Gregor and Caroline dried each other off, once they got out of the shower. He knew his technicians were putting together the next installment of Susie Cream Pie, and he would wander back, and supervise the process, now that he was dressed.?

“Well Caroline, I have to head back and supervise the putting together of your next starring role. So, day after tomorrow, same time, and we’ll do your third feature.”?

Caroline nodded eagerly. She turned to the mirror to comb her hair.

“Slut, cream pie slut, fuck doll, little horny cream pie whore.”

She said those words out loud to her reflection. Unlike her reaction two days ago, she felt the lust sizzle her nerves. Her face was glowing, her eyes were sparkling, she looked so alive, so full of joy, so hungry for sex, sex, lots of sex. She felt that she’d thrown off the shackles of what “good women” were supposed to be, middle-class snobbery, and fuck that noise.

She realized if she still followed that, she’d be stuck in a rut, a virtually sexless marriage with a husband who would have seen no need to change. Now she had seen what was behind the mask of domestic bullshit, she was a cock hungry bitch, she needed to have her body used like it should be used. Her mouth, her cunt, and her ass were going to be put to the uses they were made for, to throw a really good fuck into her, every hole was going to get loads of cum spilling into her, as many times as the cocks that were fucking her could get it up.?

Cindy got the news about Susie Cream Pie’s newest adventure, titled “Susie Cream Pie, Four Man Anal Fuck”, as Caroline came over, and with their free download passes, Caroline and Cindy eagerly had the latest installment ready. They quickly got naked, just before she pressed play, Cindy went to her closet and pulled out an 18-inch double-headed dildo, midnight blue in color, each end shaped like a very realistic dick. Caroline felt her lust surge as she stared at that huge fucker.?

“Caroline baby, let’s ride my double dildo while we watch you getting fucked!”?

Caroline grinned as she lay back, spreading her legs wide, and let out a growl of pleasure as she felt 8 inches stuffed securely up her hungry, eager pussy.?

Caroline cooed huskily, “Oh yeah, so bare, so smooth, that bald pussy look is so hot. I’d get mine done, but Gregor said to leave my red pubes intact, just to keep it well-trimmed like it is now. He said that real redheads, where the carpet matches the drapes, always drive his customers crazy.”?

Cindy turned to the computer, pressed PLAY, and let the paper-thin plot spin out. It was plenty of time, the other head was probing the air, waiting. Cindy eagerly rubbed it over her tight lips, eager to feel the stuffing, her lips were slick with her juices. Wiggling her hips, Cindy impaled herself, letting out a long sigh of pleasure as she slid down the end of the dildo, groaning as the dildo spread her cunt walls apart, continuing to push the other end into Caroline’s heated center.?

Caroline’s breath was coming in short gasps, she watched, mesmerized, the sizzling spectacle of her own cousin Cindy driving her hips down, her cousin’s groans of pleasure as she was penetrated, joining her cry of lust as the dildo was pushed deeper into her own gushing center.

She looked down, staring at where they were being joined, feeling the tickle of Cindy’s well-trimmed red pubic hair brushing against her bare, smoothly waxed region, then the feel of her own cousin’s pubes smacking tightly against her. The naughty taboo sizzle, lesbian incest with her cousin, made her body tremble. With a smile, Cindy reached for her and pulled her up into a sitting position, the dildo flexed in the middle to a horseshoe shape, and they were face to face, legs scissored between each other, joined by the stiff dildo that bonded the two hot and horny cunts together.

Cindy took the remote and pressed PAUSE.

“First, kiss me, kiss me like a lover.”

Caroline felt the surge, as Cindy took her face and gently drew her forward. Cindy’s lips were warm, moist, and slightly parted as they pressed against Caroline, and Caroline automatically opened her mouth to Cindy’s slick tongue, and her tongue came up to play. Their tongues dueled together lovingly in tongue-filled swirls of passion, making them hotter and hotter.

When they finally came up for air, both of them had flushed faces and lust-hungry eyes, and Cindy cooed, “Let’s watch your latest fucking, ride the dildo, and cum like escort bayan fucking crazy!”

