It was the holiday season 1981. I was the assistant manager of a small grocery store. Every year our manager would throw a Christmas party at his house. However, this year would be different. His wife had been diagnosed with cancer and so another employee was having the party instead. The boss’s daughter had been staying with them helping take care of her Mother. A few days before the party Roxanne was in the store shopping. I saw her, and decided to say hi. I asked how her Mom was feeling, and unfortunately she wasn’t good. Without thinking I asked if she would like to come to the Christmas party. “Are you asking me out?” she said smiling with her eyes sparkling.

“Yes,” I stammered.

“I’d love to,” she answered. “But you will have to come and meet my Dad when you pick me up,” she said teasing.

“I think I can handle him all right,” I said.

Roxanne was beautiful and sophisticated; I was nervous and excited the rest of the week. I didn’t tell anyone at work about my date; I wanted it to be a surprise.

Saturday after work I raced home to get ready. I really didn’t have any expectations of us being romantic but I was excited to spend the evening with a gorgeous lady.

I arrived at their house and rang the bell. Roxanne came to meet me at the door, a vision in a tight red sweater and black pants. She leaned in to give me a friendly hug, she smelled heavenly! “You look handsome,” she said.

“Thanks” I said, “I’ll be the luckiest guy at the party!” She smiled and blushed just a bit.

“Come on and say hi to Mom,” she said. “She is about to turn in for the night.”

We went to the kitchen where her Mom was sitting. She got up, gave me a big squeeze and whispered, “Thanks for getting Roxy out of the house. Go have fun, she doesn’t have a curfew.” Her eyes sparkled just like her daughter’s.

“Mom, I’m a big girl. I’ll decide when to come home,” Roxy protested. You could tell they were really close.

“Steve is downstairs, go say hi,” said her Mom.

Steve is our store manager and a great guy. I went downstairs and said hi. Steve said, “Be careful and don’t be too late.” I planned on taking his advice. I didn’t want trouble at work.

Roxanne and I went out and climbed in my truck. It was a short drive to the party and the conversation was easy and enjoyable. She warned me not to leave her alone because she didnt know many of the store’s employees.

When we walked into the party all eyes quickly found us and there escort eryaman were a lot of smiles. I introduced her to everyone and she seemed at home right away. I asked her if she would like a drink and she asked for a glass of wine. I was getting lots of knowing glances from the men at the party which I really enjoyed. They were jealous because I was with the prettiest girl at the party. We were having a great time and I was learning about her by listening to the conversations she was having with the other ladies. Steve was her step father and she had been married and had a son. Her son was staying in their home several hours away with 2 of her girlfriends watching over him while she cared for her Mother. We had been at the party for a couple of hours when Roxanne leaned in and whispered “I need to be getting home soon.” I was disappointed but I understood.

And so we said our goodbyes and left.

As we were driving up the block to her folks house she said, “I didnt really want to go home, can we go have a drink somewhere?”

I was surprised but excited. “Absolutely,” I said.

I didn’t want to take her to a loud bar so I stopped at one of the local hotels. They had a quiet, classy bar inside. One of my friends worked the desk in the evenings so I knew I wouldn’t need to have a room key to be served.

We sat down and ordered drinks. Roxanne began asking questions about me. How long had I worked at the store? What were my hobbies? Did I have a girlfriend? And how old was I? I was really enjoying telling her about myself and was very comfortable talking to her.

When I told her I was 21 she paused. “Well, how do you like dating an older woman?” she asked.

“Excited,” I said. And I gazed directly into her eyes without looking away.

“That makes 2 of us,” she said with a smile. I was incredibly turned on, and I was pretty sure she felt the same. I asked Roxy to dance and she said yes. There was slow jazz playing as we moved slowly together. We began kissing and it was all I could do to keep from touching her all over her body. Instead I felt her hand brush my hip, and then she slowly moved it between us. I was already very hard when she moved her hand over my cock.

“There seems to be a lot of swelling down there,” she teased. “Are you OK?”

“It’s all because of you,” I told her.

“So do you think there are any rooms available here?” she asked.

I took her hand and led her to our table. “I’ll be right back,” I told elvankent escort her.

I hurried to the front desk and my friend Mark was waiting with a key. “No charge,” he said. “Now go up there and have some fun,” he smiled.

