It was getting darker outside, enough that hundreds of stars could be seen sprawled out in the cloudless sky. I stared straight ahead of us at the seemingly never-ending stretch of asphalt. We passed by buildings and foliage, but not a single other car on the road. My cruise control was flipped on and we were listening to some cheesy music you had found on the radio, singing along to what we knew, lazily slumped back in the comfy gray seats.

I look sideways at my passenger seat to sneak a look at you without you noticing, although I wouldn’t really care if you caught me. You were staring at your phone, obviously bored with the long drive. I take one hand off the wheel and brush my fingers against the top of your leg, wordlessly asking you to hold my hand. I let another silent moment pass as I hesitate to say whats on my mind, but I finally decided to just speak up.

“Hey love…I’m getting really horny sitting here thinking about everything I want to do with you when we get home.” As soon as I say it we both laugh at my blunt declaration for a moment and then it falls silent again. I wonder if you’re going to ask about what my thoughts are. When you don’t ask, I decide to just share anyways. After all, it would be fun to tease you and get you thinking about it as well.

“Id really love to have you inside me, first in my mouth so I can enjoy your taste, then Id love if you went in another hole of your choice!” As shy as I’m feeling the words come out smoothly, but then I feel a bit awkward. Did I say unsexy words? Should I have included more detail about what I want? I’m pleasantly surprised when you respond that you’d enjoy that as well. I look over and sneak a peak at you once again, but this time my eyes wander to your lap. I ever so slightly squirm in my seat when I notice a slight bulge in your pants. My cheeks turn light red and I look away to focus on the still-empty road.

For a minute that feels like hours, I think more about what we might do. I drift my eyes to the side to try to see you once more, but don’t allow myself to turn my head. I wouldn’t want you to think I was checking you out too often, but I craved seeing your beautiful face, and I wondered if you were getting harder from thinking about the same things as me. My thoughts become overwhelming and my pussy starts to become wet and warm. Without realizing, my fingers fidget with yours excessively.

“You know…” I trail off to try to cancel what I’ve started to say, but I should know that one cant start speaking and then expect to get away with keeping a secret. I sigh and speak up. “I really can’t wait to make you çankaya escort cum, and you know…there’s nobody else around, so they wouldn’t see if we…you know…” I move the hand that’s holding yours over the top of your bulge and gently fondle it through your jeans, hoping you understand what I want without needing to say more. Your cheeks turn bright red as you realize what I’m asking for.

You take your hand away from mine and unbutton your pants. I bring my own hand back to the wheel and impatiently wait for you. My breathing gets heavier and my cheeks still remain bright red, clearly visible even with only the lighting of street lamps. As soon as I hear your zipper pulled down I return my hand to your leg, brushing my fingers along your thigh until you expose your cock for me. I waste no time, immediately grasping you. I start with slow, loose strokes. I love the way you feel in my hand, taking notice of every vein and how warm you are. With heavy effort required, I focus straight ahead. More than ever I need to keep my eyes on the road to make sure we have no onlookers. I wish I could be watching you. I imagine you trying to keep a straight face, and I get the urge to make you fail. I want to see you pleased. I tighten my tenacious grip on you and quicken my strokes. Hearing your breaths become deeper only excites me more and it becomes uncomfortable to be sitting.

I start to feel nervous about getting caught, so I think of something to talk about to fill the hanging silence. “I cant wait until I can have you inside me later, massaging you with my tongue, seeing how deep I can take you into my throat…” I slow my strokes and focus on going along your entire length to imitate what I’m saying out loud, helping you imagine how deep in my mouth you could go. “Then I’m going to moan so loud once you’re inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me hard and fast.” I suddenly speed up jerking you to parallel my speech once again. I try to fake a moan to go along with what I’m saying, but after having gotten so excited, trying causes a real moan to escape my lips.

I struggle to not close my eyes as I get lost in erotic fantasies about you. I’m feeling entirely flustered, craving your body and your love. We still have quite a way to go until we get to my house though. I look over and notice the pleasure on your face. A warm butterfly feeling flows through my body and I grasp the tip of my tongue between my teeth to repress another moan. I want nothing more than to make you finish before we get off the freeway, and feel your cum all over my hand. I can’t even think of more to say, but I know at this ankara rus escort point we are both too overwhelmed with our desires for each other that I don’t need to distract us more. I focus on alternating between fast tighter strokes, and slower loose ones where I rub every inch of your length. With every twitch of your body I restrain another moan. My leg muscles stiffen and I adjust my seating to try to find comfort. Its impossible though, because my body wont be happy until I have yours against mine.

