Foreword: This is the Third Part in the Sean and Alicia Story set, I have split it into two parts, mostly because of its length. I will submit both parts on the same day, so barring needing to resubmit, both parts should come out on the same day. Before you ask, no there is no Alicia or Sean. However if any feedback should be sent to there attention I may consider using it in a story. I will probably not respond in there names. But that may change. I will do almost anything if it increases my creativity.

I wrote this story based on a conversation I had with my best friend, I have a completely open mind about sexual relations and sex a rule, true I am opposed to torture and rape but that is more my values than seeing them as bad sexual themes, anyhow our discussion ventured into his sexual activities and I asked him if he would do it with a pair of identical twin sisters who were also lovers, I personally consider a wild fantasy I said I would like to experience this, I was surprised by his answer. He replied that maybe he would but he would consider the situation extremely weird, I did not know why, but the more I thought about it the more I wondered, so this little story, trying to put Sean in his shoes, I think the result is pretty sexy hope you enjoy. If you feel offended by this story, I am sorry about that, but I personally think the story is pretty good.

Again feedback is always appreciated. I will try to reply to all feedback.


Hi it’s us again, Sean and Alicia, I know why the change, well I promised Alicia to never again leave her out of a story’s production so I felt it only proper to make it official, she will now always be helping me write, but she is not as good so I will still be the main writer. Alicia will help so if you like what she brings to the story or want to suggest an idea to her please do, I will pass it on to her, I promise.

So let’s start the story. This little tidbit happened during the process of my writing the last story. As you can guess Alicia and I have gotten a lot closer and adventurous since the last story, Alicia has been reading some of the other stories on the site, she has gotten a few ideas and we have tried a few things, based on the stories we have read. This is the first one, it happened the night after she made me start writing the last story, I hope you enjoyed it, if you have not read my first two stories I strongly recommend them, especially the second, it will give a lot if insight in the episode.

Alicia had found my first story, I had not told her about writing it and more to the point publishing it, so I was a little worried when I found her reading it. But she was not mad at me for writing it; she was actually quite forceful that I write a second chapter. I reluctantly agreed, we talked together about the implications of me writing a second story and after a few hours of talk we came to the conclusion that I should do it. Alicia said she wanted to help, but she had never written anything similar before so she did not know what she could do.

I suggested she get a little more familiar with the style and showed her to the site where I had published my first story. I picked a few good authors for her and set out writing chapter two. It was now very late, about 2:00AM, but I was not working for a few days and decided to write for a little while.

Alicia came and suggested I go to bed with her at 3:00AM, I agreed and we slept cuddling together, we talked a little about the events of the last few days, and agreed that would be a good story to write about. I also asked what she thought of the authors I had picked out for her. She told me that they were pretty good, but that she only had read one story at this point, it was only 10 pages, she had enjoyed it but it was not that special, but she wanted to spend most of the tomorrow reading more. I said I would spend tomorrow writing, I also commented that I she wanted to I could teach her to speed read, she agreed and we went to sleep.

I awoke as usual with the sun, I am glad that I have learned to be able to have only 4 hours of sleep a night, but this was still starting to be annoying. Alicia was still sound asleep so I decided to take a shower. I had a long shower. I started to think about the time Alicia and I had spent in there. I was hard and did not want to wake her, so I decided to relieve my own tension. I jerked myself off in the shower thinking of her, I was now sexually stimulated and my body and mind wanted relief. Alicia was still asleep so I needed to channel my energy somewhere. I decided to continue writing. I had been up for nearly six hours before Alicia got up. We decided to eat together; I was halfway done writing the story by then.

It was now 1:00PM, I had not noticed the time pass, I was truly a prisoner of my work, and I could not pry myself away from it. After lunch I decided to go and finish my story, Alicia decided to go back reading stories. She said she had found a few good ones. I finished the story after another five hours of tuzla escort work, just in time for supper I thought, I’ll proof read it tomorrow. I decided to go and prepare supper, I knew how to cook, I was not as good as Pierre with desserts, but I was quite good at meat and chicken dishes. I decided to make a stir fry with ribs on the side. I knew Alicia would come once she smelled it.

