Chapter 2: Gates of Paradise

I loved our little tryst in the back of the truck it was so good! Oh god I hated kissing you goodbye, in the back of my mind I was screaming, “Come with me darling!” I wanted us to fuck and suck each other all night long and in my mind, we did.

As I drove away from you, I could still taste your pussy juice on my lips and mouth and I kept licking my lips and enjoying the taste of your sweet nectar. In addition to being able to taste you after I left you, I could also still smell the sweet aroma of your pussy because it was all over my face and fingers and of course on my cock.

Driving away like that, smelling and tasting you and thinking about the lovely evening we had spent, my cock starting rising up again, much to my disbelief. I thought you had sucked and fucked it so that it would not come up again for a day or so anyway, but there it was, rising in my shorts, wanting to feel those cunt lips of yours wrapped around it again. Actually, I am not certain if it was your cunt lips or your mouth my cock was thinking about, but either would be fine with me.

Those thoughts, the taste of your lovely pussy and the smell of the remains of your honey on my face are what led me to call and make a date. I am hoping that we can take up where we left off and really get it on big time. However, instead of fucking and sucking in my truck, I am going to get a hotel room with a Jacuzzi, a big king size bed and I am bringing along some scented candles to burn. I would love to make love to you by the light of candles burning.

She picked up the phone and said, “Hello Eugene! I was hoping you would call. I have been thinking about you all day! I cannot seem to get you or our hot fuck session out of my mind!”

Oh fuck, her sexy voice nearly made me cum right at that moment! I barely managed to say, “Hello doll! Then swallowed hard, and continued the conversation, “What are you doing a week from Saturday? It looks like I will be driving through there on business and I am wondering if you can get away and meet me somewhere at say 7pm.”

I heard her squeal and from the sound of it she almost dropped the phone. She said, “Well nothing until now. By the way, I have some bad news for you. Things have gotten worse between my husband and me. I have left him for good. I will continue living here with my sister. Good thing about that is I will not have to worry about sneaking out to meet you.

I frowned and then wondered just how much of a fool that husband of her was. How could he let go of that sweet sexy woman. I then replied, “Oh sweetheart, I’m sorry. I was hoping things in your life would not end up that way. Is there anything I can do? I would he happy to talk to your husband.”

With a tearful sound in her voice she replied, “No, Eugene, there is nothing anyone can say or do! He is beyond reasoning and will not listen to advice from anyone now! Thanks for offering to help. Oh baby, I just wish you were holding me right now! I hate it when I cry and I feel so alone!”

I pulled the phone closer to my ear and whispered, “Oh honeys don’t cry. Darling, I wish I were holding you in my arms tight now! Now dry those tears and promise me, you will not cry anymore over that man, unless you sincan escort are in my arms. Okay! Now, do we have a date?”

She relied, “You bet we do! I cannot wait to kiss your lips and feel your arms around me! See you a week from Saturday.

I replied with an evil laugh and said, “In the meantime, baby, keep that pussy of yours wet, hot and ready. Who knows, I might just drop in out of the blue and say the to hell with that husband of yours and fuck and eat all your holes until you beg me to stop…Bet you’d like that…I Love You Kandie!”

Kandie sat nervously on the bed wringing her hand and thinking about the tryst with Eugene. She wondered about her feelings, as these were feeling she has never felt before. God, this was not the lusty feeling of an ignored wife. She closed her eye and whispered, “I love you Eugene!” She felt her body tingle from head to toe, oh god, she wished he was kissing and his finger were probing all the right places.

She ran her finger down her t-shirt and caressed her braless tits feeling them harden. She then pulled and squeezed each nipple and rolled them moaning in delight. She lay back of the bed and slid her other hand under the waistband of her shorts and into her soaked panties. She quivered when she ran her fingers the length of her slit them slide two of them inside her hot box and uttered, “Ooooooh Eugene, wish these were your fingers touching me!

She slid off her clothing and spread her legs wide then licked her lips and uttered his name softly. She spread the lips of her pussy and teasingly rolled and pulled at her swelling clit with her right hand. The two digits of her left hand slid into her hot hole. She pulled her fingers out then rammed three fingers into herself and screamed, “FUCK ME EUGENE! “

She closed her eyes and moved her hips in fucking motion and she envisioned his cock sliding in and out of her. Damn, she wished he were fucking her deep and hard! She wanted him so bad she could taste him on her lips. She felt his hands grasping her hip as he thrust in and out of her; she arched her back and shouted, “Fuck, I’m cuming!”

She laid there for a moment breathless as the earth-shattering climax overtook her. She was lazily playing with her pussy again when the phone rang and it made her jump. She then reached over picked it up and said, “Hello.”

A deep sexy voice spoke to her saying, “Hello Doll, are your bags packed? I will there to pick you up in 30 minutes. I have been thinking about you all day Kandy! Oh god, I want to fuck you all night long until we both are speechless. By the way, my cock has been screaming, “Cum and get it for the last hour! “

She was so excited she almost dropped the phone. With her best Mae West accent replied, “Hello darling! What do you have in mind big-boy?”

She then told him she was ready and her cunt was screaming, “Hey I need some cock, NOW! “

She bade him goodbye then rushed into the bathroom, took a quick shower, and then put on her sexiest outfit. Which for now consisted of a lacy see through bra, with matching lace panties, which were cut just right, and showed the hairs and outline of her pussy? Then she put on her favorite, a green and white leisure pantsuit that accented her seductive green ankara escort eye. She then applied enough makeup to be alluring and dabbed some soft musk in all the right places.

