PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 32Chapter 32: TRAINING THE OTHER TEAMRiding high on Thorrass I take the opportunity to scan the plains as he makes a sweep toward the other side of the island. This would be a great opportunity to check the status of the new people and their harbor. I lean into his long neck, “Thorrass, can we stay high and distant but swing by close enough to the new people’s harbor to see what they are up to?”“Of course, but there isn’t much now. There are no ships there at present.” He dipped his right wing and made a smooth arc to head toward the harbor. He continued to gradually climb to be less noticeable to anyone on the ground. Once the harbor region was within view he made an arc to the left, heading out toward the ocean. Then he leveled off and I lean over to peer below. No ships. Interesting. Usually there was always at least one to unload and load. Maybe without anything to load since they began meeting resistance, the ship’s time in harbor was wasted. Perhaps if it was unprofitable enough the company responsible would stop shipping here. But I could see people down there, so they have not left entirely. The next few ships coming in should be telling.I thanked Thorrass and said we should head to the other side over the jungle in case there were new people on the plains. We could be very visible over the sea of grass.He maintained a position of high altitude and spent time gliding and beating his wings. He beat his wings long enough to get to a desired altitude and then would glide on the updrafts and slowly lose some altitude before climbing, again. During one of the gliding portions I leaned forward and asked, “Thorrass, you have frequently mentioned the ‘knowing in your head’ about me and some things that have happened on the island away from you. Is there any way to better describe what you mean?”“I am sorry, Alexa. It is just something in my mind. It is not a thought like someone or something is talking to me like I understand you and b**st do. It is difficult to explain. It is knowledge. Some information is planted into my mind, I am aware of something new. Like your presence on the island and that you were helping, you were a friend, that you should be trusted. I had not even seen you, yet I knew this. I knew you had saved several members of different species, that you were a fierce warrior. I have come to witness these things since we have met. The knowledge is true. So, like I said just before, I no longer challenge when I get these new pieces of knowledge. I have come to accept them.”“It is odd. I think it is odd. If I am integral to this, if I am a main topic of the knowledge going out to various species, why not to me, too? And it seems to be only certain species. Do you think that, also? It is somehow selective?”“It would appear so, Alexa. But you are seeking explanations about something none of us understands. Perhaps this also is something that must be taken with patience and eventually it may be made clear.”Fine. This is driving me nuts. The other species seem to have a link, not to each other but to something that is feeding them some occasional information. If I am supposedly so in tune with the species on this island, why don’t I have this same link. Or could the implant be the problem. I don’t think so. That works on a totally different part of the brain. Well, like Thorrass said, be patient and maybe things will come together. It certainly came together with Alex.As we approach the west end of the island containing the other species groups, I ask Thorrass to fly low over each group and take then me to the village. I want to update them on the Alex, first. As we fly over first the wolves and then the gorillas, I see members of each group rush off to notify the members of the Western Team. Approaching the village Thorrass comes in low and glides a little ways out onto the plains and lands within a short distance. He says he is concerned with scaring them, especially their little ones. I tell him that is kind and that I will meet with some of the women about Alex but we can meet as a Team where he is.I walk up to the entrance to the village and I am met with excitement. The dragon presented an impressive entrance. I reassure people as I walk amongst them that I know of no danger. I was just requested for a meeting of the species. I continue on until I spot a group of the women running up to greet me. I recognize most of them. The one that was most vocal about my taking Alex per her mother’s wishes slows to a walk and walks right up to me with her arms out. I welcome her into my arms and we hug. Her arms encircling my bow, arrows, and lance. In the hug she whispers, “It is different to hug a naked woman. If we are not careful, you might set a new trend as the women gain more confidence and assertiveness.” But she laughs and pulls me into the group. “Now, Alexa how is b**st? He was wounded when he left.”“Thank you very much by starting with him. He is much better but it took a long time for him to heal. There was a point I was not sure he would. He does have a limb, favors his wounded leg. I don’t think that will change. The muscle I think has healed around the bullet. But he again is active and playful, but fierce when necessary. He is just a little slower than before.” I smile at them and add, “I reassure him that we are just getting older. Of course, he knows better. But we do what we must to reassure the males.”“So true, Alexa. So true. Their egos are so fragile.” And the whole group laughs bringing looks from many in the area. “So, then, what of our girl, Alexandra? How is she getting along?”