Read before you signSam stood outside Miss Turner’s front door. The weekend was hell was for him. He couldn’t sleep, he had to sit down on the toilet and pee like a girl and more importantly, he couldn’t jack off. The young man feared what the beautiful woman but deadly woman had in store for him.He took a heavy breath and knocked on the door. He waited for a few seconds as the door opened.Paula was wearing black yoga pants and a black tank top. “Please come inside.” Sam walked into the house. “Please follow me into the living room and I will show you the contract.”She closed the door and led the way into the living room. The pair sat down on the sofa. Sam saw two contracts.”One contract is for you, and the other is my copy,” Paula said. “Go ahead and pick yours up and read it.”Sam picked up the contract and read it. He felt sick by the end of it he had signed his life to this women, money, bank details, everything. Sam was a slave, and she owned him. There was nothing he could do as she would use the footage of him sniffing her thongs to keep him in check. Plus there the chastity device to consider.”Now, I hope everything is sinking in Sweetie,” Paula smiled.Sam didn’t respond; how could he?”Now since your my slave now. You will call me Mistress and only Mistress understood?””Yes, Mistress,” Sam replied weakly.”Good girl.””Girl?” Sam said, confused.”Yes, you heard me correctly,” Paula giggled. “You are my sissy girl now. Put your phone and wallet on the table and please follow me upstairs and I will show you your new room.””My new room?” Sam said, shocked. He pulled out his phone and wallet and put them on the table.”Duh, you will be living here from now on. Don’t worry about your current apartment. We will gut that place out and have your personal belongings moved it. Apart from your clothes, of course.””Are you planning me to have naked all the time?” Sam asked.”Silly girl,” Paula giggled as she stood up. Sam stood up as well and followed her upstairs. There were some rooms that Sam didn’t go into last week when he was cleaning by orders from Paula.They reached a door, and Sam noticed that there was a sign stuck on this door that wasn’t there last week.”Samantha’s room,” he said then it slowly donned up him that this was his room.”Go on, Samantha,” Paula said warmly.”I don’t want too,” Sam said firmly.”Fine then, I will phone the police and show them the footage of you sniffing my thongs,” Paula said emotionless.Sam panicked and put his hand on the door handle. He slowly opened the door and the first colour he saw pink.He walked into the room to see the walls were pink. The carpet was also pink. There were the standard wardrobes and drawers he saw a makeup table and a full-length mirror. Then he looked at his new bed which had pink bed covers. Beside the bed was a bedside table. He saw clothes lying on the bed a pink tank top, pink skirt, pink training bra, a pink thong and lastly a blonde wig.”So what do you think?” Paula asked, standing behind him.”This is a girl’s room,” Sam replied.”Silly girl, this is your room,” Paula chuckled. “Turn around and face me.”Sam turned around and looked up at this woman who towered over him.”From now on, you are no longer a boy. You are a girl, and your name is Samantha. Understood?”Sam felt the power coming from this woman, and it was turning him on. “Yes, Mistress,” he said nervously.”What are you, and who are you?” Paula asked firmly.”I’m Samantha, and I’m a girl,” she replied.”Good girl,” Paula said, smiling as she raised her hand to head pat her new slave. “Right take off your clothes and let me see what I’m dealing with here.”Samantha took off all of her clothes and stood naked in front of her new Mistress.”Mmmm not bad, no tattoos leaving your skin pure,” Paula said, walking around her slave. “Your butt needs some work. It’s to flat for my liking. You have don’t much body hair perfect. It will make your first task easier.” Then she placed her hand on Samantha’s chastity device. “Oh two more thing, this is your clit now. You will never refer this as your cock ever again. Lastly, your asshole. It is your pussy from now on understood?””Yes, Mistress,” Samantha replied. She was somewhat happy that she had the device on because she would be rocking a massive hardon right now.”Good,” Paula grinned. “You’re learning your place already. I feared that I might have to punish you.”Samantha gulped. If being locked in a chastity device was punishment enough. She feared what kind of punishment her Mistress had in mind.Paula picked up Samantha’s old boy clothes and shoes. “Right young lady, you head to shower and anadolu yakası escort