Hello this is my first installment of my new series Private Tutoring and I would like to say that these experiences are all fictional as well as the characters.

Please Enjoy

I was 18 when I fucked my teacher. I was a pretty popular kid, I was the star receiver, I stood 6′ 2″, tan skin, toned six pack and broad shoulders. My girlfriend had broken up with me recently to go out with my best friend so I was pretty down in the dumps. It had happened one day after school when I had asked Miss Fletcher my history teacher if she could help me with my homework because I didn’t understand what I was supposed to be doing.

She was only about 5′ 4″ with long brown hair that reached mid back; she also had nice round ample D-cup breasts along with a round bouncy ass and pale skin. She was extremely nice and always stayed to help and had even tutored some of her students at home so I asked her if I could stop by later because my mom needed me home quick today, and she agreed I just needed to bring the material by and we could work on it there.

I headed home and when I got there I decided to take a shower before I left so I headed up stairs and grabbed a t-shirt and jeans and headed into the bathroom. I started the water to hot and started to pull off my t-shirt and jeans when I started to think of what I would do to Ms. Fletcher if I could; I would love to have those large breasts around my cock while the tip was thrusting into her mouth and as I continued to think these thoughts I noticed a rather large tent forming in my boxers and I realized this one wouldn’t just go away like the one I had gained in class.

I removed my boxers to reveal my 11 inch long 3 inch wide cock and then I stepped into the shower. I grabbed some soap and squirted some into my hand and lathered my cock in it. Imagining entering Ms. Fletcher’s pussy while she screamed out

“Yes Doug put your nice big cock in my tight cunt” she moaned as I slowly slid into her wet folds.

“Fuck you’re so tight Ms. Fletcher and you feel so good around my cock” I said as I finally slid all the way into her pushing into her womb.

“Holy shit your all the way in your all the way in. I can’t stand it anymore fuck me hard with your big fat cock” she said as I started to thrust into her gaining speed.

“Fuck you’re so tight I’m not gonna last long” I moaned out as I thrust into her faster ramming all the way into her while she continued çankaya escort to scream in pleasure. I as I rammed her I felt my climax reaching and I started moving faster and harder.

“Oh gawd I’m coming Doug come with me” she screamed as I felt her pussy tighten around me and that was all I needed to push me over the edge and release my full load into her tight cunt.

I finished my shower quickly after that cleaning myself and in about 5 minutes I told my mom I was leaving and would be back soon. It took me about 15 minutes to reach Ms. Fletcher’s house. After parking my car I walked up to the door and knocked to reveal Ms. Fletcher in a bathrobe and only a bathrobe.

“Shit I completely forgot about tonight here come in and give me a minute I was washing clothes and this was all I had to wear I am so sorry” she said as she led me into the sitting room and turned to me “let’s just talk while I wait for the clothes to finish and then I will get dressed and we can get to work okay” she said as we sat down on the couch.

“Okay I guess we could do that um do you have anything to drink?” I asked as I looked away from her as I realized that her bathrobe was coming undone revealing her very large breasts.

“Sure honey” she said as she stood up slowly giving me another view of her breasts. She then turned and walked away swaying her hips so I could watch her juicy ass. “Is water okay” she shouted back as she stepped into the kitchen.

“Yes that would be great” I said now sweating as I was now sporting a huge hard-on I tried to hide it the best I could by using one of the couch pillows as she walked back into the room with a glass of water.

“Here you go” she said as she handed me the water. I took it and gulled about half of it down before I realized she was staring at me. I slowly put the water down while I started to sweat even more “Doug are you okay? Do you have a fever or something?” she asked as she leaned over to feel my forehead giving me another view of her breasts. When she went to stand up though she tripped and accidentally moved the pillow from my crotch showing her my raging hard on that I had been attempting to hide.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to its just that you are so beautiful and” I was cut off as she put her fingers to my lips.

“It is okay you are a teenage boy it is completely natural to become aroused by a beautiful woman now we need to get rid of this okay ankara rus escort so we can get some work done okay” she said as I looked at her quizzically not understanding what she meant until she started to unzip my jeans and pulling down my underwear revealing my large rod.

