Lilian was busy on the phone while the girls packed their bags. She called the police first, followed by the security alarm company and her lawyer to let them know what happened and inform them they would be leaving town for an undetermined amount of time. She then got to work arranging a place the five of them could stay.

When the girls came downstairs with their bags, Lilian was just finishing up her final call. “Alright, girls,” she said. “It looks like we’re heading up to your Aunt Gina’s cottage. I just got off the phone with her. She and Jamie have been there on vacation for a few days now, and she says we’re more than welcome to join them.

Gina was Lilian’s sister, and Jamie was her twenty year old daughter. The girls all looked relieved, and looked forward to seeing their aunt and cousin again, however frightening the circumstances may be.

The drive to the cottage was a long one, but that’s why Lilian chose it. She knew they would be far away from the threat of her ex-husband’s wrath.

When they arrived, it was well past 11 o’clock at night. Tired and stiff from the long drive, the girls piled out of the car and stretched their legs.

Gina and Jamie came out to greet their relatives, both already dressed for bed.

“Lil!” Gina exclaimed, hugging her big sister tightly. “Thank goodness you all made it safe!”

“Yes, we’re all fine and in one piece. Just a little beat from the drive.” Lilian replied.

“Well, come in and take a load off. We’ve already got beds ready for the bunch of you. Jamie, Sweetie, help the girls with their bags.”

“Sure thing, Mom!” her daughter answered. Jamie was an athletic girl, and could easily handle two of the tightly packed suitcases. Her four cousins admired her lean body as discretely as they could while she led the way into the cottage.

“You two have the spare room, down the hall.” Jamie said to Cassie and Kimmie once they reached the top of the stairs. “Bree and Paige, you’ll be bunking with me tonight. Hope that’s ok!”

Paige was a little miffed that she wouldn’t be alone with her sister, hoping they might be able to have a bit of privacy to fuck now and then during their stay, but Bree seemed satisfied with the arrangements. “Cool! It’ll be like our own little slumber party, just like when we were kids!”

“I know! Should be fun, right?”

Paige glared as Cassie and Kimmie grinned at each other, both looking forward to enjoying a bedroom to themselves.

“Well, I’m pretty tired from the drive…” Kimmie said, giving a fake yawn. “Cassie, you want to turn in?” she asked with a subtle wink to her big sister.

“Oh, definitely.” Cassie replied, biting her lip in anticipation. She was giving her sister an intense, lustful stare. “Goodnight, girls!” she called out distractedly as Kimmie dragged her down the hall. The two sisters giggled mischievously as they stumbled into their room together.

“G’night!” Jamie answered back as the door slammed shut. “Well, you two must be just as beat as they are, so lets get you settled.” she continued, turning to her remaining cousins.

“Where are Mom and Aunt Gina sleeping?” Paige asked.

“Oh, the master bedroom’s on the main floor. Aunt Lilian’ll be bunking there with Mom.”

The three girls entered the remaining bedroom and closed the door behind them.


When Paige woke up the next morning, she looked up at the bedside clock with bleary eyes. ‘Fuck, it’s only 7:30…’ she thought, groaning and rolling over onto her back.

It had been a restless night for the younger Nixon girl. She was wedged between her sister and cousin on the cramped double bed, and the feel of their bodies nestled into hers had kept her horny and frustrated for most of the night.

Now that she was awake, she couldn’t ignore the need in her anxious pussy. bursa escort She looked to the side and was surprised to find Jamie already gone.

‘Of course!’ she thought gleefully to herself. ‘Jamie always goes for a run in the mornings!’

With a naughty grin, Paige rolled toward her sister, who was still sleeping peacefully. “Bree!” she whispered, her lips inches from the older girl’s ear. “Time to get up!”

She slipped her hand under the covers and worked it inside Bree’s panties. The feel of Paige’s hand cupping her slit caused Bree’s eyes to flutter open and she purred contentedly.

“Paige… You… you should do that…” she whispered. “Jamie could wake-“

“She’s already gone, probably for a run.” Paige interrupted.

Bree’s eyes lit up and she growled, lunging for her sister and rolling on top of her. The older girl had been just as frustrated and horny, and desperately needed a good lesbian fuck. Her lips collided with her sister’s, and the two girls moaned as they began a feverish kiss.

They quickly stripped each other of their sleepwear, and were both naked in a matter of seconds.

“How much time do you think we’ve got?” Bree asked breathlessly before hungrily engulfing Paige’s slippery tongue.

“I don’t know. She was gone when I woke up.” Paige replied, her hands already slipping down to her sister’s steamy cunt.

“I guess we’ll need to make this quick, then… Just to be sa-afe!!” Bree’s voice caught as she felt Paige’s fingers curl inside her. She pushed her hips down, impaling herself further on her sister’s hand.

