Ronnie’s mother (Not true story)I am not author of this story.Introduction: A woman teaches her son’s friend a few lessonsWhen I was in high school, there was a k** in my class whose name was Ronnie Johnson and who was rather popular, because he was always the first to have all the latest computer games. Everyone always wanted to go home with him after school to play these cool new games. That included me, even though I really didn’t a shit about these games. I faked enthusiasm for that computer nonsense because, when I was at Ronnie’s place, I would catch a glimpse every now and then of his mother, who was incredibly hot. She may have been approaching forty and a bit trashy-looking, but in my adolescent state of constantly being horny that really didn’t bother me.One Tuesday afternoon I was at Ronnie’s place again. We were playing a racing game and, as usual, I lost every time. That was the main reason why Ronnie often invited me to come and play with him. With the other k**s in our class, he had a much harder time winning. The fact that I always lost because I really didn’t give a rat’s ass about these games thankfully eluded him.“Yes!” Ronnie exclaimed, while on the screen his car passed the finishing line first, “I win again!” He gave me a triumphant look, as usual.“Shit!” I said, dropping my joystick on the floor.“Another one?”“I gotta piss,” I said, getting up, “I’ll be right back.”“I’ll put it back on single-player for a moment then,” Ronnie mumbled, doing so while he said it. I hadn’t left the room before I was hearing racing sounds again.I walked through the hallway to the bathroom and opened the door. I was startled to find Ronnie’s mother standing there. She was standing in front of the mirror, working on her make-up as far as I could tell. She turned and smiled. “Hi there,” she said, “you’re Tommy, right?”Ronnie’s mother had seen me before, but nevertheless I was a bit surprised that she remembered my name. She looked as hot as always. Her long, dyed-blond hairs were tied in two long braids and her face was rather heavily made-up. The reason I had to swallow had when I saw her was the way she was dressed: she wore nothing but a white blouse that was hanging open over a light green bikini top that her huge breasts were almost hanging out of, a pair of very short jeans that showcased her great behind and black pumps.“Er, I, er, hello Mrs. Johnson,” I stammered.She smiled again, with the luscious full red lips. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her body.“You tired of these boring computer games?” she asked.“Yes, er, kind of.”“I don’t understand what Ronnie likes so much about these games. He really doesn’t do anything else. I’m starting to get a little worried about that. I never hear him talk about girls, while he’s reached an age that he should care about girls. Do you ever hear him talk about girls?”“Er, no. He always just talks about computer games.”“Then I guess I will have to talk to him about that.” A mischievous smile appeared on her face. “But you, you are interested in girls already, aren’t you?”I felt I was starting to blush, but I didn’t know what to say.“You thought I hadn’t noticed the way you look at me when you’re around?” Ronnie’s mother smiled and began blushing even worse.“That fine, though,” she said, making a dismissive gesture, “that’s completely normal. Actually, it’s very healthy.” She gave me a brazen look. “Close the door.”I turned around and closed the bathroom door. In the meantime Ronnie’s mother turned on the shower. When I turned back, I saw she had taken off her blouse and was tossing fethiye escort it into corner in an offhand manner. “You know,” she said, “I consider it very flattering that a young boy such as yourself still looks at me in such a manner. And . . . I not only consider it flattering, I also think it’s incredibly horny.”Now that made me swallow really hard. I had never before heard an adult say the word ‘horny’ and the fact Ronnie’s mother said it in such a lustful tone made the impact even greater. I felt a strong rousing in my crotch and tried to cover myself with my hands in as discreet a way as possible, to hide my boner from view.“As far as I can see you like seeing me like this,” Ronnie’s mother smiled. “Would you like it if I were to remove some more clothes?”I nodded, because I was too baffled by the entire situation to be able to say a word.Ronnie’s mother unbuttoned her tiny jeans and slowly pulled them down her legs, turning her great ass towards me at the same time. Beneath the jeans she wore a light green string that matched her top. She dropped the jeans to the floor and stepped out of them.