Cindy pressed PLAY, they both turned their heads, and the slender plotline had led to the good stuff. Caroline watched herself, then her attention turned to Cindy, as she lifted her hips slightly and thrust forward, their cries of pleasure joining as both of them felt the hard dildo rammed deep into their hot, slick wetness. Caroline’s body was tingling all over as she felt the hard thrust, she grinned as Cindy moved back, then she humped forward, lifting her hips slightly just like Caroline had done, and again, the glorious double stuffing made them moan with pleasure.

Cindy heard the pained cries from the speakers, and she turned her head to watch the high-definition scene of her cousin getting pried open by Lance’s 9-inch cock. Oh yeah, she felt her lust heating up, letting out a growl of lust, seeing Caroline getting boned by Lance’s lance.?

Caroline was watching too, she remembered the feeling of her ass hole being violated, it stung like hell, her pained cries had filled the studio as Lance’s 9 inches slowly impaled her asshole. Unlike the shame she had felt at the moment of penetration, now she was feeling nothing but lust as the well-positioned camera captured the moment of her tight asshole being pried open. Watching Lance bury his pole balls deep made her lust roar, as she watched him slowly work up a rhythm, his cock stuffing her tight back door.

Caroline and Cindy were now holding together tightly, in a good fucking rhythm, using their hips to propel themselves. Moaning with desire as the dildo slid in and out of their fiery cores, they thrust back and forth at each other, grinding their hips back and forth, humping at each other in a building rise of hungry lust. They were now stuffed, the full length of the dildo being buried between their hot, horny holes, they were clinging to each other tightly, their breasts pressing tightly together.

The action on the screen continued, both of them watching the action for a few moments, then switching back to their cousin, Caroline could feel the lust of a horny slut gripping her as she kept taking a huge dildo with her cousin Cindy, it felt like electric shocks were zapping her body all over, making her almost insane with lust. Just like Susie Cream Pie and Carlotta Cock Slut, ran through Caroline’s mind, I’m a cream pie slut, and Cindy’s a cock hungry slut, we’re horny fuck dolls.

Caroline and Cindy now had a hot fucking rhythm going, smacking their cunts together, moaning, grunting, cries of pleasure filling the air. Joined cunt to cunt, and sliding back and forth, Caroline and Cindy really went at it, ramming their sopping fuck-holes over and over, taking it hard from every angle. The wet squelchy sound of juicy cunts being reamed hard joined their cries of pleasure, and their clits had risen, erect and throbbing with need, now brushing against the plunging dildo, they were fucking each other furiously, their bodies and minds consumed by the shared sexual frenzy. Caroline and Cindy felt the rising of orgasm, fucking at each other furiously. Their sleek bodies gleamed with a layer of sweat, bodies making a wet slapping sound against each other, slamming their burning fuck-holes down the thick dildo, again and again, moaning and gasping as the dildo fucked them closer and closer to orgasm.?

The climactic scene was about to be shown, and Cindy cried out, “Oh yeah baby, show us your cream pie, then squirt it all over the camera! Ohh fuck, yeah, gonna cum, cum with me baby!”?

Caroline and Cindy were watching the scene of Susie Cream Pie presenting her newest cream pie, then the big glut of the 4 man load of cum gushing out of her asshole as Caroline bore down. Cindy howled as she saw it, and Caroline felt a huge rush of blood to her throbbing pussy, and she went flying over the edge seconds after Cindy, shrieking with pleasure, Cindy’s howls of release joining hers as they both came hard all over the dildo, their shrieks of orgasmic completion filled the air, two overheated gushing cunts squirting crazily, splattering the bed with a flood of steaming juice as they collapsed in a well-spent heap.?

Cindy lifted herself, and the dildo slid out of her as she turned around, and snuggled up to her cousin. They turned their heads toward each other, lips coming together, tongues sliding out, eager for more lover’s kisses. Caroline moaned deep in her throat at their tongue-filled sincan bayan escort swirls of passion.?

When they broke, Cindy, her eyes sparkling with sexual heat, purred, “When we get together on camera, I won’t have to fake how hot, horny, and turned on I’ll be! I can hardly wait to see what they have planned for us!”?