“I’ve been so horny… I’m just about ready to fucking burst!” Paige groaned, before sinking her teeth into Bree’s breast. She fingered her older sister deftly.

“Mmmm… Me too, Sis… Come up here and let me finger you, too!”

Paige scrambled up beside Bree, and the two girls got to work rubbing each other’s clits. They turned on their sides, grinding their tits together and clamping their lips over each other’s mouths.

“Jamie’s gotten really sexy, hasn’t she?” Bree purred as her hips churned against Paige’s hand. “I haven’t been able to stop fantasizing about her since we got here…”

Paige’s eyes lit up and she grinned. “I hear ya… It was impossible to sleep last night with her ass pressing into my thigh…”

The sisters worked each other over faster, their words fuelling one another’s fantasies.

“Can you imagine how sweet her pussy must taste?” Bree asked, before digging her face into Paige’s throat. She squealed, her pussy squelching as Paige shoved her fingers deeper inside.

“God! It’s all I can think about!” Paige exclaimed. Her eye suddenly caught something over her sister’s shoulder, and she suddenly pulled away from the older girl, scrambling off the bed to collect it.

“Hey! What the hell?” Bree cried, pissed her sister had abandoned her needy slit. Her anger turned to excitement, however, when Paige turned to present her with what could only be a pair of their cousin’s used, dirty panties.

“Give ’em here!” Bree exclaimed. She grabbed the underwear and, while holding Paige’s gaze, brought them to her nose. She inhaled deeply, savouring the scent of her cousin’s pussy.

Paige climbed back on the bed and straddled Bree’s torso. “Let me have a turn.” she said, taking the panties back. She took a big whiff, and groaned, pressing her cunt down on her sister’s stomach. Pussy juice seeped from her open cunt and smeared across Bree’s burning skin.

Bree licked her lips, watching Paige closely, and grabbed her sister’s ass. She pushed Paige down until she could feel the girl’s cunt scrape against her own.

Paige shuddered, and started to rub her pussy against Bree’s. She fumbled with the panties, finding the crotch and sucking it into her mouth.

Bree groaned, feeling Paige’s cunt grind into her own bursa escort bayan and watching Paige suck on Jamie’s panties had her burning with need. She pulled Paige down on top of her, reaching for the panties herself, eager for a taste of her own.

The thin material slipped from Paige’s mouth, and Bree stuffed it into hers. She shivered as she tasted her cousin’s faint, but powerful flavour.

Paige ground herself harder into Bree’s pussy, and wrapped her lips over her sister’s, trapping the wet cotton between them.

The two sisters made out with the panties as a thin barrier between their tongues. Paige wrapped her arms around her older sister, and pressed her body down tightly into the older girl’s. Their sweaty breasts mashed together, their nipples slicing into the tender flesh.

After a few minutes, the panties were covered in Paige and Breanna’s saliva, and was twisted up between their duelling lips. As they frantically made out, the panties eventually fell to the side, and their tongues plunged into each other’s mouths in earnest.

Their wet pussies slapped together as Paige bounced on top of her sister. She was still straddling the older girl, her cunt spread wide and gushing pussy cream all over the rumpled bed sheets.

Bree sucked greedily on her sister’s tongue from below. As they kissed, she fumbled for the fallen panties, and brought them down between their grinding bodies.

Bunching them up, she mashed the underwear between their slapping pussies. Paige squealed, feeling the balled up material push against her needy cunt.

“Fuck!” she shouted, rearing back and sitting up on her sister. She wriggled her hips, working Jamie’s panties up inside herself. Her pussy scraped harder against Bree’s.

Bree reached up, cupping Paige’s breasts and squeezing the supple flesh. She dug her fingers hard into her sister’s mounds, causing the younger girl to cry out.

As they fucked their cunts against their cousin’s panties, Paige stuck her chest out, pressing it into Bree’s grip. Bree’s eyes were locked on her sister’s bouncing tits, and she sat up, wrapping her lips around one of the hard nipples.

Paige squealed and dug her fingers into Bree’s hair, pulling her harder into her breast. Bree slurped and nibbled on her sister’s tits as their sweaty bodies churned against each other.

“That’s it, Sis! Suck those fucking tits!” Paige wailed. “P-pretend I’m Jamie! Pretend I’m your sexy cousin and your eating my tits for the f-first time!!”

Bree groaned, and doubled her efforts on Paige’s throbbing nipples. She ran her tongue greedily over the younger girl’s mounds, coating them in her saliva. She held both breasts in her hands, pulling them to her mouth and sucking them eagerly.

