“Oh I so need a drink,” complained Sam as she rode alongside Louise.

It had been a long day and they were all looking forward to seeing the ferry terminal again. Unfortunately, it had remained curiously elusive so far despite several signs indicating it was close.

“Surely we must be near now,” Gillian said crossly.

“I dunno,” Sam replied with a shrug, “that last sign said six kilometres to Euro Port and yet there’s still no sight of it.”

Louise couldn’t be bothered to contribute to the conversation. Her head was somewhere else and had been all day. As the miles rolled by effortlessly, she had been mulling over all the events of the last three days, trying to make sense of them. In the process she had resolutely stayed away from Rick.

He had smiled at her when they stopped for a late lunch, but she had pretended not to notice. It seemed easier that way. They had agreed to talk about things tonight, so it was best to let it lie in the meantime. Besides, she still had no idea what she wanted.

On the face of it, a short term fling was possible – after all they both knew there was an undeniable attraction. But, did she really want something so shallow? Plus, did she want to be just another notch on his belt? No, she didn’t. She was tired of all that crap. Kevin had messed her about and she had no desire to be another man’s fuck-toy again.

If she wanted casual sex, she knew damn well Paolo was more than willing. He had pressed his cell phone number into her hand the last time she’d visited the gym and he had made it quite clear that he was available for anything she felt she needed. She would have been tempted to take him up on that offer had she not overheard a conversation between two girls in the changing rooms.

“He’s a great fuck,” the blonde had said to her friend with the unfeasibly large tits as they changed into their designer-labelled exercise clothes.

“Who is?” Miss Big Tits said curiously.

“You know – the masseuse guy,” said Blondie. “My hubby paid for a course of treatments for me as a birthday present,” she snorted with amusement. “He has no idea what ‘extras’ Paolo offers!”

“No!” the friend said in disbelief. “You’re joking…”

“I’m not joking, Lesley, trust me, the guy is a total stud!” She fanned herself dramatically and Louise felt her stomach clench. She wondered just how many women Paolo serviced in the course of his day, although, she had to admit he had been good at his job. The massage had been great even without the extras.

It was very disappointing. The thought of seeing Paolo again had been rather attractive up until that moment. Oh well, she could always go back when things got really desperate.

But casual fun was not her thing. It never had been – no-strings sex just didn’t do it for her. The encounter with Rick outside the club only happened because he caught her off guard at a vulnerable moment. If she had been sober, it never would have happened at all.

“What’s up with you?” Gillian’s voice broke through her chain of thought and Louise looked at her blankly.


“You!” she said exasperatedly. “You’ve been on another planet all day. Are you still feeling poorly after last night?” She began to look concerned.

“I’m fine,” Louise said, forcing herself to look cheerful.

Gillian frowned suspiciously. She didn’t look too convinced, but evidently decided not to pursue it any further. “Hey, did I tell you the gossip?” she said suddenly.

“No?” Louise’s curiosity was aroused despite her own problems.

Gillian pulled alongside while Sam moved ahead to chat with Brigitte and Sonya. “Well,” she said confidentially, “a little bird told me that Rebecca and Lucy had quite a night with Bob! Apparently Bob had a video camera and he took some interesting film footage. We may get to see this later!” She grinned at the thought.

“Did the girls know about the film?” asked Louise dubiously.

“Yeah!” Gillian rolled her eyes. “Course they did, you idiot! It seems those two aren’t quite as innocent as they look.”

Louise thought back to the car park when she’d overheard Rebecca with Lance Clarke. No, she decided, Rebecca was clearly not as naïve as she’d originally believed. The trollop!

Their conversation was cut short when someone near the front of the ride began to cheer loudly. “We’re here!”

“Thank fuck for that – I need a drink and some food,” Sam said loudly.

The sight of the ferry terminal was a welcome one to everybody. It had been a long day after an equally long night for many people. Clearly some folk had had even less sleep than her, thought Louise. She just wondered how long it would take Bob to cash in on his ‘film’.

* * *

On this occasion the cabin key actually opened the door. Louise entered the cramped space again and wondered who she was sharing it with this time. She had hoped Gillian would be her companion, but Gillian had drawn Sam, Natasha and the lovely Alicia in the cabin lottery. escort sincan Louise was at least spared that particular horror.

