She finally did it…it was Anja’s last day on campus for a few weeks. The past few hours she spent looking out the window, jealous of all the people that enjoyed the last projected sunny day of the year. But now she had the chance to do the same!

After getting her attendance papers signed by her professor she was allowed to leave, and it wasn’t even noon. Briefly contemplating her options she settled for an afternoon at the lake next to her house. It was a secluded pond, hidden behind a row of trees, and especially on weekdays you could get lucky and have it completely to yourself.

Anja grabbed her stuff, stormed out of the lecture hall and to her bike. On normal days it was a twenty minute ride, but in anticipation of what was to come she didn’t even take half. When she arrived at her little cottage she immediately started to pack what she needed for the lake. Her bikini with the blue-white stripes, sunblocker, a huge towel to lay on, a good book and a few snacks.

Just as she was about to leave a thought crossed her mind. She had gotten a green thong bikini a few months ago to use when sunbathing on her balcony, and as soon as she first wore it she fantasized about wearing it in public but was never brave enough to actually do it. She always had a little exhibitionistic side, but never acted on it. Especially after months of hard work at college and not much time to enjoy herself she was easily distracted. Her mind drifted of, dreaming about her laying in the sun, her body warm and relaxed, her hand slowly drifting south, beginning to stroke herself through the thin fabric. Before she started to enjoy it she snapped back to reality when she heard a loud noise in the neighborhood.

Aroused by her little daydream she packed the skimpy suit into her bag and left. She only took five minutes to get to the lake. On her bike she still thought about the prospect of wearing the thong with the matching top, nearly leaving the road on a few occasions. Once there she was pleasantly surprised to see the lake completely deserted. She pulled out her belongings and put on her striped bikini. After all the dreaming she still wasn’t ready yet to risk exposing herself, but she was getting hornier by the minute.

To cool herself of Anja made her way over to the shore and dipped a foot in. The water was refreshing, but not too cold, so Anja jumped in. She swam for a few minutes, but her sexual feelings weren’t going away. After all it had been a few weeks since she had relieved herself. “I have to do something about this” she thought to herself, “after all I’m alone out here.” She hastily made her way over to her stuff, occasionally rubbing her clit through her bikini. She pulled out the thong bikini, a bright lime green, her favourite colour, and still contemplated what to do, when she finally made her mind up. In a flash of courage she pulled down her bikini bottoms, undid her top and slipped into the little green piece of fabric, feeling it settling on her skin.

And what a feeling it was! The sudden rush of exposure and exhibitionism washed over her in a wave of ecstasy. She closed her eyes, her heart accelerated, every beat felt throughout her body. Her nipples got hard immediately, poking through the barely existing fabric, the cold feeling of the water drying on her skin increasing the effect. Her folds got warm and wet, escort sincan and she immediately reached down to stroke herself through the already moist cloth covering her clit. She pulled the bikini aside and plunged two fingers in. She furiously pumped in and out of her, completely loosing sense of her surroundings. She reached under her top, massaging her breasts while nearing her climax. This was the release she was craving for for far too long as she began to orgasm. Wave after wave of joy washed over her, and soon she began to groan louder and louder, shaking uncontrollably.

Her orgasm subsided. Anja just lay there with her eyes still closed, reveling in the effects of her sexual adventure, a bit shocked about her body reacting so strongly towards her potential exposure. She rolled onto her stomach, exposing her barely covered ass to the sun and enjoying its warming touch. Just as she was about to doze off she released a barely hearable “WOW!” to herself.

“I quite agree!” a deep voice suddenly responded.

Anja’s heartrate immediately dropped, shocked out of her delirium she was unable to move. Her mind raced, thinking about what to cuss at this fat, ugly pervert that was probably standing behind her. She thought about how stupid she was to do something like this in public, how she didn’t even want to turn around. She finally build up the courage to face her voyeur, opening her mouth to scream at him, but stopped without saying a word, leaving her mouth open.

Standing in front of her was no ugly pervert, standing there was a well built guy, probably around her age. He had broad shoulders, muscular arms and short brown hair. In his right hand he was holding a cell phone, in his left a tube of sunscreen. But most notably about him was the tent in his black swim shorts!

Maybe it was still the effects of her orgasm, or her not having sex for a while, but Anja’s feelings quickly changed from disgust and shame of being caught to pure lust. The guy began to speak: “I’m so sorry, I just wanted to ask if you could put sunscreen on my back, and then I saw your show…I just couldn’t resist. I’ll delete the video, just don’t call the cops” he said with obvious regret in his voice. But while his apology sounded sincere, he wasn’t able to take his eyes of her or hide his obviously hard dick.

Anja had already made up her mind. She loved what a power she obviously had over this man, immediately getting her feeling of lust back. Midway through the guys speech she stood up, walked towards him, swaying her hips from left to right and deeply kissed him as soon as she reached him. What probably was only few seconds long felt like minutes. After just letting her have her way, probably to dumbfounded to realize what was going on he finally responded to the kiss. He opened his mouth, their tongues wrestling, both fully reveling the feeling of kissing a complete stranger. As soon as she broke the kiss she dropped to her knees and started untying the knot on his pants, pulling them, revealing his huge dick pointing right at her face.

Anja looked upwards into the guys face, seeing him smile from ear to ear. She reached for his cellphone, started the camera app and hit the record button. She handed the phone back to him and said,

“Tape this!”

