Editor’s note: The names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike. “Steve’s” grammar is atrocious. I’ve done my best to clean it up, but only as far as he let me because he said I was, “fucking up his story.” Whatever…a job is a job.


Hey bro. I’m assuming a bro’s reading this. If not, hey babe. How YOU doin’?

Name’s Steve. I live in *town name redacted* with my roommate Kyle in a two-bedroom apartment. We’re second year students at *college name redacted*. We both got in on football scholarships and met at college in our first year. We hit it off like true bros and moved in together by year two.

Kyle was an okay bro, right? I mean, at first. Bro doesn’t wash the dishes when he’s supposed to, so they pile up and then I yell at him and maybe it gets done. You don’t even want to see the toilet. He borrows my stuff…like, a lot. One type of thing in particular, which is where this story starts.

So I walked into my apartment with Kara, my on-again, off-again girlfriend…well, maybe not girlfriend…we fucked, y’know? Anyway, we got in and heard Kyle and his girlfriend Stacy going at it. We snickered and snuck all quiet-like into my bedroom, closing the door and lying down on my bed, listening. The walls of the apartment were thin, so it was easy to hear everything.

They were going hard and fast, both of them grunting louder as they went. I’d heard this before, so I knew they were finishing up. I took my hard cock out of my pants and Kara started playing with it. She was as turned on by the fucking noises as I was.

Kara had a good rhythm going on my cock as I lifted her shirt and got rid of her bra. I started sucking her nipples and she moaned, pulling harder on my cock.

Kyle and Stacy finally got there together, gasping loudly as his bed stopped squeaking. By this time I was pulling down Kara’s jeans and undies.

I freed my cock from the hot brunette’s hand and went down on her then, licking and sucking. She wasn’t one of those girls who produced much of her own lubrication so I made sure I put lots of spit up there before the dicking started. Also, lubricated condoms were a must.

While we were getting busy Kyle and Stacy had left. They must have just had a quickie before going out.

Kara was naked now, and by this point I only had my shirt on.

She laid back, looking down her toned body at me. “Fuck me,” she said.

I pulled open my side table drawer to get a condom and…there were none.

“Fuck!” I said. Kyle had taken my last fucking condom! That asshole was always borrowing my shit!

Kara was looking at me with disbelief. “You aren’t fucking me without protection, asshole.”

She spoke to me like that sometimes. You kinda have to take some abuse from hot chicks if you want them to put out, but…

My hard cock told me to keep quiet. I thought quickly, which was difficult at the best of times, let alone when all the blood was out of my head and in my crotch. Then I had an idea.

“Be right back!” I called as I dashed out of my bedroom and into Kyle’s. There had been a couple of condoms in my drawer, so maybe he used one and kept the other in his room? I hoped.

No such luck. I looked in his desk where he kept his Jimmy Hats normally, but it was empty. Fuck fuck fuck!

I looked around a bit more and then I saw it: in Kyle’s trashcan, on top of some balled-up paper, not dirty or anything, were two used condoms.

My balls were getting blue. Kara wouldn’t suck my cock; she never did. I needed a condom!

Just then Kara called out, “Are we fucking or what?! Otherwise I’m just gonna go.”

And just like that I made up my mind. I picked up one of the used rubbers and carefully untied the end. I could see Kyle’s cum pooled in the tip.

I took it to the bathroom and was about to dump and wash it out when I realized I had no lube. Kara needed lube or it just wouldn’t go in. That’s why I always bought lubricated condoms, but this used condom’s lube was all gone.

“Come on asshole! Hurry the hell up!”

God, her voice grated sometimes. I was so frustrated. I wanted to fuck!

I looked at the filled rubber. Maybe…?

My cock had softened a bit during the search, but my dirty idea had it hard and pointing at the ceiling within seconds. I held the condom, tip facing down, and lowered it so that tip was touching my cock head. As I slowly and carefully lowered the rubber down further, my cock started to push up into it. The outside of the condom became the inside as it settled around my cock. I pointed my cock fully upward illegal bahis so that Kyle’s stuff, instead of spilling, became the lubrication on the now-outside of the condom as I finished rolling it down my dick.