I was right. She joined me seconds before it was done. She entered the room sniffing the air and said: Something smells really good. Who’s cooking? I looked at her and said: I made dinner dear, you want some? I had never cooked for her before so she was a little surprised and said: I did not know you cooked! What’s on the menu tonight? I replied: Well I learned how to cook from my grandma. Luigi also let’s me cook at the restaurant from time to time.

I prepared a tangy stir fry on Chinese greens, bean sprouts and fresh vegetables, with chicken in a lemon grass glaze, served on lightly browned rice noodles, spicy pork ribs and a side of fresh fried Calamari; I winked at her and said: bring back any memories? She laughed and replied: let’s see who make the best Calamari you or Luigi. I served two glass of white wine and placed the Calamari on the table. Alicia did not even wait for me to finish serving dinner before she tried my Calamari. She let a moan of enjoyment after biting in. I turned around and saw a look of near ecstasy on her face as she finished her piece. I waited for her to finish then asked: So who wins?

She looked me straight in the eyes and said: Dam that is good! You win! Sean is there anything you can’t do? I replied: Don’t know for sure, but I have not yet found anything though. I got a laugh out of that comment. I continued: So would you like to have some of the main course now? She looked at me in a look that said “you can bet on it” and said: Do you really have to ask? I served us each a plate of the stir fry and a bowl of spare ribs. I was happy that she liked it. But I was famished so I just ate my share silently. By the time I had finished I had decided now is as good of a time as any to finish my first proof reading, I was about to leave when Alicia stopped me.

She said: Sean, how close are you to finishing the story? She had a very shy tone in her voice, so I decided to not answer directly yet. I replied, in a non important tone: Why Alicia? She replied: You will let me read it before you publish it, right? I looked deeply into her eyes and said: I am writing it for you! I want you to help me with it, but I know you have not written anything like this before and don’t want to burden you. So I thought I would let you come and see me when you where ready. She smiled and said: You are so considerate. She got up and hugged me, a friendly hug. It made me feel like a good friend. I was actually quite surprise just how good it made me feel to understand that Alicia now not only loved me but trusted me like a friend.

We ended the hug and I said: I am actually done writing the draft; I am going to proofread it than, if you want, I will bring it to you after so you can read it. She replied: That would be really nice, and hugged me again. I continued: I was about to go and proof read it now. She looked straight into my eyes with a look of concern and said: Sean, how many hours have you been writing now? I replied: Ten hours or so. But I feel I can finish it before the end of the day. She looked at me and said: I know you are strong but I want you to take a break and continue tomorrow. She had such a deep tenderness in her voice and body that I could not say no.

I relinquished and said: Alright Alicia, I will continue tomorrow. She was happy at this and gave me a peck on the check, at that moment I felt very brotherly. I had never thought of her in such a way before. At that moment she reminded me of the feelings I had had the time my sister had asked me to keep her company after her separation with her lover. I had never felt protective of Alicia before, I always felt she very strong and never needed protection, Now that I think of it, even when I rescued at the medieval village I never felt the need to protect her.

The last time I even had a mild feeling of needing to protect her was when she shiver during her striptease, and then it was more a feeling of chivalry rather then wanting to protect her. This was a very strange feeling for me. I just held her close for a minute as the feeling washed over my body. I then looked deep into her eyes and said: I would do anything for you. You are my love, my friend and you even feel like a sister to me right now. Alicia started to cry, I was not certain if they were tears of joy or of pain, she gave me the answer when she hugged me and said: I feel so protected right now, the only person to have ever make me feel like this before is my sister. I love you Sean.

