July, 2008

Eleven straight days of non-stop rain in July – it had to be a record. Even the concierge at my hotel, who looked like he was pushing 70, could not remember this much rain without any break.

We had been in eight straight days of negotiation when we decided it was time for a break. I was leading the team for a large European software company, and we had been negotiating pretty much non-stop now as we attempted to create a joint venture that would open up new market opportunities in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our potential partner, one of the fastest growing companies in the Chinese tech sector decided that while we were close, the teams were at an impasse and needed a day or two to reassess and rejuvenate.

So as I sat at the bar in Felix, on the 28th floor of the Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong, I heard a voice that sounded so familiar – I suspected it had to be the third gin and tonic playing tricks on my imagination. “Yes, we’re making progress, but it’s going to take a few more days. I’m pretty sure we’ll have it wrapped up by Friday and we’ll meet all of our deadlines – they’re just dotting every I and crossing every T. No, no major changes. We’ll make all of our deadlines with room to spare. Ok. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

I turned in the direction of the voice and couldn’t believe my eyes. As she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear in a gesture that was intimately familiar, I knew immediately that it was my old friend and lover, Kelly. Looking at her, I realized that she hadn’t changed a bit in the 8 years since I had last seen her. As my mind flashed through memories of random times together at law school in Chicago, a summer in Boston and a road-trip across the country, I scribbled a quick note on a napkin and summoned the waiter over.

A few minutes later the waiter delivered a glass of champagne and my note. I watched as she sipped the glass of champagne, and without looking around, slowly opened the note. I saw the smile of recognition spread slowly across her face and then saw her start to look around the room – as she finally caught sight of me I raised my glass and waived her over.

Walking over I couldn’t help but notice how amazing she looked. If anything, over the years she looked even better than before. She clearly had just come from a business meeting – wearing a grey skirt that said ‘professional but sexy’ and a white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to let you know what was underneath, yet covered it up nicely.

After a big hug and a shared mutual amazement of seeing each other we decided to grab a table nearer the windows and enjoy the view and ordered a bottle of champagne to drink while we caught up on old times.

What was even more amazing was finding out that although both of our lives had changed dramatically since we had last seen each other, there were still incredible similarities and a shared ‘connection’ between us that was evident even after all of this time.

Both of us had been married for a number of years, progressed to executive ranks in our jobs and both had two children. We caught up on shared friends, old times, work, raising children, being married, politics, the economy and every other topic that we used to discuss endlessly during our time together. We had a wonderful time catching up, sipping champagne and reliving old times and as we prepared to say goodnight, I said to Kelly “why don’t you come down to my room for a nightcap – I’ve got an amazing suite here at the hotel and an outdoor balcony with a couple of lounge-chairs – we can finish the bottle of champagne and enjoy the storm.” She looked back at me and with that impish grin said “I thought you’d never ask.”

So we adjourned down to my room, which truly was an amazing suite. In addition to being two complete rooms (a sitting room with couches, tables and a large plasma TV) with a large balcony, there was also the bedroom area and a substantial bathroom.

We moved the lounge-chairs side-by-side, did a toast to old times and enjoyed the spectacular display that mother nature was putting on. As we looked out into the harbor we saw an incredible lighting display that lit up not only one of the largest working ports in the world, but a number of sampan’s trying to navigate the harbor and also the neon skyline of Tsim Sha Tsui. It was an amazing spectacle and the thunder was loud enough to vibrate the champagne bottle sitting on the table.

After about 45 minutes, Kelly got up, sat down between my legs on my chair and said “it’s been a really long day – can you please give me a backrub – and let me get rid of this bra – it’s been on way too long.” She then proceeded to do one of those maneuvers that constantly amaze me – watching a woman miraculously slide a bra off while keeping her clothes on. So she leaned back a bit and I started to work my hands along her shoulders.