I had just put a used condom on my cock inside out, and my bro Kyle’s manchowder was on the outside, which would act as lubricant. The lubricant in the condom packages kind of looked like semen anyway, so this would work!

I dashed back into my bedroom, closing the door behind me. Kara looked happy to see the “protection” and lay back again, tossing her clothes back onto the floor. The bitch had almost left!

I got on the bed quick. While the sperm on the outside of the condom looked like lube, I didn’t want to give her a chance to notice it wasn’t. I quickly got between Kara’s legs and smeared Kyle’s cum between her pussy lips with the tip, getting her ready.

“Mmm,” she sighed, closing her eyes.

Once I had lubricated her pussy enough I pushed inside. My cock was probably harder than it had ever been before. Knowing that I had just pushed most of Kyle’s last cum into her unprotected pussy was fucking hot! Serves the bitch right, I thought.

As I started the ol’ in-and-out I made sure to suck on Kara’s nipples lots, which always drove her nuts. I pulled on her hair and nibbled her neck as I pistoned in and out.

She started to cum and I remembered from some biology video that when women pop it makes it easier for them to get pregnant. I ground my crotch against hers as I felt her insides pulse around my dick. The gullible bitch gasped as my bro Kyle’s seed went deeper inside her unused baby factory.

Finally I couldn’t take any more. I started thrusting fast and hard. Kara kept cumming as I groaned and blew my wad into the second-hand condom.

As we lay there I thought about what I had just done, now that my brain was no longer in fuck mode, but I honestly had no problem with it. In fact, I figured I’d do it again soon!

I couldn’t keep running into Kyle’s bedroom to do this weird inside-out condom thing whenever I wanted to fuck, so later that day I went onto the Internet to research some ways to make my new favorite thing easier.

Finally I found it: instructions on resealing an open condom package! Man, there are some seriously fucked up people on the Internet!

I had bought some more condoms by this time, so I got out our clothes iron, heated it up, and ripped open a package as close to the edge as I could.

I washed the condom to get rid of the spermicidal lube, and then put it on my cock. Thinking of what I had done to stupid Kara earlier in the day turned me on and I blasted my cum into the rubber after only a few minutes of whacking off.

I rolled the filled condom back up, dripping my sperm into the open package as I did so. Then I put the rolled-up condom back in. There was more sperm than there had been lube, so I had to wipe some away.

Then I took the clothes iron and used it to seal the opened edge. It actually looked pretty good, though the package wasn’t square anymore. I ripped open the next side and then re-sealed that. Perfect! It only looked a little smaller than a normal condom package, and my little soldiers were sealed up inside.

I put my new, unopened condoms in my sock drawer and tossed the fresh “cum condom” into my side table drawer. Kyle would regret it if he borrowed that one…

I made sure to stay up watching TV until Kyle and Stacy got back. Of course, they immediately went down the hall to Kyle’s bedroom. I waited patiently with the TV turned down low until I heard Kyle go from his room to mine and then back.

Once I heard his door close again I turned the TV up and tiptoed back to my room, quietly closing my door behind me. My bro Kyle was already porking his hot redheaded girlfriend, and they weren’t being quiet.

I checked, and yes, Kyle had “borrowed” the cum condom I had prepared earlier.

“Yes, yes…” I heard Stacy murmur. The walls in our apartment really were thin. I could hear the bed squeaking and I knew that he had already pushed my spermy condom inside the sexy, leggy cutie.

I lay down on my bed and pulled my dick out, stroking it in time with Kyle’s thrusts. Bro was keeping a steady rhythm instead of going all out like he had earlier.

I didn’t think I would last all that long, though. I had fantasized about the slim redheaded Stacy since Kyle had brought her home a few weeks ago, but figured I’d have no chance, Bro Code and all. I wasn’t actually fucking her but she had my cum inside her illegal bahis siteleri now. My soldiers were now marching farther inside sexy Stacy’s baby factory than Kyle’s had ever been. That was so fucking hot!