“Alex? Oh, she is not just a girl any longer. In this short time she has already started to develop.” I put my hands to my breasts and the women murmur surprise. “I only discovered it the other day. She likes to sleep with b**st and me. She cuddles into me at night. I awoke and it was lightly raining. I stroked her and pulled her into me and I felt them. Very small and hardly noticeable, but there.”“She is still young, though.”“Well, maybe she is just early. Or, maybe it is the training she is doing every day.”“Training? Training for what?”“She wants to accompany b**st and me on patrols and scouting, to hunt with us in the jungle. I have been training her. She now has her own bow, she swims every morning. She is strengthening her body to perform like me.”One of the older women interrupted, “You are turning her into a male.”The lead woman countered, “We talked about this. We agreed that Alex be with Alexa. We agreed that Alex was much like her already.”“Alex is not going to be a male. But she will be strong and independent. She will make up her own mind if she wants a family or my life as a warrior. Personally, I hope she chooses to have a family. My life can be lonely. I am grateful for the opportunity to have Alex with me.”“So, she is well?”“Very well! I will bring her soon for a visit and you will see. She is a wonderful young woman. She is hard working, finishes her chores assigned to her, very deliberate in her training, and practices her training even when she has some free time. But, we also have lots of time for other things like talking and learning. She and I every morning swim and then talk. She asks me lots of questions about how things work, why things happen, everything. Some things I cannot answer. Most I can and we discuss it. Things I don’t know we will consider possible options and come back to them later. She is very smart and very inquisitive.”“You say she has her own bow?”“Yes. And she is very good with it. She is a natural. She is able to control her body maybe better than I can mine. We were out hunting, we were attacked by dogs. She killed two. One of her arrows missed but it was her first time. She followed her training perfectly which is critical. Many males would panic, she did not. I was very impressed and I told her so. I will bring her soon.”I return to Thorrass as the gorillas arrive. It is not long before the wolves are visible, also. We are joined by two from the village who have been picked to represent the village. Being a peaceful people they are still reluctant to be in the front but they have committed to provide any support needed. And they demonstrated that during the last attack.We are an interesting group. But they reflect most of those closely involved in my life since coming here. The group meeting on the edge of the plains to discuss their Team function and communication consists of: two large gorillas, two large wolves, one very large flying dragon, two males from the village and me, a human female from Earth. All the other species, including those from the village, are native to this planet, whatever and wherever it is relative to Earth. The only species intimate to my life on this planet not represented here is b**st, whatever species he is. He is native to still another planet, also whatever and wherever. Given my transplant provided to me by the Predators (yes, yet another species from yet another planet system) I have the ability to communicate in the languages of each of the species. As such, I was called to facilitate this meeting among them. I intend to minimize my involvement in the discussion and translate to each in their own language. It will be a slow process. This will take hours even for a simple discussion.Thorrass only said that I was requested for the meeting but did not indicate who initiated the request. Whoever it was may indicate a leader for the group. As everyone was assembled with Thorrass standing to the side from the immediate group, one of the gorillas stepped forward and addressed me. “Alexa, I felt it necessary for all of us to meet and understand better how we should function in our roles for this part of the island. We have been performing our patrols and doing scouting but it is clear we are having difficulty in expressing any information to other groups. I also sense some frustration building. I suspect this is not the same issue on your side of the island because you can communicate with each species.”“I suspect you are right. Also, this is the part of the island that the new people have focused on in the past and we have to assume they will continue to until they learn otherwise. For your information a party of them did enter into our part recently but were all killed in the conflict. I do not think any information could have been sent back. Perhaps I should check with the other species and see if they feel the same way.”I spoke to each species in turn and all agreed that they have performed as agreed but sharing information is almost impossible for them. I offered, “I suggest that I act as translator between you all. I will relay all conversation back to each of you. So keep your comments short and please allow lots of time. The process will be slow to translate between the four groups.”Thorrass suggests, “This will be facilitated more easily if you keep the discussion to those three. I will return to my mountain and meet with you later. You can fill me in on the discussion when I take you back to your home.”“Yes, I think that will work. I think I will go out on patrol with them. Can you take me back tomorrow at high sun?”