When Caroline went home, her mind had slipped into a new plane. She grinned as she pulled into the driveway, Brad’s truck was not there yet, good. She glanced at her watch, she saw she had 30 minutes before he usually got home. She knew that the kids were having dinner at their friend’s house, so she wrote a note, and propped it up on the table.?


Come in, get naked, and come get me, I’m all hot and horny, and I’m going to give you a big surprise. Don’t keep me waiting, lover!?

She scurried upstairs, stripping naked, feeling the prickles of lust surging through her. She jumped into the shower, and soaping up, she worked up a big lather on the washcloth, and she ran it between her cheeks, washing her asshole as clean as she could, then she ran a couple of soapy fingers up the tight hole. She needed it to be as clean as possible, swirling the fingers around the tight clench of her asshole. She smiled, good, Brad wouldn’t know that she was no longer an ass virgin, once he feels the tight grip of my ass clamp at him. That thought made her pussy warm, she turned the water back on, turned her back to the showerhead, bent forward, and pulled her cheeks apart. The rain of hot water all over her tight asshole felt so good, it made her moan, oh yeah. Getting out, she dried herself off and saw herself in the mirror.?

She cooed throatily, ”I’m a Cream Pie slut, fuck doll, little horny cream pie whore, cousin fucking incestuous horny bitch.”?

Her lust was starting to roar, saying that to her reflection was turning her on like crazy. A few days ago, the idea of saying such filthy language would have made her feel sick, now, it made her so fucking horny, her cunt was dripping.?

She headed into the bedroom, she had a tube of Astroglide lube on the bedside table, ready for use, and that was when she heard Brad’s truck turning into the driveway. She heard him enter, imagined him reading the note.?

He heard him growl, “Okay baby, I’m coming to get you!” as he came upstairs.?

She arranged herself in a squatting position, her backside facing the door. She then lowered her upper body, so her naked rump was upthrust, and when she heard the doorknob turn, she reached back, grabbed her asscheeks, and pulled them apart. She heard him take a step inside, then he came to a dead stop.?

She cooed, “Come on baby, lick my ass, get my tight ass all hot and wet, then my asshole is going to milk your cock of every drop. Eat my ass, NOW!”?

Brad was naked, he’d shed his clothes as soon as he read the note, and his cock was growing quickly. Oh man, ever since they’d been together, he’d dreamed of being able to fuck Caroline’s ass. Seeing Caroline’s rump, the curved, perky smoothness of her glorious globes would give him a hard-on every time. The way those cheeks would sexily fill out the seat of her jeans, or swing gracefully beneath a skirt, was a massive turn-on. He knew that Caroline had an aversion to anal sex, after the few times he’d hinted at it had been quickly squelched. Brad had been resigned to just having it as a fantasy for masturbation and fucking. But now, oh man, Caroline really had changed, a huge change. Again, he wondered how she’d overcome her aversion to anal sex, but he didn’t dwell on it, he just wanted to enjoy.?

Caroline moaned as she felt Brad’s tongue drawing a wet line across the cleave, then she growled as his tongue dripped a large glob of saliva right on her tight pucker, and the sizzling wet fire of his tongue licking at her, right at the tight puckered opening, oh god, it was fantastic.?

“Yes, oh god, yes right there, now just lick me a long time, get my tight rosebud all relaxed and ready for fucking!”?

Brad had a case of stoneware cock, licking the tight back door hole of his sexy wife gave him a raging hard-on. He licked, and probed with the tip of his tongue, listening to Caroline’s squeals of pleasure as he worked at the tight clamp, his tongue probing her clenching hole. Oh man, I’m gonna get her cherry ran through his mind.?

“Oh baby, that’s so good, lay down baby, I’m gonna get my tight ass hole all greased up, then your cock is elvankent escort bayanlar going to get lubed up, and I’m going to lower my ass down, and ride your stiff cock. Are you looking forward to fucking my tight little asshole?”?