I realized I probably shouldn’t waste a load and quickly grabbed another condom from my sock drawer. I very carefully ripped the package enough to get the love glove out and put it on my rock hard cock.

Returning to my bed, I continued to whack off in time with Kyle and Stacy’s fucking. By now they were reaching the end, and she was gasping, ready to cum.

Yeah, Stacy, cum with my cum inside you, I thought.

She gasped loudly, and Kyle grunted. I could hear Stacy gasping and shaking. My soldiers were going for a ride in her baby bus, I knew, and I blasted a load into my current condom, trying my best to be quiet.

Once I had recovered I again performed the trick of rolling the spermy rubber back up and into its packet, sealing it up as best I could with the hand iron.

And just in time, too, as there was a knock on my bedroom door. I quickly pulled my jeans up and slipped the condom packet into my pocket.

“Yeah?” I called.

The door opened. My bro Kyle was there, looking sheepish in his boxers. “Hey bro,” he said, “Can I…borrow a rubber?”

“Sure, bro,” I said, pointing to my bedside table.

He shrugged. “Um…I already borrowed that one. You got any others?”

I reached into my pocket and flipped him my fresh “cum condom” packet. He caught it.

“Thanks bro!” he said as he turned away. Then he turned back. “Hey, bro…why’s it warm?”

That one was easy. “‘Cause it was in my pocket, bro,” I replied.

“Oh yeah…” He again turned away, and then back, holding the packet up for inspection. “Did you get smaller rubbers or something?”

I grinned at him. “Yeah, because you been borrowing my condoms so much I figured I’d better get some smaller ones to fit your little pecker!”

“Sick burn, bro!” Kyle snorted, looking impressed. He flipped me the bird and went back to his room. Within minutes he and Stacy were going at it again, and I lay back on my bed to get a third “cum condom” ready.

After my cum got fucked into Stacy’s pussy by my bro Kyle, I would retrieve those used condoms and do the same thing in reverse, dripping Kyle’s cum into fresh condom packets. Even I knew it would be stupid to reuse condoms regularly.

We were pushing our roommates’ cum inside of our girlfriends’ baby factories when we fucked them, and life was fucking awesome.

I didn’t really think it would end – kinda dumb of me, I guess. After a couple months passed Stacy stormed out of the apartment door just as I was getting home. I stopped and watched her sexy body stomp away down the hallway as she left. When I got in Kyle told me Stacy was pregnant! That totally blew my mind! One of my swimmers actually “captured the flag” and impregnated that hot redhead!

I quickly recovered and was the supportive bro. Kyle hadn’t handled the news well, and that’s when she stomped off.

I had to help my bro. Thinking quick, I said, “Kyle, I’m sorry bro, but I heard from some on the team that Stacy’s been fucking around on you. I didn’t say anything before because I didn’t have proof, but you gotta get the baby tested to see if it’s yours before you do anything.”

Kyle was fucking pissed and did just that. One test later and he was cleared. Stacy left school within a few weeks and never came back, which was fine by us.

Kara and I were still going at it, but without Stacy around there was no way to make some “Kyle cum condoms.” It didn’t matter, though: a couple weeks later Kara informed me that she had missed her period as well, and what was I going to do about it?

Well, I told that bitch to push off, just like my bro Kyle did with Stacy. One paternity test later and I was free and clear too.

Kara broke up with me, of course, but didn’t move away like Stacy. Also, her stomach didn’t get any bigger as time went on. I think she went and got an abortion. Oh well.

Kyle and I would bring the occasional girl home for one-off fucks after we became single again.

What? No, separately fucking the girls we brought home…no “Devil’s Three-ways” here!

Anyway, I kept the cycle going with the “cum condoms.” One day Kyle fucked my swimmers into curvy little brown-haired Amy Mason, and the next day I fucked Kyle’s sperm into skinny, nerdy Jessica Chang while she kept her glasses on and bounced on my cock.