“At bartın escort that time, then, Alexa.” And he jumped into the air and with tremendous beating of his wings he climbed up into the air. The initial flapping of his wings created a downward wind on the rest of us. I explained what just happened to the others and we sat on the ground, preparing for a long gathering.Essentially, the issue was how to provide meaningful information to each other. Returning from a patrol or scouting and seeing nothing of interest, they could indicate that by shaking their head and everyone understood that as ‘no’ or ‘nothing’. But when they did find something, they were frustrated by the lack of ability to communicate it. They simply nodded vigorously and in that way indicated they saw something. But then everyone had to go back out to see what it was and much time was lost. Once, when the wolves were on a scouting trip, they did see a small group of new people with a wagon and cages. Once they all could see what it was that was on the plains, they each had to send for more males from the pack and clan and they attacked from two sides simultaneously? They were effective, eliminated the threat and only sustained minor injuries. But it all took too much time. The gorilla said, “We need some sort of signs that we all can recognize to indicate important information. Once we understand the threat, we all know how to respond.”I thought about this. Simple signs that all of them can recognize easily but still all can give. The villagers and gorillas have digits and arms to be expressive. But the wolves don’t. I wondered if there could be simple symbols that could be used to indicate expected sightings that would be important. Maybe symbols as simple as lines and circles? I was walking around the inside of the circle formed by the species. They all could see the problem identified but not the solution. Even the villagers. But I thought lines and circles might work with some variation and I presented it for discussion and modification.I looked around the circle, “The problem seems simple. The solution not so. Each species can only communicate within their own species. Yet, each species travels on patrol or scout as pairs of the same species so they can quickly communicate in case of trouble or surprise which is perfectly reasonable and efficient for safety away from the larger groups. Then you return but there is no way to communicate what you have found, if anything.” I repeated this to each species. “So, perhaps simple symbols can be employed to represent what is seen and the numbers involved. What types of things would be expected to be seen on the patrols or scout trips? What types of things are you looking for?”The group sent back: new people, wagons with cages, and dogs as the primary things. Lots of detail was indicated also but as a group we narrowed it down to those three things as being of primary importance and then the number involved for each. The new people because they are the most dangerous; the wagons and cages because they represent taking away members of the species (a****l and village); and dogs because they indicate additional danger and an increase ability for them to track members of the species. The numbers of each are important to be able to present an impression of size which represents the level of danger.The group seemed to be in agreement with this simplistic communication tool in principle. Now the question was, how? I considered my lines and circles idea but I was concerned about it. But, nothing ventured, so I pushed ahead with my idea.“How about using lines and circles drawn in the dirt of the ground?” I drew a vertical line in the dirt, “A vertical line would be one new people.” I drew a short horizontal line, “A horizontal line would be one dog.” And I knew this would be the difficulty for the wolves, I drew a circle, and “A circle would be one wagon.” The other two species were fine but the wolves were not.“Alexa, how are we going to form a circle? We cannot really even form a good line with our paws.”One of the villagers added, “And I assume where you were going is that multiple of the lines or circles would be used to indicate how many of each. That makes it even more impossible for them.”This clearly wasn’t going to be easy with their current teaming preference. So I addressed that. “Then, the option that I see, unless anyone has something else, is that a gorilla and wolf must be teamed together so they can communicate with their groups directly and the gorilla can indicate the information to the villagers. I know that is not your preference for being on patrol but I don’t see another option.”After repeating this so all species got the same comment, I waited. Each species had their own discussion except for the villagers who were not active in the patrols, anyway. Finally, the gorillas and wolves seemed to come to the same conclusion, they would try it.