It was 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning when Runt woke up. She looked at the ceiling and thought about what had happened last night. She had ended up being fucked by two of her brothers. Steve had fucked her asshole and Tom had fucked her pussy. When they were finished they saw their mother standing at the doorway watching them. Their mother simply told them not to stay up too late and then retired to her bedroom. This was not the reaction the kids would have expected their mom to have after seeing her son’s cum dripping from her daughter’s freshly fucked cunt and asshole.

Runt heard a noise in the kitchen and guessed it was her mother. Thinking she might as well get it over with, she got out of bed and put on a tank top and shorts, then she headed toward the kitchen, stopping at the bathroom on the way.

Runt walked into the kitchen with a sheepish look on her face. Paula had heard Runt go into the bathroom and had poured her a cup of coffee. Runt sat at the kitchen table. Her mother was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and looked to be busy making a cake. “Thanks, Mom,” Runt said picking up the coffee.

“You’re welcome, Dear,” Paula replied. “The boys are still asleep. I guess you wore them out.”

Runt blushed. “Jeez Mom, I’m sorry about that and about the call the other night. You must think I’m horrible.”

“Horrible! Oh my God No,” Paula said. “Runt I’ve always tried to be supportive to you kids and I’m not going to quit now. To tell you the truth, it was nice seeing you with Steve. I’ve worried about him, but after seeing how he was doing you last night, I’m pretty proud of him. We are all adults and after seeing you kids last night, I figure it’s about time to start treating you like adults. From now on in this house, no topic or language is off limits.”

Runt smiled. “Really? No way!” she said.

“Really! I want to be honest with you kids and treat you like adults. You are not children any longer,” said Paula. “And another thing, believe it or not, I’m proud of you what you are doing for money. I’m proud of the fact that you are not letting the loss of your scholarship get in the way of your dreams to attend that university. If whoring is your way to achieve your goals, I’m in full support. I’ve never told you this, but I did some whoring myself.”

Runt stared. “Really?”

“Yes, right after your father died. We were just starting out and barely had a pot to piss in. You and your brothers taxed our finances as it was, but then when he died so suddenly, I didn’t know what to do. Grandma came to live with us and she watched you kids while I went to work. After four years I had earned enough to buy this house and provide a nest egg, so I stopped whoring and started working at the dress shop. My advice to you on whoring is this: First, stop when you reach your goal. Too many of the girls get addicted to the money and never quit. Second, tell any guy you date about it. You’ll have to tell them sometime, so just get it over with. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they won’t find out. And always tell them before you fall in love with them. It’s not as painful if they can’t handle it.”

Runt realized something. “Is that why you could never seem to keep a relationship going?”

“Yes,” Paula sighed. “Do you remember bursa escort Bruce? I think you were around five years old when I was dating him. We were talking marriage when I told him about my past. He just walked out when I told him and it broke my heart. Every since I’ve always made it a point to tell the guys as soon as the dating became more than casual. Until Dan, they’ve all run. Anyway, just a bit of advice, from one whore to another.”

Thanks Mom,” Runt said.

Paula returned her attention to the cake she was making. “Do you have plans for today?” she asked Runt.

“No. Why?” Runt asked.

“I’ve asked Dan and his daughter Suzy over for Sunday dinner. They should be here around one o’clock. I’d really like you kids to meet them. Well you can meet her. I know you’ve already met him.”

“Sure mom. How old is Suzy?” Runt asked.

“She just turned eighteen, and is just finishing high school. She’s really a sweet kid. Dan and Suzy and I all went to dinner last night.”

“So it sounds like things are going well,” Runt said.

“He’s a wonderful man,” Paula said.

Runt thought about what her mom had said about no topic or language being off limits and decided to test her mom. “So did you have fun with Dan?” Runt asked.

“Yes,” Paula answered.

“Has he done you?”

