AUTHOR’s NOTE: Arthur is 60, Kent 38, Pearl, 37, Cherry 36, Rose, Renee and Ross are 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.


Arthur walked back to the Cherokee jingling the room keys and humming new words to an old ribald tune:

Ta Ra Ra BOOM Dee Ay
We kissed the twins today,
We fingered their wet slits,
We squeezed their bouncing tits!
Now we have proper beds
To steal their maidenheads,
And have them every way,
Ta Ra Ra BOOM Dee Ay!

The girls were wide awake and excited, having already compared notes on their recent experiences. Getting back in the Jeep, Arthur said to Kent, “Numbers 189 and 190, around the back of the building over there.”

“Good,” replied Kent as he moved the SuV throught the dark lot.

“Which room is ours, Dad?” Renee asked impatiently.

“Well, it seems to me you called ‘SHOTGUN!’ at the restaurant, so let Rose pick,” Kent reasoned.

“It won’t matter,” observed Arthur, “Identical rooms for identical twins,” he laughed. “with a common connecting door, it will be the same either way.”

Rose did some calculations on her fingers and said, “We’re 18 years and 9 days old, Uncle Art, so we’ll take Room 189 and you and Dad can have Room 190, OK?”

Arthur just laughed and said cryptically, “Yeah, it can start out that way.”

“Yes, Dad, it can,” agreed Kent quietly.

The twins opened 189 and waited until the men brought in the few bags needed for the single overnight stay. Peeking through the connecting door to Room 190, it suddenly dawned on them that each room had only a single king bed. “Wait, Dad! Uncle Art, are you guys going to share that bed? asked Rose incredulous.

“Well,…actually, yes!” answered Arthur. “Just as you girls will be sharing your bed.”

“But,” added Kent, breaking into a big smile, along with his brother, “We thought a better plan would be for us to share beds with you and not with ourselves! What do you think of that?” He followed up. “I’ll share the bed in 190 with Renee and Rose will share the bed in 189 with Uncle Art.”

Renee bit her lip, sniffing a gulp of air through her nose in surprise and Rose blushed and looked down at her Nikes, then they both gleefully shouted, “YES!” and ran and jumped into Kent’s and Arthur’s arms to smother them with kisses.

“Hey, Hey!” exclaimed Arthur as Rose leapt and grabbed him in a flying bear hug, “Hang on a second!”

“I am hanging on, Uncle Art,” Rose purred.

“No, I mean stop,” Arthur clarified, as Kent struggled to disentangle himself from the enthusiastic Renee. “We’ve all been travelling all day,” continued Arthur, “plus, there has been some physical activity…”

“…And how!” interrupted Renee…

“…so, probably the best thing to do first off, is grab showers and relax. Heck, I could even do with a shave,” Arthur added rubbing his stubbled face.

“Yes,” echoed, Kent, “let’s all clean up and then go to bed refreshed.”

“I agree with Dad,” piped up Rose, dropping to the floor. “C’mon, Renee,” and she pulled her sister’s arm until she let go of Kent and also stood on the floor.

Returning to Room 189, the twins went into a whispered huddle. “Listen,” Renee said, “Let’s let them shower first and sneak in on them under the spray…”

“Yeah, that’ll be great,” nodded Rose. Raising her voice she said, “Hey, Uncle Art! Come in here and use our shower while Dad’s in the other one. You guys will be faster and there’ll be less wait time for everyone.”

“Hmmm,” came back Arthur’s voice, “I’m not sure it will make any difference in the long run, but hey, at least we’ll get the hottest water. OK, Deal!”

As Kent and Arthur prpared for their showers, the twins rummaged through the luggage to find their favorite cotton-candy pink satin teddy sets with the boy-cut tap pants. Once found, they tucked them under the pillows in the two rooms to put on later. Hearing the water runnng, Rose and Renee stipped naked, gave each other a quick hug, kiss and wink and scampered after their respective selected targets.

Rose waited in the steamy bathroom, watching Arthur’s silhouettte through the frosted glass shower door, as her hair began to droop and moisture beaded up all over her body. When he turned to the shower head and rinsed off his shaving lather, she eased open the slider and slipped in. Grabbing a washcloth she quickly soaped it and started to softly scrub her uncle’s taut buttocks.

“Thanks, sweetie,”Arthur said simply, surprising Rose that she had not surprised him, “I kinda wondered how long you were going to stand out there steaming before you decided to come in here with me.”

Smiling broadly he turned and took the soapy rag from her hand. He gently pushed it back and forth across her chest, under her armpits, and beneath her soft breasts, hefting these supportively, and gave his niece a warm unhurried deep kiss. Traversing her pendik escort tummy, he circled her belly button, squishing suds in and out of the shallow depression while holding the kiss.

