It’s late, I’m in a strange town, the flight was murder, and I need to do something to unwind before catching some sleep. The hotel bar is quiet tonight. The locals have all gone home and the guests have long since departed for their rooms. The bartender brings me my beer, but I see he’s in no mood for small talk as he starts to close up shop.

“You can stay as long as you want, but I’ve gotta head out,” he says. “I’ll leave the lights on after I clean up and the night crew will shut down after you’re done. You want another beer before I go?”

“No, I’ll just nurse this one for a bit before I head back to my room.”

I sit at the bar and take a look around. I see a little game room off to the side that I didn’t notice at first. It looks as if there is a pool table in there. I grab my beer and wander in.

The room looks like something out of an old movie; it’s dimly lit with dark wood paneling, big high back chairs and an ornate ceiling fan. I pull a cue from the wall and take my first break.

“Not bad, mister,” says a voice from out of nowhere.

Surprised, I look up quickly to see a woman sitting in the shadows over in the corner. Why didn’t I see her when I came in? The lights are dim, but not that dim.

“Thanks,” I say. “You surprised me. I thought I was alone.”

“Well, I could leave if you really want me too,” she says in a slow, almost breathy voice.

“No,” I quickly say. “I could use the company. My name is James. I’m up here for the night”

“Call me Kate escort eryaman and I’m here as long as you can take it.” At this I swear she licked her tongue around her lips. “And I do like it long,” she added with a sly smile.

By now I’m thinking that either she’s a prostitute and I’m being propositioned, or she’s just about the hottest woman I have ever come across. The former isn’t my style and the latter is something I’ve only dreamed about. I hesitate for a moment, but I need to know before things go too far.

“Are you a pro, sweetheart?”

She laughs heartily and says, “Don’t you worry about that, hon.” “I’m just a fellow traveler looking for a little fun tonight and that mound in your pants tells me you’re a guy who knows how to show a lady a good time.”

Slightly embarrassed, I look down at my crotch and laugh with her. “And I thought that I wasn’t that obvious,” I tell her.

With that she rises from her chair and makes her way over to the pool table and me. Without warning she reaches her small, white hand down to my pants and places it firmly over my growing mound.

“I like ’em obvious,” she whispers in my ear. “Makes me really hot, you know.”

Either I’m still on the plane and this is one incredible dream, or I am about to have the time of my life. This woman is incredible – long, wavy hair, a delicious body, beautiful legs, and a voice like liquid silk. I reach down and take her hand and attempt to lead her from the room.

“No,” she says. “Here.”

This is ankara escort crazy. This must be the way she gets her kicks — sex with strangers in public places. I look around the room and adjoining bar. The bartender has left and the place is as quiet as a church. I think to myself, “What the hell,” and bend down and press my lips to hers. She answers back with a warm tongue deep in my mouth. Our hands are soon all over each other. Her breasts feel hot and aroused under her light silk dress. I reach down and push my hand under the hem and up between her legs. God, this woman isn’t wearing anything down there. I press my fingers deep into her hot, wet pussy and feel her grip around my cock tighten.

She then pulls back, quickly unbuckles my belt, opens my fly and pulls out my very long, very hard cock. Immediately, she drops to her knees and takes my formidable appendage deep into her mouth. I have never been sucked like this woman can suck. She pulls me into her mouth until she has completely engulfed me. She pulls back as far as my cock head and then pushes down again. As she sucks she gently squeezes my balls with one hand while rubbing my ass with the other. All the time her eyes are wide open with a look of pure hunger.

I’m not sure how much more of this I can stand and moments before I begin to lose control, she releases me and stands up again.

“When I said ‘long, I meant it,” she growls at me.

She then pulls herself up on the edge of the pool table and spreads elvakent escort her legs. This time it’s my turn to drop to my knees as I bury my face in her shaved pussy. My tongue finds her clitoris to be hard and wet. It appears that half of the nerves in her body are in it as she writhes in pure animal pleasure while I suck and run my tongue against it. She wraps her legs tightly around my head and pulls it in with her hands until I am completely buried against her fiery opening.

I soon feel her first explosive orgasm. She buries her nails into the back of my neck and squeezes tightly with her legs. She climaxes over and over. Each time I feel she is finished, a new orgasm begins and I soon lose count.

Suddenly, she opens her legs and practically drags me up by my hair. This woman knows what she wants and no one is going to deny her.

She reaches down and forcefully grabs my still hard cock. Placing herself on the absolute edge of the pool table she guides my huge cock into her wet pussy.

I begin pumping like a wild animal. The harder I push the deeper her cries. I know that I am in deeper than most women can handle, but she offers no resistance. My cock feels like a burning spear as I drive in and out.

I stroke her insides for what seems an eternity, but eventually I feel myself ready to explode. With perfect timing, she climaxes one last time as I begin to dump my hot, sticky semen inside of her. Each stroke brings on another jet of cum and soon my essence is pouring out from within her.

Finally, I reach my limit and fall forward into her arms. Again we kiss and our tongues mingle. I feel my semen oozing out and forming a big puddle on the felt of the pool table. It forms a stain that will go forever unexplained.



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