“Thank you! I was hoping you would decide that. I propose that the five of us go on a patrol today and tonight and workout how this can best work for you. I have some ideas on training and practice if you would allow me.” Both were agreeable. I suggested one of each go back to their groups and let them know our plans. Then a thought came to me that might provide necessary incentive to give this option a good working chance. I suggested that instead, I would go out with one team of the mixed species for training. At darkness they would return to their groups and I would go to the village for the night. Then in the morning the second team would have training. They were in agreement and we settled on a location on the plains with a few s**ttered small trees that could be used for maneuvers and was a safe distance away from anyone else.My thinking was simple. To find a way to motivate them to getting over the obvious problems of communication by making it worth their while. Then, discovering that ability to get past the obvious and finding a way, put that into practice with a field exercise to coordinate each other with me as the observer to evaluate how each does. And I wasn’t going to mind the first part of my plan at all.I let them decide how to break up into groups and I let the villagers go back. The groups were determined and I let one go back to their larger group until morning. I started walking out into the plains with one gorilla and wolf following. About a mile out into the plains and at the site I had identified as the training/practice area I stopped. I looked around us and was satisfied with the location. I started walking in a circle and asked the other two to do the same. I explained that I wanted an area with flatten grass.Completed with that I stepped to a side and started taking off my weapons, the gun on my thigh, the knife strapped to the other thigh, the bow, arrow quiver, and the lance. Then I removed my boots and was completely naked. Placing my hands on my hips I stood in front of them. After letting them look and wonder, I walked up to them standing side by side. I said to each in turn, “I have an idea to motivate you to overcoming your conflict with communication. I understand that you cannot verbally communicate so the other can easily understand. But I do believe that you can get your idea across by other means if it means enough to you. If you see a big enough, desirable enough reason to want to.” I paused and let them think about that a moment. I looked at them and even now they were looking at each other trying to understand what I was talking about. Of course they couldn’t help each other because neither of them had any way of understanding. Not yet.Clearly they were confused so I continued, “Look at me. Look at my body. I am a female, not of your species but I am. Would it surprise you to know that I have fucked the members of the other Team on the other side of the island?” They looked at me and then, again, at each other. See, I thought, they want to communicate, to get responses from each other.The wolf said, “Alexa, you have done this?”“b**st is my mate. I am his. He knows I have more needs and he is okay with it.”“Can we?”“I want to. That is why I stand here in front of you like this. I am willing, I am ready. But … to fuck me you must prove something to me first. And this is both of you; you must coordinate and cooperate with each other.”“What must we do?” He looked to the gorilla and they both nodded to each other, “we will do whatever it takes.”“Excellent start. Did you notice that you were just communicating? You looked to each other and agreed on the unspoken mutual desire. What you have to do is come up with at least two positions for you two to use to fuck me so all three of us are involved at all times.”The gorilla asked, “All three? At the same time? You mean him and me with you at the same time?”“Guys, listen, you have a female with three holes, figure it out. How would you do it? Agree on two positions, at least two. If you have more, fine.”I know from past experience that threesomes in nature are not normal. Every time I have introduced it I have gotten the same initial reaction. But all have enjoyed it and gotten over the unnatural aspect of it very quickly. As I stood to the side and watched, it was almost comical as they used pointing, pantomime, and gestures to indicate their ideas and recommendations and modifications. Once they got started it was amazing how they progressed to getting their ideas across to the other. Soon they were back in front of me and the effect of this exercise was definitely showing on them. I saw clearly that the wolf’s cock was starting to come out of its sheath and when the gorilla moved and stood for a moment I saw the same for him.They saw where I was looking and the wolf asked, “Are you really going to let us fuck you? This wasn’t a trick to get us to cooperate?”“No, I am really going to fuck. And I am looking forward to it, too. So, what did you decide?”“Do we tell you or show you?”“Tell me first that way I know you have the required number of positions.”The wolf goes first, “You are on hand on ground, he is behind you fucking you, and I am in front for you to use your mouth?”“Hmmmm, I like that, yes. Next?”The gorilla seems nervous, “Well, me in front sitting and you use your mouth and he fucks you.”“Okay, very similar but it is a change. Good. Now see …” But I am interrupted.The wolf says, “Wait, we have another.”The gorilla takes over, “I lay down on my back, and you sit on me? Can you do that?” He looks at the wolf as a signal.The wolf adds, “I fuck you, too. In your other hole. You said all three.”“Wonderful. You guys came up with that among yourselves? How?”“It was a little strange feeling but we managed to get the impression passed between us.”“Yes, you certainly did. Okay, I am proud of you guys. See, I knew you could find a way to communicate and cooperate to a solution. Let’s start with the first and work to the last.” They started moving and I said, “Wait. You are not ready.”They looked down and one said, “But we will get ready.”