Rose trembled and felt weak in her knees as Arthur pulled the rag across her abdomen, through her blonde wispy pubic hair, and squeezed it in between her thighs against her pussy. She began to pant when he ducked his other hand behnd her ass and grabbed the cloth’s end, twisted it to a sudsy rope and sawed it between her cunt’s aching lips and onto her throbbing clit. Arthur continued to move the rag back and forth as Rose clung to his neck to remain upright, whimpering into his shoulder and quivering uncontrollably. Her delcious torture did not stop as she heard her uncle quietly ask, “Is this as much fun as before? You thought you wanted to do more of this didn’t you?”

“Oooh, Unhhncle Art! Uncle, uhnh, uh unh, uh!” was the best response Rose could manage in her rapture.

Adusting the spray nozzle with his left hand to aim it vertically behind his back, Arthur dropped the cloth and raised his right hand to Rose’s shoulder, guiding her down with a steady push. Forcing her to kneel on the rubber bath mat in front of his turgid cock, Arthur instructed his niece, “Open your mouth, Rose, and put it on my dick. Can you do that for me, sweetie?”

Rose answered by dropping her jaw, grabbing his bone with both hands and bringing her lips to surround the wet purple mushroom at the end of his shaft. Closing, Rose tentatively ran her tongue tip along the head’s little slit. Arthur praised her,”That’s very good, sweetie. Mmm hmm, yes. Now rub your hand on my cock while you suck and tickle the head. Don’t worry about taking it too much into your mouth. Just go easy, uhnn, and stay, relaxed, ooh, yes! that’s nice!”

Rose was getting into it and applied her other hand under her uncle’s scrotum, scratching and squeezing his nuts. “Huh?” she wondered to herself, “that’s strange! A moment ago his balls were big and dangled loose in his sack, but how they feel smaller in my hand and his bag is tight around them like shrinkwrap.” Rose continued squeezing, licking, sucking and stroking in the same pattern. Arthur’s stalk pulsed, twitched and even jumped in her mouth as he moaned in low tones and grabbed her hair to hold her hea before suddenly crying out, “Here I come, Baby! HOLD ON!”

Pulling Rose’s face tight to his crotch, Arthur flooded her mouth with his semen. Without recourse, Rose swallowed as much of the tide as she could, using her tongue to push the excess into a cheek pocket to wait for the next swallow. “Oh, God, that was great, Rose!” exclaimed Arthur. “I am so proud of you for taking it all with no spills or gagging. You are a natural cocksucker, do you realize that? Oh, I love you!”

Rose was pleased with this strong praise and proud of herself, too. The cum was hot, salty and slightly bitter, but she loved the sensation of the throbbing cock in her mouth and hoped to suck Uncle Art’s dick again, soon and often.


Meanwhile in the bathroom of Room 190, Renee did not opt for hte subtle approach. Flouncing in she announced, “Hi Daddy! Nothing is more efficient than showering together, eh?” Laughing, she continued, “Are you going to rub my pussy again? I might be getting that ‘funny feeling’ again and my nipples are tingling!”

“Hey sweetheart,” Kent answered, “Of course I’m going to rub your pussy, but that’s not all I have been thinking about.” Grinning slyly he stepped from the stall, leaving the shower to run, and stood in front of Renee with water dripping and running in rivulets down his hard muscled frame. Kent reached out and lifted his beautiful, naked daughter straight up in the air under her arms and brought her in until her firm full tits and puffy nipples were crushed flat against his chest and her feet hung above the floor. “Now,” he asked with a toothy smile, “where’s all that sugar you were trying to give me a while ago?”

Renee locked her bare ankles around Kent’s naked hips, hugged his neck, pushed her little pink tongue into his maw and kissed him avidly. “Mmmm, that’s better,” Kent mumbled, joining the tongue wrestling match.

“Daddy, you are huge!” exclaimed Renee, looking down at Kent’s swollen member which had risen to press against her pussy and stomach.

“Not too big for your mom, or for Aunt Pearl, sweetie,” Kent assured her, “and not too big for you, either. You’ll find out all about it, but,” Kent continued while casually drawing small circles around his daughter’s areolae until they stood like marshmallows against her mounds, “maybe you should inspect it for yourself.”

“Mmmm, ooh, Daddy!”, Renee answered, almost inaudible, distracted by the increased tingle in her tits, “I want to see your big cock up close.”

Kent let her slide down his body to sit on the toilet seat and moved to stand between Renee’s legs. Gingerly she grasped his rock-hard spear and touched its tip with her finger. escort pendik The dick twitched and a dab of liquid appeard at its hole. “What’s that?” asked Renee, hoping her dad would not say “pee.”