give yourself a good clean. Use the body hair removal stuff while I dump your old boy clothes into the bin.””You can’t!” Samantha replied quickly. “They’re my clothes!””I don’t see a sissy girl like you wearing boy clothes,” Paula said, narrowing her eyes. “Talkback to me and I will punish you. Those clothes on your new bed are the stuff you will be wearing once you’ve had your shower.””But those clothes are for girls!” Samantha replied, shocked.”Exactly! Your clothes, now get a move on!”Samantha knew she didn’t have a say in the matter, and she left her new room and headed for the shower.”Good riddance,” Paula said, annoyed. “I’m giving her a place to stay and giving her free clothes, and she has the cheek to talk to me! Samantha, you’re walking on a thin line already.”Samantha headed into the shower and turned the water on. She reached for the hair removal bottle and opened it. She poured some of it onto her hand and got to rub the stuff all over her body.Samantha began to see body hair falling off her arms and legs. “What about my balls?” She said. “There is too much hair down there. I will clog up the shower.”The slave heard the door open and saw her Mistress walk in. “How is it going in there?””My body hair is coming off, but I’m wondering about my balls, there is too much hair.””That’s fine. I will shave your pubic hair myself, ensure that every inch of your body is hairless. Also, make sure you give your pussy a good clean. Meet me in your room, once your dried and please be naked,” Paula said then she left.”Mistress is going to shave me…” Samantha said nervously. “I better be on my best behaviour.” She continued to shower fearing she could never return to her old life as a man.A few minutes later, Samantha finished with the shower, and she dried herself and left the bathroom naked as ordered by her Mistress.She walked into her room to find Paula sitting at the makeup table with a box on her lap.”Come here, slave!” Paula ordered. The sissy girl ran over and stood in front of her Mistress. “Hm you have done a good job slave, turn around.” Samantha turned around. “Perfect slave, not a single bit of hair you apart from your clit and balls. Bend over and open your ass cheeks.”Samantha bent over and pulled her ass cheeks apart. She jumped when she felt Paula’s finger touch her hole.’Oh, I can’t wait to ram my dick up her little hole. My slave will crave my dick once I’m done with her,’ Paula thought while grinning.”Stand up slave and face me” Paula ordered.Samantha stood up and turned around. She watched Paula up the box and saw different creams and makeups.”This box contains stuff that you will put on your body every day. Creams to help your skin soften up to makeup.””Are y-you planning to hire me out?” Samantha said nervously.”Oh god no,” Paula giggled. “You are mine. Only my friends will have a turn with you at some point. But you are mine.””So, I’m a sex slave as well?””Yip,” Paula grinned.”But how am I going to please you if my cock is locked up,” Samantha asked.Paula’s grin vanished and became angry. Samantha had realised that she said cock and not clit.”Mistress I’m sorry, I meant to say clit,” the silly girl said nervously.”No!” Paula said firmly. “Get on all fours with your ass facing me!”Samantha quickly got on her hands and knees fearing the worst. Paula placed the box on the table and got on her knees and slapped Samantha’s right ass cheek. The sissy girl welp in pain as she began to cry.”Know your place, you silly sissy!” Paula said, annoyed as she slapped the left ass cheek. She hit each cheek four more times respective, leaving Samantha’s ass red. “Hopefully you will learn from this. Now dry your tears, and put your clothes on!”Samantha stood up, wiping her tears. She walked over to the bed and grabbed the pink thong. She put it on, it bearly went around the chastity device as she felt the thong strings slip between her ass cheeks.She picked up the training bra and looked at it.”Give it here Sweetie, and I will put it on for you,” Paula said. Samantha gave the bra to her Mistress. Paula put the bra on her slave. “Perfect, we defo need to order in fake breasts.”Samantha froze at the thought, but she snapped herself out of it. She grabbed the pink tank top and put it on. The pink skirt was next, and Samantha put it on. But she soon realised that the skit was small and it didn’t cover her ass fully. Lastly, Sam grabbed the wig and put it on.”Mmmm looking good Sweetie,” Paula whispered ataşehir escort in Samantha’s ear making the latter’s legs wobble. “Sit at the makeup table facing me, and I will help complete your transformation.” She briefly fixed