We just held each other for a few minutes, Alicia asked me while we where still hugging, I have been reading some of the stories on that web site, she paused and swallowed, and I have tuzla escort bayan read three stories that I want to discuss with you. I looked at her with understanding and love in my eyes and said: I would be honoured to answer any of your questions dear, and talk about any of your concerns. I hugged her close, her face came to lie against my chest, and I looked straight ahead and said: You also realize that I will also always keep an open mind, I love you unconditionally; anything you want I will try to do. She hugged me harder and said that’s that make what I am about to tell you a little easier. I was curious now. She stepped back and leaned her head forward and while looking at the ground said.

Remember when I told you that you where my first? I replied a little worried: Yes. Why? She looked at me with pleadings eyes and said: That only half true. She paused, I remained silent, she had a pained look in her eyes. She eventually continued: You where my first man, and the first man I have ever had sex with, but you are not my first lover. I used all of my restraint but could not keep myself from swallowing deeply. Alicia heard me and said: I have never told anybody this, and promised my first lover that I would never talk about what she and I did. I stopped her and said: Alicia, I am willing to hear what you have to say, but I will not let you break a vow of silence unless you promise me that you will introduce me to the person you made the vow to, so I may also swear my silence after you tell me. Understood?

She looked at me and said: I will introduce you only if you are not upset at me for doing it, and you will have to promise to help me make her understand what she means to me. I want her back into my life. I looked at her and said: I will do anything to make you happy, even if it means I have to let you go. She looked at me and said: Sean if this works and she is ok with you there will be no way of ever separating us, all three of us. I looked at her puzzled and said: You are the woman I love and need no other. She replied: If she wants you I’ll be hurt if you did not also satisfy her. I did not know what to say, and said nothing. Alicia looked at me and said: Are you ready? I replied: I am as ready as I can be!

Alicia started her story. Alicia asked me to write this part for her. I have stayed as close to her original story as possible, Anyhow here is what she told me.

My first lover ever was Annie, my identical twin sister. This almost floored me. She saw this and looked concerned that I was not taking this well. I looked at her and said: I am only surprised dear. I want to her how this happened, and then we will talk about me and her, but if you want I will help you get her back. She was relieved and said: Don’t think badly of me, but after you she is the person who I most want around me. I have not seen her since the day I promised never to talk about it. It has been eating me alive not to have around. She may not want me sexually anymore but I will never forget her.

I wanted to hear the story, but also new how much Alicia was hurting so I asked her: Where is she now? Alicia looked at me and said: She lives in a monastery just out of town; she joined it to clear her thoughts of me, which is why I have not seen her since. I love her and she was unable to cope with our love. I know she is still there, the monks promised to keep me posted on her progress. She has never accepted what we did. I want her to be herself. She has become a hollow shell. With this Alicia broke down and started to cry. I hugged her and tried to comfort her. After she was done crying I said: How far is the monastery. She looked up at me sheepishly and said about a two hour drive. I looked at the clock and said: it is 7:00PM now; if you want I can go and get her now. She looked at me and said: She will not talk to me, and the monks won’t let me see her against her wishes, how will you get her to see you.

I looked at her and said: She is with the Leonalds order of monks right? Alicia looked at me and said: Yes? Now how do you know that? I continued: She has been there for 3 years? Alicia now looked quite puzzled: Yes. I started again: The last time you went to see her was a year ago tomorrow, you asked the monks if she still there and how she was doing. He said she had chosen to spend a week of a spirit voyage with the great Sage Omega. You left and were planning to go back tomorrow, right? Alicia was now completely floored and said: Yes! How the fuck do you know all that? I replied: I will tell you when we get there ok. She was stunned but agreed to go with me.

I drove to the great monastery; I had not been there in 6 months. So it took me two hours to get there. I was once able to make the trip in 70minutes. We arrived and Alicia had to ask again: How do you know this place? I replied I have been here a few time in my life. Now come on in, it was 9:00PM so I knew all the monks would be heading to there rooms for the night after evening prayer. I was greeted by Brother Donald. He said: Oh my! Grand escort tuzla master Omega what brings you here at this time, he then hugged me tightly, luckily Alicia was just out of ear shot, I replied: Call me Sean. I have come to see Sister Morgan, tell her I have a surprise for her and do not tell her I have a guest, OK? He winked at me and opened the door and said: Please wait while I see if she will grant you an audience Sean.