This felt different, yet so familiar. I had given Kelly many massages in the past yet it had been close to a decade since the last time. I could feel the familiar muscles in her shoulders, on the tops of her çankaya escort arms, on the tops and sides of her back – and she clearly was enjoying the massage. I kneaded, massaged and worked those muscles for quite a long time while she sat there slowly moving her head back and forth. After about twenty minutes I could feel the knots disappear from her shoulders and the tension slip from her body.

I didn’t know how she was feeling, but between the amazing storm just inches away, the close contact of the massage, the champagne, and the intimate familiarity, I knew that I was feeling feelings that had not stirred in a long long time. It was like the connection between us had never been broken, and at the same time that I started to move my hand down into the opening of her shirt, she leaned back, turned her head and started to give me the most passionate, intense kiss I had ever felt. It was one of those kisses that could only be described as electric – our tongues danced in each others mouths and it went on and on and on. I think we finally came up for air after about ten minutes and it was just like the first amazing kiss we had shared on her couch years ago back in Philadelphia. My hand had found its way to her left breast and had been massaging her breast and nipple during the entire kiss and was now just resting there – like it belonged. We sat there for a minute catching our breaths and just starting into each others eyes when Kelly started to stand up.

At first I thought she might leave, when instead she turned around, hiked up her skirt a bit so she could be comfortable and sat down right between my legs and started to passionately kiss me again. My hands were running through her hair as our tongues danced back and forth again and again, touching lips, tongues – it felt like we were trying to merge and become one. I ran my hand down her back, rubbing, moving and worked my way down to her ass. I had forgotten just what an incredible ass she had – it was perfect – taught, round and perfectly sculpted — one of those that made you turn around twice as she walked by you. Clearly she had been continuing to work out and I grabbed her ass and pulled her close to me – our bodies pressed against each other as our tongues battled it out for control.

As we stayed locked in this embrace I slowly moved my hand from her ass around to the side and then slowly to the underside of her skirt. As I moved my hands in between her thighs I felt the silky feel of her panties and realized that she was as wet as I was excited. I could feel the wetness through her panties and started to rub with my hand back and forth while we continued to kiss. She had both of her hands running through my hair and I had one hand running through her hair and another starting to quickly rub back and forth across her panties.

After a few minutes of teasing and applying pressure in areas that I knew so well, I took two fingers and slid aside her panties while continues to play tongue wars and play with her hair. I started to rub her skin and realized that she was bare as can be – shaved so that there was hardly anything left – this was definitely a new addition from the time we knew each other. The feelings of my fingers on her skin without any hair only added to my excitement. It was an amazing feeling and only added to my overall excitement. As I continued to reach down between her legs and run my hand up and down, I took my middle finger and started stroking between the lips of her pussy. She was so wet it was amazing – and as I started to move my finger back and forth she started to moan in my mouth. After a few minutes of gentle stroking I couldn’t wait any longer and inserted my middle finger inside her. I felt her body tense and the passion of the kisses go up – it was an unbelievable feeling. I started gently rubbing and moving my finger in and out, in and out and felt the tension building in her body.

After about five minutes I felt her tongue jamming it’s way in and out of my mouth and heard her whisper “yes, yes, please… keep doing that. I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum… oh god yes.. I’m coming… I’m coming…” and felt her body tighten around my finger as I kept moving it in and out. I could feel the wetness coming out of her body as she climaxed around my finger and eventually leaned her head against my chest while I was still inside her… We sat there motionless for a few minutes listening to the rain pounding down around the city. I gently slid my finger out from inside her and picked her up as I stood up off the chair. With her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands still clasped behind my head, I kissed her once again and started taking her back into the room. I didn’t bother to even try and slide the sliding glass door shut behind us as we moved further into the room and I pushed her up against the wall.

With her legs and arms wrapped tightly around me I pushed myself up against her I had a quick flashback to an incredible summer evening where we were locked just like this but with me deep inside her fucking up against my bedroom wall. She unlocked ankara rus escort her legs and slid down the wall so that she was standing in front of me and quickly started to unbuckle my belt. I felt her start to unbutton my pants and then one hand slid quickly into my underwear and started massaging my balls. With her right hand working my cock her left hand starting pulling down my pants and underwear – as she got closer to the bottom we did that oh-so-familiar tango of trying to get the clothes off my feet as I know stood half naked in front of her. I slid my hands up her thigh and pulled down her panties – and once we were both out of our clothes I grabbed the backs of her thighs, lifted her up against the wall and pushed my incredibly hard cock into her steaming wet pussy.