Samatha’s wig to make it more presentable.Samantha walked over to the makeup time and sat down. Paula walked over and pulled out makeup from the box. She got to work on Samantha’s face.After a few minutes, Paula stood back and began to nod at her handy work. “Mmm, you look very sexy my slave. I’m holding myself back and try not to pounce on you. Turn around and looked into the mirror to see the new you.”Samantha slowly turned around, and her jaw dropped when she saw the girl staring back at her. “I look like a girl,” she said stunned.”Of course you do silly,” Paula giggled. “Because you are a girl! From now, this is how I want you to look. You will be watching a training video on how to put makeup on. I don’t expect you to be perfect right away. So I will give you some leeway if you make a mistake.””Why are you doing this to me?” Samantha said, turning around to face her Mistress. “All I did was sniff your thongs. I don’t deserve to go through all this.””Oh, Samantha,” Paula said softly. She got on her knees and held her slave’s hands in hers. “I always wanted a tranny slave. When I saw you, I knew you were perfect. You sniffing my thongs made it easier to trap you. Even if you hadn’t sniffed my thongs, you sealed your fate when you phoned me about the job. Your past as Sam is gone, you are my girl, Samantha. I suggest you get used to this as quickly as possible.””What will become of me?””I will mould you from a sissy into a beautiful woman, your balls and clit will remain I promise you,” Paula replied honestly. “You will be my perfect tranny slave.”Samantha blew a sigh of relief. “I’m glad I’m keeping my clit.””Because you’re keeping it doesn’t mean you will use it,” Paula said firmly.”Oh…”Paula giggled and stood up. “Come and follow me, I will give you slippers that you can wear for now. What size are you?””Six.””Hmm, the slippers will be too big for you. But they will do until we go out together and let you pick out new clothes, shoes, socks, a purse and handbag.”Samantha’s eyes widened in horror. “I can’t go out like this!””Of course you can,” Paula smiled. “I’ve got to head into work for a few hours, then do some shopping. We can pick out at least one pair of slippers and high heels online today, and I will buy them tomorrow before I head home. So you can learn how to walk with high heels.””If I go out, people will look at me weirdly,” Samantha said firmly.”Watch your tone, young lady!” Paula said darkly. “Unless you want your ass to be slapped again!”Samantha bit her lip and put her head down. “Sorry Mistress please forgive me.””That’s better,” Paula sighed. “Come on, follow me.”The pair left the bedroom to head into Paula’s room. They got the slippers and Samantha put them on. They were too big, but they will do for now.The pair headed downstairs into the living room. Samantha noticed her wallet was gone but saw her money was on the table.”Where is my wallet?” She asked.”I threw it in the bin. Girls don’t use wallets. I’ve kept your cards for safekeeping. Now sit on the sofa, and I will get your booster shots ready,” Paula replied.”Booster shots?” Samantha replied nervously. She didn’t like the sound of that.”Yes, your hormones booster shots. You will be taking estrogen, which will give you a female appearance. Another one you will be taking is a testosterone blocker which will block producing those pesky male hormones and help the estrogen work faster.”Samantha’s jaw hung open in shock.”I will be back in a minute,” Paula smiled. She headed into the kitchen.”She is going to turn me into a girl for real,” Samantha said, terrified. “I need to get out of here… But I can’t because of that fucking video.”Paula came back with two syringes. “Hold still while I inject you.”Samantha didn’t move as she felt two pricks on the arm.”There we go,” Paula smiled. “You need to get your shots once a day. But I will do them for you. Now, the job you had when you were Sam still applies, but now you are my sexy maid. But with no pay. I expect this place to be cleaned every day.””Yes, Mistress,” Samantha replied.”Good girl, but right now, I want you to exercise and make that booty of yours bigger. Follow me into the training room.”The pair headed into the training room, Paula turned on a small tv.”Right, I want you to do squats two to three times a week. This training video will show you what ümraniye escort to do,” Paula said. “Always do 20 squats.” She moved away from the tv, allowing her slave to watch the training video.Paula watched her girl, doing squats. ‘Everything is going so well! My little tranny slave will have a booty that everyone will want!’A few minutes later, Samantha