“Hello!” said a familiar voice when the door swung open just as Louise was pulling her wash bag out.

She spun round in surprise to see Gary leering at her from the entrance to the cabin. “Are you in here, too?” she asked in stunned disbelief. Surely he hadn’t been allocated a cabin with her!

“I think this may be our lucky night!” he grinned. “Fancy a threesome?” he continued as Rick appeared behind with his bag in hand.

Oh fucking marvellous, thought Louise in total desperation. This was not how she’d planned her evening. If it all went tits up with Rick, she was now doomed to spend a hideous night in close proximity with him, unable to escape.

“Give it a rest, Gary,” Rick muttered as he dropped his bag on the opposite bunk. “I’ve told you often enough – I really don’t fancy you!”

Gary pulled a mournful expression. “Shame,” he said sadly. “It could have been so much fun.”

She struggled to hide a smile. He really was incorrigible. “Try asking Rebecca and Lucy,” she suggested innocently. “I hear they’re into that kinda thing…”

Both men looked at her curiously but Louise grabbed her bag and disappeared into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She spent ages luxuriating in the hot shower, taking her sweet time. It was blissful to feel the water cascading over her aching shoulders after spending all day on her bike.

When eventually she re-emerged from the bathroom dressed in a pair of jeans and a tight top, the cabin was empty. It seemed Gary and Rick had left her in peace and decided to have a drink at the bar while she got ready. It was actually a relief to be able to apply her make-up and dry her hair without feeling like she was being watched.

She still couldn’t quite believe she was being forced to share a cabin with them. Somebody, somewhere, was having a huge laugh at her expense, but she had no choice other than get on with it. It was going to be awkward with Rick, but maybe Gary might be a useful distraction.

The more she thought about it, the more she realised that it was a terrible idea to get involved with Rick. Men were bad news and she needed a break from them. With that thought firmly in place, she grabbed her purse and headed for the bar to meet the rest of the girls.

* * *

By the time Louise had drained her fifth vodka, her conviction that men were a waste of space was beginning to slide. Gary was flirting heavily with her, no doubt hoping to smooth the way for fun later in the cabin. The trouble was she really wasn’t interested in him. He was cute, no doubt about that, but not only was he married, he also wasn’t Rick.

Firmly batting Gary’s wandering hands from her thighs for the umpteenth time she caught Rick watching her speculatively. Her stomach lurched and she felt her face grow warm. It annoyed her no end that he had this effect on her, but she was helplessly in his thrall.

Ignoring Gary’s plea for a kiss, she jumped up and headed towards the bar, abruptly making a detour at the last minute. The heavy door that led to the deck swung shut behind her and the music faded, only to be replaced by the whooshing of engines and wind. It was far breezier than it had been the first night, but she felt strangely exhilarated as her hair whipped round her face and the salt tickled her nostrils.

Finding a sheltered corner beneath the upper deck, she sat down on a hard wooden bench and tucked her knees under her chin. It was peaceful out here; soothing after the manic restaurant and bar. It was also nice to be alone for a while, with only her thoughts for company.

The sound of giggling soon alerted her to the presence of others. Rebecca appeared round the corner with Bob in tow. He meekly followed her to the edge of the deck and she turned to face him, laughing in the wind. “It’s a bit chilly out here for that!” she said, her voice carried towards Louise who was out of sight in the shadows.

“Aw go on, Becca, you know you enjoyed it last night!”

Rebecca smiled and leant back against the railings. “I suppose we can take a few pics.” She looked around quickly. “Better be quick though, while nobody else is here.”

“I was hoping Lucy would join you…” Bob looked disappointed for a moment.

“She’s fallen asleep in the cabin. You wore her out, you dirty old man!”

He grinned proudly. “I even surprised myself!” he said in wonderment.

“How do you want me, stud?” Rebecca thrust her tits out and pouted in her best porn star impression.

“Yum, that looks good…” Bob stepped back with his small digital camera in hand. He seemed to be considering how best to pose her. “Undo your top and hitch your skirt a little higher.”

Louise watched with amusement. Any higher and Rebecca’s skirt was going to become a belt.

“Like this?” She spread her legs and pressed her tits together to create a tempting valley ankara escort of cleavage.

“That’s great, babe!” Bob took a few pictures and then asked, “Can you whip that bra off?”