We stood perfectly still for a minute and then there was a loud clap of thunder and it was like the demons were unleashed. She pulled my head toward her into a violent kiss and I started stroking my cock in and out of her as fast as I could – pushing up against her and trying to get my cock buried as deeply into her as I could. I grabbed her ass and stroked in and out – enjoying the feeling of an incredibly hot and wet pussy that I had not felt in a long, long time. Outside the rain was pounding down on the balcony so hard the water droplets were bouncing several inches into the air. I kept thrusting, kept grabbing, kept kissing and then I felt myself on the verge of coming. I started to pull my mouth away to whisper “I’m coming” and Kelly grabbed me even hard and said “oh god… I’ve waited so long for you to cum inside me again, please… please… let me feel you deep inside…” That was all it took as I gave one final push and held myself there as I shot a huge amount of cum deep inside of her. I kept pushing deep inside her, grinding myself against her and spurting load after load of cum deep inside her… I stood there staring into her eyes and felt a connection that is to this day difficult to describe – something that only comes around once in a lifetime.

As I slipped out of her I grabbed her hand and started pulling her toward the bathroom. I reached inside the shower and turned the water into the scalding range I knew she loved so well. As the shower started to heat up and steam the glass shower door, I turned back to Kelly and slowly started to unbutton her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. I then started kissing my way down her body – starting with her forehead, her nose, gently on the lips, spent a lot of time nuzzling her neck and worked my way down to her amazing breasts. With both hands massaging her left breast I worked my tongue around and around her incredible nipple and then started to gently suck as my right hand moved to her right breast and my left hand continued sliding down her stomach. I moved my attention to her right breast and gave it the same attention – circling the nipple and then running my tongue underneath her breast and continuing down to her belly button where I gave it a quick kiss. I quickly slid off her skirt and admired the body that I had fantasized about for the last 10 years. Nothing had changed – it still matched the perfect body I dreamed about almost every night and fantasized about at least once a day. From the freckles on her face to the perfect tits and a waist that said ‘grab me’ – I took it all in. The only noticeable change was the fact that her pussy was shaved totally bare – other than that she was as perfect as she had always been.

She reached out to me and quickly unbutton my shirt, pushing it off my shoulders and on to the floor. She grabbed my hand and moved the both of us into the shower with her standing below the hot jetstream and me right up against behind her body. I rubbed her shoulders as the steaming hot water rolled off us and kissed the back of her neck. We must have spent 10 minutes in this position just relaxing with me rubbing her shoulders and I could feel myself getting excited once again. I think that Kelly must have somehow sensed it too as I felt her start to wiggle her ass just a bit and rub up against my still flaccid cock. She turned around and as she pulled both of us under the waterstream we engaged in an incredible passionate kiss as she pushed herself against me. The feeling of her body against mine was stunning – I could feel her tits pushing into my chest and her pussy against my cock. As we kept kissing I felt her hand sliding down my chest and then down between our bodies. She stared fondling me with one while we kissed and soon she felt me stirring and starting to stand at least halfway to attention… “My, my… what do we have here”… she said as she pulled away and looked down…

With that she started to kiss her way down my body, paying particular attention to my nipples for a while – at the same time her hand continued to massage my cock. After spending a few minutes teasing and sucking on each nipple she knelt before me and gently grabbed my cock with both hands and licked the entire shaft with her tongue. It felt so unbelievable amazing as I looked down, felt ankara yabancı escort the steam from the hot water around us and watched her tongue slowly work its way up my shaft. As she got to the top she gently pulled my now fully erect cock toward her and put her lips just around the tip. I could feel her tongue flicking back and forth on the tip of my cock and her right hand slid down and started playing with my balls. She slowly moved her mouth down and engulfed the entire range of my cock deep into her mouth. It was so incredible and brought back an amazing flood of memories.

