Raj & His Mom Spend Their Vacation In GoaRaj & His Mom Spend Their Vacation In GoaA work of fiction. Raj was a 18 year old boy. He was living with his mom Nalini in Lucknow. She was a widow. Raj’s dad died 8 years ago, when he was 10 years old. Initially, when her husband died, Nalini was very depressed for almost a year after his death. But she slowly turned her attention towards her son. She was very affectionate with him and took good care of him. She made sure that Raj was not affected by the loss of his dad and her only attention was to bring him up and educate him.Raj was her world and she took care of him with affection and was friendly towards him. Raj was also very affectionate towards his mom. Both were like best friends. Nalini was an educated woman and she had studied B.Com. But she did not seek any job, as they were from a moderately rich background. And since her husband had been a government employee, they received a good sum of money as pension, which was more than enough to run the family.All her attention was to take care of her son. The house they lived in was also their own house, as it was inherited from their ancestors. Nalini and her son lived in a well furnished house. It had 3 separate rooms and had a large hall. They also had an empty space of ground in the backyard. It was a huge space and they had an idea of building a swimming pool in the backyard in the future.Raj was in the final year of his schooling. 12th exams were fast approaching. So, he was fully inclined towards his studies. He was a studious boy and obtains good marks under the guidance of his mom. As the exams were fast approaching, Nalini was fully engrossed in teaching her son and getting him prepared for the exams.Nalini was a caring mom and was very friendly with her son. She was a 38 year old lady and was very beautiful. She was a tall woman and measured 5.10 inches. She had a good body structure with measurements of 38-32-36 with a bit of added weight around her waist area and some other parts. As she was tall, her height complimented her beautiful structure very well. Raj was also a tall boy and measured 5.11 inches and he was athletic as he does work outs.Final exams began for Raj. Raj was very interested in Photography, and had a plan of studying visual communication and becoming a Photographer or Cinematographer in the future. Under his mom’s guidance, he performed well in his exams. Raj and his mom were waiting for the final results. Then after a month, the results were announced. Raj scored 82% in his final exam. It was a very good mark and Nalini was very happy with her son.She took her son to a Bollywood movie that day. The first time they are going out after a long period due to exams. Now Raj has 2 months holiday before getting into a college. After the movie, they came back to their home. It was 9 pm. Both of them were sitting in the sofa in the hall. Nalini said “Dear, I am very happy with your exam results”. Raj replied “Thanks mom, I am happy too”. She said “So I have planned a trip for us”. Raj asked “Where are we going mom?”. She repliedGoa, dear. We are going to Goa. It will be a 5 day trip, and I have already booked a train for us tomorrow night”. Raj was very excited as they are about to go on a tour after a long time. Then both mom and son wished good night and went to bed. The next day. Nalini woke up early and was preparing breakfast for them. Raj was sleeping. Then she woke up Raj and brought coffee for him. She asked him to brush his teeth and went out.Raj was sipping the coffee. After a while she came back to her sons room. She had her dresses in her hand. Raj asked “Mom, are you going to take bath in my room?” She replied “Ya dear, there is some problem in the shower in my bath room”. He said “Fine mom”. Then she kept her blouse and her saree on the bed in which Raj was sitting, as she went to bath. She took the bra and petticoat with her. After 15 minutes she came back from bath. By that time Raj had finished his coffee and was just sitting on the bed.Nalini was wearing her bra and petticoat. She was very beautiful and tall in that posture. But her bra was unhooked at the back. Since it was a tight bra, she was unable to hook her by herself. Her boobs were juggling and her hips swayed to and fro, as she walked towards her son with both her hands holding her unhooked bra. She asked Raj, “Dear, Can you fasten the hooks in my bra, it’s a bit tight”. Raj replied “Ya sure mom” as he hooked her bra.He had done it a few times before, and it was not unusual for him. Nalini then wore her blouse and saree before him, as she did not mind and she had changed her dress before him in the past. Raj did not feel anything, as it was normal for him. Then she told Raj to take bath and come for breakfast and she left the room. Breakfast was over. Then she told Raj, “Dear we should get packed up for the trip by morning, as we need go shopping in the