Soraya knocked on her professor’s door nervously. It was the end of the year and she was in danger of failing Organic Chemistry. She wasn’t a bad student, in fact she was used to getting all A’s, but this chemistry class was just beyond her comprehension. “I shouldn’t have registered as pre-med,” she sighed sadly to herself. “I’m in way over my head.” She tucked a strand of long black hair behind her ear and licked her lips nervously.

At that exact moment, the door screeched open loudly. Soraya jumped in surprise and gasped embarrassingly. Professor Martino stood in the doorway, tall and muscular, an impatient scowl on his handsome face. “Miss Bradley, you’re late!” he shouted disapprovingly and ushered her into his office. Soraya sat down and fussed with her skirt. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn something so tight, she thought, as she tugged on the black pencil skirt, but she wanted to look sharp for Professor Martino. He was wearing a slim fit black suit and a deep lavender dress shirt with matching pocket square. He was 30 years old but he took pride in his appearance and dressed like he owned the university.

Soraya could see the outline of his firm chest muscles through his shirt and felt herself blush. He had an amazing body. He was slim but muscular, with strong arms and powerful thighs. He was also almost a foot taller than her. Soraya was a tiny 5 foot 2 and Professor Martino was well over 6 feet tall. Soraya was blessed with huge tits that were too big for her frame and her D-cup breasts felt suffocated in her tight white blouse. Her skirt squeezed her thighs tight and Soraya crossed her legs unconsciously. Her pussy was burning hot and she was starting to get wet.

Her dark eyes moved up to look at his face. Professor Martino was a perfect example of Mediterranean masculinity. He had stunning green eyes and chiseled features. His dark brown hair was slightly tousled and his young face was scruffy from his 5 o’clock shadow. His lips were full and soft-looking and she wondered how it would feel to have those lips on her wet pussy, his stubble scratching her pink pussy lips and making her squirm.

“Miss Bradley, Miss Bradley!” Soraya was jolted from her fantasy by Professor Martino’s booming voice. “I called you here because you’re in danger of failing my class. If you don’t pass the final, I will flunk you.” His voice was loud and firm and Soraya shivered visibly.

“But sir, the final is 3 days away. I’ve tried my hardest but there’s no way I can cram all that information in my head by then. Can’t you give me another chance?” Soraya pleaded, her fleshy lips forming a cute little pout.

“No excuses, Soraya.”

The way he said her name made her pussy tremble. Soraya knew she had to think fast. She couldn’t fail this class or else she’d lose her scholarship, and that definitely wasn’t an option. A naughty thought flashed across her mind. Could she convince Mr. Martino in another way? She was a sexy girl and guys were always falling all over her. She had a tight body and a tight pussy to match. Years of gymnastics practice had toned her body to perfection. If she could please her teacher maybe she could even get an A in the course.

But then Soraya looked up at Professor Martino’s scowling face and she started to lose confidence. How can I seduce my professor? I can’t even keep a boyfriend. Soraya had dated other guys but they all seemed dopey compared to a real man like Professor Martino. She had only ever had sex with one guy, and it was anything but enjoyable. She had been saving her virginity for that one special guy and he ravaged her without a second thought. What a jerk. He didn’t even make her cum. Recalling those çankaya escort bayan bad memories, Soraya decided to make her move. She had to try. And she knew Professor Martino would be a skilled and passionate lover.

Soraya unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse and exposed a flash of her ample cleavage. She bent down seductively and slid her hands down her legs, fixing the strap of her 5 inch stiletto heels. She made sure her huge tits jutted forward and she knew her strappy white lace bra was visible to him.

She got up, never breaking eye contact, and sat boldly on her professor’s desk, her short skirt rising up even more and making her pink panties visible. “I was wondering, sir, if maybe we could come to some sort of arrangement about my grade? I’m very talented in other ways.” She could see the huge bulge in Mr. Martino’s pants and she instinctively put her hand on it, massaging the rock hard beast that was straining to get out of his pants.

Professor Martino’s eyes widened in shock. “What do you think you’re doing, Miss Bradley?!” He shouted and grabbed Soraya’s wrist roughly. He got up forcefully and dragged Soraya up with him, pulling her off his desk. Her wrist was starting to bruise and she whimpered in pain. Professor Martino released her and Soraya stumbled back.

