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A day on the beach catching some sun in a new bikini was a day was a day to relax and let your hair down. Meet old friends and possible new ones. Flirt a little with strangers, perhaps letting them steal a kiss or two.

At least, that was what Kerry thought, and her present day had had some interesting moments. She’d flirted with both old and new friends, enjoyed some time in the water and enjoyed even more time sunning herself.

Kerry was sunning herself again when Victor strolled by and hailed her. Victor was what Kerry considered a potential new friend. She’d met him while in the water, flirted a little and indicated the general area she would be sunning herself later.

As far as Kerry was concerned, if he came past, she had no objection to a bit more flirtation. One never knew where it might eventually lead. If he didn’t, no loss, she had other friends around the place.

Now it appeared that he had decided to further their acquaintance a little. Victor settled on the sand beside her and they chatted. Not pushing the relationship, just a friendly ‘this is who I am’ sort of thing, getting to know each other with just a hint of flirtation in the background.

Eventually, Victor made a suggestion.

“I’m hot. Want to walk with me down to the shop? I’ll get you something cold.”

Feeling a cool drink wouldn’t go amiss Kerry nodded and rose gracefully to her feet. They strolled along, idling their way towards the path up to the car parks and the vans with their ice-creams, drinks and snacks. As they neared the path they had to pass a short row of boatsheds, private changing sheds and such.

As they approached the sheds, Victor gestured towards them.

“Why don’t we step into my office for a moment,” he suggested.

“You own one of the sheds?” asked Kerry, while having no intention of being secluded in one with someone who was still a relative stranger.

“Not me,” came the laughing reply. “I was actually referring to the little track that runs behind them. It’s relatively little used, so I can kiss you with a bit of privacy, but it’s still public enough that you can feel safe.”

He was daring her, Kerry knew, but he was nice and she had no real objection çankaya escort to exchanging a kiss or two. It wasn’t as though he was trying to drag her into one of the sheds or behind the bushes, she thought with a smile.

Following Victor’s lead, Kerry wandered around behind the sheds. She was surprised to find the path was quite roomy, with several feet of clearance between the sheds and the steeply rising ground behind them.

About half way down, behind one of the larger sheds, Victor stopped, pressed Kerry against the shed and kissed her. Nothing loth, Kerry returned his kiss with enthusiasm. The first kiss was naturally followed by several more, which Kerry found herself enjoying immensely. The sense of having a stolen moment out of the crowd contributed to her enjoyment, as did the titillation of knowing that someone else just might come past.

It seemed only natural for Victor to start stroking Kerry as he kissed her. She was gratified to notice that he didn’t try to slip his hand under her bathers, even if his hands did trace her curves very closely to the edge of them.

The kissing and the stroking was exciting, but when Victor eventually cupped her breast Kerry still had the presence of mind to promptly direct his hand elsewhere. Victor didn’t appear to mind and just continued with those interesting kisses and subtle touching of her curves.

Feeling Victor slip a finger between her leg and the bottom of her bathers Kerry stiffened slightly, but instead of trying to touch her Victor just pulled the bathers away from her slightly before letting them snap back against her, his hand then running back up her side to tease around her breast again.

Satisfied that Victor wasn’t going into full grope mode Kerry relaxed again, letting the kissing and stroking continue. Something however was nagging at her mind, trying to catch her attention.

Kerry woke up to what the problem was when Victor’s hand dropped back down and cupped her mound. Her naked mound. Now the reason for the uneasiness leapt to the fore. When Victor had tugged on her bikini bottom and then let it drop back, he had actually subtly shifted it so that it was to the side of her mound instead of covering it.

The ankara rus escort realisation came too late. Way too late, as Kerry found the fingers clasping her mound were separating, spreading her lips apart and Victor was easing into her.

Kerry gave a small squeal and tried to pull away, but found herself firmly trapped between Victor and the shed.

“Oh my god, oh my god, stop it,” she hissed. “You can’t do that. I don’t want it. Stop it. Someone may come.”

Her only answer was a gentle smile from Victor and a gentle push as he eased a little further into her.

“I’m serious,” Kerry half wailed, excited and upset by the unexpected intrusion. “Stop it now. Someone may come.”

Again the smile and the little nudge below.

“Oh my god, you’re not going to stop, are you,” she gasped. “Really, you must. I barely know you. I just don’t do this sort of thing. Quickly, stop it now before we’re seen.”

She received a different reaction this time. Still smiling at her, Victor shifted his hands to her waist and leaned away from her slightly. He nodded downwards as though telling her to look.

Reluctantly, Kerry’s eyes dropped down to where their bodies met. She swallowed as she saw the rigid shaft jutting out from Victor and disappearing into her. Even as she watched she saw it shorten and felt it moving deeper into her.

“Please,” she gasped. “You’ve got to stop this. You know it’s not what I wanted.”

She squeaked again as she saw the last of the shaft sink into her, feeling it touching her deep inside.

“Out?” she heard Victor ask, and nodded frantically. Even as she watched she saw him withdrawing, feeling relieved and just a touch disappointed. She groaned when Victor stopped, just short of withdrawing completely, and she glanced up at his face.

Victor was still smiling, actually laughing quietly, and he indicated she should look down again. Hesitantly Kerry dropped her eyes again, then gave a squeal as Victor gave a hard push and she saw him driving back into her, their bellies coming together with a slap.

“Oh god, Victor. Someone might come. I can’t be caught here like this. You have to stop.”

“Don’t worry, woman,” ankara yabancı escort came the soft reply. “We’ll do it quickly and no one will come.”

“God, you’re a bastard,” Kerry said, a groan in her voice as she felt him pull back and thrust heavily into her again. “You planned this right from the start.”

“But doesn’t this feel nicer than just a kiss or two?” came the laughing query, while Victor continued to press into her.

Pausing for a moment, his cock pinning her firmly against the shed, Victor pulled the bikini top up, spilling out her breasts.

“It wouldn’t be right to make love to you without including these,” Victor told her, his hands closing possessively over them.

Kerry was gasping now, knowing that her hips were pushing her firmly against Victor as he drove into her, too excited by the feeling rippling through her to mind. His hands were teasing her breasts, her nipples were being squeezed and pinched as tormented her, and then his mouth closed upon hers again.

“We came here for some kisses, remember?” Victor murmured, just before his mouth captured hers again, and then Kerry was lost in a dream of feeling as her body came under a triple sensual assault.

Kerry didn’t even try to get a sense for the passing time, or to worry about someone else taking the path behind the sheds. She was now ensorcelled, trapped by Victor’s charm and being driven to a pitch of excitement she hadn’t dreamt of when she’d innocently headed to the beach.

Kerry could feel the excitement and heat spreading out from deep within her mound, while surface tensions were emanating from her breasts and sinking deeper into her. Her lips seemed to burn where Victor possessed them, and the three fires were burning and merging.

Then Victor gave a gasp and threw fuel on the fire deep inside her. Her whole body ignited, and Kerry screamed and convulsed, her scream being swallowed by Victor’s mouth on her, and her convulsions controlled by his strong arms holding her firmly against him.

Kerry lay back against the shed, exhausted, feeling Victor straightening up her bikini so she was properly covered.

Standing there, Victor smiled at her.

“Do you want that drink now, or would you like to take a quick dip first?”

Kerry sighed. She should yell at him, she knew, but it had been good, and they both knew it.

“Dip first,” she said, knowing she was rather sticky, and not just from sweat. “But then you owe me a drink.”



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