noon to purchase some things we need during the tour.” “So we should help one another in getting things packed up”.He replied,”Ya, sure mom” Then they both went to her room first to pack up things. She sat on the bed with a suitcase open, to pack things. Raj was taking all the necessary things as told by her mom. He took all the items-saree, perfume, comb, hair oil and other things and giving it to his mom. She packed everything inside her suitcase. Then she said, “Raj, take 3 pairs of bras and panties from my cupboard son”. Raj took them and gave it to her. After packing all her things, he sat on the bed beside her.He said” I am very excited about going to the beach and swimming in Goa, mom.” Both Raj and Nalini loved swimming, though they hadn’t swam for few years now, because they don’t have a swimming pool. Nalini replied, “no dear, mom cannot swim in the beach as it will be crowded and I want privacy.” He asked,”then aren’t we going to swim mom?” in a rather disappointing tone. She laughed hearing this and replied,”No dear, we can swim in the hotel in privacy.” Raj asked “Mom are we going to stay in a hotel with pool mom?”.She replied, ”Ya dear, I have already booked a room for us in a 5 star hotel”. She continued “it has a separate private swimming pool, where we both can swim dear. Hearing this Raj was very happy. Nalini had already enquired everything about Goa from one of her few friends, whom she met in the supermarket the previous day. She enquired about the hotel, food, shops and all the sight-seeing spots.Both Nalini and Raj had a very few friends. Both were the best friends of one another. Next they went into Raj’s room and Nalini helped her son in packing his things. She asked him to take an extra pair of Underwear as it would be required for swimming. Hearing this a thought suddenly struck his mind. She asked her “Mom, haven’t you packed any lingerie’s for you?”. She replied,“ No dear, as I haven’t swim for a few years now, I don’t have any lingerie’s, except those bra and panties dear”. He enquired “then are we going to purchase lingerie’s for you today during shopping mom?”.She replied “no dear, Lingerie shops are famous in Goa, and we can purchase there dear.” Raj replied ”Ok fine mom”. Then he went to his school to collect his mark sheets. Then in the noon, they went to shopping to purchase some things for their vacation. Then they came back home. As the clock ticked 6 pm, they took a taxi to the railway station and had two suitcases in their hands. Then they took the train and the next day they were in Goa.They finished their breakfast in a hotel near the Goa junction. Then they took a taxi to the hotel. On reaching the hotel, Nalini filled the forms at the reception and they were provided with their room key. They had to walk quite a distance to their room as it was a separate cottage sort of rooms. This hotel is famous for its cottages as it offers privacy to everyone. There was no other room near their cottage. Both of them entered the room. As Nalini was settling the luggage down, Raj was taking a look at their room. It was a beautiful room and the walls were painted with nice texture.The flooring was shiny. It was a single room and had two beds joined together. There was a bathroom and a door on the other side which led to the swimming pool. Raj was taking a look at the swimming pool. It was a moderate sized pool. Then Nalini took a view of the room. She was amazed by the look of the room. It was a neatly furnished room. Nalini asked her son “Dear, do you like this room?”. Raj replied,” Its awesome mom” with a smile. Nalini remarked “ya dear, its awesome and privacy is the main thing in this istanbul escort hotel.”Both were chatting for a few moments. Then Nalini asked Raj to go to bath as she took his underwear and gave it to him. Raj took a nice shower and came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. Nalini was sitting in the bed as she said Raj “the workouts are showing results dear” as she was gazing at her son’s athletic body. She was always proud of her son and whatever he does. Raj remarked, ”Ya mom, I am training well” as he was wearing his vest and shorts.Then it was Nalini’s turn to bath. Raj went to the swimming pool and was recording videos with his handycam he had brought with him. Meanwhile Nalini was preparing for bath. She took her bra and petticoat along with her to change after bath. After finishing her shower, she came out of the bathroom with the towel in her hands with which she was drying her wet hair. She was in her bra and petticoat. She usually wears a sporty bra that fully cupped her breasts as they were huge, though a small part of her cleavage was visible on the top.Raj was sitting on the bed. As he saw his mom walking out of the bathroom, he felt a bit awkward because his dick was slowly growing in size. Although he had previously found his dick grow in size on some occasions, he had