Alicia heard this and followed us to the double meeting room, he asked us to sit. I took this chance to tell Alicia my plan, or at least the part she needed to know to perform her end of the show. I told her I would go to speak with her, and then I would bring her here to have them talk together and try to work out there differences. Alicia said: that is if she will see you or listen to you. I already knew I would have no issues but I put on a show and said: that right I have not gotten her to see me yet. Brother Donald came back and said: She has reluctantly agreed to see you Sean. I walked to him and we left the room, leaving a frightened and weary Alicia.

Once I was out of the room and the door was closed Brother Donald said: Grand Master Omega she was so happy to hear you where here I had a hard time keeping her from running her to see you, I was able to convince her it would be inappropriate to bowl over a Sage Grand Master in the Meeting room, she agreed to wait in her room. I then told Brother Donald, did you recognize the Woman I am with, her replied, yes that is Annie’s sister Alicia, and she is not due till tomorrow if memory serves right. I replied: that’s right but there is a special reason, you see Alicia is my lover now, she just confided to me tonight about Annie and asked me to reunite them, I was going to have to be here tomorrow to act as Annie voice anyhow, so I figured I would surprise both of then and bring them together tonight. He giggled and said: you are still as playful as usual. The Elder was wise to make you a sage.

I laughed and said: I have missed this place, I was never religious but I was logical so I helped the monks keep sane. I had become a sage after making a bet with the Elder that I could explain the logic of laughter. He took my bet. I won and he laughed freely after. The place had become a lot more free spirited and enjoyable since then. I had come to them seeking counsel and training at the age of sixteen. I spent the better part of a year at the monastery. This is where I learned how to never give up a fight; I also learned to never let my enemies know how I felt. I was thankful to them for this. That is why I made a bet with the Elder, I was able to make the place more interesting, it has really increased the speed at witch there residents recovered.

Oh yes I forgot to tell you, the order of Leonald help people in emotional distress. I was made a sage them told you have to prove your technique works. This is when Annie came into the picture. She had been there for two years and had made no progress; I was told if I could help her, my methods would be used on hard patients in the future. I took this as personal challenge. When I met Annie she completely devoid of spirit and life, she just stayed motionless asking for forgiveness in her prayers. I realized this was going to be more difficult than I had predicted. More on that later. I reached her room and well you tell me if I succeeded. I opened the door and entered, she was on the floor sitting 10 feet away, I closed the door, next thing I knew, she knocked me against the door with the force of her leap she was now hanging from my shoulders and hugging me, she is like her sister a foot shorter than me.

She squealed: Big bro I have missed you so much. She proceeded to place kisses all over my face. To note Annie and I are not related, but she came to trust me like a brother, and I to love her like a sister, so I let her call me brother. I hugged her firmly, and regained my balance. She broke our embrace; I then put her feet back to the floor. Hi Annie, I have also missed you. She replied: Why will you still not call me sister? I looked at her pleading eyes and said: I love you, and will always love you like a sister, but I can only bring myself to call my sister Sarah that. She had a sad look in her eyes; I looked at lovingly and said: I may not call you sister but I will always treat you like you were my sister. This made her happier. She hugged me again then asked: Sean it is late why are you here tonight? Alicia is not due till tomorrow!

I looked at her deeply and said: I have a surprise for you, she giggled and said: I love surprises, where is it? I replied: It’s in the waiting room; I will bring you to it, if you promise to be patient and wait before rushing to it. She looked at me and said: Ok, but it had better be a good surprise. I looked at her and said: If she did not like it I would be amazed, but I would take it back home and keep it for myself, she looked at and said: What could you want for yourself that I would also strongly want? We had different taste. I replied: Oh you will see. I walked down the hall with Annie resting her head against my right arm while holding it. When we reached the waiting room I stopped and said: are you ready she nodded that she was.



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