“Damn you are big Doug I don’t know how you hid this all the time” she said as she wrapped her hand around my cock and started to jerk me off for a few seconds before she inserted it into her mouth wrapping her lips around it.

“Oh god that feels good” I moaned out as she sucked about 6″ of it while she jerked off the rest with her hands. “Yes that feels good please use your breasts Ms. Fletcher” I moaned out while she pulled my cock out of her mouth “call me Jess” she said as she laid on her back and opened her robe revealing her breasts. I leaned over her and put my dick in between them while she held them together; as I slowly started to thrust into her she put the tip into her mouth as it still stuck out of her breasts as I starting thrusting faster in between her breasts. “Fuck I’m gonna cum Jess” I moaned out as I started to move faster.

“Cum on my tits and my face” she said as I pulled out from in between her breasts and started stroking myself while I leaned over her body.

“Here I come” I said as I squirted the first of my load onto her face then onto her tits covering them in my jizz. “Damn that felt good, but I’m still hard” I said as I showed her my still steel hard cock.

“Fuck getting work done I want that in my pussy” Jess said as she got on her hands and knees. “Pound me from behind honey” she while I came up behind her.

“Damn I have wanted to do this for so long” I said as I slowly inserted myself into her wet snatch. She moaned loudly as I slid into her getting about 6 inches into her before I reached her cervix.

“Damn you are so big, and it feels so good now pound me hard just fuck me all you want” she said to me and that was all the consent I needed to get started. I thrust into her faster and faster while she screamed out. I punched through her cervix into her womb causing her arms to give way while she fell forward until I caught her pulling her against me giving a better position to pound her harder and faster. I grabbed one of her breasts while I slid my other hand down to her clit and starting to rub it pushing her over the edge.

“Fuck I’m cumming on your cock ankara yabancı escort yes don’t stop” she screamed as I continued to fuck her tight pussy. “Oh yes pound me harder yes yes yes don’t stop” she yelled even louder.

“Fuck Jess I can’t last much longer before I cum” I said as I continued to ram her tight cunt while she was in euphoric bliss having me pound her while I rubbed her clit.

“Fuck yes cum in me give me your seed I don’t care if I get fired just don’t stop” she screamed while she came for a second time on my cock.

“Yes I’m cumming take it all” I shouted as I finally lost control and came as I continued to pound her starting to slow down. “Damn that was great, but I m still hard you up for round 2?” I asked her while she turned around.

“Damn you’re still hard I have never seen somebody last this long” she said as she stood up “let’s take this to the bedroom” she said as she grabbed my cock and led me to her master bedroom which had a large king sized bed with four large bedpost’s and a large mirror across from the bed on the dresser.

She turned to me “where do you want me?” she asked me as she started to stroke my cock. I looked around the room and I came to an idea.

“lean against the bet post facing the mirror so I can get you from behind and put the pillar in between your jugs” I said and she assumed the position I asked and I came behind her and slid into her pussy covering my cock in her juices then I pulled out causing her to look back at me for a second. “Hold on I want to try something” I said as I poked her backdoor.

“Baby what are you doing?” she asked as she looked back at me again only scream out and cross her eyes while I plunged into her ass. “Oh god your cock is so big please be gentle it is my first time” she squeaked out as I pushed farther into her ass.

“Okay but I am wasting my last load in here so I will make it fast” I said while I started too ram into her.

“Wait nooo… OH GOD FUCK YES DON’T STOP FUCK IT FEELS SO GOOD” she screamed as I pounded her faster and harder “FUCK ME FUCK MY TIGHT ASS YES I’M CUMMING FROM YOU POUNDING MY ASS” she screamed even louder while I watched myself pound her from the mirror.

“Fuck your ass is pulling me in with each thrust it’s all the way in and I can’t last much longer in here” I said as I loved the feeling of her ass sucking me in while I fucked her and I could see her eyes roll back into her head signifying she had passed out. “shit I am cumming in your ass” I shouted as I thrust up into her one last time before I release my load.

I fell back my cock still in her ass and landed on the bed and passed out.

I hope you enjoyed the story.



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