never felt like that when he was with his mom. The cold climate, the chillness had made his dick to erect instantaneously. She found his mom extremely beautiful on that particular day. Her long hair flowed like a river as it was dripping wet,And she was very sexy as her hips were revealed fully in her bra and her voluptuous boobs juggling inside her tight bra as she walked towards him. But immediately he diverted his attention and did not think about it much. Nalini asked him “Raj, take the saree and blouse from the suitcase and give it to me”. He gave the saree and blouse to her. She wore them in front of him. But he did not give much attention to it as he was reading a magazine he carried with him from Lucknow.She usually wears a transparent saree which would reveal her hip from the side position and as it was a see through saree, her waist was clearly visible. But the special thing about her that day was that she was wearing a green transparent saree and green color sleeveless blouse which revealed her smooth arms and arm pit. She called Raj “Dear look at me”. Raj turned his head from the magazine towards her. He was stunned at her. She was looking beautiful in the sleeveless blouse.Nalini continued “Raj, how am I looking in this blouse dear?” Raj replied “Mom you are absolutely stunning in this sleeveless blouse mom. But this is the first time I am seeing you in this outfit. Have you worn this before mom?”. Nalini was very happy about his son’s remarks and she replied “No dear, I have never worn this before. Actually my friend suggested me that it would fit me nicely. So this is the first time I am trying this on dear.” Raj exclaimed “Mom I suggest that you should wear these kind of outfits even in home mom” with a smile in his face. Nalini also smiled and said “Thank you dear”.Actually Nalini was proud of her beauty, nut she never had time to admire it and show off, as she was always engrossed with her son in studies and looking after him. But now probably she was enjoying every moment as she became care-free as her son has completed his schooling. The climate also proved to be a contributing factor as she forgot everything except her son and was relaxing herself in Goa.It was 1 pm in the afternoon. So, Raj dialed room service and ordered lunch for them. Within a few minutes lunch arrived at their room. After finishing lunch, they were chatting for a few minutes about their travel and the new city and were watching T.V. It was 2 pm by then. So they thought of relaxing a bit. So the were taking rest in the bed. They were tired due to their long journey. After 2hours, Nalini woke up first and then she woke up her son. They had planned to visit a few places and shopping. It was 4 pm. Raj woke up and they both freshened up.Raj inquired his mom “What are the plans today evening mom?” Nalini replied “We are going to visit a few nearby places as it is evening already, and then we are going for shopping.” So Raj changed his dress and wore a jeans pant and T-Shirt. Nalini remarked “Woah ,they look perfect son and you are looking handsome.” He replied “Thanks for the compliments mom”. Raj took his handycam along with him. Soon they left the room and got a taxi near the hotel.They were visiting a few places which Nalini had previously enquired from her friend. Raj was capturing those in his handycam. After sight-seeing, they went to a gents dress shop. She asked Raj to select any dress he wished. Raj replied, “You select the dress for me mom.” Nalini smiled and said “Ok I will select a nice one for you dear.” Then after a few minutes she came back with a blue Jeans pant and a full hand shirt. Raj thanked his mom. She replied, “Anything for you dear.”After billing, next Nalini took him to the lingerie shop. A soft music was playing in the shop. Since the clothings were priced high in that shop, the shop was almost empty except a few foreigners and some tourists. They went into the 38 size section. There were a number of bikinis present there and this is the first time they are going to a lingerie shop. Nalini said, “Dear, now you should select for me”. Hearing this Raj became excited as he is going to his mom’s first lingerie.After searching for a few minutes, he selected a green color bikini top and the same colored bottom for her. Raj asked his mom, “Mom can I select one more for you?”. She replied “No dear, one is enough now as I haven’t worn lingerie before, I don’t know whether it will look good for me. If it is nice we can purchase some more tomorrow”. Raj replied, “Fine mom” and as they were about to leave the shop after billing, Raj noticed another section in the basement. The board read, ”New arrivals”. Then they left the shop.Then Nalini took Raj to a Chinese restaurant located near the lingerie shop. Both ordered noodles as it was their favorite dish. Both had many likings in common. After finishing their dinner, they left the restaurant to their hotel room. Back in the room, Raj changed to his shorts. Nalini did not change her saree as she usually sleeps in saree. Both were listening to music that was playing on T.V. as they were involved in a conversation at the same time.Nalini asked “Raj, how did you feel today?”