Paula smiled as she realized Runt was testing her. “Well let’s see. On Friday I was sucking his cock when he came in my mouth, then he ate me, then he fucked me. Last night I ate his daughter, then he fucked me doggie while Suzy watched from underneath. Is that what you were wondering?”

Runt laughed, “Yep. Wow, so it was you and Dan and Suzy? Has he fucked her?”

“Yes,” Paula replied.

“Jesus!” Runt said.

Paula laughed, “As your father used to say, goddammit, don’t take the lords name in vain.”

Runt didn’t laugh at her mother’s joke. She said, “I just can’t believe Dan was doing his own daughter. That he was committing incest.”

“Why do you say that? You were doing your brothers last night.” Paula asked.

“I know, but he just didn’t seem the type,” Runt said.

“What type is that?”

“A perv.”

“Runt, now I am ashamed of you. Are you labeling him a perv because he fucked his daughter? Are you labeling Suzy? Me, Yourself?”

Runt didn’t say anything.

Paula continued, “I believe some things are wrong. Underage is wrong, but Suzy is eighteen. Forced sex is wrong, but the sex between them is totally consensual. Runt, I’m really surprised at you.”

Runt said, “Mom I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I agree with you that some things are just wrong. I like pervs. I consider myself a perv. I’m beginning to consider you one too.”

Paula laughed, “Ok, I understand. I guess it was a miscommunication on my part, but I hate labels. Slut, whore, perv, nympho. Why can’t we just be who we are?”

Paula put the cake in the oven and set the timer. “Mark is supposed to be home around 5:00 or so. Do you know if Steve and Tom were going to be home today?”

“Steve’s still snoring,” Tom said joining the conversation as he entered the kitchen. He was wearing boxers and a T-shirt. “What’s going on today.”

Paula handed him a cup of coffee as Runt answered, “Mom wants us to meet bursa escort bayan her new boyfriend.”

“OOOH Mom has a boyfriend?” Tom teased his mom.

“They are coming for dinner at 1:30 and I really want you all to meet them.”

“Then I’m here for the day, Tom said, then added, “Them?”

“Yes, he is bringing his daughter Suzy. He has a son named Bob but he’s away at college.”

Tom said. “How old is she?”

“Eighteen,” Paula answered.

“She’s legal and from what I hear, no virgin,” Runt said.

Paula frowned, “I really want you kids to be nice to her. Runt would you go up and wake Steve?”

“Sure Mom,” Runt said. She finished her coffee and left to room to wake up Steve.

After Runt left, Paula sat down at the table across from Tom. “I want to talk to you,” she said.

“Uh, sure Mom.”

“I want you to be nice to Suzy. She’s a sweet kid.”

“OK, mom,” Tom said laughing. “I understand. She’s strictly off limits.”

“You don’t understand,” Paula said. “Be nice to her. I think you screw a lot of girls and dump them. Just don’t do anything to hurt her.”

Tom realized his mother wasn’t joking. “Sure mom, you can count on me.”

“Your sister and I had a talk before you got up. Things are going to be different around here. Seeing your three last night really made me realize that you aren’t kids anymore. We are all adults in this house and I’m going top start treating you all like adults. From now on in this house, no topic or language is off limits.”

Tom stared at his mom, “Really? No way!”

“Really!” Paula said and laughed, “and by the way, that’s exactly what Runt said.”

“So if I brought a girl home for the night?” Tom asked.

Just as Runt had tested her, Paula knew Tom was testing her. She said, “I wouldn’t care if she slept with you in your bed.”

“And if we weren’t exactly sleeping in my bed?”

“I wouldn’t care if you fucked her all night long,” Paula said.

“Would we have to be discreet?”

“I wouldn’t care if you left the door open or did it in the living room, as long as you aren’t disturbing anyone else,” Paula said.

“Wow, this is going to be fun,” Tom said. “What about you? Are you going to be entertaining your new gentleman friend?”

“I imagine I will,” Paula said. “Would that bother you?”

“No, God, No,” Tom said, “Why would it?”

“Well I’m no spring chicken,” Paula said.