She stood in front of the mirror inspecting her and whistled saying, “Hot-Damn, girl you’re a knock-out!” Then grabbed her back, went into the living room, and waited for him. She felt like a teenager again, one who just discovered the joys of fucking! She was just day dreaming of how she would throw her arms around his neck and kiss him hello. It would be a kiss guaranteed to make him go weak in the knees.

The doorbell jolted her back to reality and went to answer it. She opened the door and gave Eugene a sexy smile and before she knew it, he pulled her off the floor and into his arms and kissed her so hard she saw stars. There mouths parted and she sucked his tongue.

She paused long enough to muttered, “Hi baby!” Then put her arms around his neck pulled him closer and gave him one of her knock out kisses!

She felt him quiver from head to toe and when they were done he sat her back down on her feet and said, “Oh-my-god, Kandie did you miss me that much? Wow, that was one hell of a kiss baby! Now, grab your things doll; I am going to show you how much I missed you. Are you prepared for a night in paradise?”

She gave him a wink and nodded yes. He helped into the truck then kissed her and told her to buckle up. The got behind the wheel and drove off telling her that heaven was just around the corner.

She watched him drive and for the first time realized that no matter what happened she would have him in her life.

He pulled the truck up to a hotel room and put his finger to his lips, “Shhh, now close your eyes, your about to enter the gates of paradise.”

She closed her eyes and soon felt his hands guiding her out of the truck toward the hotel room. A million thought went through her mind and with each step, her panties got wetter. She noticed he stopped walking and was unlocking the door.

He said, “Now keep those pretty eyes shut doll, until I tell you to open them.”

She heard the door open then gasp, he picked her up and carried her into the room. She kept her eyes shut but heard the door closing behind them. Her first sense was the smell of roses, not overpowering but alluring. The second thing she noticed was the sound of romantic music serenading them. She then felt his lips on hers as he gently sat her on the bed. He then told her to open her eyes.

The area was sensual and illuminated with the soft glow of lights. She looked around and the room, it gave her the appearance of a rustic inn hidden deep in the mountains of a ski resort. It even had a white bearskin rug on the floor next to a fireplace. Although it was too hot for a fire, she knew they would be on the rug, making heat of their own. One side of the room had swinging doors that she assumed was the bathroom.

He picked her up and said, “How about something relaxing to start off the evening?”

She replied, “What do you have in mind?”

“Well follow me and I will show you,” he said. He took her arm, escorted her through the doors, and showed her and Jacuzzi, surrounded by candles.

She turned to him kissed him deep and uttered, etimegut escort “Let me put a few things away and I will be back to join you. Now, don’t start without me!”

He grabbed her and kissed her hard then said, “You can do that later honey. I want you now!”

She watched him strip and started to remove her clothes, but he stopped her and told her he wanted to do that. She felt her knees go week when he stood before her, oh-my-god he was gorgeous she loved every inch of him.

He came over to her and as he helped her out of her clothing, he kissed, nibbled and licked ever bit of her exposed flesh. He thought to himself, “Oh fuck, she is so beautiful! How can she love a lonesome ole trucker like me? He did not care; here they were together at last, in paradise!”

He pulled her naked body close to his and felt her tremble as he kissed her lips again. He then helped her into the warm water and followed saying, “Oh my sweet sexy Kandie…the fun has just begin!”

He leaned over, sucked her nipple into his mouth, and felt it swell and harden. His fingers slid under the water and into her hot box and he could tell by her swollen clit that she was ready for him.

She knew he loved it when she talked dirty so she pulled him closer and said, “Oh baby! I want you feel you suck and bite my nipples then eat my hot cunt!”

He stopped long enough to say, “Your wish is my command! Now sit on the edge of the tub and spread those beautiful legs, daddy is hungry!”

She did as instructed and gasps when he blew across her clit. When he ran his tongue the length of her slit and zeroed on her clit running circles around it she almost lost her balance. Damn, he knew how to push all the right buttons and she would not mind him eating her pussy all day.

He moved a bit and continued lapping at her cunt then shoved two fingers deep inside her in fucking motion. He added another finger and sucked her clit harder. She was so fucking wet and it was not from the water. In the back of his mind he thought, “Oh-my-god, this woman is wired for sound!” He then took her clit in his teeth and bit it, causing her to quiver so hard he thought she was going to pass out.

She grabbed his head and pressed his face deeper into her twat the screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

He rose up and kissed her hard letting her taste her juices on his lips. Eugene then slid her off the tub onto his throbbing member. Oh, fuck it felt so good to make love to a real woman again!

He grabbed her hips, slammed her pussy down hard, and fucked her deep and hard. She squealed, “Oooooooh, yessssssss! Fuck me hard baby, ram your cock deep into my hot cunt!”

He thrust his cock deeper and said, “Suck your nipples for me honey, you know that makes daddy cum!”

She reached for her tit, bit it hard, and felt his cock thrusting deeper and harder inside her. Oh god, it has been so long since a real man has fucked me!

He could not help it, the sensation of her pussy milking his hard cock and the awesome sight of her sucking her own nipples was more then he could stand. He slammed her hips down hard and screamed, “Oooooooh shit baby here it comes!”

He pulled her forward with his cock still in her and kissed her passionately. Then said, “Hell that did not relax me one bit baby, have any suggestions!”

She stopped kissing him long enough to uttered, “One hour in paradise, and your complaining already…shut up and kiss me…the fun had just started!



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