Prom Week: The Final ChapterIt was finally here. The night that every girl dreams about. But not this prom. This Prom wasn’t the kind girls dreamed of. For if things worked out as Fred planned this prom would became their worst nightmare.This was the Prom dreamt of in every horny young man’s deepest, darkest, part of their heart.For now those things were pretty much like every other prom in America. Lots of dancing and young women in beautiful dresses with there hair done. And the king and queen of the prom was soon to be announced.”The Queen of the prom is Alexis Young and Fred Smith” Mrs. Pearls announced. She was shocked that Fred had been chosen as Prom king.Jamie remembered that Fred had been holding the camera during her gang **** excepted when he was fucking her in the ass, cunt, face and between her breasts. Mrs. Pearls pussy became wet at the memory.Alexis came up stage with Fred. Alexis had been the most popular girl in school. She had it all. Money, breeding, the best looks surgery could buy, head cheerleader, blond, honour roll student, and student council president.Best of all Alexis had the one of the finest set of tits in the whole school. Fred was pleased that everything was going according to plan.Fred had made certain that he had been the head of the prom organizing committee so he could set up everything. Alexis went up to the microphone and started thanking everyone.Four, three, two, one, now.The doors bursted open as a group of horney older men entered. One barred the door so no one could leave. Fred grabbed Alexis’s tits from behind and squeezed them crudely.”What the hell!” Alexis shrieked. She turned around and slapped Fred in the face. Fred counter attacked by grabbing the neckline and pulling down so hard that the front of her elegent black dress was completely torn off.Fred tore the rest of the dress off the shocked girl. Alexis tried to slap Fred again but he blocked it and than he unhooked the front clasp on her bra. A pair of large tits popped out. The 40ff cup melons heaved with Alexis’s every terrorified breath.Alexis turned to ran but ran into a older man who turned out to be her senile Grandfather. “Help Grandfather” Alexis begged fearfully. Alexis’s Grandfather helped Alexis alright.helped himself to Alexis that is.The dirty old bastard grabbed two handfuls of Alexis’s firm breasts. Alexis gasped in disgust and arousal at the sexual touch of her senile grandfather.Just as old man Young was fondling his grand daughter, Fred was pulling down her panties. “Holy shit she really is a blond!” Fred announced upon catching sight of Alexis’s neatly trimmed blond pubic hair.Alexis looked for a way to escape but saw it was futile. All over the gym, hot, busty students where in various states of being sexually assaulted and ****d, in many cases by multiple men and even by other women.Fred and Mr. Young bent Alexis over and shoved her Prom Queen sceptre up her tight ass. Alexis screamed in pain but her wet pussy told the rest of the story. “Unless you want me to ram my first up your cunt bitch than say I’m a big cocktease and that I’d love to suck your cock Fred because I’m a slut” Fred ordered Alexis.”I’m a big cocktease and I’d love to suck your heavenly cock Fred, because I’m a total slut” Alexis said, her arousal added extra enthusiasm to her words.Fred shoved his dick into her eager mouth. Alexis had always wanted to see what a dick tasted like and it was better than she had ever dreamed, but this was never how she wanted her first taste to be like, or who she wanted her first taste to be.Fred ****d the pretty prom queens face enthusiastically. But poor Alexis was about to get it from the other end as well. Mr. Young rubbed the head of his cock against his granddaughter’s pussy lips.Alexis realized that she was about to be ****d by her own insane grandfather. Alexis moaned involuntarily, her dripping wet cunt enjoying the thought of being fill with her grandfather’s sperm.Alexis started gently playing with Fred’s balls when her virginity was brutally torn away by her own grandfather. Her grandfather also moved the Sceptre in and out of his granddaughter’s beautiful ass.Orgasms raced through Alexis body like the Indy 500. The more Alexis creamed on his cock, the harder her Grandfather fucked the spoiled bitch. Alexis pushed back against his cock with every thrust, her cunt feeling uncomfortably empty when stud his beef wasn’t filling her up.This was followed by her Grandfather filling her tight quim with sticky sperm. Alexis was surprised that a man of her Grandfather’s age could have such are huge and hard cock, not to mention being able to fill his beautiful granddaughter cunt with so much man chowder, it was dripping down her thighs.Alexis asked, with tears in the corner of her eyes, “Why did you **** me Grandpa, I thought you loved me?”