[Warning: there is incest in Chapter 2. This isn’t an incest story, but it was a convenient (and hot) way to contrast Stan’s ideal relationship with his unfortunate reality.]


30 years removed from high school, this is the story of my reunion. I’m Stan, and at 48 I’ve been married to Claire for 23 years. She’s five years younger, and won’t let me forget it. Our daughter, Bev, just turned 18. The other character in the story is Lin, but I’ll get to her later.

“Come on AutoWorld, it’s been ages,” I complained as my wife fended off my groping hands. Her name is Claire, but sometimes I call her by the name of a local car dealer because of the ads. You know, “No interest for six months”. Claire is a fine looking woman, beautiful face, clear blue eyes, full breasts. Looks great in a tight pair of jeans. But pretty much coincident with the birth of our child 18 years before, her libido has diminished to zero. We were in bed, and as usual, she was reading and ignoring me, except for the occasional warning to keep my hands to myself.

“Stan, stop it,” she kept saying. But, as usual, I was reeeaaally horny. She finally relented, lowering her arms, but continued to read as I played with her boobs. It had been this way for years, and the constant rejection was really getting me down. Beggars can’t be choosers, though, and I knew that once she let me play with her boobs, I’d get what I wanted soon enough. Even though her mind never wants it, her body always does.

I had one hand under her shirt, squeezing a boob, rolling a nipple between my thumb and index finger. I lightly tickled her other nipple with my tongue through her shirt. That’s all the position of her arms would allow. Initially her nipples weren’t too responsive, but I was patient, and eventually they began to stiffen somewhat. I began to bite one nipple and slid one hand to the light curly hair between her legs. I massaged her mound, she held her legs tightly together. Just the very top of her slit was available, and I alternated the massage of her mons with a finger as far as I could reach down into her slit. There had to be a clit in there somewhere. She wasn’t wet, so I just did whatever I could.

Eventually, I became aware of a change in her breathing. I looked up at her, and although she was still holding her book, her eyes were closed. Then, as my patience was near its end, she opened her legs a little. I slid my finger down to her vaginal opening, and there was a little lubrication to work with. I spread the moisture up towards her clit with my fingers. It wasn’t slippery and slimy like it is when she’s really excited, but it was a start.

“Ohh, you are persistent, aren’t you?” she said in mock annoyance. She put her book on the end table and spread her legs some more. Now I had her. Now that she was cooperating, I pushed her shirt up over her boobs, and started to suck. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing heavy as I mauled her nipples. The consistency of her lubrication began to change, and the slipperier she got, the more effective my fingers became. My fingers never left her clit as I kissed my way down her body. She murmured something unintelligible as I buried my kisses in her pubic hair. My fingers wandered lower as my tongue took their place at the top of her slit. I licked round and round her clit, then down to where my fingers disappeared into her, dragging more and more lubrication back to her clitoris. I sucked her labia, one at a time, then back to her clit for more licking and sucking. Sometimes I’d be concentrating so hard on my oral activities, I’d forget about my fingers. Then as she got so close that her clit was getting too sensitive, I’d redirect my attention to my fingers, probing every nook and cranny that I could reach. I came up for air for a few seconds, returning my fingers to her clit. By this time, she was really slimy, and she was vocally enjoying my fingers whizzing across her button. It was plain to see that the time had come, so I returned my lips to her clit and my fingers to her G-spot. I awkwardly reached under her leg with my other hand and pushed a finger against her anus. She bucked against the finger, it slipped in a little, and she exploded.

“Ohhhh, ohh, ohhhhhh!”

I was content to leave it at that, smelling and licking my fingers as she went to sleep, but my wife had other ideas. In an instant, my penis was in her mouth, and she was putting her quarter century of experience to maximum use. When we first got married, she had a hard time getting me to cum with her mouth. As time went on, she got better and better at it, and now she was very, very good, although I couldn’t identify exactly what she was doing differently. Sometimes she was too much in a hurry for me, but this time she was making it last and last.

“I wish I could come while you’re doing that, and then come again inside you,” I panted, “but at my age I’m going to have to pick one.”

“I want to feel you come inside me,” she purred.

