Since she knows she has a surprise waiting for her, I decide to try a little twist. I’m fortunate that she keeps a sleeping mask on the headboard. That’s within easy reach. I rise up slightly, and pull my face from between her legs. Kissing the insides of her thighs as I do, tracing my tongue across her hips and up her belly. I can now run my fingers up her sides and to her breasts. This is keeping her going, and allowing me to reach the mask. When I am in a spot I can reach it, I gently start to kiss her neck, all the while still running my free hand across her chest. Her nipples respond so well to my touch. Hard nubs just ready to suck on. I have the mask now, so I lower my mouth to her right nipple, and take it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it.

Ever so quietly, I ask if she is ready for her surprise. Her eyes are still closed, enjoying all the sensations, when she nods her head yes. So I gently put the mask over her eyes, this puts a sly smile on her face, as she tries to imagine what it will be. I instruct her to lie still, and not move. I need a few moments to get ready. She sighs and slowly traces her fingers down her stomach, and under her breasts. I could be completely happy just watching her do this, but I have to prepare.

I swiftly move to my side of the bed, and hidden in the drawer, waiting for use, is my gift to her. Hidden under a magazine, she can hear me moving things around. I take it out of the bag I put it in after cleaning it, and carefully start to put it on. I know she’s going to love it, it’s called the Double Penetrator. Simply put, it’s a cock ring with a dildo underneath. So I now have two cocks. She won’t know what to do.

I move onto the bed now, bringing some extra lube with me. But first, I swing it out of the way so she doesn’t feel anything yet. With the blindfold on, and the earlier ass play, she is probably thinking her surprise is just a good ass erotik film izle fucking. So we’ll just let her think that for now. As I move to her side, she is already wanting my cock between her legs. Normally as we start, she will grasp my erection, and slide it between her lips and across her clit. Something we both enjoy. But this time as she reaches for me, I move her hand away. I will do it this time, my way. Since her pussy is already dripping, I place the underside of my cock head directly on her exposed clit. The heat from each other is electric. Thrusting my hips gently, I rub against her. My entire length now acting like a giant tongue. Moaning with pleasure, she reaches for my hips to pull me into her. I move just out of her reach, I don’t want her to know what’s in store.

When she realizes that I plan to be fully in charge, a small pout forms on her face. She has done this forever, but to me, it is incredibly sexy. I move back close to her, and start to rub my member between her wet lips again. But this time, I let my cock stray a little further underneath her. Just enough to run the head across her tight little hole. The sensation for me is entirely different, and I always try to do this. A smile forms as she raises her hips off the bed to help me reach further. She is fully expecting my cock in her ass. But I move to her pussy again, a slight look of frustration forming on her face. She wants to be fucked, and right now it doesn’t matter where. But still, I take my time. Gently running the tip across her clit, and then dipping down between the folds of her pussy. Back up to her clit, then past her lips, and across her ass again. I could continue this until we both cum, but she wants more, right now.

I reach for the lube to smear on the ass dildo, and she “thinks” she knows now. She lifts her hips up to give me access, but is puzzled when I start to slide my cock into her soaked pussy. film izle Knowing we didn’t need any lube for this, she is confused, it shows on her face. But as my cock reaches into her depths, she puts confusion aside and starts to move with me. Keeping the Penetrator held beneath me, I carefully start to slide a finger into her ass. She is almost nodding her head as if to confirm she knew what I was going to do. I continue to thrust in and out, so my finger is moving in and out of her ass as well. She snuggles into the bed a little to get more comfortable, so she can really enjoy what I am doing. Now is the time for her surprise. I pull out so the just the tip of my cock is between her lips, and move the dildo hanging beneath my cock so it is lined up with her little asshole.

She starts to squirm under me, wanting me back inside her. I reach up to her face, gently taking it in both hands, all while staying perfectly lined up. As I lift her mask off, and look into her beautiful eyes, I slowly move into her. My cock in her pussy, and my other cock slipping into her ass. As both get deeper inside her, she realizes it’s not my finger in her ass. She is getting fucked in her pussy and her ass at the same time. Her eyes go wide, and lock with mine. She doesn’t understand how I am doing this, but as I get further and further inside her, the ecstasy is just too great to care. She pushes her head into the bed and arches her back. As both cocks reach bottom, I pause, to let her adjust, but she wants it all. Thrusting her hips into mine, she forces me out, only to pull me back in. Faster and faster we move, both my cock and the dildo attached to it going in and out of her holes. Her breathing is getting faster, her moans music to my ears. Bucking her hips like there’s no tomorrow, she starts to climax. Her moans become louder and louder, bordering on screaming. My name spills from her lips as I continue to thrust into seks filmi izle her, I can take my time with this, the cock ring on the Penetrator is doing its job. Her orgasm is so strong; her whole body is going into spasms. Her pussy clamps down on my cock so tight I can barely move. So I wait.

She spirals down from her orgasmic bliss, and starts to ask what I have done. But instead of answering, I start thrusting again. This time playing with her tits with one hand, while stroking her clit with the other. This instantly has her on the edge of another orgasm, so I slow down just a little. I am enjoying this beyond belief. Flicking her clit back and forth has her panting now, so I speed up my thrusts. My cock deep in her pussy, and the dildo just as deep in her ass. She has both of her tits in her hands now, alternately squeezing her nipples. I speed up the clit action, and her breath comes in gasps now. She is ready for another giant one. Since my cock is covered in her juice, and the dildo covered in lube, I reach down as I pull both out of her, and pull the cock ring and dildo off of me. She is still quivering on the edge of climax, so I start to slip my engorged member into her ass. Completely ready for me after the dildo action, I slide right in.

Bigger than the Penetrator, I stretch her ass as I slide in. This puts her over the edge, and sends her orgasm into orbit. Her body flexing, and shaking as if possessed, I thrust in and out of her ass. She screams my name as her orgasm continues, her muscles rippling around me. Her fingers now a blur on her clit, this climax rolls right into another. This is now more than I can stand, and my cum starts to boil up from my balls. No longer constrained by the cock ring, I erupt into her backside with such force; I feel I need to hold her in place. As I pump my seed deep into her ass, her orgasm starts to subside, and I slowly move inside of her. We are both completely spent now, so I gently pull out of her, and move to her side. She snuggles back into me, of course wiggling her as against my softening cock. When can we do that again she says.

I guess she liked her surprise…



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