“I said you are not ready. Don’t argue. Both of you lay down.”They did and I moved to the Wolf and licked the end of his just protruding escort bartın cock tip. I felt some pre-cum and I licked it off. A little more cock emerged and I took it into my mouth and sucked, hard. More cock was coming out. I moved then to the gorilla and repeated the process until I had cock out of his sheath, also. I sat back and look at them both. I leaned forward and kissed each cock and then moved into position on my hands and knees at the wolf and took him back into my mouth. I wiggled my ass and the gorilla knew immediately that was his cue. He came up behind me and thrust his cock into my ass cheeks a couple of times until I reached underneath and help him inside me. I gasped and moaned as he suddenly thrust deeply inside but I kept my mouth around the wolf’s cock. He continues to pound into me and I am moaning more and louder as I try to put my attention on the cock in my mouth, sucking it harder and deeper. The cock is entirely out of the sheath now and I feel both cocks jerk slightly at the beginning of heavy arousal. I feel they are both close and I definitely am and at this rate I don’t see us getting through all three positions before we are all cumming.I was about to pull off and suggest a switch but why? So what if this is the way we all cum? Why can’t we try the next position later after one of the other practice exercises? And … I wonder if they can cum three times? Can they make me cum three times?So I stay where I am. Being fucked from behind by this gorilla and sucking off this wolf. The fucking I was getting was delicious, powerful, controlling. He was deep inside me, his hairy balls bouncing off my mound and clit. My mouth was filled with a nice sized wolf cock, it was growing inside my mouth like I have felt it in my pussy … ohhhhh, yeeeessssss … no, in my cunt! Yes, this is wonderful having two nice cocks filling each end of my body. Ugh … not paying attention I suddenly feel my mouth lips being hit by something big and hard. I open my eyes and see his knot fully out of his sheath and he would be pumping it into me if not for being on his side. But I push my mouth down to it, my lips pressed into it, my tongue coming out even around the cock and licking the knot. He is at the top of my throat as I try to lick his knot and the action causes my throat to contract like swallowing and that effectively acts like milking his cock tip. I feel him tense and try to drive his cock further into my mouth and I feel his cock tense, then jerk up in my mouth and the first spurt is shot into my mouth and down my throat before I can pull my head back slightly. Being slowed by all the sensations, I gag slightly at the shot of cum sent down my throat with the tip still lodged there. But as I pull up slightly I feel myself go over the peak and I shudder. My mouth clamps down on the cock in my mouth and my cunt clamps and releases with the spasming around the cock in my cunt. And this sends the gorilla into his climax sending his spurts of cum into my cunt. And at the same time he is driving his cock hard into my cunt, seeking the deepest parts that he can reach. All three of us, three different species are nearly breathless for a moment as we individually go through our own climaxes.Afterwards, we are all panting, seeking air from the wondrous climax. I know mine was. I fall face into the ground at the groin of the wolf. The gorilla braces his arms to avoid squashing me. He struggles to the side and we all lay on the ground panting and gasping air to recover.I move to a kneeling position between the two a****ls but I am giggling. They look at me questioningly. Yes, I have spent so much time with these a****ls that I can distinguish that look. “I am sorry. I am not giggling at you but the situation. I expected to move from one position to the next before … that … happened. It occurred to me that we will need to do this again with another position to fulfill my expectation for this part of the training exercise.”Hearing that they both smiled (yes, wolves smile, you just have to know what it looks like). I said, “So let’s do a training exercise and that will give you some recovery time. Then, if you want … you don’t have to … we could try position number two? Have either of you mated before?”They looked at each other but they both indicated ‘no’.“Okay. So, after position number two, we’ll do the second training exercise and then … maybe … well, maybe you’ll be … do you think you might be able to do position number three?”All I heard was two languages basically saying the same thing, “We’re sure going to try.”I told them to get up and ready, that we often need to keep moving even when we are exhausted. I told them that the next exercise was I would give one of them an assignment and he would be required to communicate that to the other and then accomplish it. I would be the judge of how effectively they accomplished it. I told the wolf that their task was to converge on the small tree about 200 yards away. The strategy was that I was the enemy and I would be near the tree. He was to direct the gorilla to circle and come in from behind and they were to converge at the same time. I picked up my gun just in case and gingerly walked bare foot to the tree. It seemed to take a while. I was thinking they were not able to accomplish the communication when I thought I heard or saw or something of movement in front of me from where the wolf would be coming. Of course I knew what was supposed to happen so I was attentive. I was sure I was seeing some movement in the tall grass now but the wolf must be approaching very carefully and low. Suddenly I heard a growl and the wolf was leaping over the grass right for me. I took step steps back to take a defensive position away from his landing and was swallowed up in the arms of the gorilla.I was shocked at how effectively they performed that. And they managed it without verbal communication to explain. Of course the growl I heard must have been the signal to converge. But I was also shocked when the gorilla lifted me in the air and as I squirmed in his arms laughing the wolf pressed his snout between my legs and licked me several times. I squirmed even harder and started moaning and finally went limp as the licking continued. The wolf backed up and the gorilla gently lowered me to my feet.The gorilla said, “We hope we did not offend you, Alexa. But we were very pleased with our success. How did we do?”