. Her Grandfather replied by pissing on her pretty ass. Alexis mouth was soon filled again, this time by Fred’s big tool. Fred fucked the Prom Queen’s face hard, the need to pay back the bitch for past insults adding ferocity to his vulgar attack on her mouth.It wasn’t long before she was shallowing jizz for the first time. Alexis gulped thirstily, revelling in her own **** and humiliation.Alexis was in for another first as Fred started pissing in her mouth. Alexis tried to swallow as much as she could but some poured down her chin and onto her huge perfect tits. When her Grandpa and Fred were finished with her she was passed around all night as a public plaything. Alexis spread her legs, so some guy who was in her biology class, could eat her out, before slamming her full of dick meat. Alexis took cock on after cock, kocaeli escort everyone getting a turn on the blond bitch ride.That was when the horses and bulls were brought out.Amber was getting a glass of punch when the older men came through the door. Amber watched as young women all around her were attacked and ****d by the invaders and by the male students.One of the older men came towards her and she backed away until he had her in the corner. She realized it was her own father. Two more men joined him. One was her gym coach, and the other man was her boss Luke, from the big and tall mens clothing store she worked at on the weekends.”Dad what are you doing here and the hell is going on?” Amber asked confused and scared by the situation.”I saw the video of you and realized what a fucking slut my daughter is” he answered. “Not to mention what a hot piece of ass” he added as he stared at her cleavage. Amber was in a black dress that show a shocking amount of cleavage and slits on the sides from the bottom to her ass.”From your 16 birthday on I’d watch you shower, when you weren’t looking” he admitted, stepping closer. Amber realised that she was about to be ****d by her own father.Since Fred and the janitor had first ****d her, Amber had been secretly hoping in her deepest heart that she’d be ****d again, though she conscious denied it.Still despite her arousal she had to resist. This whole situation was just plain wrong. Still her father was in her way as were the other two men, whom she had also trusted, but who were here to see that was well and truly fucked.She tried to get around but her father blocked her. “I can’t believe this I trusted you” Amber complained. “I sorry but your to fucking hot to resists, besides you I bought you those tits for your 16 birthday so I deserve to enjoy them” Her depraved father replied.Amber had a plan. She smiled seductively at her father and replied “Well you do have a point there, you did pay for them didn’t you, and I can’t think of a better time to pay you back”. Her father just grunted his agreement as he stared at his daughter’s massive chest. Amber grabbed the straps of her and slowly pulled them down allowing her massive hooters to bounce out.”No bra? What a slut” Amber’s father muttered, entranced by his daughter 38ff jugs. Amber’s father and her couch fell upon her melon’s like a pack of ravenous wolves, sucking her mammeries greedily.Amber’s boss meantime dropped to his knees and buried his face in the 18 year olds ass, giving Amber a world class rim job. Amber almost lost herself to her lust.Remembering her plan Amber kneed the two men sucking her tits in the nuts and rammed her heel into the boss sack. Amber fled for the exist, her tits bouncing like she was on baywatch. I’m going to make, I’m going make it! she thought excitedly as she got half way to the door.”I’m going to make.ahhh” Amber screamed as she slipped on a green jolly rancher, and started falling face forward.The air was driven out of her lungs as the edge of the food table connected with her tight stomach. Amber tits each fell into a large bowl, each one containing nacho cheese.This coupled with the sheer size of her melons, which acted like air bags, saved Amber from getting a broken nose.As Amber caught her breath she was joined by the three men she had tried to escape from. “You’ll pay for that missy” Her father growled. He pulled his belt off and tied his beautiful daughter’s arms behind her back.Her father and her boss started spanking Amber’s beautiful ass cheeks, while her coach held her down. Amber didn’t know what was humiliating , that she was being spanked in public or that her tits were still buried in the bowls of nacho cheese.Amber decided that her obvious growing enjoyment of being sexually degraded and humiliated was the most humiliating of all.”Say I’m sorry for not acting like the cheap cunt that I am” Mr. Smith ordered his powerless daughter. “No!” Amber shouted with what little defiance she had left. “Are you going to make me give you the belt?”