She rolled onto her back and I climbed aboard. I’d like to say I pounded it into her for an hour as she came a dozen times, sincan escort but she doesn’t work that way. She’s never come more than once, she gets so sensitive after the first one, she can’t take any more stimulation, and by the time she’s come down from that, she’s lost interest. So I plunged into her for a few minutes, and as her lubrication started to wane, I picked up the pace so I could finish. I wanted to hold her, but she was distracted by the mess and by the time she got back from the bathroom, the intimacy was gone. I have to say, though, that at least physically, it was the best sex we had had in a very long time, and I was encouraged, thinking that after such an episode, she surely wouldn’t want to wait long for a repeat performance.

I wanted to test that theory right away, but circumstances got in the way and it was almost a week later when I snuggled up to her in bed. She was reading, her back to me. She let me play with her buns for a few minutes, but after a while she glared at me over her shoulder,

“Stan, go to sleep!”

I didn’t think I could sleep, I was so worked up. My erection was huge. In fact, it was too huge, I should have known that I was dreaming. I was sitting up, my huge pulsating member standing straight up, well past my navel. Suddenly her face was before me, hovering over it. It twitched and drooled as I felt her breath on it.

“Please,” I begged. She rolled her eyes, and with an exasperated look on her face, lowered her mouth towards the head. But as I watched, her face turned into my face, and as the scene got more surreal, it was my mouth wrapped around my shaft. I sucked myself in, deeper and deeper, my neck aching as I stretched as far as I could. As I felt the orgasm about to overtake me, I woke up with a start.

“Are you alright?” my wife asked, looking back at me with her book still in hand. “Claire, please?” I begged, reaching for her. “Go back to sleep,” she said with a frown, returning to her book.

It wasn’t the first time I’d had this dream. As I began to doze again, I thought about what it meant. It seems my mind couldn’t come to terms with my wife actually wanting me. I thought back to how much she enjoyed the sex we’d had just a few days before, and it hit me. It’s not that she doesn’t want sex, she just doesn’t want sex with me.

Chapter 2

I really needed some time away from her, and circumstances obliged. She had a sales convention in L.A. and would be gone for the better part of a week. So it was just my daughter and I. My daughter! I realized I had been so wrapped up in my own problems, I had been neglecting her. The only times I even noticed she was around was when I felt the need to hide the deteriorating relationship between her mother and me.

I called her from work. “Hey you, what do you wanna do for dinner?”

“If you bring home Thai, I’ll give you a massage!”


We had a nice dinner, making stupid comments and laughing. I cleaned up the dishes (that is, I threw away the paper plates), and Bev laid a big beach towel on the floor. “You get changed, and I’ll get my massage oil,” she said. We had done this a number of times, but never when we were alone. For modesty’s sake, I wore boxers over briefs.

“Okay, lay down on your stomach, arms at your sides. Relax! You’re so tense!” She knelt by my head and started on my neck and shoulders. I swiveled my head, trying to relax my neck muscles, and found myself looking directly at her crotch. I quickly closed my eyes.

“Relax! Take a deep breath,” she instructed. As I breathed in deeply through my nose, I detected a smell that was very disturbing to me, at least when coming from between my daughter’s legs.

We made small talk, and I became resentful as I realized that Bev saved all her significant conversations for her mother. I’d always hear about the important things second hand. So I decided to do something about it.

“So, how’s your love life?”


“Come on, you never tell me about anything important.”

“I do too, and besides, I don’t have a love life!”

“An eighteen year old as gorgeous as you? Somehow I don’t believe you.”

“I’m not gorgeous, and you know I haven’t been seeing anyone.”

“You are gorgeous, and I know if you were seeing someone, you’d never tell me about it.”

“Well, I’m not. They’re mostly girls in my classes, and most of the guys are way older than me anyway.”

“D’you have something against older men? The most desirable men I know are older!”

“Me too,” she said, kissing my cheek.

That left me speechless for a minute. She began massaging my feet, then my calves. She worked the oil into the muscles, and I melted. She straddled my legs as she started on my lower back. She pushed forward, sliding from my lower back all the way to my shoulder blades. She moved up a bit so she could reach all the way up, and the end of her reach saw her mound pushed hard against my tail bone. She repeated the move over and over, driving my penis into the floor. I could feel her hips rotate a little at the end of each cycle, and ankara escort my hips were following suit involuntarily. I noticed the silence and the heavy breathing. Then she stopped suddenly, pushing hard into me, shaking. There was no doubt that she had climaxed.

“It was good for me, was it good for you?” I joked, trying to break the uncomfortable silence.