“Oh, that is a lubricant the body makes.” Kent replied. “Some people call it ‘pre-cum’ but really it’s more like the wet that oozes from you when you feel ‘funny’, like now, I notice.” Kent smiled and reached a long fnger to Renee’s cunt, then brought the coated digit to his lips and sucked. “You should taste it,” he encouraged, and Renee bent forward and licked the droplet, and the others that formed behind it, from her Dad’s soldier’s helmet.

“Oh! I like it!” she announced. “it tastes odd and yummy all at the same time!”

Holding Kent’s cock like an ice cream cone, she licked and kissed him from crown to balls and back again. Kent stroked her hair, dank from the shower steam, and made appreciative noises in his throat. Renee redoubled her attentions and took the massive head and part of the neck of her dad’s dick into her soft mouth, bobbing up and down while stroking and squeezing the shaft that remained outside.

She seemed instinctively to know what Kent liked and how to excite him. Several times, without realizing it, she paused at a critical point, keeping him on the edge of explosion. At last, however, Renee brought him to the point of no return and she did not pause. Kent, knowing he was going to come, forcefully pulled away from Renee and pointed his cock at her chest, spraying her tits with thick white cream in a series of pulsing squirts. “OH my!, cried Rene with surprise, “is that supposed to happen like that?”

Kent answered, “Anything can happen and it’s all good stuff.” Scooping his cum onto a finger he put it in her mouth. “is that as tasty as those sticky pecan nut sausages you were gobbling at the restaurant?” he asked.

“Mmmm, yes, twice as tasty, Daddy!” she replied, moving her hand across her chest to collect the rest of the spewed goop. “But, Daddy,” she complained, as she licked her hand almost clean and pushed the residue onto Kent’s lips, “I still feel ‘funny’ and you haven’t rubbed my pussy like you promised.”

“Oh, well,” Kent answered, “Let’s take care of that right now. Stand up,” he directed “and lean over the counter with your legs apart and your palms braced flat to the mirror.”

Renee followed the instructions and looked down past her body’s ‘L-shaped” form. Her breasts hung free and swayed as she moved. Her legs, akimbo, opened a view to her blonde thatch and peeking swollen pussy lips. Kent stood behind her and his log was laid along the top of her ass like a carpenter’s level as he pushed three fingers into the moist tight tunnel at the bottom ofher beckoning slit.

Kent spread out his fingers and relaxed them repeatedly to stretch Renee’s pussy and give them deeper access. As before, in the Jeep’s front seat, Renee actively responded to his probes and he was careful not to penetrate too much but only to work on getting a fourth digit into her tight cunt. “Oh, OOOH!, Oh, Daddy, Oh don’t stop, Please!” Renee cried, panting loudly as her pussy gushed around the intruding hand.

On one of his retreats Kent switched and pushed the bulb of his cock into his daughter’s prepared passage. Easing forward, still cautious, Kent bumped into her hymen. Renee continued her rapid breathing, moans, and pelvic action as Kent continued the easy strokes, rubbing her back and shoulders to distract Renee from his increasingly deep progress. Reading correctly the signs of his daughter’s pending orgasm Kent thrust deeper and harder to break her wall, simultaneously squeezing her shoulders sharply. Renee yelped, gasped, came and collapsed all at the same time. “Oh, Daddy!” she moaned, “you are amazing, don’t stop! I want to feel you in me forever!”

Kent silently chuckled to himself and stayed as he was, rubbing her neck wth his left hand. His right index finger drew a path down Renee’s spine to her bottom where he flattened his palm to massage her ass. Continuing to slide his cock in and out of her stretched slick pussy with a deliberate pace, each thrust, with no further obstruction, took him deeper. Soon Renee was again breathing short and fast and jerking her hips in time with the strokes. Kent felt pressure build as his balls constricted and a familiar surge mounted as he drove his dick to its full lenght into Renee. He popped at the deepest point and Reneed arched and screamed “DADDY!” and came violently, her cunt walls sucking in her father’s cock, draining his nuts of their final spurts.

Kent relaxed his body, extracted his softening, bloodtinged organ from his daughter’s leaking cunt and tenderly picked her up. Cradling her in his arms, he stepped into the shower. They kissed and he stood her up, gently lathering and rinsing her spent body as she leaned against him for support.


Back in Room 189, Rose swallowed the last bit of her uncle’s cum as he turned off the shower and stepped pendik escort bayan out of the stall. Following him, she grabbed a towel, saying, “Let me dry you, Uncle Art.”