. He replied, “It was a fantastic day mom. I enjoyed every bit of it“ and he asked the same question to her in return. She said, ”Ya dear, I too enjoyed the day. A day off from cooking and all the other activities and the climate is beautiful here”. He asked, “When are we going for swimming mom?”. She replied “Tomorrow dear. I am much excited as we are going to swim after a long time.” He said “Ya mom”. She continued “and we can swim in privacy without any crowd, unlike in the beach”.He replied “Ya mom, and I am also excited”. Both loved swimming. Then both had a good tight nap. The next day. Nalini woke up at 7 am. Then she asked Raj to wake up. After brushing, they ordered coffee and had it. It was 7.30 am by then. Then Nalini ordered her son to get ready for swimming. So Raj started undressing. He removed his shorts and he vest he was wearing and gave it to his mom.Nalini said, ”First you enter the pool dear. I will put the clothes to wash and change my dress and will join you in a moment.” So Raj entered the pool. He took his handycam along with him. He kept the handycam near the pool and started swimming. He was enjoying himself out there in the water. After 10 minutes, the door opened. Raj turned his head hearing the sound of the door. Nalini stepped out.Raj was amazed by the sight of his mom. She was wearing the bikini they had bought the previous day. She was completely stunning and magnificent in the green colored lingerie. Unlike her bra which usually cups her entire boobs, the new bikini top was revealing the upper half of her cleavage. It was a beautiful sight. Her whole waist was swaying to and fro as she walked towards the pool. The green panties revealed a major part of her round beautiful ass and her whole smooth shiny fair legs and thighs was purely a treat.Her huge round firm boobs were juggling as she walked. Seeing this sight, Raj immediately came out of the pool to praise his mom’s beauty. He stood before his mom. Nalini asked, “Am I looking good dear?” with uncertainty avcılar escort as she had never worn such a material before. Raj replied “Mom you are completely stunning. I have no words to praise your beauty mom.” Hearing this Nalini felt confident and assured and was very happy as her son had praised her beauty and she felt much more comfortable with her new outfit.They both entered the pool and started swimming to and fro for some time. Raj was enjoying his mom’s beauty as she was enjoying herself in the water after a long time. His dick suddenly started erecting inside the water. So he said “Mom, I will return in a moment”. Saying so, he brought his handycam and started capturing the pool while her mom was swimming. She was playing in the water and was in full of laughter. She took some water with her hands and threw towards her son who was standing near the pool. She was completely enjoying.Then Raj asked his mom to pose for the video. So Nalini gave various poses sideways, forward and backward to her son. Raj said “Mom you are my first model” with a naughty smile. Nalini also burst into laughter. Then she said “enough with the handycam dear join me in the pool. Lets have some fun.” with a mischievous smile. So Raj placed the cam near the pool and he entered into the pool. Nalini came near her son and joined her left hand with his right hand. With their hands joined, they were swimming together for a few minutes.Then Nalini crept above his son in water. Raj did not expect this. As Nalini was above her son, her voluptuous boobs were tightly pressed against his bare back. Raj started to feel the heat, and his dick stood firm as a rock. Her son’s ass was pressed against her clothed cunt, as she felt something strange, that she had never experienced before with her son. Both were swimming in the same position for some time.Then Raj thought it was his turn to climb over his mom. So he slowly climbed over her and held her tightly with both his arms around her bare waist. Now his moms back was pressed against his chest, and his rock hard dick was pushing his mom’s clothed ass. Nalini started to feel the heat, as she felt her son’s dick against her asshole. She had never seen her sons erect dick before. She thought to herself that her son is now a grown-up boy. In the same posture, both were swimming in water for a few minutes. Both were definitely hot.After a few minutes, they both came out of the pool. Now Nalini took the handy cam and said, ”Dear, this is your turn. Give some nice poses to the camera”. So Raj started to pose for the cam. But as he saw his mom’s cleavage, his erection grew longer, and was clearly visible through his brief. Nalini saw this