“What? Mom, you’re hot,” Tom said. “In fact my friends call you a MILF,” Tom said.

“A what?” Paula asked.

“A MILF. It means Mom I’d like to fuck,” Tom said.

“Jesus,” Paula said laughing. “That’s hysterical. Well OK, I guess I don’t need to be modest around you kids.”

Tom said, “Don’t cover up on my account. You know, eventually I’ll probably be seeing you naked. Maybe we should just get it over with.”

“What? Now?” Paula asked.

“Sure, why not?”

Paula knew Tom was really testing her limits but she was determined not to back down. She smiled and lifted her top to flash her tits at him. “Good enough?” she asked.

“Wow mom you have a great set of jugs. BFTs!” Tom said.

“I’m almost afraid to ask,” Paula said. “BFTs?”

“Big fuckin tits,” Tom replied.

Paula laughed escort bursa hard at that one. “Jesus Christ, Tom you remind me so much of your father.”

Tom got a look on his face like he was in deep thought. Finally Paula asked, “What the matter? What are you thinking about now?”

“I’m just wondering what your pussy looks like,” Tom said.

“I’m not going to show that to you. Besides don’t they all look kind of alike?”

“Fuck no!” Tom said. “Some are hairy, some are trimmed, some are bare. I don’t know if you got a good look at Runt, but she’s shaved except for a little tuft of hair right above her cunt. If I was going to guess, I would say yours is trimmed.”

Paula blushed, “You would be right.”

“Maybe I should take a look.”

“Didn’t I tell you I’m not going to show you?” Paula said.

“Sounds like we still have some limits around here,” Tom said.

“Fuck, alright,” Paula said. She stood in front of him and pulled her shorts down. She wasn’t wearing panties, so that was enough to expose her cunt for her son to see. True as her word, the pubes were nicely trimmed. She pulled her shorts back up and sat down. “Satisfied?”

“Never satisfied,” Tom said. “You want to see mine?” he asked and stood up. Paula saw his cock was tenting his boxers and the tip was exposed below the leg hole. Before she could answer he had pulled his boxers down. Out of the confines of his underwear, Tom’s cock stood at attention, pointing straight at his mother. She stared at it.

“Oh my God, Tom. You’re really hung.”

Tom remained standing. “Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful. No wonder you have so many dates.”

“Thanks, but it can be a real problem. When it gets like this, it just will not go down until it cums.”

“Sounds like you’ll have to beat yourself off,” Paula said.

“OK, Mom,” Tom said and he wrapped his hand around his cock and started jacking it off. Almost immediately a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip and dripped onto the floor.

“Hey, go upstairs with that. Don’t make a mess! We have people coming over!” Paula scolded him.

“Can’t stop now,” Tom grunted and increased his tempo.


“Can’t stop. Sorry Mom,” Tom grunted. He was beating off so fast his hand was practically a blur.

In a flash Paula was down on her knees in front of Tom. She pulled away his hands and started pumping the big prick herself, keeping the tip in her mouth.

After about a minute Tom and the kitchen timer went off simultaneously. Paula’s mouth was flooded with her son’s hot sticky load. She was frantically swallowing the load Tom was pumping into her mouth while she was thinking about her cake burning.

Finally he was done and Paula let the limp cock out of her mouth. “TOM! I told you we are having company today. Jesus you would have shot that stuff all over the kitchen. Fuck I hope I didn’t burn the cake.”

“Sorry mom,” Tom said.

“Now you go on upstairs and keep that thing in your pants,” Paula said as she opened the oven door and took the cake out. “Thank god it’s not burned.”

Tom picked up his boxers and slung them over his shoulder. Naked, he walked out of the kitchen but paused at the door. “Hey mom, thanks for the blow job,” he said, then he laughed. “Hey that’s one of those sentences you don’t hear very often.”

Paula laughed. “You’re welcome. Now get upstairs, get dressed and start cleaning up this place.”

(to be continued)



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