“God, it was wonderful but you stopped.”“The assignment, Alexa.”“Ohhhh, yes, the assignment. Very good. I was truly impressed. In fact that is what I was thinking when I sudden found myself in the air and being licked. Very nicely, too. Time for position two?”They followed me to the place we had been before; I put my gun back into the holster with my other weapons and turned around. I asked, “Which position would you like?”They looked up into the sky toward the sun and then the horizon. I said, “There is plenty of time.”The wolf said, “Our original position number two with me fucking you.”The gorilla sat down with his legs spread. But I went to the wolf and reached under him to check his sheath and cock. The tip was out but that was all. I knelt down and bent under him and licked his tip, tasting the pre-cum that was beginning to leak out. As more cock emerged, I took it into my mouth and sucked. So it was emerging more from his sheath and filling more of my mouth. When I had about six inches in my mouth and it was hitting the back of my mouth, the start of my throat, I pulled away. I stroked him and kissed his snout, turned and went to the gorilla who had not moved. From watching, several inches of his cock was out of his sheath. I took it into my mouth and sucked the end. I lifted my mouth and looked behind me. I patted my ass cheek and wiggle my ass. The wolf approached me and jumped up onto my back. I slipped a hand between my legs and guided him into me. In two thrusts he was deeply embedded in my cunt. I returned my attention to the cock in front of me. The cock in my mouth grew as I sucked and licked it. I kept it in my mouth and sucked the end, flicking my tongue over the end of it and then sucking the pre-cum from it. I plunged my mouth down over the cock, pulled up and drove back down. Over and over, again and again. His cock was now fully in my mouth, it felt full length and size as I hit the back of my mouth with his cock as I moved up and down.At the same time the wolf was pounding relentlessly into my cunt. I felt him hitting deeper and deeper with his thrust as his cock grew in length and size. Like b**st and the other wolves I have had on this planet their cocks grew while being stimulated inside my cunt. And the growth causes me to clench and release and re-clench over the driving member inside. Suddenly the sensations moved from inside me to outside as I felt his knot developing and pushing against my lips, stretching me. And as the knot was pushed against my lips, opening me slowly but insistently, I drove my mouth down along the gorilla’s cock, taking it to the back of my mouth and into my throat. The knot being pushed against me again pushed me even further down and the cock further into my throat. I came gasping and coughing from the gag reflex but went right back down onto it but pulled up quickly as the knot was stretching me wide to take it. It was a nice knot, not like b**st’s but nothing was like b**st’s knot. I pushed back as the wolf pressed into me until our combined efforts finally succeed. And when it did, my mouth again enveloped the cock in front of me, I groaned, gasped and cried out but still all around the cock which adequately muffling my noise.I was so close to another orgasm. I felt everything happening to my body; the cock and knot driving into my cunt, deeper and fuller as the knot increased inside me; the cock in my mouth driving into my throat as I pushed onto it, my nose brushing the fur of his body; and my breasts and nipples grazing the field grass as I was driven forward and then back by the cock inside me. And I felt both cocks tense even more, getting even more rigid and hard, if that was even possible. I felt them jerk inside me at both ends and I felt my own body shake, my back arching on its own in response to the impending buildup of sensations and energy. And then, like a giant quake within my body, everything, the cocks, my own body, exploded. I felt wolf and gorilla cum filling my two orifices at the same time my body shook from my arms to my legs. Almost uncontrollable, I stiffened my arms and braced my legs as they shook, quivered, and twitched. I was forced to pull my mouth up the cock to avoid be choked by the cum being shot into my throat. I swallowed as rapidly as I could out of reflex more than intent as my mind just struggled to remain conscious and aware.When my body slowed down and regained its stability and general awareness, I was still tied and my mouth was still around the slowly shrinking cock of the gorilla. But I was going to be tied, how long I didn’t know. So I started sucking on the cock again. At first just like I was cleaning it, licking the length and sucking the end of any residual cum remaining. bartın escort bayan The wolf would pull occasionally to test the tie and then go still but I continued to suck and lick the cock and it grew a little harder but my intent wasn’t for that but to prolong the pleasurable sensations while the wolf and I were tied. When I felt the knot pulling on my lips and they began to spread and open for it, I pulled off the cock in my mouth, hung my head and concentrated on pulling at the same time as the wolf until the knot did pop out of me. And at the same time, from my gaping hole, a stream of cum came out of my cunt, some of it trickling down the inside of my thighs while more just dripped out and dropped to the ground. Once disconnected, I dropped to the ground.I was truly weak but I struggle to my knees and I looked at the wolf and gorilla. I just shook my head and smiled at them. “If I didn’t know better I would swear you two were able to talk to each other. That was amazing. Thank you.”