“It’s okay sweetie…”

“No, it’s not. I’m so embarrassed. It’s just that, well sometimes I get, you know, so… I mean really, really horny! You have no idea…”

“Sure I do. It runs in the family.”


“Well, it runs in my side of the family anyway.”

She giggled, and the tension was broken.

“Daddy, I’m afraid…”

“Afraid of what?”

“I mean I get reeeaaally horny. I’m afraid I’ll jump the first guy that shows any interest. Not that anybody’s interested.”

“Oh, Bev, I’m sure that…”

“Did you mean what you said?”


“Do you think I’m… desirable? Or did you just say that because you love me?”

“I’m being entirely objective when I say that you’re a very desirable young woman. But I do love you, more than anything!”

“I love you too Daddy,” she said, putting her arms around me. “That’s what I need! Someone I love who loves me, who’s experienced but doesn’t get around, you know what I mean? Oh, and he should be fixed.”


“You know,” she said, leaning close, “A vasectomy.”

“Oh,” I said, and a moment later I realized she was talking about me!

“You know, I’ve never even kissed a guy,” she whispered, her lips inches from mine. She was so close I couldn’t focus my eyes, my arms were around her, our breathing outpaced only by our pounding hearts. Then I did something I was sure I’d regret. I kissed her. I kissed her like a lover. It was the kind of kiss that communicated what was going to happen next. But I found I did not regret it, because my kiss was returned in kind.

“I’ve never seen an erect penis before, either.”

“What do you mean, ‘Before’?”

“Cause I’m gonna see one now, as soon as I can get these off!” she said, tugging at my boxers.

“How do you know it’s gonna be erect?”

“‘Cause I was laying on something hard, and now I wanna see it!”

I let her pull off my boxers and briefs, and her eyes got real big.

“Go ahead and explore, I remember how curious I was the first time I….”

“My God, this puppy’s huge!”, she interrupted.

“Compared to what? It’s the only one you’ve seen, right?”

“Yeah, but it’s huge compared to anywhere I might want to put it,” she said. Then she blushed, “Did I say that out loud?”

She examined it very closely with her eyes and her fingers. When she had satisfied her curiosity, she looked up at me, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to hold you, skin-to-skin.”

“Is that all?”

“No, but let’s start with that.”

As was her custom when lounging around the house in the evening, she was wearing pajamas. Unlike when Mom was home, though, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her boobs weren’t as big as her mother’s, but they looked 18 instead of 43, which is to say fabulous. Her nipples showed through her PJs so nicely, I stared for a few moments before pulling the thin flannel up over her head. I decided naked was even better. She pulled down her bottoms and panties, releasing much more of the fragrance of her arousal.

We looked at each other, a bit embarrassed at our nudity, and then she proceeded to throw her arms around me. The kisses shocked me. I had forgotten what it was like to kiss someone who really wanted to be kissed, who really wanted to kiss me. Passion filled kisses, kisses that only ended when our smiles became so insistent that our lips could no longer pucker. The warm skin-to-skin contact of our naked bodies, the wandering hands welcomed rather than pushed away. Acceptance rather than rejection. Affection, desire. Love.

I eased her onto the floor as we continued to kiss. I was on top, our lips pressed together. My hands found her breasts, she squirmed under me, grinding her mound against my erection. We kissed for a long, long time, until she was in such a frenzy that she just couldn’t kiss anymore. I moved lower, taking a nipple in my mouth.

“Ohhh, Daddy, ohhh, ohmmm,” she said in a cross between a whisper and a moan. I played with her boobs with both hands for a while, but she no longer had anything firm to hump against, so I slipped one hand between her legs.

“Ohhh!” she cried, in a voice that could not be mistaken for a whisper. I kept my hand still, letting her grind against it for a few moments, getting a feel for how close she was. Then I began to work my fingers into her. I felt no barrier, I was almost positive she was a virgin, but I also knew she had a vibrator (okay, I admit I snooped around in her room once.) She was very well lubricated, and I enjoyed the sounds and smells as well as the feelings. I reluctantly left her breasts, scooting down between her legs. Bev went crazy with anticipation, knowing what I was going to do. I kissed her everywhere, etimegut escort rubbing my face in her curls. She spread herself open with the fingers of one hand, urging me on with her other hand in my hair. I tried to keep her close, making it last, but after a while, a finger appeared next to my tongue, and I followed it around as it guided me wherever she wanted me to go. Soon I concentrated on her clitoris, alternating between rapid flicks from my tongue and firm suction from my lips.