I returned to the bar and took Roxy’s hand. We hurried to the elevator and headed up to our room. We kissed slowly until the elevator doors opened, and then we hurried to our room. She kissed me and said she would be right back and entered the bathroom. I wasn’t sure if I should get naked or wait for her. I decided to wait. I dimmed the lights and sat on the bed. She came out still in her red sweater but her slacks were missing. Her sweater was long enough that I couldn’t tell if she had panties on or not. She knelt in between my legs and kissed me. I wanted her so badly! Roxy began unbuttoning my shirt. She leaned forward and sucked my nipples. And then she lowered one of her hands to my cock. She rubbed it slowly as she continued kissing my chest. “Would you stand up please?” she asked. “I need to get my hands on your cock.” I stood and let her unbutton my jeans. She reached into my shorts and pulled out my cock.

“Oh my,” she said. “How do you hide this?”

“Well it’s not hard like this all of the time,” I replied.

She took me into her mouth and immediately took my cock down her throat. She sucked, licked and stroked me for a few minutes. I grabbed her under her arms and lifted her to her feet.

“I need a break or I’ll cum down your throat.” I said. I raised her sweater over her head and removed her bra. I would learn later that Roxy was 32; eleven years older than me. She has short reddish brown hair. She was very pretty with beautiful green eyes. Her breasts were small with pink nipples that just begged to be sucked. Her body was slim with creamy white skin. Her ass was wonderful and her pussy had red hair with delicate pink lips.

I lifted her onto the bed and lay down beside her. We kissed and touched but we were both too excited to wait very long. She pulled me between her legs and I slid slowly into her pussy. She was wet, but tight. She asked me to go slow as it had been awhile for her. I took my time, slowly building up momentum. I wasn’t sure but thought that she had 2 small orgasms. Her body tensed both times and she bit my neck. Her nails grazed my back as she moaned and cried. I had reached the point when I had to cum and so I asked her if I should pull out.

“Don’t you etimesgut escort dare pull out”, she said. And so I began stroking into her faster. She wrapped her legs around my waist and squeezed me tightly. I began cumming and it was one of the longest orgasms I’ve ever had. Afterward, I rolled off her and lay there beside her panting. I noticed that she had rolled onto her side to face me. As I regained my breath she began kissing me and touching me all over. “I’m sorry but I think I’m done for the night,” I gasped.

“I like a challenge.” she said.

I relaxed and enjoyed her hands on my body. She nuzzled my neck and worked her way down to my nipples. As she sucked and nibbled them my cock began to harden again. She placed her hand on my cock and began slowly stroking it. “I love your cock”, she whispered. She worked her way down and began slowly sucking, licking and nibbling. I was now back to a full erection. Roxy then crawled up on me and lowered herself down on my cock. Her pussy was so hot! She began to slowly make love to me. She would plunge down on my cock until it was buried deep in her pussy, then she would squeeze me with her pelvic muscles and slowly lift up until the head was just barely in. And then down again. I had orgasmed earlier so I wanted to see Roxy cum on my cock. She continued riding my cock, up and down still squeezing me on the up stokes. She began breathing harder and making quiet noises. She increased the speed, her face was flushed and she gripped my arms as she neared her peak. I was not near my climax so I was able to watch her as she moaned and cried softly. As she began to cum her body began shaking, I felt a warm liquid bathe my cock and balls. It then ran down to the crack of my ass. She lay down on my upper body, breathing hard, heart pounding through her chest. I held her as we both slept. Several hours later I woke to find her laying beside me; staring at my face. I smiled and she kissed me.

“I need to get home before sunrise Cowboy,” she said smiling. And so we began to get cleaned up and get dressed. There wasn’t any of the awkwardness that I had experienced in the past when a first date ended up in bed. We drove back to her house in silence, with her curled up beside me. She had her hand under my shirt slowly rubbing my chest. When we were a block away she asked me to pull over. I did, and she kissed me.

“I planned on seducing you tonight, she said. “But after this night I’m not going to just say goodbye.” “Can I see you again?”

“You would have a hard time getting rid of me now,” I answered. And so we traded phone numbers, (this was before cell phones). I’ll continue the story of our affair if you all are interested. Let me know what you think.



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