Real weekend 2015After writing the Fantasy week-end story, actually it become reality.We went to meet with my wife’s lover, and to be together for 2 nights and 2 days.I was in charge to look for an apartment for this days, and i never looked for hotel rooms and apartments with an erection, but this time, every picture i saw i was just imagining them on that bed, in that showe, in front of the mirror on so on.Finally i book a small apartment with a big bed, a small couch with bed view.We arrived late, and he was already waiting for us.In my mind i tought that after we close the apartment door behind us, they will jump on each other, kissing and of course the rest as the last time was already a wile her.But non of this things happened , we sit down, started talking had a few drinks and she went to take a shower and prepare her self.We waited for her to come out from the shower, i was maybe 10-15 mins , i was siting there with a beer in my hand with my wife’s bull, and could not know what will happen, i thought he will go after her in the bathroom , and close the door and fuck her i can will need to listen from outside but no, we waited till she came out.She opened he the door and walked out only in pantys and bra, smiled to me and sit at the table to have a glass of wine, they started touching each other , and after a few mins she stand up and went to him and they started kissing and touching each other.He started touching her pussy, it was visible that she was very wet, just watched how she started touching his cock.They stand up and went to bed, he puled down his pants canlı bahis and revealed the fully erect big cock.Without hesitation she went down on him and started sucking his cock, licking it up and down.They did it in 69, and she was with right in front of me sucking it with passion.The guy told her while sex texting that he want her to lick his ass, s while sucking she went down under his balls and played there with her tong , it was so hot .After eating each other out the banging started, of cours as usual in every possible position, she had several orgasms.I could not resist so i went closer to the bed and wanted to lick her pussy while she sucked him, but she asked me to fuck her while she sucks him.At least i licked her super wet pussy it tasted licked pussy and cock combined,hmm and then i started fucking her pussy , i know i would cum, but i know it’s over for that night as e where all tiered.I resisted a few minutes, while i was watching her suck that big cock with passion,an then the guy put his hands on her had, to control she, so the cock stays in her mouth and in the next moment his cum started leaking but she took the full cum shot and kept sucking , a dream came true, i shout also my full load in her.We went to sleep , and she came to me on the couch , i fall a sleep really fast.After a few hour i week up and notice that she is not next to me , thought that she went to the real bed to have space, but when i open my eyes, she was sucking his cock, smiled to me sayed good morning and kept sucking.His cock was semi erect so i thought she is just waking him bahis siteleri up, but the moment she turned around and kept sucking i noticed her asshole was stretched(found out later that they fucked before i wake up and she took it anal)Till afternoon they where in bed, teasing sucking fucking and speaking it was an amazing day, i was just watching going closer sometimes, till he came again in her mouth.They just fucked all day , i didn’t really had any involvement.I really hoped in some cuckold treatment, licking some cum from her body, ass, pussy, or face slap, verbal humiliation, actually she screamed once that he fucks better than me, but they didn’t sent me out to leave them some privacy for an hour or to close the door so i should just listen, i wanted to be a slave for them.In the afternoon we went out to have some drinks, i hoped again in teasing in public but they acted just like friends.When we arrived home they started another good fuck session.Once when i was coming back from the bathroom i had the surprise of my life, i got so horny o could not control my self anymore.He was on bad, in doggy position and she was behind him licking his ass, i went there and started licking my wife’s sexy ass, but she just pushed me away and told me i can lick only her feet, i almost came it was so horny, and the first time when she denied me to do something and ordered me what to do.No other involvement for me , they just fucked each others brain out till we all fell a sleep, except me, i was awake almost all night an pretended to sleep, i know they might be fucking again, güvenilir bahis maybe they will better without me watching and walking around, even if they could use me as a slave to send me out or put me in the corner they didn’t did it .Next morning we had a few hours so we drink a coffee and talked a little bit, all of us dressed for leaving.I went to the bathroom to brush my teeths and surprise when i came back she was sucking him, or he was fucking her mouth .I took out my cock and started jerking then i hear my wife asking him to fuck her in front of the mirror , and to fuck her ass.Than something happened that i never imagined i could not believe it.He stand up , took her in front of the mirror, pushed her to the mirror , took her pants and panty down till her knees and simply penetrated her, he fucked her harder than usual,they where almost dressed completely so i was watching they face expressions, she had this sexy smiley face enjoying a good pounding and he looked angry , like wanting to fuck her as hard as possible, than with one movement hi took his cock out and pushed it fully in her ass, i could see the pain on her face, but the guy just started pounding her ass even harder than her pussy before and i think she started having orgasms.He took her to bed without taking his cock out and lied on his back and she on top.It was the most exciting view i had, a cock in her ass, an her pussy looked so stretched, and her pussy juice was simply leaking, i just wanted to lick at that moment but she wanted a DP, we didn’t managed, maybe she needs 2 real guys to get her dream DP.It was a nice weekend, even if i was not used as a cuckold slave, but there where thing that made me a cuck, thing she did what she doesn’t not do , or like so much with me , cum in mouth , anal, sucking all day



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