Bard growled, “Oh yeah baby, just the sight of the curve of your cheeks, the perkiness, looking so smooth, umm, it’s been one of my favorite fantasies.”?

Caroline cooed, “Tonight, I will make your fantasy a reality.”?

Caroline squirted a large glob of Astroglide into her palm, then she applied it to Brad’s cock, running her hand up and down, listening to Brad’s growl as she gave his cock a liberal coating. She squirted lube onto her fingers, reached back, and slid the lube around her rim, and dipped a finger in, spreading the lube inside. Should make it easier, that, and the fact that I’m Susie Cream Pie, and my ass has been reamed out 5 times, ran through her mind. She shook off that thought, and turned her attention back to Brad, she’d never seen his cock longer and stiffer, god, it looked painfully erect. She eagerly straddled him, gripped his cock, and placed it against the tightly puckered hole.?

She cooed, “Let me do all the movement baby, so my ass can adjust to the stretch.”

She smiled at him, his cock was nudged against her asshole, ready to be taken in. Caroline worked on relaxing the tight sphincter, and she pushed down slowly, feeling the head pop inside. This time, there was no pain, just a feeling of pressure.

She paused, and wanting to give Brad a good show, she cooed, “Oh baby, your cock is so big, it’s stretching my tight little asshole.”?

She squeezed her ass muscles, giving Brad a clamping around his cock, then continued, “Ummm, I can’t wait to see what it will feel like when all of your big hard cock is rammed up my tight little asshole.”

Caroline started to squirm her ass, allowing it to sink slowly onto Brad’s well-lubricated shaft.?

Brad stared down to where her ass was slowly taking him in, the grip of her tight asshole around his cock was the ultimate in tight, gripping pleasure. He had never felt anything as tight and warm as his wife’s sexy ass. He could feel the grip of her sphincter, as it alternated in contracting and relaxing around his cock, and it felt like it was eating him up, bite by bite. Finally, when his cock was almost completely embedded in Caroline’s Hershey turnpike, Caroline gave one last hard downward thrust, and twin growls filled the bedroom, as every bit of his cock was now stuffed up Caroline’s ass.?

Caroline had felt pressure, but the pain had not materialized. Her tight ass muscles had been able to adjust, the reaming of her ass by hard porn star cocks had taught her muscles how to relax enough. That, and the fact, she now admitted to herself, that she liked it. She continued to squirm her ass around, Brad’s dick seemed to throb within her, and she relished the idea of anal sex without pain.?

Caroline’s squirming changed over to outright movement. She began to slowly lift off Brad’s crotch, only to sink a few moments later. As she began to rise and fall at greater speed, the length of the strokes increased, and the rate and strength of her sphincter contractions increased as well.

Brad was grunting with pleasure, the grip of his wife’s ass was out of this world. He was glad they’d had a hot fuck and suck session this morning, he’d have been shooting off like an 18-year-old virgin if they hadn’t.?

Caroline was now bouncing almost the full length of Brad’s cock, he was enjoying the sight of her nice, grapefruit-sized boobs bouncing up and down in concert with her thrusts. She felt his cock swelling, she reached down, grabbed his balls, and gave them gentle squeezes.?

“Yeah, oh yeah, cum baby, cum deep in my ass, flood my asshole with a big load, do it, baby!”?

Feeling his balls getting just a little harder squeeze, Brad growled, he grabbed her hips, slamming her down against his groin, bucking up hard against her as he spent himself in a shuddering orgasm, his cock throbbing and pumping thick, juicy strings deep inside the incredible cling of Caroline’s ass.?

Caroline was almost on the verge of her own orgasm, she pulled off, crawled up Brad’s body, and posing her pussy right over his mouth, she purred, “So close, gonna explode, lick me, baby, make me cum all over your face!”?

Brad eagerly grabbed her hips, pulling her down and let his tongue swab at the wet, juicy folds, then letting his tongue lash at her straining clit, it took all of 20 seconds before Caroline let out a scream of raw sexual pleasure, she felt the release, her cum gushing like a dam bursting, Brad’s face getting the wettest, juiciest rush of cum ever, her body shaking in the grip of a massive orgasm.



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