One day I was walking across canlı bahis siteleri campus and I spotted Mrs. Swanson, one of the history teachers, struggling with some books. I ran up and helped her carry them to her office. I guess maybe she was having problems with her husband because after I gave her some compliments on her blouse and hair, the next thing I knew we were making out on her desk.

She was an older woman, in her 30’s maybe, but damn hot with no kids. She unpinned her hair (auburn), letting it drop back as I removed her blouse and went at her boobs. She grinned as I squeezed and sucked at her bazoombas, pulling me up on top of her as she unbuttoned her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties!

I didn’t know if I needed a condom or if she was on birth control, so I pulled my jeans down and lined myself up. She stopped me and said we needed protection. I smiled and pulled out one of Kyle’s “cum condoms.”

That woman must have cum a dozen times before I filled that condom. I couldn’t see any of Kyle’s cum when I pulled out, so I knew his swimmers were well on their way inside the sexy teacher. My cock twitched out another last spurt at that thought.

Mrs. Swanson said it could never happen again but I was certain that I would be looking for some older pussy again in the future. What a ride!

A few weeks later, near the end of the school day my Mom called and said there was a surprise waiting for me at home. She wouldn’t say what it was (Care package? A new TV?), so I rushed home after my last class ended.

Surprise? Oh yeah…a fucking surprise all right.

I got through the door of the apartment and looked around. Nothing new. Heading down the hallway, I heard Kyle and some chick going at it. Time to make another of my “cum condoms,” I thought, and slipped into my room.

I was a little distracted…okay, a lot distracted, so didn’t notice what was new in my room. I whipped out my dick and started whacking it. I didn’t know who Kyle had in there but she sounded like a real wild girl. As near as I could tell she was on top, and bouncing hard on his cock. When she came she was almost screaming. I smiled, thinking about my seed doing its business inside the unsuspecting slut.

When I turned to my sock drawer to get a fresh condom to fill I finally noticed the luggage in the corner. Again, the blood that would normally be in my head was filling my cock so I could only look at the bags, confused. I looked closer at the name tag on one of the suitcases.


I rushed out of my room and burst through Kyle’s door. My 18-year-old sister Cindy was bouncing on Kyle’s cock, crying out as she came again. Kyle freaked out at my sudden intrusion and tossed her to the side, and the condom they had been using slipped off his dick as she went.

Cindy was shuddering as she lay there, coming down from her orgasm, and Kyle was holding his hands out to ward me away.

“BRO!” I yelled. Fucking a bro’s sister was most definitely a violation of the Bro Code.

“Bro!” Kyle replied, now holding his hands as if he was praying to me. Then he looked down at my crotch. “Bro?”

Fuck, I still had my half-hard cock out! I turned and tucked it away. Turning back, I could see Cindy had recovered and was pulling on the condom hanging out of her pussy.

I looked at the rubber in horror, and then scanned the room for its packet. Please, please…

I found the packet on the floor, and its size confirmed it was definitely one of my “cum condoms.” Kyle had fucked my potent, babymaking sperm into my sister, and with the amount of times she had cum they were probably already way deep inside her, looking for her egg.

Cindy missed her next period and said Kyle was the only one she had had sex with that month. She figured that she must have gotten some sperm inside her when the condom slipped off his dick. Bro tried to get a paternity test going but after I explained to him with my fists that my sister was no slut he accepted his fate. He started dating my sister, and by the time that she gave birth to my baby they were talking about marriage. Bro-in-law!

I also heard through the grapevine that Kyle’s old girlfriend Stacy had given birth a couple months previous. Two for me!

Mrs. Swanson had a huge belly by that point, though she never tried to pin that one on me, as her husband would probably have divorced her. There was also talk that Jessica Chang had been pulled out of school by her parents when she started to show. Two for Kyle, though he’d never know.

So, that’s my story, bro or babe. I’m not sorry for what I did, and if Kyle wasn’t fucking my sister I’d have kept doing it. They’re talking about getting a place for themselves, so maybe I’ll get another bro to room with.

I hope his girlfriend’s hot.



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