. Defeated she gave in. “I’m sorry for not acting like the cheap cunt that I am!” Amber shouted.”Why are you doing this to me now, when you didn’t even spank me as a c***d?” Amber asked looking back at her father. “I believe spankings should be reserved for cock hungry sluts such as yourself” he replied lustfully.”And you are a cock hungry slut aren’t you Amber?” he asked, enjoying the look of lust on he’s daughter’s face. Knowing that her father would use his belt instead of his palms to spank her if she answered wrong, Amber decided on saying what he wanted hear, something she realized from her growing arousal was probably true. “No girl in school is as cock hungry as I am, I’m a human fuck toy, and nothing feels as good as being gang ****d” Amber shamefully admitted.Amber was pulled out of the bowls of cheese. The hot cheese was starting to hurt so Amber begged “Please lick the cheese off my tits”. Her father and her coach need no more encouragement, dividing in.Her boss how ever went back to r****g her asshole with his tongue. When her tits were clean Amber was forced onto her knees and breasts.Her boss violently plunged his dick into Amber’s tight anal cavern making her scream. Her father meanwhile pulled her head up by her short brown hair and rammed his cock down her throat. Amber gagged at first, but adapted easily.Her coach was last to get involved. He shoved his huge rod between her perfect tits. The stimuli started Amber off on a tidal wave of multiple orgasms.Her father was the first to blow his load, filling his lovely daughter’s mouth with his tasty cream. Amber instead of swallowing kocaeli escort bayan gargled his cum, savouring the taste of her own father’s cum.Her boss pulled out and covered her ass and back with his white sauce. Her than used his belt to whip her bum.Her coach’s spunk exploded from his cock, only to land on Amber face, neck and tits. Amber didn’t think that it was humanly possible for anyone to produce this much sperm. Still it just kept spurting and spurting.When he finished he used his belt to started whipping Amber’s left breast. Her father, still holding her head up by her hair with one hand, started using his belt to whip her other breast. Poor Amber realized that this was only the beginning and pissed her self in terror. Their was a huge line up behind her and she knew she’d have fuck and such each one before it was over. It was enough to make her clit throb, with a life of its own.Ashley Down was in the upstairs ladies room when the Prom was invaded by perverts. When she went to return to the prom she found the door locked.”What the fuck? I didn’t piss that long” she muttered to herself.Ashley banged on the door demanding to be let in, but to no avail. Just the then she heard a couple of voices from down the hall coming closer. “Damn it were to late, the doors will be locked now!” Ashley heard, just before the strangers came around the corner.They were pleasantly surprised to find an 18 year pretty red head. Like all the hot girls in the school Ashley had huge tits bought for her by her rich parents. Zak, the head wino, realized that they must be a 50FF cup at least.”Well boys looks like we’ll just have to make our own party out here than!” Zak gleefully explained to the other five homeless men.”Hello sir, do you.hey get your hands off my breasts!” Ashley demanded as Zak’s hands grabbed onto her meaty melons like vise grips.Still poor Ashley felt a certain sexual thrill as she was sexually assaulted in public view. Ashley was still a virgin despite her breast enlargement, so she was unprepared when her panties started getting wet.Ashley tried to push the wino away but he pushed her back and onto her ass. “Bitch we can **** you the hard way or we can **** nice way, you decide” Zak explained.”No please get away!” Ashley demanded, teary eyed. “Lets give her a taste of the hard way than, flip the cunt over” Zak told the his fellow homeless.Ashley was on her tits and knees before she knew it. Zak than pushed