The intense mauling her breasts were receiving made Paige whimper. She tilted her head back, and ground her cunt faster against Bree’s. The panties trapped between them were saturated in their combined fluids, and grating deliciously against their burning clits.

“Fuck me, Bree! Fuck your cousin! Make me a hot incestuous dyke, just like yoooooooou!!” Paige wailed, still playing the part of Jamie in their wicked fantasy. Her pussy gushed as an orgasm erupted from her fevered body. She thrashed on top of her sister, her cunt slamming frantically against Bree’s.

Bree whimpered around Paige’s tit, trying desperately to keep it in her mouth. She clamped her lips hard over the slippery orb, drool running past her lips and down over Paige’s sweaty breast.

“Fuck, yeah! Eat my fucking tit, you dirty bitch!” Paige wailed.

She pounded her cunt down hard into Bree’s, wedging Jamie’s panties inside the older girl’s pussy lips. The material scraped Bree’s clit raw. The sensation was too much for her to withstand, and Bree tore her wet lips from Paige’s tit, howling in ecstasy.

Spit smeared Bree’s escort bursa chin as she writhed beneath her sister. Her pussy spewed juices, dousing the mangled panties clamped between the girls’ oozing slits.

She wrapped her arms around Paige’s torso, and pulled her down as she fell to the mattress in a fit of convulsions. The sisters slapped their wet pussies together furiously, their breath rasping as they prolonged their powerful climaxes.

The bed sheets were drenched in their mixing fluids. Their juices washed away any friction between them, and they slid around against each other’s thrashing bodies. The panties slipped out from between them in the middle of the chaos, sloshing onto the bed between Bree’s thighs.

Slowly, the room grew quiet again as their combined climaxes began to calm. Paige lifted her head from Bree’s shoulder, where she’d left teeth marks in the older girl’s flesh.

“Fuck… I… needed… that!” she panted. The girls both giggled, rubbing their noses together affectionately.

They heard footsteps coming down the hall, and shared a quick look of panic. Paige scrambled off of her sister clumsily. She grabbed the panties, tossing them in a nearby hamper just before the door swung open.

Jamie walked in and froze, shocked by her cousins’ nudity. Paige was bent over her luggage, seemingly looking for something to wear. Bree got up from the bed, appearing perfectly calm about her nakedness. In reality, her heart was pounding at having nearly been caught. The idea both scared and thrilled her.

“Morning, Cuz!” she said cheerfully, grabbing her own bag and unzipping it.

“Errr… Sorry! I didn’t mean to intrude!” Jamie stammered, backing quickly out of the room.

“Don’t be silly! We’re all girls, here! We were just looking for something to wear.” Paige replied, pulling a sun dress from her luggage.

“Yeah! Don’t worry about us, we’re not shy!” Bree added with a playful giggle. She turned to her sister. “Actually, Paige, I think I’m gonna shower. Do you have the robes in your suitcase?”

“Yup! Here you go, Sis!” Paige answered, tossing one to her sister. “Mind if I come with? I need to brush my teeth.” She pulled her dress over her head without putting on underwear and flipped her hair out of the collar.

“Not a problem.” Bree responded, pulling the robe over her shoulders. “See you downstairs, Jay!” Bree grinned at her cousin and the two sisters brushed past her, walking out of the room arm in arm.

Jamie remained rooted in place, dumbfounded by her cousins’ boldness. She soon snapped out of it, though, and stepped into the room to change out of her running gear.

“Do you think she suspected anything?” Paige whispered anxiously as the sisters walked down the hall.

Bree shrugged. “Dunno.”

“God, she looks so hot, all sweaty like that… Do you think we could…”

Bree grinned deviously. “Seduce her?”

Paige bit her lip, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Yeah!”

Just then, Cassie and Kimmie came out of their bedroom, holding hands and giggling quietly with each other. Bree looked at them and smiled.

“I think we could, and I think I have an idea how we can do it.” she said.

Kimmie and Cassie were heading for the bathroom as well. “Morning, girls!” Cassie greeted cheerfully, her fingers still laced tightly in Kimmie’s. Their hair was a mess and Paige and Breanna could see the dry pussy juice smeared on their chins.

“Hey, hey, hey! Not so fast! You two got the private room, we get to shower first.” Paige said, blocking the door to her cousins.

Cassie shrugged. “Fine. We’ll just go wait in our room until you’re finished.” she gave her sister a wink. “Right, Kimmie?”

The younger girl beamed at her sister, and the two turned around, heading back down the hall without further argument.

“Get in here, Sis, and tell me your plan while I scrub that dirty pussy of yours.” Paige growled. She grabbed Bree by the hand and pulled her into the bathroom. Bree giggled at her sister’s forwardness as the door swung shut behind her.



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