“What you’re doing is extremely inappropriate. I could have you expelled!” Mr. Martino shouted roughly. “Do you have any idea how serious the situation is?”

Soraya slumped back into her chair, her eyes filling with tears. She had tried so hard to be seductive and she had just made everything ten times worse. This is just like me, it’s all my fault, Soraya thought sadly to herself. I can’t even seduce a man properly. And now I’m going to be expelled. Damn it, I ruined everything!

Soraya looked up at Professor Martino and burst into tears.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Martino!” she sobbed. “I’m such an idiot. I just wanted to do well in your class. Please don’t expel me. I thought I could convince you but apparently I suck at seducing people. I don’t even have a boyfriend.” She was babbling now and she knew she was saying too much. But her emotions were overwhelming her and she couldn’t stop herself.

“I’ve always liked you Mr. Martino, ever since the first day of class. You’re so handsome and elegant, not like all the dumb boys at school.” It was more of a confession than an apology and Soraya couldn’t stop spilling out the truth she had hidden inside her.

“I just wanted you to like me Mr. Martino. I thought I could impress you, but I was wrong. I guess I’m just not pretty enough or smart enough.” Soraya sobbed openly now and covered her face with her hands, awaiting her punishment.

Suddenly she felt a light touch on her shoulder. She looked up and saw Mr. Martino, his expression had softened and he looked almost tender. He rubbed her shoulder softly and said, “You’re a very beautiful girl, Soraya. You’re absolutely stunning, And very smart. I’ve seen your transcripts and I know you’re an A student. Don’t ever sell yourself short like that.”

Soraya looked at him with big soulful eyes and couldn’t contain herself. She got up and hugged Mr. Martino tightly, wrapping her arms around his firm waist. Her head barely reached his chest but she could feel the warmth of his body radiate through her.

Mr. Martino chuckled, surprised by her action, and his pulse sped up. Uncharacteristically, he hugged her in return and wrapped his strong arms around her tiny frame. She looked so fragile and he suddenly felt the urge to protect her. Her innocence warmed his heart. She was trying so hard to be accepted. He rubbed her head affectionately ankara rus escort and she sighed.

“Now, listen to me Soraya,” he pulled back and looked her squarely in the eyes. “I’ll overlook it this time because I know you can succeed in my class. I’ll set you up with a tutor and if you work hard you will definitely pass.”

Soraya pouted at his words. He was treating her like a child.

“I really like you Mr. Martino. Couldn’t I just show you how much?” She looked at Mr. Martino with sadness. It was an honest question. She kept her distance this time and didn’t dare approach him lest he try to expel her again.

Mr. Martino stepped back and assessed the situation. Soraya was absolutely gorgeous. She had the face of an angel and full pouty lips that were begging to be kissed. And he would be lying if he said he hadn’t noticed her in class. Her huge breasts were bursting through her tight blouse and he would kill to plunge his dick through her cleavage. His cock stiffened at the thought and he tried to hold back.

“Please, Mr Martino? You don’t have to fuck me if you don’t want to. But can’t you just let me taste your cock? I want to make you feel good.”

All the blood rushed down to his cock and his erection made a huge tent in his pants. He moved his hands to his belt and slowly undid the silver buckle.

Soraya got the hint and dropped to her knees. Her hands were shaking but she managed to unzip his fly and pull out his aching, engorged member.

Soraya gasped out loud. She had never seen a cock that huge. His cock was thicker than her arm and she could barely wrap her hands around it. She doubted she could even fit the whole thing in her mouth, but she was determined to try. She kissed the tip of his cock and lightly flicked her tongue on it. Mr. Martino let out a loud groan and Soraya felt emboldened by his approval.

She decided to make herself more comfortable and undid the rest of her blouse. She unsnapped her bra and her huge tits bounced freely, escaping from their tight cage. Mr. Martino grabbed her tits roughly and played with her nipples while she pulled her tight skirt up over her ass, never taking it off. She peeled off her pink panties and they were wet with her juices, completely soaked through.

Soraya licked Mr. Martino’s huge shaft up and down. She bobbed her head seductively and jiggled her tits. His balls were begging for attention and she licked and sucked on them hungrily. She swirled her tongue around the sides of his cock until it was dripping wet with her saliva. She was ready to take him deep. She opened her mouth wide and slowly swallowed his giant pulsating cock. Mr. Martino growled violently and grabbed Soraya’s long black hair. He gathered it up into a ponytail and pulled her up and down at his will. She slurped his cock greedily and took it deeper and deeper.