Quick as a flash, Rebecca pulled the straps down and yanked the offending garment off. She was left standing with her top hanging seductively from her shoulders and her breasts barely covered. Louise had to admit she looked pretty hot, framed in the glare of the bright halogen lights.

“Now can you cup your tits for me and act like you’re about to get laid?”

“Hey, who’s acting?” Rebecca giggled naughtily. She shrugged her top off and scooped her large breasts in both hands, looking seductive for the camera.

“Oh babe, you’re a natural!” He took a few more shots and then shoved the camera in his jacket pocket. “Come on, let’s go back to my cabin – I have a hard-on that needs some attention!”

Rebecca bounced over towards him. “Yeah, let’s fuck,” she said happily. “I wanna film part two of our movie!”

Once Bob and his muse had left her alone once again, Louise began to feel chilled. She hugged her knees tightly and tried to edge further into the corner in an attempt to shelter from the sharp wind. The deck was deserted and the hour was late. She sat wondering if it was safe to head back to the cabin.

Maybe if she chanced it, Gary and Rick might still be in the bar and she could retire to her bunk and feign sleep when they turned up. She knew damn well that sleep was going to be difficult with Rick in such close proximity, but it seemed the best idea she’d had all night and wearily she stood up and stretched.

Heading back inside through the far end of the deck, she scooted down the stairs, ignoring the thumping music blasting out from the karaoke bar. No doubt some of the others would be partying hard by now, but all she wanted was to sleep. Last night had taken its toll on her and she was emotionally as well as physically exhausted.

The cabin was in darkness when she entered carefully. Listening for a moment, she could hear nothing to indicate the guys had gone to bed before her, so she turned on the light. The small room was thankfully empty and she breathed a shaky sigh of relief. Hopefully, she could get to bed and fall asleep before they returned.

Quickly she brushed her teeth and pulled her pyjama’s from her bag. A sense of urgency filled her with the need for speed as she hurriedly changed out of her clothes in the tiny bathroom. Her face was soon scrubbed clean from make-up and her hair hung down her back in shiny waves.

Pushing the bathroom door back open, she walked straight into Rick. For a second she froze in shock. “I didn’t hear you come back!” she blurted, wishing she had room to step past him without the need for bodily contact.

“I’d had enough of listening to Gary killing all my favourite songs on the karaoke,” he said wryly. “Besides, I thought we were meant to be talking and when you disappeared, I figured you must have gone to bed.”

“Ahem…yeah,” she said, refusing to look him in the eye. “I’m tired,” she added pointedly. She could feel the heat emanating from his body and her pulse quickened. Suddenly it seemed horribly claustrophobic in the cramped space. Edging back, she hit the side of the small shelf. Now she was trapped, unable to go anywhere.

“Well go to bed then,” he said. The tension in his voice was unmistakeable.

She couldn’t move; her body refused to listen to her brain.

“Why are you fighting this?” he asked in exasperation.

She sighed heavily. She was damned if she knew the answer to that. Just about every sensible thought had flown out of the porthole in the last few minutes. All that remained was a growing conviction that she wanted him, despite all her niggling doubts.

“Because…” she said eventually.

“That’s not an answer!” Grasping her chin, he tilted her face upwards and looked into her eyes. “And I’m not what you think I am.”

“How do you know what I’m thinking?” she asked incredulously. The arrogance of the man!

“You’re scared – it’s written all over your face.”

He was right and they both knew it.

“No, I’m not,” she said anyway. Denial was a girl’s best friend.

Rick swore softly before he kissed her, silencing her feeble protest. His body pressed up against hers and the edge of the shelf dug into her back. She knew she ought to slap him, but against her will, she was helplessly aroused. Burning fire scorched through her veins, igniting the passion buried within.

She gave up all pretence of a struggle as his tongue explored her mouth with abandon. A delicious ache throbbed deep inside her, obliterating the lingering doubts that had crowded her mind all day. Almost without realising it, she rubbed her body against his, seeking release from the torment that had her in its thrall.

“God, woman!” he groaned helplessly when he broke their kiss. “I don’t know how much more of this I can take!”

