises came creeping from the back rooms and supposing that her Sensei would not object Sakura decided to quietly investigate. Following the crescendo of sounds she passed through two rooms before catching sight of Raion sitting stanza in the middle of the reed matting. His back was to her and having removed her geta on entering the house she was able to approach in her tabi with what she considered a good degree of stealth.

Raion seemed to be meditating, but unusually Sakura noticed the line of an odachi scabbard protruding from the back of His obi. His stillness was complete. Certainly He had to be breathing but try as she may she could discern no movement ankara escort in shoulder or back that would have been indicative. Suddenly a blur of movement and the blade was extended in a horizontal cut and His form had become that of a one knee bridge. The katana was sheathed silently and Raion returned to His apparent meditation. This kata was repeated silently, effortlessly for the next half hour. Sakura was enthralled and felt a mounting excitement fill her body as the laido practice continued. In truth her anus, filled overnight so satisfyingly with the tail plug began to pucker indiscriminately.

Raion had been aware of Sakuras presence from the beginning. Her approach had been silent, stealthy, but the carnal pungency of her body alerted Him immediately. He felt a stirring, a crack appear in His concentration and He knew any truly purposeful training was at an end. He had begun to notice the girl more and more. Not just in the usual manner than a shibari tie might arouse Him but more specifically than He would ever admit. His hands and eyes had become used to feeding on the human form. Each body had its highlights and defects but He was yet to find an aspect of hers that did not appeal to His carnal nature. He slid the blade two thirds into the saya then precisely turned the odachi edge upwards as the final third was sheathed. Fixed in seiza He withdrew the 17th century sword from His obi and laying it parallel to His right thigh placed both palms on the mat at shoulder width and without ever completely lowering His eyes bowed deeply. He sensed or more precisely smelt Sakura withdraw.

Raion was feeling strangely pensive. His usual habit of changing from practice attire to a more formal kimono was aside for once and He simply removed the gray pinstripe yukata He had been wearing and used a length of silk shibari rope to secure the kimono rather than bothering with an obi. He felt extraordinarily decadent and laughed at Himself and the way such a small relaxation of protocol could seem so daring. Sakura was kneeling on the floor of the study carefully picking up some florist pins she had dropped. She was facing away from Him with her kimono pulled very tightly across her small tight muscular buttocks. Raion found Himself staring hard and for once the blood pounding in His temples screamed for release. Walking quietly to stand astride her ankles He gripped her hips and lifted her so her knees were clear of the floor. Sakura simply placed her weight evenly between her palms and feet in a perfect arch. Her kimono was light and rolled up to her waist with remarkable ease. She was wearing no panties and already the rear of her vagina was glistening with droplets of moisture. Raion noticed her anus seemed stretched and there was a distinct imprint of something circular around the edge of the delicate bud. He dipped two fingers into her labia and spread the self-lube around and inside her anus. Sakura remained perfectly stationary but her anal ring muscle opened and closed like the mouth of an ornamental coy looking for food.

Sakura knew she was open. Maybe not as gaped as when she first removed the plug that morning but the ring was still extended beyond anything she had experienced before. His fingers felt like fire, every touch burned into her like a cherry hot iron and no amount of the fluids that flowed so plentifully could quench the glow. When His penis head slotted against her she shuddered. The tip was hot and pulsing, a spark of energy shot along her spine until it entered her cortex with a jolt. His pressure increased and she felt the muscle complain momentarily before relaxing into total submission, the bulb was in her to the ridge and arching her back she prepared for the first dynamic thrust. He slid in gently and she took all His length eagerly, accepting more than she thought possible till she was filled to the brim with her Sensei’s pulsating flesh.

Raion began the rhythm of taking. Slow deep thrusts, withdrawing almost to exclusion before descending to the core once more. He felt the dribble of her hot juices on His shins and the intermittent squirt of heavier liquid arcing from her urethra. His thighs slapped against her buttocks, sounding like thunder rolling from surrounding hills and both became drenched in a glistening film of perspiration. He felt His member swell and sac tighten as His seed prepared to fill her bowel with their wild heat. Three more deep hard strokes and the volcano of love erupted to fill her cavern with His molten lava.



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