and actually she felt proud of her sexy body, as she knew it was the reason for her son’s erection. Then this went on for half an hour. Then thy both took a nice shower and had their breakfast.Raj started, “You were extremely beautiful today in your new lingerie, mom.” Nalini replied, “Thanks dear, and you were also athletic and firm today in the pool”, as she was impressed by her son’s athletic shape and his hard dick. He said, “Thank you mom. And I think that you will need some more bikinis, once we construct the swimming pool in our home.” She replied, “Definitely dear, I have just one pair now. So, we need to purchase some more.”She continued, “Initially, I had the slightest of doubts about how the bikini will suit me, as this is the first pair I am wearing, but you assured me that I am looking nice in it. So, today when we shop again in the lingerie shop, I will get you 2 more briefs.” Raj interrupted, “Mom, I already have 3, so I don’t need another.” She replied, “No dear, I think you should wear the new type of underwear while swimming, because I know it will suit you perfectly.” Raj said, “OK mom, I saw a section named ‘New Arrivals’ in that shop as we came out mom.” She said, “Sounds cool dear, let’s check them out today.”After finishing their lunch, they went out again to continue their sight-seeing and shopping. They took a taxi and visited many places in Goa. It was 7 pm already. So they decide to halt their sight-seeing for that particular day, as they had to buy new lingerie’s. So they went into the new arrivals section in the shop. First Nalini selected two new set of underwear for her son. Then they went into the ladies bra and panties section. Now Raj was selecting for his mom.He took the bra and panties which had a very thin lining and very less cloth then the previous one they bought, and gave it to his mom. It was an orange color bikini. He said, “I guess this would suit you perfectly mom.” Nalini saw it and said, “Yes dear, it looks cool. So select me some more colors.” Raj took green and white color similar bikinis and gave it to his mom. After billing for the purchase, they decided to go to a restaurant. It was 9 pm by the time they finished their dinner.As they came out of the restaurant, it started to rain heavily and they were unable to get a taxi. Both were fully drenched in rain as they were searching for a taxi. Finally they got one and they hurried to their room. It was 9.30 pm when they entered their room. They kept their purchase on the bed. Nalini took a towel from the suitcase and gave it to Raj and told him to dry his hair thoroughly. Then she took a tower and was drying her hair.Her waist and hip clearly became visible through her wet transparent saree and the outline of her wide ass was visible as it was wet. It was totally drenched in water. But Raj did not notice all these as he was busy drying his hair with towel. As she was drying her hair, Raj started to change his dress. Nalini saw this and stopped him, “No dear, don’t change back to your normal dress. First try your new underwear we bought today.” She continued,Anyway we are going to change our dresses as it is very wet, and we will catch cold if we sleep with these. So I thought we shall try on our new purchase.” Raj replied, “Ya, it’s a good idea mom, and I am also eager to try on my new sporty brief.” She said, “Fine dear, I will change to my new swimwear in the bathroom. You can change here in the hall. Let me see how your new brief looks.” Then she went into the bathroom. Raj changed to his new underwear and was waiting for his mom.The bathroom door opened. Nalini stepped out of the bathroom. Raj was completely awestruck seeing his mom in her new swim wear. Her new bra was extremely revealing. It showcased most of her beautiful tits, both inward and outward. It was a very thin fabric and was unable to hold her massive boobs in place. It did just enough to cover her nipples. Nalini’s boobs were juggling as she walked towards her son with just her bra and panties. Raj was delighted as he had not seen anything like that before. She was looking like angel. He got an instant erection and it as the longest erection he ever had. Now his dick formed a tent in his new brief.Nalini started, “Am I looking good, dear?” Raj replied, “Mom you are so sexy”. Hearing this, Nalini was taken aback, as his son never passed such a comment before. But she knew that she was looking extremely revealing and sexy. So she smiled. Raj continued, “Mom, can you turn back? I want to see your new panties”, as he was very eager to watch his mom’s new panties. Nalini turned back. Her new pantie was just like a fine piece of thread. It was just enough to cover her ass crack. But it did nothing to cover her huge and wide ass.It was completely open and her bareback was a pure treat to the eyes. Raj exclaimed, “This inner wear is superb and fits you perfectly mom”, as his eyes were embedded