Asian Doll

Requirements (English, Japanese) (??????)Being far apart from my girlfriend means that we usually leave Skype on constantly. If our ISPs charged us for gigabytes used, we’d be fucked… luckily that’s not a problem. Part of being in a long distance relationship is finding ways to spend time together, and in this way, we make it work. Being on mic and camera for long periods of time can lead to various levels of intimacy. This can be as innocent as a kiss or as naughty as both of us imagining that we’re fucking each other until the two of us cum. Somewhere in between are the long hours we sleep together with camera and mic running. This also means that what might be considered naughty sometimes gets desensitized and either one of us or both may now consider it innocent! I’ll wake up in the morning and give her a call after she comes back home from work on most canlı bahis days of the week- especially over the weekends. Sometimes I’ll be fumbling with my cock- trying to put it back where it belongs in my pants (hey! it moves on its own). Of course, she notices this immediately, and what started out as a joke a year ago or so has turned into a common occurrence. ??·· ???! (Aaa… Misete!) She’ll blurt out, which basically means -Let me see!-. She’ll admire it, maybe fantasize, and ask me to touch it, and then a minute later she will say ????~! (Oshimai!) which literally translates to “The End”. There are times that I know that it is not the end, because I can tell by her facial expressions that she wants more. I think it’s pretty obvious after you’ve been with someone for more than a year… you can read their eyes and grins. Typically those grins and glares bahis siteleri usually turn into lust and love, but the two of us had made some requirements for each other. I don’t want to distract people from the story, so if you want to read about some things relative to Japanese culture and this story, check the bottom of the page. So the two of us had made some requirements over the months before we planned on seeing each other again. We both concluded that because she didn’t want me to wear a condom, there should still be some form of contraceptive ?. This is our mutual requirement- I don’t wear a condom, she takes the pill. I want to feel the pleasure inside her as much as she wants to feel the hot sperm. That we both agree on. The other requirement is a challenge for me. All she asked is that I do not masturbate (with her on Skype and watching porn) güvenilir bahis for a whole month before I meet her. I think the longest I’ve gone without touching myself since I’ve met her was two weeks, and she wants to be rewarded with a cock full of cum ready to explode twice when we meet in Japan. I asked for one requirement from her, and I since I’ve mentioned it before, she gave me no hesitations. In the past I have considered recording our sex acts, but rather than recording, we get caught up in having good sex. She has been open to being recorded for some time, so I wasn’t surprised when she agreed. And if these conditions are met, we’ll have a video or two on xHamster. ? I’d only be telling half the story if I said that condoms are very common and ‘the pill’ is rather rare in Japan. The consensus among many people in Japan who do not take the pill is this: “The Pill is for Prostitutes”. It’s sad really, but that’s how some people- many of them women- feel. On the flip side, many men use condoms. Of course, this can be troublesome for guys with a more than average sized cock.



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