her dress up and pulled her panties down to her ankles. “Holy shit even her ass had freckles, still its such nice ass” Zak said to her comrades in debauchery.Ashley cried out as Zak brought his hand down on her ass. Zak ignore her pleading as he continued to spank the 18 year old rich bitch. “Alright, **** me the nice way, **** me the nice way!” Ashley begged, finally breaking down.Ashley decided that the only think worst than the pain, was that some part of her loved it. The humiliation, the degradation, the sexual abuse seemed to make poor Ashley wetter and wetter.”Beg to me to **** your ass slut, make me believe you’re the worlds most cock worshipping whore!” Zak commanded cruelly.”Please **** my ass master, I’m.I’m just a fucking whore you crave dick in the ass, face, cunt and between my massive tits!” Ashley begged.Even Ashley was surprised at her genuine sincerity. Some part of her really did want to be ****d, Ashley thought, disgusted with that part.Ashley had a dick in her every hole, riding and sucking on the homeless men like a whore gone mad . It hurt like hell, but also felt like a taste of heaven.This was especially true when she started cumming. The wino in her cunt had just pulled out after having filled her pussy with his cock cream, when Ashley female ejaculated all over his prick and beer belly.This drove the homeless man in her mouth to cum in buckets, which she was barely able to shallow. Sperm dripped down her chin, and onto her heaving tits.The guy she had been blowing pulled her dress down until her giant milk melons popped out. He sucked on both, getting a pleasant surprise when Ashley started lactating.”Milk me like a sexy cow” Ashley begged before the next wino filled mouth with cock. Ashley was fucked in every hole and even between her tits several times by each wino, learning to love homeless’ men’ beef. Then the bulls and horses arrived. And that’s when the r****g really began.Officer Callahan was hired by the school too make sure it was a d**g free Prom. While she was usually working at the local police academy she needed the money so she agreed to do it.Callahan was eyeing a young woman who seemed to be getting ready to spike the punch when a group of older men burst into the gym. She grabbed at her gun but someone broke a vase over her head knocking her out.When she awoke she was naked except for her undershirt. Her arms were tried behind her back and she was surrounded by students from the science club.”For our first experiment we will not only prove that water makes a shirt transparent but that this bitch has a great set of tits” the leader of the nerds announced.He than pour a jug of water on her top and head, revealing that she indeed did have great tits. The blond cop finally regained enough of her mind to shout at the guys surrounding her.”You are all under arrest, surrender now and no one will be hurt”. Another nerd laughed replying, “You know you want it bitch so just admit it”.”Let me go!” she shouted in forcefully, refusing to surrender. One of the nerds pulled the arm holes of her shirt together so that her tits sprang free. He than attached what looked like jumper cables to her nipples kocaeli escort and clit.Callahan screamed as she received a small shock. It increased as the seconds went by. “Like I said, admit you want it bitch” a nerd demanded. When it hurt too much, she screamed “Yes, yes I want it, I want you fuck my throat, **** my ass, fist my pussy, cover my massive tits with cum just please stop this!”Callahan sighed in relief as they removed the jumper cables. “Your going to get on your knees and cup your tits while begging us to degrade you bitch” the nerd leader said releasing her.Knowing she had no choice, and to her disgust finding the idea arousing, she did so. “Please masters degrade me, need to be humiliated” she begged while cupped her massive jugs. Four nerd started jerking off in front of the prostrated cop.”Cum on me masters, a fucking whore like me deserves a massive facial, or better yet cover my mammoth melons with your dripping man juice” she begged. Nerd after Nerd blow his load on her. Callahan realized that women all over the gym. The Nerds high on viagra, fucked her in the ass next, an anal train of the filthiest magnitude. It was the football team next, and it wasn’t till everyone had their fill that the next phase startedIt got worse. Three bulls and three horses were brought in. Six pretty young women, Samantha Huggins, Lucy Georgetown, Rebecca Chow, Jill turncoat, Sandy Steward, and Janet Furlong, were