in his mom’s nipples as it was protruding through her bra. It was Nalini’s turn to check out her son’s underwear. She saw it and became completely ecstatic at the sight of his huge tent in his underwear. His rock hard dick complimented his brief well. She said,You are looking hard, firm and beautiful dear in this new brief”, as she was looking at the outline of his rock hard dick through his underwear. Raj was unable to sleep well that night near his mom, as the sight of his mom in bikini was running in his mind. The next day it was their usual swimming session. But Raj was much eager that day as he was waiting to see his mom in her new bikini once again. He was waiting for his mom in water.Nalini changed to her bikini and came out. Raj got an instant erection seeing his mom almost naked in her new extremely revealing swim wear. One thing for sure, that their intimacy and affection for one another had increased şirinevler escort more than ever.Nalini entered the pool. Then both started to swim for a few minutes. As Nalini saw her son’s fit ass, she became naughty. So, she swam swiftly towards her son and slapped on her son’s ass smoothly with a naughty smile. Immediately, Raj was laughing as he was venturing to slap his mom’s ass. He drove swiftly in the water, as his mom was getting away from him. He went near her and slapped her ass. It was the first time he was touching his mom’s bare ass. It was smooth and beautiful and it was very wide. Raj completely enjoyed it. This started as a game and both were taking turns and were touching one another’s ass.After a few minutes, Raj again ventured to catch his mom’s ass. But this time she swam very swiftly and was trying to get away from him. But Raj did not give up his speed. He hurried towards her and caught her in her waist. As she was trying to get away form him, he was unable to hold her, and he suddenly unknowingly grabbed her both boobs over her bra. He did not do it wantedly But it was by mistake. Her massive boobs felt like awesome, as her soft flesh was in his hands. Immediately he took his hands away from her tits. He became frightened, that his mom might become angry. He was trembling with fear.But Nalini became naughtier after this and she again started chasing her son in water. Raj swam away from her swiftly, as he was much relaxed that his mom did not mistake him. But this time, Nalini thought of getting back on her son. She swam swiftly and grabbed his 7 inch rock hard dick in her right hand, as her tits were tightly pressed against his bare back. Raj was completely caught off guard, as he was not expecting this from his mom.She went a step further and tried to remove his underwear, as she was eager to se her son’s rock hard cock for the first time. After putting in some effort, she finally succeeded in taking off his underwear. She was amazed to see his 7 inch hard erect dick and his dick was fully surrounded by a jungle of hair. She knew that she made his dick to erect as she was laughing at her naked son. Now Raj became completely naked in the pool.Raj did not pause for a moment. He started to follow his sexy mom and waiting to get his back on her. Nalini swam as fast as she could, but she was unable to get away from her son, who was raging towards her in full speed under water. He caught his mom’s boobs and unhooked her bra and let it off. Now her voluptuous boobs were hanging in water. It was a beautiful sight. Next he removed his mom’s panties an made her completely nude. She had a nicely shaved pussy and it was reddish and clean. She was looking like an angel and was completely nude. Now both were completely naked in the pool.Raj lost his control seeing his mom naked and he gave a tight kiss on her lips as he was grabbing her boobs with both his hands. Her breasts were soft and tender. Nalini was grabbing her son’s dick at the same time as their legs were twined together. Both were kissing passionately. They were no more son and mom. They became lovers. After a few minutes of cuddling and smooching, Nalini got away from her son and ran into the bed room. Raj quickly followed his nude mom into the room. He caught both her boobs and was kissing her neck with complete lust. He pushed his mom into the bed.He slowly started kissing from her forehead. Next he kissed her nose, then lips, neck. Next he placed his mouth on his mom’s waist and was kissing it wildly, while his hands were fondling both her boobs all the time. Then he planted a smooth kiss on her pussy lips. He slowly progressed towards her legs and kissed each and every part and explored it with his mouth.Nalini was enjoying her son on her, as she felt it was their honeymoon. Raj then bit his mom’s nipples softly, as she was moaning with pleasure. Then he sucked his mom’s voluptuous beauties. He kept his mouth on her boobs and was sucking it wildly like an a****l. He sucked both her tits hardly, as his hands were wrapped around