“No, Alexa, thank you. You truly have a wonderful way of training. I suspect we could have a lot of competition for our assignment on the Team if the word got out.”“Then, don’t let it get out. This should be our secret Team motivator. Now, there is one more exercise to be completed.” And this time I gave the instruction to the gorilla. I said the further tree would be used as reference and I would again judge their effectiveness. I would be walking to the tree and they were to take me somewhere before then. This time they were to coordinate their attack with each circling to the sides and come in to me together. The key to this was not so much giving one more time for the approach but also, quiet and timing. The last time the one coming in straight on acted as a diversion of sort and the one behind was the surprise. This one would have to be a coordinated location and timing.I left them to it and started walking. This tree was far enough away to allow them to get coordinated and catch up if I didn’t walk too fast. I had allowed that this communication might take a while longer which was the reason for picking a target further away. So I was surprised and skeptical when I thought I heard movement on the right side. I concentrated as I walked, still carefully as I was still bare foot. But I heard nothing now. I stopped and listened carefully and there was a sound on the left side this time. Was I imagining because I knew they were out there somewhere? Could they already be coming for me? I didn’t think so but I wanted to escape them this time even if catching me wasn’t the primary objective of the exercise. Then it was real. I heard a crashing through the grass on the right, I turned and saw a massive shape jumping at me. I dropped and rolled to the right with the intent to avoid running into the other one and rolling underneath this first one. I was rolling onto my knee with my other foot out to stop my motion and was raising my arm to aim my gun which I had previously secured in the ‘off’ position. But that never completed it action because I was pressed to the ground, flat on my back and pinned by the large wolf who just gently lay down on top of me and started licking my face, his large tongue nearly covering my face with each stroke.I was squirming and laughing from underneath him and he got up after about six licks. With him off me, I raised my shoulders and rested on my elbows looking up at the wolf and gorilla. I swore they were smiling, again. So I offered, “Okay, very clever. And, very well done! I am honestly amazed at your coordination. I truly believed I could dodge your attack this time but you must have anticipated that I would not react the same way this time.”The gorilla said, “Yes, actually he did. So he indicated that I come in low and he would jump higher. Actually, it would have worked regardless. If you shied away from the initial action I would have landed on you.”“I really am impressed. You two have shown me and, hopefully, yourselves that you can work together out here.” I shifted my gaze at a sudden realization. Both of these virile males were definitely now shifting their thoughts away from the exercise and to the final position they had suggested. Both were showing some cock from their sheaths.I stood up and went to each. I kissed each on the mouth and pulled them to me in one-armed hugs. I said, “You two are really something. I can see that you are really ready and interested in going for a third climax, aren’t you?”“If you are willing, Alexa.”“Definitely. I want it, too. I can’t wait to see how this works.”“We have changed it slightly. You will see.”Back at the same spot I re-holster my gun again and stand before them. I glance at the sky and see the sun is getting lower but there is still plenty of daylight for another fucking. The third position as I recalled was the gorilla on his back, I straddle him and the wolf fucks my asshole. I just needed to make sure his knot didn’t get too aggressive in trying to enter me. But I was surprised when the wolf was the one who lay down on his back and clearly showed his hard cock nearly completely out of the sheath. “This is the change? Out of curiosity, why?”The gorilla replied while shifting his attention between me and the wolf, “Well, Alexa, it didn’t seem that his knot would go into your other hole as easily or at all. And, if the knot was inside you, then your other hole would be that much tighter for me.”