forced to there knees and forced under duress of v******e to give the a****ls head.To the shock of those forced to watch, the girls started enjoying it, as they suck with on the horse and bull meat with greed.She watched as these poor girls were forced to swallow the b**sts sperm, the messy creamy fluid covering their faces. They were than held in place so that the a****ls could mount them. Callahan could have sworn she heard several cherries pop.More horses and bulls were brought in and she watched as every young woman in the gym, including female teachers and the principle and vice-principle, was ****d by the a****ls and there owners.Amber Smith screamed loudly as a horse fucked her in the bum, the little slut begging for more horse meat.Alexis Young purred as a horse pissed in her face, while she jerked off a bull, which sprayed her in the face with gooey sperm.Entire Cheerleading squad was lined up, each one made to suck horse cock, during which a bull’s cock pounded into their tight young cunts, till their cunt chasms were fed cock cream.The school President, Rachael Goldstein, had it the worse. The stunning busty brunette with golden highlights, had two forcing their way down her throat, while Amber Smith and Harmony were made to take turns licking her ass out, before they turned on each other.Amber’s Smith huge tits glided against Harmony’s, while their eager fingers found the G-spot belonging to the other girl. Fucking each other to orgasm, they were forced to take on other a****ls and other women, inter spaced with guys.One man brought his bull over to her and Callahan realized that she’d have to suck it’s dick. If she had to chose between having her nipples electrocuted or giving a bull a blowjob, well that bull was going to receive the blow job of a life time.”Service this bull good or you’ll have a large cattle prod up your ass” the trainer order. Powerless, Callahan decided it would be easiest to start off giving the bull a tit wank. She slide under it and wrapped her melons around it’s huge cockThe big a****l started fucking her chest so hard it was all she could just to hold on. The bull spurted it’s load on her heaving bosom. She than got out from under the b**st and licked the human and bull cum off them as she was ordered.She than got on all fours to crawl under the bull. She slipped its cock in her mouth, it size stretching her mouth wide.She angled herself so that it would slip down her throat almost to her stomach. If she hadn’t been so well gagged she would have screamed when a cattle prod was shove up her ass.That lying sack of shit she thought in her pain/pleasure. Callahan came just as the bull did, filling her up with its dripping bull juice.Callahan slowly pulled out its cock as the prod was pulled from her ass. Officer Callahan than turned around so that the bull could mount her from behind. The b**st ****d her tight cunt more brutally than she had thought possible. And to her horror her cunt loved it. Callahan had the large series of orgasms in her life, just before she was filled with the bull’s hot cock cream.Last, but not least, it was her asshole’s turn, but this time it was a horse who violated her brutally. Receiving the ass pounding, Callahan gained a new respect for horses, as an assgasm left her feeling like a bowl of chocolate jello.Sperm squirted from her ass as it was over filled. The horse removed itself from her bum, before moving onto its next victim, a lovely Sudanese exchange student.Callahan flopped onto the floor exhausted, only to look back to see Rachael Goldstein licking the cum and shit from her ass thirstily.EpilogueFred was rich.He had so much money from selling the tapes of the prom night that not only did he retire, but he also bought Amber Smith, Harmony, Melanie, her lover Lisa, Rachael Goldstein, Alexis, and every other hot slut in his class as sex slaves from their disgusted parents, pimping them out and forcing them to star in the most foul of pornos in order to pay for their university educations.Mrs. Pearl is still the school whore and fucktoy, who works for Fred, helping him get his hands on the hottest pussy at school to add to his harem of sex slaves and whores.Ashley Down started the international charity PFTH, or Pussy For The Homeless.Callahan went on to get gang ****d in dozens of different failed sting operations and loved every moment of it!.Fred and his perverted friends lived happily ever after. At least until they ran out of cash, but that’s another story.



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