For a second she etimesgut escort bayan stared at him, her head reeling with desire. The sensible part of her desperately tried to assert itself but when his hand swept under the loose edge of her vest top and found the curve of her breast, she was lost again. With one swift movement, he scooped her up so that she sat on the small table with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Both hands cupped her breasts, rubbing his thumbs across the hard nipples. She moaned helplessly, her eyes closing as her head fell back lightly against the mirror. Soft kisses teased a wet pathway down her neck and across her collar bone. She sucked in a sharp breath when his mouth found her breast. His wet tongue licked and teased her beyond comprehension and she grasped his head tightly, unable to formulate any coherent thoughts.

“This isn’t exactly talking, is it?” he commented when he eventually raised his head from the gentle valley of her cleavage.

Louise struggled to clear the sexual fog from her head. “Hmm…what?” she said in confusion.

“Oh never mind!” He kissed her again, his hands slowly drifting southwards towards her trembling thighs.

His comment about talking gradually began to infiltrate her fevered brain. Talking, yes he was right, they needed to talk, not fuck!

“No, we need to—”

Rick’s fingers found her molten core and the rest of the sentence was abruptly lost in a strangled gasp. She found herself writhing under his hand, her sex flooded with moisture as her arousal hit fever pitch.

“What do we need to do?” asked Rick softly. He continued to tantalise her pussy beneath the edge of her cotton shorts.

“We…need to…” She hissed as he rubbed her clit with more pressure. “Oh fuck!”

“You wanna to fuck?” he grinned with amusement. “I know I do…” he added with great feeling. Taking her hand, he placed it firmly on the hard ridge of his cock throbbing urgently beneath the coarse denim of his jeans.

Louise looked at him and licked her lips. Did she want to fuck? Or did she want more than a fuck? The hardness of his length felt extremely inviting and she imagined how he would feel, buried deep inside her aching pussy. Oh hell she needed this…

Holding his gaze, she slowly pulled his zipper down before sliding her hand inside his shorts. The heat of him sizzled against her skin and he groaned when she rubbed her thumb across the swollen head of his glans, enjoying his obvious discomfort.

“Oh God, that feels good,” he said through gritted teeth as she stroked his shaft.

His fingers dipped inside her wetness and she tilted her hips towards him in an unmistakable invitation. “Fuck me,” she whispered into his mouth as they closed the gap between their bodies.

Just as Louise felt the tip of his cock touch her, the cabin door burst open and Gary fell in, panting with exertion. Louise froze in horror as Rick quickly pulled her tightly into his embrace, trying to shield her partial nakedness from Gary’s curious gaze.

Fortunately Gary seemed a little distracted and he turned away to peek carefully back down the corridor. “Looks like I evaded him,” he muttered with evident relief and he pushed the door shut again.

“Hello, what’s going on here, boys and girls!” he chortled when he returned his attention to Rick and Louise. “Shit, you could have waited for me!”

“Fuck off, Gary!” Rick glared at him with real venom and Louise suddenly wished she were anywhere but here. Oh God, how embarrassing was this…

Suddenly a loud banging on the cabin door startled them all. “Get out here now, you fucker!” yelled a loud and unmistakably irate male voice.

“Oh shit!” Gary turned a whiter shade of pale beneath his tan and dashed into the bathroom.

Louise extricated herself from Rick’s arms and pulled her clothing together. It seemed almost unbelievable that minutes previously she had been on the point of having full sex with this man. In God’s name what had she been thinking! She had no idea what the hell was going on with Gary, but she also had no intention of finding out. Swiftly climbing the ladder up to the top bunk, she buried herself under the covers while Rick went to open the door, a black look on his face.

A tattooed hulk of a man stood on the threshold with a very pissed off expression.

“Is there something I can help you with?” Rick said with deceptive politeness.

“Where is he?” the man growled threateningly.

“Where’s who?”

“The little shit who was having it away with my Maureen!”

Louise began to realise why Gary had gone pale and was now currently hiding in the bathroom. Clearly this huge man was not a rational human being who liked to discuss problems in a mature fashion. Oh no, here was a Neanderthal who preferred brutal violence as opposed to conciliation.

“Well, as you can see, I’m here in the cabin, with my girlfriend, all alone,” Rick said calmly.

The man swore loudly and pushed past Rick menacingly. “Come out you little bastard – I know you’re in here!”

Louise peeked out from under the cover and cringed. Rick was having none of this and in a flash he grabbed the man’s arm and tried to shove him back out.



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