“Wow. Let’s try this.”I stepped over the wolf’s lower body and lowered myself toward his exposed cock. I took hold of it and moved my ass until I felt his cock at my cunt. I then lowered myself and sank down onto him. But then I thought better of this sequencing. I rose back up and looked over my shoulder to the gorilla and said, “Before you try to put that thing into my asshole, I want you to lubricate it in my cunt, first.” He came up behind me and I helped him inside me. He pumped into me several times and then removed his cock. I settled back down onto the wolf and then looked over my shoulder to the gorilla and smiled at him, “Okay, now.” He returned to me and pressed his cock head to my sphincter and pushed. He was tentative as I flinched from the pressure. “No, just push. This will work. I have had gorilla in my ass before.”I relaxed and concentrated on the cock in my cunt. And then as the gorilla pushed again I pushed back myself and he popped into me and past my tight sphincter. Now with both inside I relaxed and let my body adjust to the dual penetration. I knew I still had a big effort to come when the knot was ready. And that didn’t take long. I was leaned into the wolf with the gorilla on my back and I felt the knot formed at my cunt lips. I raised a bit to allow the wolf some freedom of movement for his hips and he started naturally flexing and pumping his hips into me and with his hips, his cock. And right there, right outside my cunt lips was his knot. With each pump it would hit my lips and with each additional it pushed my lips, forcing my lips to spread and stretch. Soon I could feel the incredible stretching and the even more incredible fullness of trying to take the knot with a gorilla cock in my asshole. I haven’t felt so full in a while and the knot wasn’t in yet. But I felt my lips stretching, yielding, giving up on resisting the passage of the knot and finally, with a last might thrust by the wolf and simultaneously by myself, it was in me. Fully, his knot was inside and with it a whole new feeling of full. I sat on the wolf and encouraged the gorilla to get deeper and he worked to push and pump his cock until it was deep, feeling his furry legs and groin against my ass and thighs.The wolf was trapped underneath all this. He could no longer participate much in the thrusting and pumping. But with each push back that I did into both of the cocks and the powerful thrusts of the cock in my ass, the wolf felt the stimulation, the movement of my cunt along his cock trapped inside me, his knot being rubbed by the cock in my ass. It was quickly driving me crazy as both cocks moved inside me and the knot kept bumping into my g-spot. The cock in my ass was deep and being driven in and pulled out and driven back in, relentlessly, powerfully, urgently. Again, I felt it coming on me, my body tensing and arching, my arms and legs beginning to shake and quiver as I continued to be filled with cock. And then I felt it. First the cock in my ass, tensing, jerking, twitching and then releasing spurt after spurt of cum into my asshole. And then, immediately after, the cock in my cunt jerked and spurted into my cunt. I was filled by two cocks in two holes and I was a leaking mess. And while all that was going on inside me, my own body started its own convulsions. Both my ass and cunt started spasming, clenching and releasing, over and over, on the cocks buried in each.It was quite a while before any of us moved. I was between these two large b**sts but somehow the gorilla had supported himself so as not to squash us underneath him. When we started separating, the gorilla’s cock was already shrunk and slipped out of my asshole by itself and the cock in my cunt was reduced in size, also. As I straightened up and began to tentatively rise, expecting perhaps that we might still be tied, the cock slipped out of me and I stepped clear of him, allowing him to scramble to his feet. As I stood in front of them, they looking at me and me at them, I knew my cunt and ass were leaking volumes of cum from what I was sure to be gaping holes. I walked to each and kissed them on the mouth and smiled.As I stood before them, I said, “That was amazing. Thank you. I hope we have the opportunity in the future to experiment like that again.”“Alexa, we are so grateful. As we said, we had never mated before. We are honored that you allowed this and that you were our first … and our second … and also our third.”Laughing, I added, “Please, when your return to your groups, do not say anything to the others so they can experience the ‘training’ in the same manner. Do you now feel comfortable with being able to communicate and coordinate you actions together on patrol?”“Yes, Alexa, very much. Not only was the mating good, but you proved to us our ability to work with each other. A very effective technique!”I gathered my weapons and put them back on as well as my boots. We walked back out of the plains as the sun was getting low on the horizon. They go to their groups, the clan and pack, and me to the village for the night.The next morning’s training went very much the same as the previous group with similar excellent results. The big difference being that they came up with two positions and we did them prior to each exercise. But they learned the same lesson of trust and their ability to communicate. They weren’t quite as effective in getting to me or I was just now more aware of the potentials and had learned myself. Regarding the sex, they did not come up with a DP which was probably just as well. I was still a little tender from the DP with the knot.About high-sun I was in front of the village waiting for Thorrass and my ride back to the lagoon. I knew it was going to cause a stir when he landed there. Someday, I hoped that Alex would get the chance to fly with Thorrass or one of the others. But I was looking forward to getting back to b**st and Alex. Looking forward to home …* * * Part 33 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.



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