My dripping wet pussy gets my undies damp from how horny I am for you, and inside my shoes I curl and uncurl my toes as I try to find any way to expel excess energy. I quicken my motions even more when I feel your dick beginning to throb in my hand. You must be so close! I silently beg for you to cum on me. You lean your head back overwhelmed with pleasure. I start to feel like I’m going to cum in my panties even without being touched. After a moment more of stroking you as fast as I can manage you let out a sigh and release all over my hand. I cant help but close my eyes and sigh with pleasure getting to feel your warm, sticky cum dripping between my fingers.

I slow down my motions as you catch your breath, making sure I squeeze every drop out onto my skin before pulling my hand away. I bring my covered hand up to my face and lap up the mess, enjoying the taste of you, craving more. “I can’t wait until we get home, I need to help myself now.” I barely manage to say through heavy breathing. I grip my one clean hand on the wheel and start to unbutton my own pants.

I look in each mirror to make sure the road is still empty and then slide a hand down into my panties. I squirm a bit to give myself some room and sigh when my finger meets my own lips. “Oh god I didn’t realize I was this wet for you. Mmm…I wish it was you playing with me right now.” I slide my finger between my lips and find my clit, then rub in slow circular motions. My eyes have trouble staying open all the way and my entire body stiffens. After a moment of teasing myself I slide my finger inside, wiggling it around. I’m so wet that a soft slop noise can be heard as the only thing breaking the silence between us.

I glance sideways at you, looking at your face before my eyes wander down to your lap. I’m disappointed to see you attempting to tuck away your cock, yet amused that you’re struggling from staying hard. I fantasize about us pulling over and making love right there in the side lane before you have a chance to make yourself presentable again. My thoughts about you get me even more excited and ankara yabancı escort I slip in a second finger, digging around in a hooking motion to make my playing feel closer to what you would feel like inside of me. The wet slopping noise is louder and I cant help but let out a soft moan in between heavy breaths.

I pump my fingers into myself harder and deeper, separating them inside to rub against every part of my warm, wet walls. I bring my thumb back to my clit to massage myself. My speed makes this sloppy but it still feels nice, so much that I can’t help but let out another moan more projecting than the last. I lift my butt in my seat as a wave of pleasure is sent through my body.

“There’s nobody here…I want to feel you in some way, please?” I plead, hoping you’ll understand what I want. Without even a second passing you reach up and grab my breast above my shirt. I let out a sigh of pleasure as soon as I feel your touch. Even through my shirt my boob is easy to squeeze and fondle. My hard nipple can be felt sticking out even though layers of bra and top. Without words I can still sense how much we both wish there didn’t need to be clothes in our way. I imagine feeling your hands against my skin, then your fingers wandering my areola to find and pinch my nipples.

I grasp the steering wheel tighter and force myself to look straight ahead. My butt wiggles in my seat again as pleasure pulses through my entire body. The juices of my pussy drip out into my panties leaving them moist. I slide in a third finger easily but soon realize I’m close to finishing. My legs shake and I’m just about to cum when I pull my thumb away from my clit.

I slip out and almost whimper at cutting my fun short. “I want you to be the one that makes me finish. Please…I need you.” I beg and look over. My eyes are filled with desperation that you can’t resist even if you wanted to. You slide your hand into my undone pants as I grab the wheel with half my hand, leaving the sticky fingers lifted to the air. Your larger finger slides into me with ease and I cry out with pleasure. “More! I need more…” You slide a second, then third finger inside. It only takes a few seconds for me to become as close as I was before.

I don’t bother holding back as I finish, I let a loud moan that sounds stronger from being in the small space of a car. I push harder into the bottom of the seat to force my weight down over your fingers as I squirt, enjoying the feeling of you being deeper within me. My juices drip along the length of your fingers and seep into your palm. Every muscle of mine then relaxes and I take a final deep breath. When the act of pleasure is done we exchange a glance at each other and begin to giggle. You still have your dick half- out and you’re bending your arm in a funky position to be able to please me. “You look so silly right now. I love you!”



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