“OHHHH!, OHHH!, Ohhh…..” she cried out loudly, trailing off into a moan as her hands went from clutching my face firmly to her, to gently stroking my hair.

At this point, I thought she might fall asleep, but suddenly she rolled over and pushed me onto my back. She quickly mounted me, sliding her slippery slit back and forth across my firm member. She leaned down to kiss me, and the change in angle caused my erection to slide right up inside her.

“Oh my God!” one of us gasped, I’m not sure who. She was deliciously tight, but there was so much lubrication that there was no discomfort. I looked at her face until she closed her eyes, then I took in the sight of her boobs hopping up and down as she began to move on me. I was about to reach out to touch them when she started to come again. I looked where our bodies joined, and I could see her clit riding on my shaft as I slipped in and out. She slumped forward, and I grabbed her ass, driving up into her as she came again. She didn’t stop moving though, she just slowed the pace a little, dangling her boobs in my face. I took the hint, fondling and sucking the proffered flesh. Each time she came, it took more effort to achieve, and I knew the next one would require so much motion that I wouldn’t be able to hold back. So I didn’t hold back. She became frantic for one last climax, and I was thrusting hard trying to get her there. As my own explosion drew near, I slid my hand between us so we could come together. It was the most exhausting sexual experience I could remember.

We just held each other, smiling, for the longest time. I didn’t feel guilty, except for the guilt about not feeling guilty. But I did wonder if she’d think we made a huge mistake.

“Bev, I…”, I stammered, my thoughts appearing on my face.

“Oh, Dad, don’t spoil it! I can’t imagine a better first time! As far as I’m concerned, we didn’t do anything wrong. It’s exactly what I wanted, and I know you needed it. What’s wrong with two people who love each other making love?”

“Yeah…” I paused, thinking. “I’m just worried about, you know, down the road.”

“Let’s just enjoy the time we have alone, okay? We can figure the rest out later.”

“You’re okay?”

“Dad, don’t worry, I’m fine,” she reassured me, “In fact, I’m better than fine. I feel so good, I’m… I don’t know how I could be better.”

We both floated around a foot off the ground all week. We spent all our free time together, talking all the time. It was exciting really getting to know her. And we slept together every night.

“Okay, time for your next lesson,” I said as we spooned in bed.

“Oooh, what did you have in mind?”

“Say I’m your boyfriend, and we’ve been making out all evening. Somehow I’ve gotten your clothes off, and now I’m laying on top of you. What do you do?”

“Say, ‘Take me, I’m yours!’?”

“Noooo, this particular boy has not had a vasectomy.”

“Oh, right. How about, ‘Sweetie, do you have a condom?'”

“That’s a good answer in theory, but in practice, you both will be too hot and bothered to be bothered.”

“Then what do I do?”

“This one works every time: Say ‘I want you in my mouth!’ Who’s gonna say no to that?”

“Not you, I bet,” she panted, pushing me off her. “I want you in my mouth!”

I rolled on my back, and she grabbed my penis, guiding it between her lips.

“Ohhh, does that ever feel good!” I said, interrupting my instruction for a moment. “Just try whatever you want, and I’ll tell you how it feels.”

She didn’t need much direction, and I just moaned and groaned encouragement.

“Now, before he gets too close, make sure you get yours. Plant your.. ah.. crotch on his face, and he’ll get the idea. He might be.. um.. scared or hesitant if you just ask him, and knowing you, you’d be too embarrassed to ask anyway. But with his penis in your mouth, he’ll do anything, and if you put it right in front of his face, he’ll know what you want.”

Bev flipped her leg over my head, and lowered herself onto my face. I grabbed her ass, spread her cheeks, and lead with my tongue. She already had me very close, so I tried to distract her with my fingers and mouth. Man, an eighteen year-old ass! It felt so good in my hands. I licked all the way up and down, spreading her juices everywhere. She even liked it when I poked at her slimy anus with my tongue. I rubbed around it with my finger, but I didn’t push it in. I was getting real close, so I returned my attention to her clit. She mashed into my face as she came, stopping her sucking for a few moments. Then, as she regained her senses, she resumed her sucking and stroking. All I could muster in the way of warning was an inarticulate cry, but she just kept on sucking as I erupted in her mouth. She swallowed and kept at it, slowing down as I came down from my climax.



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