finished her squats. A part of her wonder if she could have an ass like her Mistress. So perfect and round.”Good girl,” Paula said. “Now follow me, and you can begin the next stage of your training.”Samantha followed her Mistress out of the room. They headed upstairs and reached a door that Samantha hadn’t gone through yet.Paula opened the door, and they headed inside. Samantha’s jaw dropped again as she saw tons of sex toys, all shapes and different sizes.”This is my sex room,” Paula giggled. “I’m a very horny woman. Now, I want you to pick a dildo of your choice. So you can begin your oral training.””You can’t be serious?” Samantha said, shocked.”Nope,” Paula grinned. “Go on slave pick a dildo, and we will head downstairs into the living room, and I will stick on a blowjob training video.”The slave girl looked around and saw a pink dildo which was the same size as her clit. She picked it up, and she followed her Mistress downstairs into the living room.Paula booted up her laptop and went on to a porn website and booted up a video. “Right, Sweetie, watch this video, if you struggle to keep up pause the video and catch your breath ok. Now on your knees and put the dildo on the table.”Samantha went on her knees, placing the dildo on the wooden table as Paula put the laptop in front of her slave. She pressed the play button and sat on the sofa, waiting for her slave to put on a show.”Hey, ladies,” A mature looking blonde said. “If you’re watching this video, it means you’re starting your journey as a cock sucker. Or you simply want to please your man in the best possible way.”Samantha paused the video.”What’s wrong, Sweetie?” Paula asked.”She said man…I’m not gay…I-I don’t want to suck a guys cock,” Samantha said nervously as she looked at Paula. She was scared that she had upset her Mistress.Paula let out a giggle. “You are gay, you’re a girl, and I’m a woman, we are lesbians. Here is an idea, whenever that woman says, man. Just think of me having a big cock.””What?” Samantha said jaw hung open.”You said you enjoyed seeing a woman with something extra,” Paula winked. “So, just think you’re sucking me off.”Samantha’s clit tried to harden but couldn’t because of the device. “I-I would like that very much,” she blushed.”I would dominate you so hard if I had a dick,” she giggled. “Your pussy would be destroyed.”Samantha didn’t know if she did want a cock her up pussy. She was ok with the idea of sucking a girl dick. She went back to the video and watched the mature talk away and then pulling a dildo on screen.Without receiving any instructions from the video, Samantha leaned her head forward and stuck out her tongue and began to lick the shaft of the dildo.”You slut!” Paula giggled.”I-I,” Samantha said, embarrassed. “I just remember what girls do in the porn videos I’ve watched before.”Paula had a massive grin on her face. “Just listen to the woman sweetie. She will teach you.””As women, it’s our job to worship a dick. If we treat it with love and care, it will give us a creamy reward at the end.”‘Oh yes, Samanta will be getting a creamy reward every day,’ Paula thought. ‘But I will need to ease her in first.’Samantha’s clit tried hard as the idea of being a cum dump for Paula floating in her head.”Now let us begin the training,” the woman said.30 minutes laterSamantha was gagging on the cock hearing, making those sounds did a number on Paula. She had to sit in a way where her slave couldn’t see the bludge in her yoga pants.The training video was only 10 minutes long, but Samantha continued to work on the dildo well after the video had finished. She kept thinking she was sucking on Paula’s dick.If only her Mistress had one.Samantha pulled her head back and began to lick the shaft up and down. Paula watched her slave’s tongue travel up and down, and she was pleased with how things were going.Samantha’s tongued travel to the top of the dildo and she swallowed the whole thing and bobbled her head back and forward.’Fuck I need to wank! I can’t hold on much longer!’ Paula thought. She stood up and ran upstairs to the bedroom. Samantha didn’t notice as she continued to bobble on the dildo.Paula pulled her yoga pants down and moved her thong to one side. Her seven-inch dick sprang out, and she grabbed her dick. She stroked it as fast as she could while thinking of having her slave’s lips on her cock, sucking her.”Fuck!” Paula groaned. “As she began to shoot her load all over the carpet. Her legs begun to wobble. “Fuck me, that was the best orgasm I’ve had in months… Oh, Samantha and I are going to have lots of fun



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