My parents had me sort of late. I had just turned eighteen and my mother was in her mid fifties. I guess because I was her only child my mom always looked after me. ‘I was her baby’, she always told me. It seemed like when I turned eighteen my mother started to really change. She would hug me and kiss my face to show me how much she cared. She never did this around other people. Only in private.

I don’t know if it was hormones or what, but my mom would wear revealing clothes in the house. I think I caught her without a bra the other day. You can bet I was looking. My mom had big tits and she looked quite sharp for her age. My dad was away this one weekend. My mother had on these tight shorts and a t-shirt. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I wondered whether she was trying to turn me on or not. If she was it was working. My cock was getting hard in my pants.

“Are you staring at me, Josh?”

I guess my face got red. My mom sat down next to me on the sofa. She reached out and placed a hand on my thigh and started to rub me. Damn, if that didn’t get my cock stirring.

“Do you love me Josh?” She asked.

“Of course I do Mom,” I told her.

“You were my special baby when I had you,” she told me.

I was feeling quite special right then. My mom’s hand crept up towards my crotch. I thought my dick would explode from my pants. My mother reached for my zipper and pulled down my fly. I was holding my breath as my mom pendik escort reached in and pulled my cock free. I was hard as could be.

God, you are so big!”

I always thought I was average size, but my mother seemed to think differently. She looked at my dick for a moment and then lowered her face. Mom’s lips wrapped around my shaft and she began to work her mouth all over my prick. I only ever had one blowjob before this. My mom was doing it so much better. She actually took me all the way down to the root. Mom would look up at my face to get my reaction. I had my head thrown back and my eyes were closed. I was really trying to control my urges.

I didn’t want to cum in two minutes time. Luckily my mom pulled away after a couple of minutes of that. She stood up and reached up to my waist. She managed to get my pants pulled off. Mom did something that I will never forget. She began to strip for me. Off came the shirt and then she removed her shorts. My mom’s pussy was shaved almost bare. I thought I was close to drooling. Mom then moved over top of me and she took my cock in her hand. She guided my mushroom to her hole and she sat down on my cock.

Fuck, did that feel good. It took a few minutes before I was completely inside my mom’s tunnel. Mom began to work up and down my shaft. She told me to pinch her nipples. I reached out and squeezed her nips with both my hands. It was unreal that I was fucking my mom. maltepe escort

“I have been waiting for this day,” she told me.

I knew I would never forget what happened on that sofa. I raised my ass up and met my mom as she lowered herself. Mom did moan a lot. She told me to fuck her hard with my big cock. That got me even more worked up. I drove my cock into my mom’s pussy as far as I could. I knew my mom was getting worked up. Her muscles felt like a fist holding my dick. I wish I could say I was some super lover that first time. I probably only held out for fifteen minutes.

I pumped my dick into my mom a few more times and I exploded inside her wet pussy. One thing was for sure that day. I had a full reserve of cum to give to my mother. My mom let out this scream as I spurted my cream deep into her belly. She kept sliding up and down my shaft, working all my seed from my dick. I bet I came in my mom for a good twenty minutes. She milked me completely dry. Once I started to go soft my mom lifted up from me.

A big pool of cream came pouring out of my mom’s pussy. Mom quickly ran into the bathroom. I didn’t see her for a few minutes. When she came back her pussy looked all red and inflamed.

“You really fucked me deep Josh.”

I got a big smile on my face. My mom praising my lovemaking skills made me feel good. She sat back down and told me she hoped we could do it again soon. We kissed some kartal escort more and I massaged her tits with my hands. We didn’t fuck the rest of that day, however. The next day my dad was back from his business trip. I had to wait a week for him to leave once more. That was when I had my mom again.

I think we were both so horned up from having to wait. Mom came into my bedroom that morning dad left. She took off her bathrobe and joined me in the bed. I got on top of my mom and I slid my cock into her again. This time we went much longer. Mom strapped her legs around me and I gave her hard cock. I knew from that moment we were going to be lovers for a long time.

I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. I would just leave the tip of my cock in my mom’s pussy and then push in hard. I wish you would have heard my mom’s cries there in bed. I found out she was sex starved. My dad wasn’t giving her cock. Now that she found her lover, there was no turning back. I think I took my mom three times that day. Mom also got onto her side and I fucked her that way. After we finished up in bed we showered together.

I had my mom put her hands on the shower walls. She bent at the waist and I entered her from behind. The water was pouring over us as I thrust deep into my mom’s pussy. It was a good thing we were in the shower. Our love noises got quite loud. Mom told me to use her. My mother was just crazy for cum, it seemed. I gave her multiple loads of cum that day. When we were finished I felt tapped out.

I was planning to go to college that fall. My mom wants me to delay and stay with her. I’m torn at the moment. I know I need to go to school, but my mom’s pussy is calling to me.



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