She started on his upper back. Wiping briskly, she moved down, lingering a little at his butt and thighs, to his calves and ankles. “Now, turn around,” she ordered, “so I can get at your front.”

Obediently, Arthur turned and Rose started the upward journey to his shins, thighs and trim stomach, pausing to give special attention to his marvelous cock and balls. As she dried these precious objects, Rose asked, “Um, does it take very long to make more cum, Uncle Art? I kind of was wanting a second helping.”

“It varies a great deal, Honey,” Arthur answered, in a matter of fact manner,” but that’s just part of the fun. Keep playing with me and you’ll soon see how it works.”

“Oh, I will, Uncle Art,” she said, “I sure will.” Rose kissed the tip of his tumescent, but not yet hard, dick and rolled his balls lightly in her fingers. Standing up, she dried his muscular chest, upper arms and neck. Rose finished, quickly kissed his smooth-shaved cheek, giggled and pronounced, “There! All done!” Now, do ME!”

Arthur pulled another towel from the rack and turned Rose to face away from him. Vigourously drying her back and bottom, he slipped the towel around front to wrap her chest, patted and rubbed her beautiful, resilient terry-covered breasts, and hugged her. Arthur moved the towel to work on her tummy and abdomen. Rose criticised him laughing, “You’re not doing much good there, Uncle Art! The more you dry me the wetter I get! You are like the opposite of a towel!”

Arthur kissed her neck and shoulders, letting go of the towel. Chuckling, he asked,”Is that right?” and rubbed her silky snatch and ran his fingers breifly into her pussy’s slippery slot. “Well, well, well, I guess I am a failure.” he concluded.

Reaching down, Rose put her hand on top of her uncle’s roving fingers and pressed them hard against her pussy. “Not at all, Uncle Art,” she observed, clenching her ass muscles, “In fact, I feel something sticking in to my bottom. Are you ready for me to suck again?”

No, Rose,” corrected Arthur, pulling his hand away and raising its sticky fingers to her face. He rubbed them on her lips, pushing gently, to introduce her own juices to her tongue. “Suck on these instead.” As she tasted herself, Arthur continued, “You’re right, my dick is ready again,and you are too. Let me show you something else that’s fun.”

Taking Rose’s hand he led her to the big bed and said, “lay back and spread your legs, sticking them into the air.”

Rose complied readily, anticipating something nice, yet unsure what. She watched with increasing interest as Arthur crawled on the bed, his rampant hard-on waving like a flag. Situating himself between her legs, he pulled them down until her thighs rested on his hunched shoulders, her calves hanging down his back. Sliding his hands along her sides, Arthur settled himself, mouth poised over her navel, fingers and thumbs on top of her protruberant nipples and hands surrounding her firm tits.

Arthur kissed her tummy and began to massage Rose’s breasts, manipulating her hardening crests. His tongue tickled her belly button and he moved his head with leapfrogging little kisses down her abdomen to her anxious dripping cunt. Arthur felt Rose’s thighs flex, pressing hard against his ears, then separating further, opening her portal wide before his hungry mouth. As he pushed his tongue in and lapped her freely flowing juice, Rose wiggled and her heels bounced against his back thumping a base beat to her staccato vocalized cries.

Abandoning his niece’s pussy briefly, Arthur assumed a push-up position between her legs. Resting on his left forearm, he guided his dick with his right hand to the top of her cunt then slide it slowly down her slit. “Just like my fingers, Rose, only a little bit thicker and longer, that’s all,” Arthur assured her as bit by bit he eased its head and shaft past her pliant lips.

Rose suirmed and giggled, “Oh Uncle Art, this is so way better than fingers! It tickles and makes me smile and shiver all at once.”

Arthur thrust his hips to drive deeper into her pussy. “OUCH!” yelped Rose, “that was no tickle, Uncle!”

“There, there, Honey,” Arthur consoled his niece, “it’s natural and you may feel a sting, but it will quickly end and you’ll feel that happy tickle again.” Still, in consideration of her experience, Arthur pulled back to shorten and slo his strokes.

“Mmm, that’s nicer, Uncle Art, oooh! oooh! I think I’m gonna come again,” cried Rose, “Yes! Oh,Yes!”

Arthur grinned in delight and lengthened and strengthend his thrusts. As Rose clutched his back with her arms, he pushed through her hymen and held her pinned to the bed by his now immobile lance. “UHNHCLE!” screamed Rose, as his final puncture fully introduced hs cock to her cunt. “Ohmygod! Oh! Oh!” Rose continued gasping and crying. Then, as suddenly as it arrived, the twinging hurt left. She relaxed and felt her pussy naturally contract around her visitor. Actively tensing her pubic muscles, Rose tried to grab her uncle’s dick to prevent its leaving.



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