Narindar Singh continued his story –

For all his experience of soldiering in India Major Fortescue-Harris had a memory lapse that was about to cost him dear. He had forgotten that Afghan, Pathan and Sikh women were not the drudges, the pathetic creatures of some of the so-called untouchables. Most of the women were of good caste, not low caste menials.

Lakshmi had been appointed as an Indian companion to Mrs Delphine Fortescue-Harris, to advise her in a manner of ways, in order to enjoy life in the Indian subcontinent to the full. Lakshmi was an intelligent woman and when summoned to the drawing room, now well lit; she took in all at a glance. Her husband, naked and tied to pillar, Mrs Harris also naked but holding a shawl across her shoulders. Major Fortescue-Harris, dressed but holding his unsheathed sword, its point to her husband’s throat.

“Delphine, strip the bitch,” he shouted, “that bastard fucked you, I’ll fuck her. Come on woman, strip her.”

However Delphine Harris did not want to have the Sikh dead, never before had she enjoyed 9 inches of cock thrusting away at her, she wanted it again, sometime.

“Basil dear, he did not actually f*, er, have intercourse with me, he could not get his cock.’ er his penis inside me I was struggling far too much. it would be unfair to have your way with Lakshmi.”

Lakshmi stepping across the room she slapped her husband’s face hard. “You need not strip me major, I shall only be to happy to have you fuck me.” she said,” That swine of a husband has taken too many women by force, and as your wife says, this time he did not manage it, so it is a double punishment is it not, he did not get his way with your wife but you shall have me, in front of him.”

So saying she unfastened her sari allowing it to fall to the floor. She was naked underneath. Lifting her breasts she offered the tips to Harris and seeing the slight nod from her husband realised just what she had to do. Fortescue-Harris dropping his sword, took her in his arms. “Wait major, wait, I want to punish my husband more before you kill him which I suppose you must after he has attacked an English lady. I shall be well rid, but first I wish to taunt him more. I want to suck your prick, always he has wanted me to do that but I have suspected that it has invaded too many women and refused. Come major, let us remove those breeches.”

Delphine, who although having been fucked once in spite of her protestations to her husband, was hot and horny. She lay back on the bed playing with herself. Seeing this Jarindar could not stop his cock rearing to full length.

Major Fortescue-Harris through caution to the winds on seeing this erotic display. He held out his cock for Lakshmi and he almost allowed himself to lose control when he felt her tongue slide around the purple helmet and then his dick slid into her hot wet mouth. At the same time one hand cupped his swollen balls.

He leered at the Sikh whose cock was straining upwards. ataşehir escort bayan The sight of the white woman rubbing her clit and his wife sucking the major was too much for Jarindar and suddenly he shot a great gusher of white cum onto the drawing room floor. Harris laughed. “Enjoy it, that is the last cum you will have with that dick. Once I have fucked your wife, you die.”

So intent was he that he did not notice Lakshmi take the sword in her left hand. Suddenly the pain he felt was almost unbearable. The woman squeezed his balls hard and bit into his dick. When she released his dick but still squeezing his balls she told him to slowly move across the room to enable her to cut her husband bonds. She cautioned Harris that one false move she would rip off his balls and bite of his prick. he was only to keen to do as she bid.

Once free Jarindar tied the major tightly to the column and his wife to the bed, but she was by no means incapacitated although she pretended that she was. Jarindar took the bracelets and handed them to his wife at the same time whispering to Delphine that if she liked he would find a way to return and fuck her again. he heard her very throaty, whispered, “…Oh yesss pleaseeee….”

He turned to the major,”I give you your life, you stole these bracelets but I shall relieve you of them and Crawford’s too once I find him. My wife and I shall leave. if you wish to keep your wife and your life you will say nothing. After all major you would be a laughing stock.

“Now Lakshmi we leave, we leave nothing behind.”

However he was wrong, he did leave something behind and Delphine Harris was very much aware. Her uterus had taken the full force of his semen and she realised that there was a possibility that she was pregnant.

That evening after supper she petted and consoled her husband even managing to make him want her. They fucked late into the night. he looked down on her smiling face, deciding that she had the look of satisfaction from being well taken care of by her husband.

Actually the look was one of pure pleasure, not just that she had been satisfactorily pleasured but much more important was the fact that if she was proved pregnant then her husband had fucked her hadn’t he? Jarindar had returned three times during the nights when her husband was out on patrol. Each time before leaving her husband fucked her and it proved a wise precaution. Nine months later she was delivered of a boy, a light skinned boy but Jarindar had been very light skinned after all.

Narindar finished his tale and waited for the deity to comment.

“I accept your reasons.” was all he said excusing Narindar from the room.

* * * * *

In the meantime dear friends we must return to England if only to see how Richard is fairing.


Richard looked at his watch – ‘Hm, thirty minutes to ‘Take Off’, he thought, ‘Just time to ring the office.

“Good afternoon, Harris, Burton escort kadıköy and Fanshawe, may I help you please?”

“Linda, is that you?” Richard asked the Office receptionist, when she took his call. “Its Richard Fanshawe here.”

“Oh Mr Richard, thank heavens, Miss Harris and Mrs Burton have been continually ringing to see if you have arrived yet. They want to start the meeting, where are you?”