“Do you want me to continue?” she laughed, turning back to me.Again I could only nod, but she was already continuing without waiting for my response. Her hands disappeared behind her back and she unfastened her top. She dropped it to the floor, showing me her enormous boobs in their full glory.If I would have had the presence of mind, I would have pinched myself, because I could scarcely believe that this woman, after whom I had lusted for so long in secret, was standing before me now in nothing but a string and pumps. But it got even better. Ronnie’s mother put one hand inside her string and grabbed one of her breasts with the other. Slowly she started fingering herself and rubbing her nipple.“You like watching me play with myself?” she asked in a moaning tone of voice.Again, I just nodded.“I would like to see you play with yourself too. Will you do that for me?”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My shame and my lust briefly battled each other, but that fight was over within a few seconds. I opened my pants, took my stiff dick out and started to slowly jerk off.“From the looks of it,” Ronnie’s mother grinned, “you do that often.”That made me laugh and for the first time since stepping into the bathroom, I managed to relax a bit.“Ah, young boys,” Ronnie’s mother smiled, “always horny.” She stopped touching herself and took off her string. “Get undressed,” she said.I stopped wanking too and hastily got out of all my clothes, until I was standing naked before her. She stretched out and arm, grabbed hold of my cock and gently began to masturbate me. “You like that?” she whispered.“Yes,” I stammered in a coarse voice. I was now waiting for the moment that I would wake up and all this would have turned out to be a dream, but to my surprise that moment didn’t come. Quite the contrary, Ronnie’s mother kept jerking me off with one and started to rub my balls with the other. She bent her head towards me and whispered in my ear, “you can feel my tits if you want to.”Hesitantly I put a hand on one of her breasts. As soon as the soft flesh touched the palm of my hand I let go of whatever inhibitions I might have had left and surrendered to the glorious frenzy of lust that was engulfing me. With both hands I started to squeeze her tits and massaging her nipples.“Have you ever done this before?” Ronnie’s mother moaned.“Er, no,” I stuttered.“Then I guess you’ve never fucked before either?”“No.”“Well,” she laughed in a horny escort fethiye manner, “then this will be your first time.” She let got of me and lay down one the floor, spreading her legs wide. “Come on.”I threw myself onto her on let her guide my hard cock into her cunt. Carefully I started to push. I couldn’t believe this was really happening to me, but the slurping sound of my dick going back and forth in her cunt and the clashing of my balls against her pussy lips with every thrust, convinced me that this was all real.It didn’t take long before I came and shot a huge load of my young semen into Ronnie’s mother. As soon as I was done, I rolled off her and lay down next to her.“Did you like that?” she asked.“Great,” I said coarsely, “fantastic.”“Good,” she said, bending over me and moving her head towards my crotch. The sensation of her tits rubbing my belly was wonderful, but before I could really enjoy that she had already taken my half-erect prick into her mouth and the feeling that caused was even better. She gave me a magnificent blow job that had my cock fully hard again in no time at all. In the meantime she pulled a leg around me and pushed her crotch in my face. Since my last bit of shame had fully and utterly disappeared by now, I immediately and enthusiastically attacked her cunt. I had, after all, never seen a vagina up close, let alone touched one. Wildly I licked her pussy lips and nibbled at her clit. She seemed to enjoy it too, judging from her panting and moaning. I also found her cunt to smell very nice, something that surprised me since I had always heard that cunts smelled badly, but the somewhat salty scent that filled my nostrils actually really aroused me.I kept licking away at her cunt, but because she was blowing me in such a great manner it wasn’t long before I felt I was close to another orgasm. Apparently Ronnie’s mother sensed that too, since she abruptly stopped sucking my dick and let it slip from her lips. She got up, turned around and sat before me on her knees “You wanna come on my tits?” she asked in the most lustful voice I had ever heard.“Yes!” I moaned enthusiastically.Ronnie’s mother smiled and merrily began stroking my prick. She only had to do it a few times before I exploded again. With a firm hand she aimed my spraying cock at her majestic boobs, so that thick clots of semen splattered against these huge balls of flesh. I had never felt hornier than at this very instant. The sight of big lumps of my sperm on her tits almost drove me mad!With my cock began to shrivel and I was still panting, Ronnie’s mother let herself fall on top of me. The feeling of her sperm-soaked tits rubbing my chest almost gave me an instant hard-on again.Ronnie’s mother gave me a hard, wet kiss on my mouth before she got up again and pulled me up too. While we were standing there naked in front of each other, I suddenly didn’t know how behave anymore. Now that my lust was somewhat subsiding, my shame started to return a little bit and I didn’t know what to say.