Sailing, Sun and SexWe board my 50 foot yacht, ‘Adios’, at lunchtime after a long early morning flight to Levkas. It’s quite hot, 32 degrees, and instead of staying put we decide to sail down to Spartakhori, one of my favourite spots. After shopping at the mini-market and a quick snack at a teverna on the quay we return to the boat, cast off the lines and motor southwards down the Levkas Canal to the Ionian Sea.There are just the two of us, Suzy, my new girlfriend, and me. This is Suzy’s first sail, she’s a little apprehensive but keen to try it and I’m looking forward to.We’ve been partners for six months or so and have great fun together. At 5’7″ she’s an intelligent, attractive, vivacious and very sexy brunette with curves in all the right places and is always tastefully dressed for whatever occasion, but not overly so. Her natural good looks mean low maintenance without hours in front of a mirror. Absolutely my sort of woman.Me? Well I’m just your average guy looks wise. A professional, successful businessman who enjoys life to the full. Not rich but comfortably off.As we pick up speed the breeze cools us down and she slips below to unpack and make up our cabin, soon returning on deck with two glasses of deliciously refreshing Pinot Grigio.The scenery is stunning and so is she. Barefoot and dressed in a skimpy pair of white shorts and a revealing white bikini top she looks wonderfully sexy and so radiantly happy as we sip the cool wine.Once clear of the busy canal we raise the foresail, a large genoa, and I kill the engine as we silently run before the steady breeze in peaceful solitude. I give Suzy the helm and, standing behind her, teach how to control my pride and joy. She listens carefully, soon getting the feel for ‘Adios’, reacting to the boats motion and making small steering corrections as we sail on. A natural. My hands are on her firm bursa escort hips, my chest lightly touching the smooth skin of her back and my lips occasionally brushing her neck and shoulders with light loving kisses. Her light, fragrant perfume invades my senses and I can’t help but slide my soft hands up and around to cup her perfect breasts as I push my hips forward to nuzzle her firm, beautifully rounded cheeks. I’m seducing her, I’m going to have her here and now. I’m going to take my gorgeous lady on my lovely yacht whilst sailing between these beautiful islands. Pure heaven.She sighs and wriggles back into me as I kiss and nibble her elegant neck, bronzed shoulders and soft ears. The attention causes her steering to become erratic so I reach down and switch on the autohlem allowing ‘Adios’ to steer herself.She nervously glances around, but seeing no other boat within miles smiles relaxes.Unfastening her top I let it fall to the deck as we become increasingly aroused. Her breasts feel divine, soft but firm, her nipples hard and erect. I play with them, stroking, caressing, tweaking making her sigh and moan. As she starts to lose control her breathing becomes ragged and she takes a deep breath as I slide my hand over her tummy. I quickly unfasten her shorts, she wriggles, they fall to the deck and as they pool at her feet she steps out of them and kicks them aside. Now completely naked, and despite the heat, she’s quivering. I drop my shorts, my cock springs out, hard and erect, and I pull her close, our sex almost touching. It feels so good and my head starts to swim feeling her skin, so soft and smooth in the warm sunlight in total contrast to my hardness.Spreading her legs ever so slightly, I slide my hand down over her furry mound and push myself forward, my moist cock sk**ding between her silky smooth cheeks making her gasp.She is just bursa escort bayan so hot, so turned on and shudders as I circle her moist hard clitty with my fingers, making her moan and pant. Continuing to hold her tight, kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulders, I soak up her sexiness, whispering and blowing gently in her ear, while sliding my fingers along her juicy lips, backwards and forwards from clitty to honeypot and rosebud making her squirm and moan. She pants “Oh Mark, lease fuck me with your fingers, please!” Moving back a little I slide first one then two up her hot, wet, wiling cunt and hook them around her g-spot. Rocking them back and forth with increasing speed she starts to tremble, her body shaking, her legs giving way. Gasping she pushes her head back onto my shoulder and screams out. “Dont stop, oh fuck please don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck my cunt. Please don’t stop, harder, harder. Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Her orgasm is intense, a hot stream of cum squirting out of her in a seemingly endless stream shooting over my hands down her thighs and legs and soaking the deck.Finally she collapses back, pushing down to sit on the stern bench and impaling her cum soaked cunt onto my hard, throbbing cock. Her steaming cum oozes out of her past my rigid cock over my balls and thighs, trickling down my crack. So hot, so creamy, so fucking sexy!Stroking her hair, I kiss her shoulders and neck, my cock still firmly embedded in her sex. We sit unmoving, quietly joined together as she recovers, her hot breath slowly coming under control.Recovering from her euphoria she starts to squirm, rotating her hips gently as my cock hardens deep inside, her hot pulsating cunt walls massaging me. Hanging on to the wheel she slowly starts to pump up and down, her shaven lips massaging the base of my cock, grinding into me. The soft downy hairs of her mound escort bursa rub against my balls which mine tickle her crack and cheeks. All the while I play with her nipple. Teasing, tweaking, squeezing and caressing. God it feels so good as I feel my juices rising, waiting to spurt.The tempo increases as we both fall into an erotically sensuous rhythm. We are both panting, moaning and calling out. I feel my cum about to erupt and call out.”Oh fuck I’m cumming Suzy, fuck me hard, shag my cock you dirty fucking bitch. Ooh fuck me hard, don’t stop, oh fuck I’m cumming!””She calls out, panting hard “I’m cumming too! Oh fucking hell, oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck. Yeeees!!”My balls tighten, my legs shake and I shoot my hot, white load deep up her, pumping hard, bucking up into her, feeling her hot cunt walls contracting and milking me. Then with one huge gasp she cums too. Her hot stream of creamy cum gushes down my shaft, spills over my balls and thighs, soaking me as we both buck and writhe together in sheer ecstasy. Slowing down, she collapses down on me,unable to move, totally spent, totally satiated. My God what an incredible start to our cruise!After a while, with difficulty, legs still shaky, she stands up, releasing me. Our sex juices are coating my cock and balls and dribbling down my thighs. She opens my legs, kneels down and licks me clean. The sensation is exquisite.Taking some of our cum in her mouth she stands up and we kiss passionately allowing me to taste our delicious sexy cocktail. Mmm. So amazingly erotic.We pull apart, gaze lovingly into each others eyes and start to giggle. ‘Adios’, oblivious to our eroticism, serenely sails on towards the island of Meganissi. “Another glass of PG?” I ask. And we both spontaneously burst out laughing. Sex and sailing are so amazingly good. With an hour to go to the port we take it in turns to go below to shower and change. We are expecting to meet up with my friends on the quay and need to look cool and calm for Suzy’s first meet up with them.To be continued? My first attempt so comments appreciated. Copyright protected.



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