After staying like that for a minute, she slowly worked her way back up my cock until just the tip of her tongue was touching the tip of my cock. She rolled it around in circles and then slowly worked her way down the shaft until she was at my balls. Kelly knew how much I loved to have my balls sucked and I know that she enjoyed giving it as much as I enjoyed receiving it. I looked down and watched as she started licking my right ball and gently sucked it into her mouth while continuing to flick it with her tongue. Her right hand played with my other ball and I felt her tongue start to slide over and she flicked the areas between my balls and started licking down deeper and deeper toward my ass. She worked her way back up and started to lick and suck on my other ball and I felt like I was in complete heaven. Her hands started to move up and she started to stroke my cock up and down, up and down while she continued to lick and suck on both of my balls.

After about 10 minutes of this exquisite pleasure she moved her mouth back up to the tip of my cock and plunged it deep into her mouth. She started moving up and down quickly and fucking my cock hard and deep into her mouth. One hand wrapped around and grabbed my ass and the other reached down and started to cup my balls. As I looked down on her I could see everything from the back of her head to the edge of her ass and felt lost as I felt myself building toward an inevitable conclusion. She kept sucking harder and faster, creating incredible suction and massaging my balls and I felt myself getting closer and closer. As I was just about at the breaking point I said “I’m going to cum….” She squeezed the back of my ass with one hand, grabbed my balls with the other and sucked even harder up and down and within seconds I was coming deep down into the back of her throat. It was an absolutely incredible sensation with her hot mouth totally surrounding my cock and me spurting deep inside her – a sensation I hadn’t felt in a long long time. She sucked every last drop dry, slowly pulled her mouth off my cock and then slid up my body and gave me a deep kiss as we stood under the beating water.

Both of us enjoyed the shower for a few minutes more, soaping each other up, helping rinse each other off when I said “stay here for a few minutes and relax…” and quickly stepped out of the shower.

Ten minutes later I stepped back into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and motioned Kelly to come out of the shower. I don’t know what the thread count is on the Peninsula towels – but it’s definitely out of this world. The towels are so soft and when you’re wrapped in them it feels like you’d died and gone to heaven. As Kelly turned off the shower and started to step out I held out a huge towel that covered almost her entire body and wrapped it around her.

I pulled her close to me to give her a huge hug and then started patting down her body with the towel until all that was left wet was her hair. I said “come with me… I have a surprise waiting for you…”

As I grabbed her and led her back into the main room, which was now lit only by the lights from the city and the occasionally lighting strike. Sitting next to the bed was a bottle of the hotels finest champagne and a plateful of freshly cut strawberries. I led Kelly to the foot of the bed and had her sit down wrapped in the gigantic towel that went from the top of her breasts down to nearly her toes. I pulled up the ottoman and sat in front of her. I grabbed a strawberry from the plate and slowly rubbed it around her lips and then gently set it into her open mouth. I handed her a glass of champagne, grabbed a second for myself and held up mine in a toast and said “to soul mates”. We crossed arms and each took a big sip as our elbows were locked tightly with each other.

I put my glass of champagne down and grabbed Kelly’s right foot and began to gently massage her toes. I spent a great deal of time gently massaging up and down and worked my way to the base of her foot and slowly pulled her toes into my mouth. I took her big toe into my mouth and started to suck and flick my tongue back and forth – all the while never ceasing to massage her foot with both hands. I don’t know if it was the massage, the champagne or the moment but the let out a huge moan and settled back on to her elbows to enjoy the experience. After spending a few minutes on her big toe and never letting up with the massage, I continued to move down toe by toe – taking each one in to my mouth, sucking, playing and running my tongue around every nook and cranny. As I finished with her right foot I gently set it down and picked up her left foot to continue the process. I could feel her toes arching under my tongue and knew exactly how much she was enjoying the sensation.



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