Based on real life experiences and emotions.

Foot on the accelerator, waiting to put his foot to the floor.


He slammed his right foot down and pushed the gas pedal to its farthest limit as his Mercedes sedan reached its red line and shifted into second gear, then third. Before long he was bounding down the highway 30 mph over the 70 mph speed limit.

He needed her. It had only been 4 days, but it felt like an eternity without her.

Swerving around traffic at 114 mph. He didn’t care if he was spotted by a cop. He would keep going.

Only two more turns.



He was home. She was waiting inside. And he knew she was awaiting his arrival.

“I’m home my love!”

At first he doesn’t hear anything, then the soft creaks of the floor and there she was. The love of his life. Standing before him. The love of his life he hadn’t seen in an eternity. Well four days. But who’s counting?

“Welcome back.” She said looking like she had a plan. “I’m so happy to have you back with me.” Saying almost in a hushed whisper. Moving closer to him, sliding across the floor. The movement of an angel.

When she reached him, she was caught çankaya escort off guard by the hand that had slid into her tight jeans that showed off her small yet ample ass.

“How’re you?”

“Better now that you’re back.”

“Did you miss me?”

“You know I did.” She whispered between the soft spoken moans.

Looking her straight in the eye not breaking eye contact, “Show me how much.”

She didn’t need an invitation, but she wanted one. She immediately dropped to her knees, unbuckled the belt and pants he was wearing and dropped them to the floor, revealing his cock. She licked it through the boxers he was wearing. Teasing him always seemed to excite her.

He wasn’t having any of this tease game she was playing. He tugged her arms upwards till their noses were touching.

“I thought you wanted me to show you…”

His response to that was pushing her up against the wall and holding her arms above her head leaving her helpless to his touch. He unbuttoned her tight jeans and dropped them to the floor. Exposing her extremely wet sex that radiated with warmth.

Through the kissing both of them managed to say, “I love you.” And resumed to kiss and bathe ankara rus escort in the sunlight shining through the glass in the door.

His fingers ran up and down her chest glancing over her nipples with every pass. Lifting up the shirt to expose her pink puffy nipples, she had reached down and was playing with his exposed dick, stroking back and forth over and over.

A cry of pain and pleasure coursed through her veins at the feeling of him twisting her nipples. She was so prepared for him to make an entrance but he wasn’t giving it to her and she was becoming aggravated. Her hips started grinding, trying to find something that wasn’t there, hoping for something to appear. And in one swift move there it was, shoved deep inside her in the space of less than a second.

“Fuck,” he growled in a low voice to express the feeling of her cunt wrapping around him. Starting slow, and constantly speeding up at the sight of her reactions to his each and every thrust.

She was beautiful. The brown hair flowed, her face filled with pleasure, her breathing staggered yet methodical. She was everything to him.

He was everything to her. The glasses he once wore ankara yabancı escort fell onto the floor, his stubble rough on her chin.

Their eyes locked, and for a split second time seemed to stop. It was him and her. Engaged in the most passionate act a couple can have. They were each other’s world.

Their eyes stayed locked as he thrusted in and out and she mumbled words between moans.

Higher pitched moaning, less and less breaths, “I’m about to come, darling.” She said wondering how she even made words exit her mouth. “Oh god please, harder, don’t stop, I love you.”

He had no intention of stopping and every intention of going faster and harder. Her climax was approaching and so was his.

And in a split second her head was clear. The world was nothing. It was herself and the man she loved. Her hips collided with his, her mouth slammed into his as she gave him the sloppiest kiss she had ever given. But she knew what to do, she bent down and let her tongue do the talking for her.

“Holy shit, I’m so close.”

Her only response was a muffled hmmm on his dick which brought him even closer to climax. “Fuck!” Right as he squirted his juices all over her beautiful face. “Fuck…”

Silence filled the air. They both lay on the floor naked and sweaty.

She leaned over right next to his ear and whispered “Welcome back.”

He noticed her coming back to reality from her own climax. “I could say the same to you.”



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