Without another word she grabbed his cock and immediately engulfed it ankara escort with her lips. She pulled back off, licking along the shaft. With one hand she stroked him, the other massaging his testicles. She expertedly alternated between licking his tip and bobbing up and down on his cock. Anja loved the pulsing and groaning, him obviously enjoying her movements. Every few seconds she shot a glance upwards, seeing him either with his eyes closed, head tilted back, or looking back down into her eyes with a fire she hadn’t seen before in any man.

While sucking him off she pushed her backside out, allowing him constant view of her still thong clad ass. He immediately took the invitation, reaching down to massage her buttocks. Spurred on by him, Anja grabbed his cheeks, pulling him into her while pushing down hard on his cock, engulfing it completely. He in turn let his left hand wander between her legs, pushing a finger into her wet folds, making her moan onto his member, while holding the still recording cell phone in the right hand, alternatingly pointing it at her mouth on his cock and his hand on her ass. She got more aroused with every passing second, relishing the ecstasy she could bring to this stranger and the naughtiness of the situation.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She let go of him, letting herself sink onto her back. He immediately followed, laying on top of her. She loved the feeling of his weight on her, feeling up his muscular arms while he positioned himself. In one swift motion he pulled aside the thong and slid down to place his mouth on her pussy. His tongue slowly circled her sensitive clit while his hands were busy further exploring her body. With every delicate touch another wave of pleasure shot through Anja. He had one hand under her ass, pushing her pussy upwards into his eager mouth, while the other was freeing her perfect tits from the little piece of fabric, kneeding them and pinching her nipples.

Another orgasm was building up in Anja, her body overwhelmed by the many sensations. She put her hands on his head, pushing his head down into her pussy, urging him on to continue what he was doing. Suddenly she felt his tongue leave her clit and dart right into her pussy, sending her over the edge. Anja squealed in ecstasy, pulling his hair even harder, grinding her pussy into his face.

When her orgasm subsided he already was moving his body back on top of her. He was about to enter her, but instead he carefully stroked his cocked on her clit, teasing her mercilessly, leaving her waiting. She reached for his shoulders and tried to pull him in while he resisted easily and just smiled a wicked grin at her. With begging eyes she mouthed a silent “FUCK ME” at him.

His smile fading into an expression of pure lust he finally pushed forward, gliding into her with ease, causing her eyes to close swiftly. A wave of pleasure washed over her, finally feeling him inside her. He immediately started pumping, using all his strength, driving her insane. She could feel his muscles tense with every move, leading her closer to her third orgasm within a few minutes. He leaned down to Anja, once again kissing her deeply, his hands gliding up and down her sides and fondling her breasts. Still gliding in and out of her he leaned down to gently bite one of her nipples.

Anja loved the attention he was giving her but etimesgut escort bayan had something different in mind. She pushed him off her, instantly missing the feeling of fullness, but knowing it wouldn’t be for long. She rolled over, propping herself up onto her knees, legs spread, her head down. He watched in awe as both her hands reached back, one between her legs, slipping into the front of her thong to furiously rub her clit, the other reaching around to invitingly pull the narrow green string between her cheeks to the side. He could only stare at the mesmerizing display in front of him before getting back into action.

Anja felt him kneel behind her, guiding his cock back into her waiting pussy. His strong hands grabbed onto her hips while he began to deeply pump into her, every move accompanied by a satisfying smack echoing over the lake. Anja had no control over herself anymore, moaning loudly, not caring about anything except for the unknown stud behind her. She was close and didn’t want to wait any longer. Her hips gyrated in unison with his strokes, spurring him on further. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back while spanking her ass hard with the other, causing a beautiful contrast between the green thong and her glowing red ass.

She felt him breathing hot on her back, his speed picking up till it culminated in a deep groan behind her. She felt his warm cum shoot deep into her, enough to send her over the edge herself. Shaking wildly, her knees collapsing beneath her, she once again went into delirium, waves of pleasure coursing through her body before she dozed off into a deeply satisfied state.

She didn’t know how long she was gone, but when she came back to her senses she still felt his muscular body lying on top of her, his cock still twitching inside her, her pussy massaging him in response.

He rolled off to lay on his back, pulling Anja close to his chest, embracing her deeply while both stared into the blue sky. None of them said a word, unable to comprehend what happened, just relishing the moment. Anja lifted her head up, looking deeply into his eyes. Although the two of them barely spoke at all, she felt a deep connection to him that she was sure he felt too. And still she knew she wouldn’t see him again, ensuring the perfect memory of the encounter would stay intact forever.

The two enjoyed the last few minutes of sun together, when finally he got up to leave. He pulled up his pants, grabbed his phone and turned to Anja: “One last kiss goodbye?” he said with a loving smile. She got up, deeply embraced him, letting her hands roam over his body one last time with him doing the same. When they broke the kiss he reached for her hand, bowed down, planted a kiss on its back and said: “Goodbye, it was pleasure!”

With that he turned around, and started walking away. Anja watched his first steps dreamily when she had an idea for a last gift to him. She reached down, slipping the soaked thong down her legs. She ran after him, grabbed his shoulder from behind, turning him around. With one hand she pulled the front of his shorts away from his body, with the other she reached in and wrapped the tiny piece of fabric around his cock. “Here, something to remember me by!” she said with a wicked grin on her face. With a broad smile he leaned in, and with a last peck on her lips he said goodbye.

To this day Anja still thinks regularly about the day at the lake she made love to a stranger when she’s lying on her balcony tanning in her new thong bikini, often using her perfect encounter to spur on her imagination.



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