Soraya started gagging but that just made him even hornier. He grabbed her head and started pounding his cock into her throat, fucking her mouth like there was no tomorrow. He could feel himself about to cum but he wanted to prolong the moment. He released Soraya from his grip and she gasped for air. Her face was flushed pink and her lips were swollen.

He grabbed her huge tits again and pushed them together. They were so big they could suffocate Soraya. He smiled devilishly at the thought and pushed her massive boobs up to her neck. She gasped and he tightened his grip and plunged his dick up her cleavage.

His dick was hitting her under her chin with every thrust and she bent her head down to catch his cock in her mouth. He growled at the sensation and thrust harder, this time letting her drench ankara etlik escort his cock with her tongue between thrusts.

He grabbed Soraya by the hair and dragged her to his desk. He laid her on her back, legs spread and propped up, with her pussy facing the window so anyone who walked by outside could see her dripping wet snatch. He placed Soraya’s neck past the edge of the desk so her head would hang back, her mouth gaping open to accept his huge cock.

He slapped her face around with his stiff dick and then plunged into her mouth mercilessly. He could hear Soraya gagging, but he didn’t care. He propped himself forward up her body, he wanted to go deeper.

“If you want that A, you have to work for it,” he said viciously. He let his balls slap Soraya in the face with every thrust.

He pinched Soraya’s clit with his fingers and he felt her stiffen up and moan onto his cock. The vibrations felt unbelievable and he decided he wanted more of them. Soraya’s pussy was soaking wet and he ran his finger up and down her slit before plunging a stiff digit into her.

“Mmmph!” Soraya let out a muffled groan and he could feel her moans vibrate on his still thrusting dick. He pushed his finger in her pussy and it contracted violently. He could feel her tight pussy clamp down tightly on his finger and he shouted in surprise.

“Jesus, Soraya, your pussy is so fucking tight!” And at that moment he was hooked. It shocked him how tight her pussy was. He just put his finger in, imagine if he put his cock in. The blood pounded in his dick at the thought. He had never felt anything that tight in his entire life. He thought about the women he had fucked in the past. Bunch of whores with loose twats lying about their past. He bet they had fucked dozens of guys. He found them all disgusting now, compared to the treasure he had in front of him.

He fucked Soraya with his finger and moved his other hand to her breast. Her nipples were pink and puffy and he couldn’t resist pinching them. Soraya let out another moan and he sped up, his dick fully submerging into her throat with every thrust. “I’m gonna cum, Soraya, I’m gonna cum!” He growled loudly and pushed into her throat past the limit. “Ahh, ahh!” He screamed as his cock spasmed and he pulled out roughly, squirting his cum all over Soraya’s tits and stomach. His cum jetted out in streams and left thick white trails all over Soraya’s already pale white skin.

His finger was still wet with Soraya’s juices and he licked it clean. Then he kissed Soraya firmly and passionately on the lips and let her taste herself.

He looked at Soraya, gasping for air, her tits moving up and down with every breath. He looked at her cum-splattered body and admired his masterpiece. He kissed Soraya again and swirled the cum on her tits.

“Your work deserves an A+ Miss Bradley,” he said seductively, as he drew an A+ on her tit with his cum.

Soraya’s cheeks blushed furiously. She had forgotten all about the grade and now she felt self-conscious, her mouth still sore from all that hard thrusting. He sensed her embarrassment and kissed her again, soothing her worry.

“I don’t know, Professor Martino, I think I need some intensive one-on-one tutoring,” she said playfully, while rubbing some of his cum on her nipple.

His cock stiffened in anticipation and he grazed his finger along her soaking wet slit. Her rubbed her clit and pinched it and she gave a little yelp. She was already grinding her clit against his hand and his cock jumped. He knew he had to make Soraya’s pussy his.

“I think you’re right, Miss Bradley.” He rubbed his now rock hard shaft along the length of her slit, wetting his cock with her juices. “I’ll have to personally tutor you. Five times a week at least.”

“That much?” Soraya’s eyes widened in surprise and lust.

“Trust me,” he said as pushed the tip of his cock into Soraya’s tight and trembling pussy. “You have a lot to learn.”



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