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Pretty woman I was not!!!Hello you!Can I just start by saying how ridiculously long it been since I last updated my blog… shocking! I think this has been due, in part, to the fact that I have had a great deal of difficulty coming up with a certain someone’s nickname. There are times when the nickname comes to me literally ‘during the meet’ (though when this happens I have to fight the urge to giggle as apparently its rude to laugh during sex… who knew?!? I must have missed that etiquette memo). Then there are times when I go completely blank, which ends in me feeling uninspired to write the bloody thing at all. Anyway I need not fill the page with drivel and nonsense (well no more than usual!) Since my last post I have been quite a busy girl having met up with 3… yes 3 new conquests! And merely due to chronological order I think I’ll start with the first one. Now this was a chap, let’s call him ‘Durexcell’ ( a play on words that I hope will be obvious as I divulge some of the more intimate details) and I had been chatting to on and off for a while and we had eventually gotten around to agreeing a mutually convenient time to meet. Now normally I write a blog account pretty soon after meeting someone for the first time so only have the one incident to tell you about. However because more time has elapsed we have in fact already had a ‘follow-up’ meet so I’m spoilt for choice lol. The first time that we met, ‘Durexcell’ came round to meet both ‘Eeyore’ and myself for a drink and a chat. He is a fair bit older than me, but age has never been an issue. He was very clean, smelt nice which is always good, gorgeous arms and attractive… so I was pleased lol. It was also quite refreshing to find someone who was probably more used to our situation than we were (having been involved in similar before us, and for a great deal longer). He knew what the deal was, how to behave canlı bahis and consequently didn’t appear to suffer from the same nervous twitch as many other ‘first-timers’ (though can I just say that is by no means meant as a slur or criticism – I myself often get nervous). It was all very laid back and chilled.All very civilised, and technically I was dressed although my outfit was basically an almost completely see through lace dress… and nothing else! Lol. I was probably the most nervous person in the room, so was very relieved that I didn’t have to make the first move at all; halfway through a conversation ‘Durexcell’ simply got out of his chair, walked over to me and ‘got on with business’ lol. Needless to say we had good night… this man had reason to be confident as his technical knowledge was spot on! Plus he was a repeater!!!… Now trust me when I tell you that these are few and far between. Those of you that actually ‘know me’ will vouch for me when I say I have an almost unquenchable thirst… but on this occasion I, myself, of my own free will (brace yourselves for this revelation people)… I tapped out! I could probably count on one hand how often this has happened. So well done there Mr ‘Durexcell’ well-played!!!Obviously this was worthy of a follow-up but finding a mutually agreeable date AND location was proving difficult, so being the gent that he is ‘Durexcell’ booked a room at a nearby hotel, the only downside being that I was unable to drink (but hey you can’t have everything lol). The hotel was very respectable looking, not too busy and well placed. Unfortunately I failed to choose the best attire considering the walk from the car to the door. Now you ladies will know what I mean (… and possibly even the kinkier chap reading this) when I say that hold-ups are a perfectly adequate stocking choice. Unless of course you have long legs, then the little bahis siteleri bastards have a tendency to slide down, often without warning and at speed, during embarrassingly inconvenient times. Which is exactly what happened. Picture me trying to walk in a ladylike fashion: LBD, heels, the whole shebang, looking (or so I thought) very respectable as I walked into the lobby (… and bless I was met from the car by ‘Durexcell’ so didn’t even have to hoover awkwardly in reception). All sounds simple doesn’t it? wrong! As I walk past what can only be described as an old lady (who I might add was already eyeing me suspiciously) my stockings decided to slide down flashing her a bit of thigh, and in an attempt to rectify the situation I had to grab the tops and hold them up while we walked to our room…. Classy! Anyway, back to the interesting bit, so now we’re both in his room, and as ever he is well groomed and smelling delicious. We undress, and I peel off my dress to reveal my little black lace/blue trim negligee, which he seemed to appreciate although oddly enough after a few minutes of kissing I had been manhandled out of it, and in the ensuing passion that followed ended up spending the remainder of our session wearing just one stocking which had rolled down to my foot…which made me look somewhat ravaged (…. Jolly good). He was, as always, a passionate attentive lover, making sure every inch of me was kissed, stroked, licked or explored. I could do little but groan and squirm under the many waves of sensation pulsating through my limbs. Before long he had managed to make me squirt enough to slide his whole fist into my pussy. I gasped and arched my back to try and regain some of my equilibrium, but the feeling was too intense and I shuddered to a climax. The sheets were soaking (almost felt guilty… almost) and I made sure to return the favour and spend time gagging güvenilir bahis on his hard cock. The inevitable happened and often that means the end of the evening, but in true ‘Duracell bunny’ fashion it wasn’t long before he was ready again… this man seems to have the stamina of an Olympic athlete! My pussy was soon tender to the touch after the torrid of thrusts from the previous fuck had taken its toll. So I decided to spend more time on his cock (well partly for that reason… partly because I love sucking cock quite frankly!) I was able to take long deep sucks on his throbbing cock, as he lay back on the bed. Varying strokes, teasing the end with my tongue, savouring every mouthful until he came hard and fast in my mouth. I let his hot sticky cum roll around on my tongue so that he could take a quick photo for ‘Eeyore’ to enjoy later, before swallowing it down. After yet another short intermission we were at it again! I know…. Crazy (not complaining mind… just saying!) And that’s not all… this man can get into some unusual positions. Each one adding a different pleasurable sensation as he angled his cock to stimulate different parts of my, now very sensitive, pussy. Boy can this one fuck! After a very enjoyable few hours I needed to head home. Now whether it was my orgasm fried brain or just my crappy decision making skills I thought it best to leave the stockings off to avoid the ‘embarrassment’ of them falling down in reception on my way out. Sounds reasonable doesn’t it… but what I hadn’t factored in was that my coat was only marginally longer than my dress so I now look like I’m wearing just a coat and heels…. Yes ladies and gentlemen I looked like a bloody flasher! So with my already morally questionable attire, pink rosy chapped lips and my ever so obvious ‘sex hair’ I had to walk out of the hotel (although thankfully I was escorted by ‘Duracell’) through reception and past a group of blokes, who just happened to choose that moment to stop talking and stare, as I did the ‘walk-of-shame’ back to my car…. Awkward! Lol That said it was well worth the blushes…



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