Sara dragged a deep relaxing breath into her chest as she felt the crisp sea breeze crossover her bared chest. Her hardened nipples were pointed straight upward at the cloudless sky overhead and her entire body glistened with a combination of sweat and oil. Whatever tan lines she may have had when the trip began were long since faded and her entire body had an even tan now. The black shades she perpetually wore concealed her pretty brown eyes that occasionally opened to see who was ogling her. She didn’t mind. Actually she only minded when nobody was checking her out. She’d spent the last several months working out to tone her body into its current Coke bottle form.

Right now the only other person on the deck was Justin. He was wearing a pair of black swim trunks with a white tribal symbol on one leg. Like most men of his age the shorts could almost have been considered pants, they reached midway down his calf and made his already slender frame seem gaunt. His bright blue eyes were however where they were supposed to be, inching up over Sara’s thighs to her trimmed twat. He seemed stuck there for a moment as a few fantasies leapt through his mind them moved higher on her frame. It wouldn’t have hurt Sara to move up a bust size. A good firm handful of flesh would have elevated Sara from hot to unbelievable. A bad boy smirk curled his lips as he realized not only was she awake but she was watching him.

“Hey babe.” Justin said in his usual swagger walking up to Sara brazenly staring at her hardened nipples for a moment before staring over the railing at the sea.

She never knew what to say to Justin. The way he stared at her just made her nethers drip with lust. Sara turned slightly to face him letting her eyes slowly move over his back before letting a rumbling purr escape her lips. “Hey yourself.” As he turned to face her she ran her tongue over her lips.

As usual he ignored her advances, not so much as a flicker of interest in those baby blues, a feat he took great pride in. “Not to much farther till we arrive at Isla Cielo.” He dragged his gaze away from her glistening lips to start back over the horizon and gently rocking waters. “So, tell me, what do you expect to find at Cielo?”

“Just stretches of eryamanda yeni escortlar beautiful beach so they can take pictures of me.” Sara replied turning her head towards Jason. She could barely see the horizon over his along side his waist. “I don’t know why you are so shy. You can take off your shorts anytime you want you know?” Sara suggested licking her lips again and batting her eyes in a wasted gesture.

“Fine. If you’ll show me yours I’ll tell you mine.” Jason responded turning around slowly leaning against railing. Even through her glasses he could read her expression. Sara stared at him again, a sudden warmth spreading from her womanhood up into her stomach as she experienced his personality. She drew in a deep breath swelling her breasts slightly she barely noticed her hand wandering down between her thighs to stroke her engorged clit.

She might not have been entirely aware of what she was doing but Jason was, his brown eyes had instantly zoned in on her wet pussy. For a long moment he just stared at her, his smirk turning to a full smile as he reached down and untied his trunks. As she pushed a pair of her slender digits into her moist pussy Jason lowered his trunks to his ankles.

Just under seven inches of hard flesh was revealed as Jason stepped out of his trunks. “I’m glad you like it.” Jason teased walking toward her. Sara remained still her gaze focused on the bobbing cockhead approaching her. A clear drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip teasing the tanning nymph to taste it. Reaching up with one hand she lowered her shades so she could look into her eyes before she wrapped her slender digits around his manhood.

Using her thumb she smeared his juices over the head of his cock teasingly tightening her grip. Within a few moments Jason’s thighs had a slight tremble as he stroked his manhood leaning up slowly and tracing the underside her tongue. His heart was beating so hard that she could feel it through his cock. “Mmmm. You taste good Jason.” He didn’t respond, instead he braced himself against the lounge chair she was laying on.

Using his cock as a handle she guided him around till he was standing at the head of the chair, his legs just slightly parted. Sara rolled over onto her sincan escort bayan knees keeping his cock in grasp and carefully knelt on the chair her tongue dancing along the underside of his scrotum as she stroked him off. “You like that Jason?” He didn’t quite form a word, instead he lightly moaned and nodded in response. Sara giggled running her tongue the length of his shaft tracing around the crown slowly. “Nuh uh. You gotta tell me what you like, or else I won’t know.”

Jason felt his hands clench into fists then slowly relax as she continued her assault on his manhood. Stomach muscles tightened as she wrapped her lips around the tip of his dick. Once she had his cock firmly between her warm soft lips she started twirling her tongue all around the crown. Every time her tongue flickered along the “v” on the underside of his cock it leapt in her mouth. In less than a minute she had him pulsing, just inches away from exploding in her mouth.

“Not just yet big man.” Sara stood up the tips of her toes so her lips were brushing against his. Quickly she brought the saran up behind his head and pulled him down for a kiss. His eyes shot open as he felt her tongue push past her his lips and twirled with his. Nimble fingers went to work untying the knot keeping his trousers up and let them slide down to his knees. “Say something sweet.”

“Like please don’t stop?” Jason replied wriggling slightly easing his trunks down to the deck and kicking them aside.

“Oh I’m not sure I would stop even if you asked me to.” She whispered wrapping her arms around his shoulder and pulling herself up. Sara rested her feet on the railing behind him sliding her moist outer lips along his hard shaft. I think if you tried to stop me I’d just throw you down and ride.” She purred biting down on his are lobe and gently tugging on it.

Jason gripped Sara’s ass and pulled her up against him aiming his cock at her dripping hole. “Don’t worry if you did try to stop I’d just take you by the hair and rape you.” He hissed back grinding his cock against her opening. A slight squeal escaped her lips as the tip slipped into her pussy.

“You can’t rape the willing.” She replied dropping her weight down and impaling herself ankara escort on his cock. Only the railing kept him from collapsing as his legs weakened beneath him. “Just hold still for me big boy.” Sara’s nails dug into his shoulders as she started riding up and down on his cock. Each time she pulled up nearly letting his cock escape her cunt before plunging downward.

Jason’s eyes glazed over as she ground her lips against his a muffled moan escaping her. Fingers locked down on the railing desperate to support his weight while pumping his hips back against her own. After a few moments he managed to get his rhythm down plunging his tongue into her mouth. It was Sara that finally broke the kiss whipping her head back in ecstasy and her hair settling down over Jason’s shoulders in the end. Jason’s eyes clenched shut as Sara bit down on his lip tugging roughly as she clawed into his shoulders. The combined sensations would have been painful if not for the wonderful feelings she was sending to his cock.

For a brief moment the world went pure white as Sara felt his cock bottom out in her cunt. Her muscles all locked in to place as her pussy exploded in a series of spasms that coated his cock in her juices. A shriek parted her lips as her hips finally started to work furiously riding out the wave of euphoria. “Gods.”

The sudden tempo change was more than Jason’ could handle letting his head fall back as he slowly slide down to deck with Sara still riding him. His hands moved to her hips guiding her to just the right spot before digging his fingers into her flesh and groaning. He felt his entire body stiffen as he came. He lost count after the first three draining blasts flooded her cunt. “Damn, that was good.” Jason whispered gently kissing her forehead.

“Definitely.” Sara replied kissing his lips cradling his face. “Look behind you.” Jason sighed deeply turning his head toward the horizon.

The sun was setting behind the island which was much closer now. Even in the dying light they could make out the palm trees that lined the black sand beach and almost see the waves as they splashed up on the land. “We should get some rest.” Jason said finally lifting Sara from his lap and getting to his feet. “I’ll see you in the morning beautiful.” He kissed her one last time, letting his tongue briefly dance with hers before walking below deck to his room. Sara walked over to one of the lounge chairs and lay down putting her shades on to keep the boat lights from waking her when they came on.



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