“Still in Paris, I was just too tired to take the earlier flight, just tell them not to get their knickers in a twist, oh, that is what miserable people like my wife wear, not like you Linda.”

“Mr Richard Fanshawe, ooh, you are just too awful saying things like that. Of courseI wear panties, what would Miss Harris or Mrs Burton say if they knew you spoke to me like that? Oh and by the way, an old fashioned cable gram has arrived for you, it came yesterday and as it is marked personal and confidential I have kept it at reception. It is probably office business coming here, would you like me to pass it on to Mrs Burton?”

“Where is it from?” Richard asked.

“Calcutta, India”

“India? Christ no keep it for me Linda please” he said wondering who the hell could have sent a cable from India, ‘Narindar Singh, how could he, he apparently does not bloody well exist!!’

The flight was called so Richard hurried to the relevant gate.

On arriving in Manchester Richard decided that he had better declare the bracelets. The Customs Officer was a woman and what a snooty cow she was.

“Anything to declare, cigarettes, perfume, Alcohol, jewelry?” she asked him “Just these four bracelets” he said, opening his briefcase and showing her the four boxes.

Opening one box she studied the contents for a moment. “Well, if they are all like this I don’t see just why you have declared them”

“Oh I have a receipt”

“Don’t bother, to be frank they are rather tawdry, I am pleased they are not for me.”

“Hey, just who the hell do you think you are, I haven’t broken any rules, brought drugs in or anything. What makes you think you can speak to me like that.”

“Oh sorry, but you must admit they do look cheap, you must have bought them in poor lighting conditions” Richard glanced at the bracelet, it did look cheap and tawdry, she was quite right. Not wanting to give in too easily he told her to try one on as they had relaxing powers. “Relaxing powers, you poor man, still if it brightens your day”, so saying, she fastened one to her wrist. Immediately the bracelet regained the beauty Richard had first beheld in Singapore. One look at the woman and he could see her face beset with wonder. “My my, I was wrong, goodness knows what came over me, this bracelet is beautiful.”

“Oh, so are you going to charge me duty” Richard asked despondently.

Her words surprised him. “You bet your sweet ass I am, you had better come into the office.” So saying she led Richard through a door into a windowless room containing two chairs, bostancı escort a desk, a filing cabinet and a telephone. Locking the door behind her the officer turned to Richard.

“Right, strip” she said.

“Hey, just a moment, am I to have a body search, I haven’t been charged with anything and if it is a body search I want a male officer in here”

“Why, you gay or something?” she said as to Richards complete surprise she removed her uniform jacket, tie, shirt and stockings and a miniscule thong.

“I am not going to body search you, just charge you duty, come on strip”

Richard removed his clothes in wonder, as he finally removed his skirt. She was braless and stood before him wearing just self supporting undershorts thereby revealing his tumescent penis.

“Now that’s what I call a cock, and Avril wants that cock where she has her itch – right behind this ‘g’string. My dear traveller I need a fuck and the duty I charge you is one thirty minute fuck, but first of all give me a tonguing.” So saying she tore off her thong revealing her bushy black haired pubes and underneath the split thick lipped gash of her cunt.

Richard need no second bidding. her was down on his knees thrusting his tongue into the sweet swelling musk of her cleft. Finding her swollen clit Richard sucked hard on it and she squealed with joy, he glanced up to see her squeezing her breasts and also at her distended nipples. Suddenly a bell clamoured – “Oh shit, no oh no I have to go – but oh god, fuck me first.”

Richard grabbed her and pushed her over the desk so that her ass stuck up in the air, he parted her thighs and fed his hard cock into the wetness of her well lubricated tunnel.

He was quick, he rammed his hard prick in and out as she wailed and panted a squealed. he fucked her hard his cock reaming her uterus. His balls slapping against her ass.

“Oooh argh oh ohh I’mmmmmmmcummmmmmmmminggggggggg Oh I’m cummimg ooooohhhhhh,yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss April screamed. Richards balls tightened, thrusting vigorously he shot wads of thick creamy gooey cum inside Avril’s satiated cunt.

Hurriedly Avril dressed as the bell gave another insistent ring. “Here, take your bracelet and thank you I don’t know why but suddenly I felt I need that and you were great.” “No”, said Richard,” you can keep it if you like but let me have your ‘phone number”

“Well actually I’m married” Avril said as she fastened her uniform jacket.

“That’s OK I won’t want to fuck your husband, just you.”

“Okay, fine now I must go, its 771 6786, by the way what’s your name?”

“Richard, Richard Fanshawe.”

“Well, named eh? Dick!!!?” she said as she left the office.

Richard picked up his briefcase and two-suiter and walked out to find a taxi.

‘Well’ he thought to himself” Maybe there is something in this bracelet thing, it certainly seemed to turn her on and I reckon that if it doesn’t work on Amelia I have a good fuck waiting with Avril.

“Where to guv’nor?” the cab driver asked.

“Hollindrake mews, just off Deansgate please” answered Richard.

He was soon at his company’s offices and he prepared to meet his forbidding wife and her aunt – BUT IS EMILY; AMELIA’S AUNT OR HER MOTHER!?



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