“I think we can both use a shower,” Ronnie’s mother smiled, “and the water is already running.” She took my hand and led me into the shower. The water felt nice and warm. “Come,” she said, reaching for a flask of shower gel, “let’s soap each other up.”She let some shower gel glide into my hands and while I slowly started to apply the foaming substance to her delicious body, she also put some into her own hands and started to cover me in soap as well. I couldn’t get enough of touching her wet, slippery body but as soon as she started to soap fethiye escort bayan up my dick, I quickly developed an erection again.“I’ll teach you another position,” she whispered while she let go of my prick and turned around. She spread her legs and leaned forward, her arms resting against the shower wall. “Take me from behind,” she lustfully encouraged me. Not that I needed a lot of encouragement. I stood behind her, put my hands on her marvellous bottom and carefully pushed my cock against her crotch, until I found her pussy hole and easily shoved my prick into her.I started to thrust slowly, before carefully speeding up a little bit. The feeling of our wet bodies clashing against each other with every thrust was incredibly great. Because I had already come twice, it took me lot longer before I began to feel I was about to reach my third orgasm. I wanted to last a lot longer this time, though, so I slowed my thrusting a bit. When I jacked off this always worked and it turned out that it was just as effective when fucking for real. I kept going like this for quite a while, speeding up until I felt my seed was about to spew forth, then slowing down again until that feeling had gone away and so on – and every time the sensation of almost coming gave me a real thrill – until finally I really couldn’t stop myself anymore and groaning loudly I shot the last sperm from my balls into the hot, wet cunt of Ronnie’s mother. Panting, I fell against her. We stayed like that for a while, savouring the moment, until my dick had shrunk so much that it slipped out of her pussy on its own.Ronnie’s mother turned around. “That really wasn’t bad,” she said laughing, “come, let’s rinse ourselves.”We let the warm water wash away all the soap, sweat and other bodily fluids, dried ourselves and got dressed again. As soon as we were clothed again, I suddenly panicked. What would Ronnie think, now that I had stayed away for so long? Would he suspect something? Maybe he had even heard something?Apparently Ronnie’s mother saw the panic in my eyes, because she smiled comfortingly. “Don’t worry. Just leave, I’ll tell Ronnie you went home because you were tired of this computer business. Believe me, he never notices when I steal his playmates.”My mouth fell open.“Yes, Tommy, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. You’re not in love with me, are you?”“No,” I answered simply and truthfully.“That’s good,” she smiled, “because I would like to play with you again, but you have to realize that it’s just playing and nothing more. Do you think you’re old enough to be able to make that distinction?’“Yes. Sure.”“Good,” she said, “do you have a cell phone?”I nodded.“Give me your number, I’ll call you when you can . . . come play again.”I pulled a piece of paper from one of my pockets and wrote down my cell number.“Good,” Ronnie’s mother smiled, “you’ll hear from me soon. Now go.”She gave me a kiss on the cheek before I stepped out of the bathroom and walked back through the hall, towards the stairs. When I passed Ronnie’s room, the door still half open, I could still hear the racing sounds from the computer game. He apparently was indeed obsessively playing his game.I quietly walked down the stairs and went outside. While I closed the door behind me, I suddenly realized I had no idea what time it was. I wasn’t wearing a watch, so I pulled my cell phone from my jacket to check the time. It was half past five. I sighed with relief, because now I would be home in time for dinner and my parents wouldn’t ask uncomfortable questions.With a weird, but very fulfilled feeling I walked back home. I had actually fucked, and in what ways! And it had been Mrs. Johnson, Ronnie’s mother! When I got back home and grabbed my keys, I suddenly realized that I still didn’t know her first name.



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