her ass. He continued sucking her boobs unstoppable, as he was enjoying every bit of it in his mouth.Nalini was moaning in pleasure, “aaaa”. Raj was enjoying and playing with his moms beautiful tits. Then he turned her back and was kissing the whole of her back, as his hands were exploring his mom’s ass. He kissed her and sucked her back. He started kissing his moms wide beautiful ass and her legs. Nalini was making sounds of pleasure all the time.Then it was Nalini’s turn to enjoy her son. She quickly pounced on her young son and was kissing wildly all over his body. She was kissing his chest and ass. She was enjoying her son’s athletic body and his well toned abs. Then she planted a nice and sweet kiss on his dick. Again Raj got control of the situation, as he caught hold of his mom’s hip with both his hands. He was applying pressure on her boobs with his mouth and was sucking it wildly and enjoying it every bit.His cock was fully erect by that time and was anticipating entering into his mom’s pussy. Nalini was fully wet by that time as she was aroused by her son. Her love juice was flowing through her pussy and her cunt was dripping wet. Nalini caught her son’s rock hard 7 inch dick and slowly guided it towards the entrance of her reddish pussy. Raj did not feel much resistance as his mom was already wet. Raj slowly entered his long dick into his mom’s cunt.His cock was fully inside his mom. Now he slowly started the to and fro motion. Nalini was giving mild moans of pleasure, “aaa aaa aaa… ..”. Raj gradually increased his speed as he pumped harder in and out of her cunt, as his hands were massaging her voluptuous boobs all the time. He was exploring all the parts of her clitoris with every pump. Nalini’s moaning grew louder with every push, “aaaa…aaaa…aaaa”. Raj was also making moans of pleasure, “”with every pump.Raj gradually gathered pace and reached his maximum, and he pumped harder then before. Nalini’s moans of pleasure turned into moans of pain. Her son was fucking her really hard. She moaned harder, “aaaaa..aaaaaaaaaa”. Both were reaching their climax. Raj had a lot of semen secreted in his dick, as he ejaculated all of his cum into his mom in his final pump. Nalini moaned louder than ever, “aaaaaaa raaaaaaaajjjj”, as her son cum his semen into her.It was a sticky high load of semen in his final shot. The white fluid flowed all over her pussy. Both were sweating in heat by that time and were very tired. Raj slowly removed his sticky dick out of his mom’s pussy. Then both were kissing passionately as their lips met. Raj than sucked his moms voluptuous boobs again for a few moments. Then they cuddled together and slept totally naked. The remaining 3 days of their trip were sexier than ever.Then they arrived back at Lucknow. On the day of their arrival, Raj made arrangements to construct the swimming pool. Nalini was preparing breakfast for her son. Raj came into the kitchen to drink water in the kitchen. Seeing his mom gave him an instant erection. She was cooking food. He slowly crept behind her back and started fondling both her boobs over her sleeveless blouse. Nalini said, ”No dear, its time for breakfast.We can make love afterwards.” But Raj was in no mood to listen to her. He removed her Saree and petticoat in no time. Then he ripped apart her blouse. Now his mom was standing in her bra and panties in front of him. He lost all his control, as his dick was in command of that situation. He unhooked her bra and removed her panties and threw it away, and made her completely nude in the kitchen. He fondled both her voluptuous beauties and was sucking her boobs like an a****l, as his hands were massaging her ass. Nalini was enjoying itThey slowly moved into the nearest bed room. Raj was fondling his mom’s boobs all the time. Then they closed the door of the bed room and started to have wild sex. The next day Raj asked his mom, “Mom, Can you be in the lingerie all time. I love you seeing in those.” Nalini thought for a moment and replied,”Ok, but only till your college starts, since you will need to concentrate on your studies.” Raj was very happy as his mom accepted his request. Soon the construction work of their swimming pool was over, and the swimming pool was ready.They were enjoying themselves. They became lovers, but were always mom and son, as Raj had the utmost respect for his mom, and Nalini loved her son more than anything else. Soon, Raj got into a college. His first semester exam was near. So, he diverted his attention towards his studies. Nalini helped him. He performed well in all his exams and when the results came, he got a good 83%. He had 1 month semester holidays. So they planned to visit Goa again to spend their vacation. But this time, they went as friends and lovers, more than mom and son. They had a great time in Goa filled with naughtiness, sexiness, fun and love.



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